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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
J.J. Abrams


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John Cho as Hikaru Sulu
Amanda Foreman as Ensign Brackett
Noel Clarke as Thomas Harewood
Jon Lee Brody as Enterprise Crew Security
Elly Kaye as Star Fleet Officer
Felicity Wren as Starfleet Officer
Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan (rumored)
Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov
Chris Pine as James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime
Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike
Karl Urban as Bones
Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura
Simon Pegg as Scotty
Star Trek Into Darkness Storyline: When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.
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A typical modern action movie
Here's my guide to evaluating movies. Call it the Bruce Willis criteria. No offense to Bruce - I like him and his works.

* If you can replace main hero with Bruce Willis (as seen in Die Hard) and it doesn't do much harm to the plot, you got yourself a modern mindless action movie. *

And unfortunately Into The Darkness is just it - lot's of special effects, action scenes and a very little soul.

It definitely doesn't bring any good feelings that series had to offer.

The saddest part about it all is that no one seems to care. People rate movie high, just because it entertains them enough with jokes and visual effects, companies get their revenue.

This means there're gonna be more movies utilizing the same old formula: good guys vs. bad guys, world domination as a motivation for villain + superhero that saves the day.
I want to qualify my review by saying that I'm an old-school Trek fan. I also want to say that I didn't like the 2009 Abrams "Star Trek" movie very much, although I didn't absolutely hate it.

They managed to make the franchise even dumber and more ADD than the 2009 Trek movie.

Lots of action, pretty actors and actresses, and cool special effects. Those were the only real redeeming qualities of this movie.

Story and character motivation were severely lacking. A brief cameo appearance by an old-school Trek character is used to further the plot in the least subtle way; the character bonks the audience over the head with information about the antagonist, rather than the script leading us to the information.

Benedict Cumberbatch was severely underutilized as an actor. There was only one marginally good scene between Kirk and Cumberbatch's character in which he explains his motivations. Otherwise, the character was one-dimensional and was going through the action-packed motions from that point on with requisite snarling.

Overall, I hope J.J. Abrams gives up the Star Trek franchise when he makes the new Star Wars movie. He's taken all of the thinking out of Star Trek. While old Trek was never hardcore sci-fi, and sometimes was kinda cheesy, at least it had elements of politics, religion, and social issues.
I hoped they would stop after the 2009 movie
After 33 minutes of "Star Trek: Into Darkness" I could not bear to to let it wreak havoc with any more of my brain cells.

Apparently, in 23rd century one can teleport to distances that entirely negate the need for spaceships, Kirk is a 13-year-old in a 30-year-old's body, and Spock is a dumber version of Data.

Star Trek is now just another brand name to be slapped on a crappy teen flick with millions of dollars' worth of SPLOZHUNS. These SPLOZHUNS are connected by a thin line of are-you-oks and lets-get-out-of-heres, interspersed with flat "it's still Star Trek, guys!" gags that accenuate further how every character is an action-figure parody of themselves.

Star Trek: The Video game: The Movie.

It's got SPLOZHUNS. It's what the kids crave.
Empty, felt like a parody on Star Trek
The days when Star Trek was about bold Sci-Fi ideas and originality are officially over.

Con's 1. The story is empty and boring. As if someone from the real-life Idiocracy world wrote and directed the whole movie.

2. Great cast, BUT for some reason surprisingly bad acting!! Chris Pine (Kirk) was overplaying, Zachary Quinto (Spock) was OK (but, hey, anyone can play poker-faced Spock, as long as the person's face features more or less match the old Spock's face), Karl Urban (Bones) was annoying, Simon Pegg (Scotty) was unconvincing and too artificial, others - almost invisible and totally unimpressive. Benedict Cumberbatch (Khan) was an interesting addition, though, after becoming recently famous in Sherlock (TV series).

3. It felt like everyone was TRYING HARD to make a parody on the old Star Trek series.

4. Movie almost randomly filled with special effects. It's like eating ANYTHING, including your shoe, when you are hungry, just to fill your stomach. That's how they tried to bury the empty story into special effects.


1. Great special effects.
This is NOT Star Trek -- Boo! Hiss!
If you're looking for a modern action movie, it's not bad (although it is a little slow in a couple places). But it's NOT Star Trek If you know & care about the original story line, forget it. J.J. Abrams appeared on The Daily Show & said that he hadn't liked Star Trek as a kid. It really showed. He changed all the old story lines. The flow of history is totally different, with no way to logically fit the stuff together. I'm so disappointed. What's up with Spock & Uhura? And we know that that's not what happened to Christopher Pike! The history of Vulcan -- what? The role reversal between Kirk & Spock? And future Spock? But the whole Khan thing is SO different from the original histories, & he is played so differently. Why is Carol Marcus there & why is she British? And really, all of the characters are just caricatures of how they were originally played. Abrams said he studied up on the old stuff, but he didn't get it. Boo! Hiss! I wonder how Abrams will screw up Star Wars next.
Boldly go where no man has gone before my arse.

I'll start with the good: Cumberbatch is excellent and knows how to make a good villain, but only when we do realize who he is I can't help but think it's an imitation of the previous version. Peter Weller makes an excellent admiral and really does bring presence to the screen.

The action and visual effects are all excellent, but this is to be expected of a film this large and Abrams does a solid job giving every crew member their moment to shine, bar one character whose names should have been Mrs. Plot Point.


My main problem with this film is the fact that for those fans out there, there will come a moment where you put two and two together and sigh in contempt - which I heard about another 70 people do at the same time as me.

The whole third act kind of felt like a slap to the face to Trek fans, I'm no die hard Trekkie but I enjoy the films, and every throw back to Khan felt forced and melodramatic. The fact that Quinto's Spock can call Nimoy's Spock out of the blue is cheap and out of place, and the whole radiation chamber scene while "clever" for reversing the roles is boring and predictable. But if you haven't seen Wrath of Khan then this will be quite a shock, for a few minutes at the least.

Overall, I wish that the Kilngons had been given a larger role as they were quite awesome, and I have the feeling they will be the main antagonist in the third film in 20-whenever-it-gets-made. The many bad things in this film outweighed the few good bits.
Very disappointing
After seeing the rating and reading the reviews, I was sure I'm in for an awesome movie. I have never been so wrong. The movie is, at best, a parody of the original Star Trek. It's full of clichés and try hard characters pretending they're the original heroes with every second sentence. The acting is awkward and childish, the story is boring and predictable, the effects are cheap and unrealistic and the soundtrack is a comedy. I almost walked out of the cinema on three separate occasions. The only emotion you will feel is a regret of the time wasted watching this. I give a high rating of five because the movie might have an appeal to 13 year old viewers who are not familiar with the original series.
Space opera turned to soap opera
Space opera has always had a somewhat positive meaning to me. Its an adventure in space, one that does not take itself too seriously, but is still rich with unexpected developments. When done well (Iain M Banks, earlier Star Trek, Star Wars), this can be a hugely enjoyable genre, where the best elements of the classic adventure story are set into the endless imaginative playground of Space for one fun ride.

But JJ Abrams did not want to take the quality space opera look-and-feel of the known Star Trek. Instead, he wanted to stage it his own (oh so recognizable!) way. And without fail, he succeeds in making it completely dumbed down, extra lens flare. The movie has no style, zero flavor; everything is said out loud, no thinking or empathy required from the audience. Dialogue is dripping with emotions that have no depth, the drama is completely overplayed without any actual tension. The tricks of your common 3pm soap opera are taken and just poured into the plot - bad parenting, painful memories of the past, couples fighting, hands touching through the glass, good guy dies then wakes up and smiles.

And just like that, the great story of Star Trek is not played in space opera minor, but in soap opera major instead. I'd give it 4/10, but the effects and stunning visual must be recognized, so 5 it is.
I can boldly embrace both
As someone who has grown up with the franchise, watched every show and every movie (I've watched the entire DS9 series at least twice!), suffered through characters/actors who I didn't care for (Tasha Yar, seriously?), I realize we all have opinions about what makes Gene Roddenberry's vision so lasting.

That being said? I LOVED this movie. I even capitalized it I loved it so much. The play between the characters, the more human version of Spock, the absolutely delightful "Scotty" (although his sidekick is one of those throwaway characters I dislike) as well as a much better crafted plot this time made for a completely enjoyable movie. The action is intense, the friendship deepened between the characters, the twists and turns are a bit predictable at times, but that is reminiscent of the franchise as a whole. I am already excited for the next movie. I tremendously respected and appreciated the ties in this movie to the elements that make Star Trek great - strong story line, deep connection to the characters and a philosophical element. In some of the older Star Trek episodes the moral/philosophical element can be oppressively heavy handed. No so in the new Trek movie. The ideas of friendship, family and humanity are woven through this movie with subtly and I will outright admit I more than teared up during the climactic scene in the engine room. EVEN though I had already figured out what was going to happen, I have already come to care about, respect and enjoy the new actors in their iconic roles.

So yes, ten out of ten. And let the haters, hate. Those who can not embrace change can go sit and watch old Star Trek reruns and bemoan the 'good old days' and spout off all the reasons why 'Star Trek ain't what it used to be'!!!!

I, on the other hand, will boldly go and embrace the new with a continued reverence for the old. This movie makes it possible to love both.
Boldly Going... Nowhere!
The Star Trek universe, resplendent in Gene Roddenberry's vision of a future wherein mankind has finally "got its act together," while its social and economic problems are generally a thing of the past. Not in JJ Abrams' universe however, in which a corrupt Starfleet Admiral and a freshly revived genetically engineered 'John Harrison', an alias for a more familiar Star Trek adversary, take it upon themselves to create havoc with savage acts of treason and terrorism respectively.

With seeming discount made to Roddenberry's unique take of Star Trek, evolving around the prevalent Hollywood ethos of filling seats at the local multiplex, Abrams' crafts, what I would term, a popcorn movie with plot-holes aplenty. With its target audience seated in place however, doubtlessly willing to overlook the obvious whilst simultaneously blinded by the startling visuals and 'tacked-on' 3-D (the film wasn't originally shot in 3-D, instead the process being added in post-production) this 'casual' viewer can safely check their brain at the door and, in all likelihood, enjoy...

In this befuddled story, with its foot stuck firmly in Trek's The Wrath of Khan (1982), Into Darkness hauls its audience onto a seeming roller-coaster ride, dragging the viewer from one outrageous action set-piece to another, while its central characters are barely given a chance to 'grow' into their respective roles.

In a likely nod to Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country, Sulu is afforded a brief turn in the captain's chair (a role which at least offered the actor some nifty poker-faced dialogue), whilst Chekov is contrastingly tucked away within the pipework-strewn bowels of the Enterprise' engine room. Scotty, meanwhile, refusing to sign for a delivery of conspicuously 'shielded' torpedoes, resigns himself into the background with his unusual but interesting little alien friend. This is clearly Kirk's film however, while his relationship with Spock (and by extension Spock's relationship with Uhura) being about the only things explored here. Worst of all however is Karl Urban's Doctor 'Bones' McCoy, who is virtually confined to pitching nostalgic-tinged quips: "My God man, I'm a doctor not a nuclear torpedo technician," a character so painfully underused here – particularly given the actor's obvious talent in this role.

Evolving around two villains, each of whom possessing completely different agendas, 'John Harrison' (Benedict Cumberbatch) and a warmongering Starfleet Admiral (Peter Weller), the latter of whom taking command of a freshly constructed battleship class vessel named USS VENGEANCE. Despite a promising start however, having chased Harrison to his conspicuous Klingon hideout, Kirk is somehow 'manipulated' into seeking the terrorist's help; an inconceivable decision given the character's explosive introduction - which also ignores the obvious danger he poses. And let's not forget the supposed personal anguish felt by Kirk, of which Harrison had been its mastermind. Oh well, things disintegrate further when its finally realised just how incredibly stupid Kirk has been, trusting a known terrorist whilst the viewer, during the film's final reel, is woefully pulled along during their frantic re-attempts at his capture.

With an ending pulled directly out of The Wrath of Khan, albeit with Kirk and Spock on opposite sides of the radiation screen doors, I was beginning feel as though I had been robbed of my admission: the contrived nature of this protracted scene, deriving itself virtually word-for-word from its thirty-year-old original, played out while the audience undoubtedly watched in astonished déjà vu. I use the term 'contrived' given that, not unlike the life-restoring 'Genesis Planet' seen in Trek's The Search for Spock (1984), the answer to Kirk's mortal dilemma was really only a hypo-spray away...

As a Trek fan, I was bitterly disappointed here: the filmmakers might well have just re-shot Nicholas Meyer's film entirely. Sincerely what an utterly shameful and wasted opportunity all this hokum was.

When I emerged from the cinema, I was somewhat stunned; processing what I had just witnessed on-screen. And after having slept on it, I was finally able to articulate the next day. What I had seen wasn't so much Star Trek – a series I so dearly love and consider myself a lifelong fan of – but some cheap (albeit very expensive, costing well over £120 Million) and certainly pale imitation of a film series that deserved far better scripting and storyline than this. These wonderful characters – legendary even – each of whom a household name, whilst some having inspired many a fan to seek similar professions in the real world, reduced here to mere caricatures' of their namesakes.

Over-shadowed by the film's ample and certainly showy special effects, these characters seemed stunted and confined instead of simply being allowed to develop properly.

Such a shame. 3 out of 10
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