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USA, Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese


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Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan
Matt Damon as Colin Sullivan
Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello
Mark Wahlberg as Staff Sgt. Dignam
Martin Sheen as Cpt. Queenan
Ray Winstone as Mr. French
Vera Farmiga as Madolyn
Alec Baldwin as Cpt. Ellerby
Kevin Corrigan as Cousin Sean
James Badge Dale as Barrigan
David O'Hara as Fitzy
Mark Rolston as Delahunt
Robert Wahlberg as Lazio - FBI
The Departed Storyline: In South Boston, the state police force is waging war on Irish-American organized crime. Young undercover cop Billy Costigan is assigned to infiltrate the mob syndicate run by gangland chief Frank Costello. While Billy quickly gains Costello's confidence, Colin Sullivan, a hardened young criminal who has infiltrated the state police as an informer for the syndicate, is rising to a position of power in the Special Investigation Unit. Each man becomes deeply consumed by his double life, gathering information about the plans and counter-plans of the operations he has penetrated. But when it becomes clear to both the mob and the police that there's a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin are suddenly in danger of being caught and exposed to the enemy-and each must race to uncover the identity of the other man in time to save himself. But is either willing to turn on the friends and comrades they've made during their long stints undercover?
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"Honesty is not synonymous with truth..."
Cocky Boston police detective with the Special Investigations Unit--who, as a young man, was mentored by a drug kingpin, an overgrown thug who is still making everyone shake in the old neighborhood--is still in-cahoots with this mob boss and attempts to ferret out the police cadet whose job it was to infiltrate the bad guys' circle and get hired on. In turn, the cadet--who is frustrated by his lack of identity--must find the spy on the police force who is playing both sides. Big Oscar winner from director Martin Scorsese is an Americanization of Hong Kong's "Mou gaan dou" from 2002. It is also very typical of this particular filmmaker: flashy, fast-moving, repugnant and yet reveling in its nastiness--to the point where one nearly feels the rampant ugliness and constant homophobia gets the director's seal of approval. As the undercover cop, Leonardo DiCaprio does some of his finest work yet; although he can't do much with the man-woman stuff involving a perplexing Public Service psychiatrist, DiCaprio is convincingly rough in a very difficult role to pull off. As the bad detective, Matt Damon is also first-rate, bravely playing a real pr*ck while giving the picture a smug swagger that suits the narrative well (I would have preferred more about this character's loss of morals however, which happens entirely off-camera). As the drug-lord, Jack Nicholson performs without vanity and slithers through the movie like a smiling cobra; his unpredictability as an actor is tailor-made for this role, and Scorsese is careful not to overload the screen with Jack (we get just enough of him, although one sequence in a porno theater goes over-the-top). "The Departed" isn't particularly shrewd, and it is not Scorsese's best work, but the linear structure of the complicated plot is nearly free of static and has many gripping scenes. **1/2 from ****
Infernal Affair is better
I went to see this movie with Infernal Affair fresh in mind. I wanted to compare the two. and I did. I thought The Departed was really good but not better than Infernal Affair. there were a few changes but they were more upsetting than making the remake better. Matt Damon is not as charming and cool as Andy Lau in his character. I feel that they have soften the character for Matt Damon. Leonardo Di Caprio was pretty good in his role though I must admit that i was more 'attached' to Tony Leung. Overall, I find that The departed is just a remake of Infernal Affair: it didn't really add up much. SPOILER: i really hate the The Departed ending. Why did they end it like that? They should have stuck to the same ending as Infernal Affair. But then, if they did, Mark Wahlberg's character would have been useless...

Even though it's Scorsese, it cant beat Infernal Affair. I give it an 8 because I gave Infernal Affair a 10.
Just didn't get it
Quite frankly, it took me a few viewings to figure this one out. This movie seemed a bit too long and contained several unnecessary characters and events. Mark Wahlberg's character, in particular , just seemed way over the top and was just plain annoying. I still haven't figured out why this character is even included in this story. As for the other performances, Nicholson seems a bit out of place in this one and Martin Sheen is a little too low-key. I must agree with other reviewers that state that this movie contains way too much information, plot twists, and should have been a lot shorter. I have yet to see the original "Internal Affairs" but will now seek it out and compare the two. Again, I agree with other reviewers that I just didn't see what the big deal was about this movie. This was not one of Scorsese's best as far as I'm concerned.
Bad acting, non-existent character development, confusing plot.
First of all, I must say this is THE worst Martin Scorsese movie I have ever seen. I usually like Scorsese's movie, but this one is the first one I have encounter that totally blow me away in its awfulness.

My first problem with The Departed is the casting. They got a bunch of baby-face fruitcakes like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Anthony Anderson and Mark Wahlberg which totally throws the suspension of disbelief out of the window. It is like watching a bunch of boy scouts playing cops and robbers - None of them look like cops - more like boy scouts.

Secondly, the acting, is just wooden. There is no subtlety in the acting, and they try to cover that up by over-acting, and constant swearing. (Perhaps it is to make them look more "mature" for their part.) Now, about the plot, it is pretty thin, and confusing at times, lacks clarity or resolve. The several scenes made me cringe, particularly when Jack Nicholson tries to torture Leonardo DiCaprio, it just seems totally unbelievable after Jack Nicholson violently tortured DiCaprio and he trusted him AGAIN!!

Now, about Matt Damon's acting in this movie, it is pretty god damn bad. In fact, what acting!!?? Matt Damon just doesn't emote at all!! He is as souless and as wooden as a robot. It is extremely wooden as if he is the living proof that Pinocchio exist!

Leonardo's acting is more of his usual self, pretty boy in distress with endless whinings to anyone who would lend his ears to him - but in this movie, he seems particularly out of place. The character development lacks subtle internal conflicts presented in the original character so involving and multi-dimensional.

Jack Nicholson is just his usual sly scoundrel self. Totally uninspiring acting. Same goes with Martin Sheen's super stiff acting. Anthony Anderson is totally mis-casted in this movie as if he is a comic relief (and yet there is nothing comic about it)

The character development and inter-character dynamics are almost non-existent between the two rivaling characters (Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon) it is as if they are in two separate movies. The movie not only lacks any subtlety but blatantly plays up the caricatures of what we perceived as "mafia" - loud mouth constantly swearing goons - it is both extremely cliché and uninteresting.

The plot is also pretty confusing due to extremely bad direction, it lacks focus, and the camera work is also chaotic and uninteresting.
Would give an applause to it, if one never saw the Infernal Affairs before…
OK, saw the movie actually 2 days ago, didn't get a chance to think about it. Now with a refreshed mind, here it goes:

If one never saw the original "Infernal Affairs", you would fall in love with "The Departed" right away, after all it has an excellent plot. And with the legendary "Gangs" like Nicolson and Scorsese, we have every reason to have a high expectation. Unfortunately, this is not the case!

The Bad: If I want to sum it up, I would say that was because of Scorsese's passion over brutal violence, it prevents him to reveal the true essence (as human beings) of the movie.

1. I really feel sorry for Martin Sheen, his character in the movie is so pale, he does not show the deep and close relationship (as in the Infernal Affairs between Tony Leung and Anthony Wong), nor there was any sign shows he was even a capable cop. So unfortunately, I found myself hardly could feel sorry for what happened to him. Having said that,Infernal Affair's Anthony Wong did a superb job to catch the essence of his character.

2. OK, how about Mark Wahlberg's role? The obviously increased lines for him did not charm him a bit. With his boss being killed, and him as the only one knows about DiCaprio's true identity, he actually took a paid leave?! What's up with that? Does it even make a logically reasonable sense?! All right, he took his action in the end, but…

3. Does it have to be a two and half hours movie? There are so many unnecessary scenes to my opinion. Just name a simple one here: when Matt Damon went in talking to the bad guy pretending he is the lawyer. PLEASE! We audience are no fool, you don't need to show everything to us, all you need to do is send Damon to the room and start talking. We would figure out the guy's lawyer did not show up. Well, there are so many in the movie, what I am trying to say is if Scorsese wants us to keep thinking about what happens and what will happen next, you ought to do a consistent job!

4. The most of all, this movie pretty much follows what the Infernal Affairs had to offer, the biggest shock? The ENDING! I have to say I was confused right after I saw the movie, I thought maybe I was too dumb to figure out what it meant. BUT, the more I think about it, the more I got disappointed. The ending was so bad it can literally take all the credits it gets. Let's set Mr. Scorsese's beloved violence scenes aside, for me, I think the essence for the movie is: the "good" and the "bad" does not really have a clear line in between to judge from. Just like Nicolson said: "When I was your age, they would say you could become cops or criminals. What I'm saying is this: When you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?" For that reason, I gave two thumbs up for Infernal Affairs' ending, sorry Scorsese, yours is just too lame!

Also, I am not buying the cell phone communication throughout the movie, personally, I think the Morse code is a much better way!

The Good:

1. Nicolson! To be honest, he is a perfect fit for this character. The only other possible candidate I can think of is Robert De Niro. Nicolson actually did a great job as Frank Costello. My only problem is I could hardly see Costello's foxy side. 2. The Shrink! OK, I have to say that is one shining point of the movie! Not like the original one assigned two female roles to the two leading actors, "The Departed" combines as one, which not only makes the character more standing out, but also adds another interesting twist to the story.
Is Marty making fun of us? Utter disappointment...
A waste of talent, all around.

Users have voted this #62 of all movies in the IMDb database? Are you kidding me?! Wake up, people - Scorsese isn't even trying anymore. The film was amateur at best, insulting at worst.

The unnecessary homophobia and unresolved plot chunks (I hesitate to call 20 minute digressions "threads") were pointless, detracted from the 'plot' (I'm comfortable with the scare quotes), and left totally unresolved.

Character development, consistency...give us something to hang to here, Marty.

Total disappointment.
'The Departed' - this movie for real??
Last night i went to watch 'The Departed'. I left this movie feeling utterly sick to my stomach due largely to the poor quality of the movie. Friends commented on the bad mood in which i was in walking back to my only comment was that i apologise, however the movie 'The Departed' was so poor in poor it truly is simply put me in a bad mood. This was a world first...i have seen other bad movies in my life...however this one actually made me feel emotions of anger / disappointment / disillusionment all at once. I fully understand that readers would be asking 'why..o why' have u condemned such a, and a quote 'Film of the Year' (LOL). Well, readers here are the following reasons exactly why 'The Departed' is possibly the worlds worst movie..


15 minutes into the movie it was clear what was going to happen...

Matt Damon was a snitch....Leo DiCaprio was a snitch....the ONLY thing we the viewer now needed to see was exactly how all involved parties (Nicholson, FBI, Cops, other miss. randoms) were going to find out and consequently act about it..You may wish to argue against me...however look into your know what i say is true...and hence you must realize the stupidity of such a movie...

2. ELEVATOR SCENE LOL - Quite possibly the worst scene of any movie, of any form, of any generation. NOT and over dramatization. OK, i do understand that it was necessary in the overall storyline for those people to die...but really...4 people getting shot in the head.....LOL..people were laughing in the this what Scorcese wanted?? The only thing achieved by that God forsaken scene was a 'novelty' effect created by 4 exactly similar gun shot...blood the conclusion of the scene i began to day dream that possibly it might be better if i was number 5...ready and willing to get shot in the head, ultimately putting myself out of the misery which was 'The Departed'.

3. Mark Walhberg His stint in this movie is laughable..i really am laughing at this very moment...He plays a tough talking promoting as a main character in the film...HOWEVER has NO (0) relevance in the film whatsoever...EXCEPT for KILLING damon at the very end???

4. Look, readers of this website...their really are to many things i hate about this movie to continue...Di Caprio / storyline / people in the cinema laughing about ridiculous Nicholson antics (such as patting a dog??? (is that funny or are people just stupid??)??. Anyway, i appreciated your time...hopefully you all understand my reasons and if you don't i truly do feel sorry for you...moreover i already feel sorry for us all for going to watch this move.

Marko J OUT
Pathetic remake of a masterpiece
The names that appear on the movie are just impressive: a great director (Martin Scorsese - I am a BIG fan of Goodfellas, taxi driver, Raging Bull just to name a few of his movies) and great actors (Di Caprio, Nicholson, Sheen, Daemon, Wahlberg), but the entire movie and the way how it was directed is just a total disappointment from beginning to end. Nicholson being overly cruel, Wahlberg being overly cynical and aggressive towards everyone (and why??), Di Caprio spending his time in the movie crying like a girl, Sheen inexistent... Also how can one believe that a stranger can earn a head of crime syndicate's trust in just 6 months, especially when that head of crime syndicate has the reputation of being very suspicious and doesn't trust people easily?? It looks to me that Scorsese was too ambitious, tried to do too much in a movie, and at the end, he just didn't deliver. I felt no sympathy or anger whatsoever for any single character in the movie. I am a BIG fan of Hollywood movies and Scorsese but for once, I prefer by far the original Hong Kong version, Infernal Affairs which is far better directed, more dramatic, where the psychology of the characters is far better developed (I actually felt sympathy for the undercover cop), and the story far more credible (it took the undercover cop several years to earn the crime lord's trust in the Hong Kong movie as opposed to a few months in The Departed). I now have the proof that even super talented directors and actors (whom you believe have nothing to prove anymore) with a huge budget are able to deliver a garbage...
I couldn't believe this film won best picture...
I am not a real film buff, and neither is my wife. I had heard that this film was supposed to be good, and rented it. Despite the excellent cast and good production values, I couldn't believe how labored the script was, and how much overacting was taking place (much of it by Nicholson).

When we finished watching the movie, I remarked to my wife that I must have gotten the film confused with some other. I went to IMDb to see what rating it had gotten -- I figured maybe a 6.7 or something.

To my disbelief, it lands in the top 100, and won the best picture Oscar! I went back to tell my wife that it had won the best picture, and she thought I was joking. Then her reaction was that someone had hacked my computer.

As far as the comments here, I would have had to think that there was a large astroturf component. But with the film winning best picture, I guess I am just seeing one of those occasional mass delusions that happens in the world.

But what I *really* can't believe is that it won best script. Un. Be. Lievable. This script was so bad, and so unconvincing, that after I told my wife that it had won best picture and director, I remarked that for sure it couldn't have won best scriptwriting. But it did.

I simply don't understand what people see in this film. The plot is sophomoric. The involvement of Costello in routine pickups and deliveries, and the immediate trust and access to the boss given Costigan, is so implausible that I find it difficult to believe anyone can take this film seriously. Is it supposed to be camp or something?
Good but not as good as the original
Just came back from watching the movie so it's still fresh in my mind. Overall the movie was good but it could have been shorter. Good movie but nothing extraordinary, not a master-piece, not a classic. In this period filled with really bad movies it's a movie you have to watch.

Some things are better than in the original (Infernal Affairs) like character development. It is especially true for DiCaprio's character (not really for other character). However the scene, when Wahlberg cites all of DiCaprio's family connection to the mob, takes too much time. They take a long time establishing how DiCaprio sells drugs with his cousin and finally get into Nicholson's gang. However after that it doesn't take long for Nicholson to give his total trust (in one year and a half to two years), which bothered me. This takes the first hour of the movie and i think it could have been cut by at least 20min.

Some scenes have a lot more impact in Infernal Affairs than in The Departed. I'm gonna cite 3 scenes which are some of the most important in the story in my opinion:

-The death of Wong/Queenan: in IA, Wong falls suddenly, lands on a taxi cab taking Yan by surprise. When Yan realizes Wong is dead you can feel the suffering Yan goes through by the loss of the only person who knows he's a cop but also/mainly by the loss of his friend.

In The Departed we see Sheen falls in slow-mo until he hits the ground in a splash of blood. There's absolutely no connection, no friendship between DiCaprio and Sheen. We see DiCaprio almost on the verge of crying. But Why ? He's not his friend and there's still Wahlberg to prove he's a cop.

-The death of Sam/Costello: In IA, Ming seems to show a desire to redeem himself and become a good man for his girlfriend. When he confronts Sam in the parking lot during the raid, he kills Sam to remove any evidence he's a mole and restart on a blank slate.

In The Departed, although Damon slightly mentions starting anew in another city, when he kills Costello he does it just to cover his a-s-s. Never after he seems like he might become good.

-The elevator and final scene: In IA, the meeting on the rooftop is between two men on each side of the law but sharing so much in common. You can even sense that Ming has some respect for Yan. There's no violence until what happens in the elevator. When Yan dies you can see Ming didn't want this to end like that. Yan's death is really emotional, all sounds are drawn off and only an opera piece is playing. When the second mole gets killed by Ming you only hear gunshots.

In The Departed The final scenes are a mess. Damon and DiCaprio just hate each other's gut, the token black guy shows up, the 2nd mole shows up and everybody executes everybody. They just stand there to get shot. The scene seems really rushed.

And when Damon open his door at the end of the movie to see Wahlberg waiting for him, it was the cherry on top of the cake. Everybody was cracking up. How many shots to the head do we need to see ? Was it really necessary to kill Damon and provide the audience with a happy ending ?

Although The Departed is a good movie I felt a lot more satisfied with Infernal Affairs. They have very different feel to them. One is over-the-top street violence while the other one is more subdued, concise and nuanced.

For those who says that The Departed is way more psychological than IA I would have to disagree. Infernal Affairs shows how two men struggle to know what defines if they're good or bad. Is it their actions or their allegiance to one side or the other of the law? In the end they're really similar. Yan tells the Psy he's a cop and lift that weight off his shoulder even if it's for just a second. Ming wants to redeem himself and prove his girlfriend but also himself that he's not that bad. Others before me have also commented on the buddhist notion of eternal hell so I won't talk about it :)

The Departed lacked in that department. There's no connection between the two main characters except for the fact they are moles. They're almost portrayed as black and white. Especially Damon who doesn't seem to have any nuance. He's just bad till the end.

The Departed 8/10 Infernal Affairs 9/10
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