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Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Animation
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Hayao Miyazaki


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Rumi Hîragi as Chihiro
Miyu Irino as Haku
Mari Natsuki as Yubaba
Takashi Naitô as Chihiro no otôsan (voice: Japanese version)
Yasuko Sawaguchi as Chihiro no okâsan (voice: Japanese version)
Tatsuya Gashuin as Aogaeru, Assistant Manager (voice: Japanese version)
Ryûnosuke Kamiki as Bô (voice: Japanese version)
Yumi Tamai as Rin (voice: Japanese version)
Yô Ôizumi as Bandai-gaeru
Koba Hayashi as Kawa no Kami
Tsunehiko Kamijô as Chichiyaku
Takehiko Ono as Aniyaku
Bunta Sugawara as Kamajî (voice: Japanese version)
Noriko Kitou as Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Shiro Saito as Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Akio Nakamura as Kaonashi (voice)
Spirited Away Storyline: Chihiro and her parents are moving to a small Japanese town in the countryside, much to Chihiro's dismay. On the way to their new home, Chihiro's father makes a wrong turn and drives down a lonely one-lane road which dead-ends in front of a tunnel. Her parents decide to stop the car and explore the area. They go through the tunnel and find an abandoned amusement park on the other side, with its own little town. When her parents see a restaurant with great-smelling food but no staff, they decide to eat and pay later. However, Chihiro refuses to eat and decides to explore the theme park a bit more. She meets a boy named Haku who tells her that Chihiro and her parents are in danger, and they must leave immediately She runs to the restaurant and finds that her parents have turned into pigs. In addition, the theme park turns out to be a town inhabited by demons, spirits, and evil gods. At the center of the town is a bathhouse where these creatures go to relax. The owner of the bathhouse is...
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i didn't like the comment
this is a masterpiece. suggest me something (not coming from studio ghibli, obviously) that as a plot and an animation at a such high quality. or just suggest me another animation movie in which you can't imagine what it will be going on except the happy ending (that is a must in 98% of animation movies due they are more directed to children than normal movies). sorry but i can't figure no disney/pixar/don bluth's/dreamworks animation movie that can get just a little close to this movie. i hope that you have seen the others miyazaki's works, but i'm not sure of it.i just wanted to say you that looking for mistakes or lacks in a such movie it means u didn't get a clue. i'm a bit sorry for u. byby
it may look unrealistic at first sight look closely you'll catch the difference!
I should start this comment by saying: You need some time to ponder over that anime! First of all I am not Japanase so it's not easy to affiliate yourself with Japanese culture(for example if you know nothing about Shinto religion it's really difficult to put pieces together)When I first finished watching that movie I thought "Hey it's really fun but it's just a conglomeration of imaginary fantasies but when I really pondered upon it and when I did some reading on it I realized that there are more to Spirited Away that eyes can see at surface. For example there is no clear-cut distinction between good and evil just like in real life right. Even Haku and No-Face who seem good at first look have their share of bad and good within their souls. Words have such a power in the movie. For instance Chihiro has to keep her real name in her mind if she doesn't want to be entrapped in the spirit world. This is actually what we do in real life. We attach such an importance to words that our emotions like anger,love,hatred,passion are channeled through the power of words. Greed makes spirits and people oblivious to what really matters in the movie. Spirits and people's greed (even Chihiro is greedy when it comes to grasping her parents attention)is self-destructive mostly. In short Spirited Away shows us the consequences of actions that alter the natural order of things in destructive ways just look around you you'll see how we humans are self-destructive by creating a figment of our imagination that we are not hurting ourselves but others to gain a place.Spirited is the story of transformation of a whining weak greedy little girl into a capable altruist brave girl.I say don't miss it!
The audience is even more interesting than the film
That "Spirited Away" is a masterpiece would seem to any sane person to be beyond dispute. This is the first of Miyazaki's films I've seen and had it recommended to me by a friend who's into anime. I'm really not keen on Manga at all, so I delayed seeing "Spirited Away" for a few months. I finally got around to seeing the subtitled version - never, never waste your time with dubbed versions of foreign movies - over the weekend and I loved every frame of it. The imagination and creativity blew me away and I'd put the film alongside other "children's" masterpieces like "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe", Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy and Ray Bradbury's poetic "Something Wicked this Way Comes"..

However, in reading through the other comments for "Spirited Away" here I was struck by the huge chasm between the views of those who love the film and (the appropriately small minority of) those who don't.

Even more striking is the strident hostility of those who don't like the film towards those who do. Critics here have called fans of the movie, "liars to yourselves", "gushing", "flat-out wrong" and the movie itself, "inane", "unwatchable bilge", "muddled", "nonsensical", "gibberish".

Now I'd be scratching my head in puzzlement even if these commentators had blandly stated that this film wasn't for them, but this outpouring of venom had me completely perplexed.

Another viewer states, "The girl basically had to suffer for something even her parents didn't do wrong, they just wanted to explore things." And here lies a glimpse of some possible explanations of why some folks don't get this movie.

The whole point is the parents *did* do something wrong. They greedily ate food that wasn't theirs. Apart from being just plain rude, it's stealing. As another commentator here pointed out, you have to look at "Spirited Away" against the context of the culture that produced it. The Japanese are very concerned about the erosion of their traditional values, the lack of respect kids have for their elders, the breakdown of family cohesion and other "negative" "Western" influences on their traditional, polite, family-oriented culture. Perhaps we in the West have trouble with the concepts in "Spirited Away" because the influences that the Japanese audiences fear are the Western "values" that are being thrust upon them, values that we've grown up with and forgotten how to fear.

Another critic commented "I cannot see why this film is such a masterpiece to some people ... (though) my brother and I had a few good laughs, especially when Sen runs down the stairs and smacks into the wall. That was pretty funny, I must say." This made me think back to when The Simpsons first started on TV - my daughter was three years old and she thought the funniest joke ever was when Maggie fell over. Now my daughter's a (very bright) 14 year old and these days it's the razor sharp satire of dysfunctional family life that makes her laugh out loud. QED.

If someone isn't sensitive to the morals that are being examined in this film, then of course the film is going to seem pointless. However, as the film plainly does have more than one good point to make, perhaps it's just that these critics aren't capable of grasping any of them.

But really guys (and you know who you are) don't take your frustration at not understanding "Spirited Away" out on those of us who do. It's not our fault you don't get it.
About ten minutes into 'Spirited Away' you realise that this movie is going to be totally unlike anything you've ever seen before - even the director's previous movies. Half an hour into the the thing, you feel like you're witnessing some sort of collision between Walt Disney and David Lynch. Put simply, 'Spirited Away' is damn weird - sometimes charmingly weird, sometimes excitingly weird, but sometimes just plain old what the hell is a 'stink spirit', and why does it have a bicycle stuck in its side type weird.

If you think that is supposed to be criticism, think again. 'Spirited Away' is every bit as incredible as the most incredible things written about it would have you believe. It simply transports you to a meticulously realised universe of spirits and mythology; a world utterly brimming over with fantastical sights and characters. The realisation of this whole mise-en-scene is a monumental cinematic achievement. You come out of the movie really feeling like you've just spent two hours in some incredible parallel universe.

The attention to detail is staggering, the surprises endless (and I just mean every damn camera shot has something in it that will make your jaw drop to one extent or another), and somehow through this barrage of unheralded ideas the central character comes through rock solid, as do all of the supporting ones.

That isn't to say that characterisation is the movie's long suite. Perhaps it's just a cultural thing, but it seems to me that even the best Japanimation doesn't _quite_ have the Disney capacity to make you fall in love with the characters. Or perhaps you could argue that Disney is just overly sentimental. In any event this is really the only very slight fault I could find with 'Spirited Away' - and it is slight, because there are scenes, particularly in the latter part of the film, which will bring a lump to your throat.

One quibble: people keep saying how much better the animation is in this film than in Disney (well, Disney aren't even doing hand-drawn animation anymore, but you know what I mean.) I think they mean that the backgrounds and drawings are better. The animation - literally the movement from frame to frame of the characters - is not up to top notch Disney standards. Watch a car drive along the road in the early part of the film: it is conspicuously jerky, unlike the smooth panoramic, sweeping animation of Disney in the past decade.

However, except in those very early scenes, it isn't very noticeable, and even if you did notice it, you would be so gobsmacked by the amazing, almost poetic backdrops in so many of the scenes that you'd soon forget about it.

I guess I've picked a few holes in 'Spirited Away', haven't I? That's why I'm only giving it a meagre 9.5 out of 10.0.

It's a masterpiece. See it.
A film Disney should learn lessons from
My previous experience with Studio Ghibli began and ended with 'My Neighbour Totoro' but upon seeing the fantastic 'Spirited Away', I feel as if a whole new world of anime and Hayao Miyazaki has just opened up to me. Until now, apart from the odd Disney flick and, of course, 'My Neighbour Totoro', I had long consigned animation to childhood but this film is a perfect example of how how rich and diverse even an animated film can be.

'Spirited Away' centres on ten-year-old Chihiro, a little Japanese girl who accidentally stumbles upon the Spirit World while exploring a mysterious passageway with her parents. When her parents are turned into pigs for stealing food, it falls to young Chirhiro and Haku, her guide in this strange new world, to save them before they become bacon. Not only are the characters well-depicted and engaging (with a few adorable little creatures added in to gush over!) but the story is very involving. During Chihiro's quest, not only do we see she and Haku grew as characters but we learn much about Japanese mythology and the moral of how not everything is as it seems. The atmospheric and other-worldly quality of the film leaves the audience feeling as if they too have joined the young heroine in this strange new land where the impossible seems possible.

Although this film will no doubt appeal to young children who will easily identify with Chihiro, there is a dark air to 'Spirited Away' that will draw in teenagers and adults. Certainly, older viewers will be left awe-struck by the intelligence and strength of the plot and the characters. Highly recommended to anime fans and those who are just looking for a film that is unique and interesting.
One of the best anime's i have ever seen.
This movie is wonderful, and it really made me respect Hayao Miyazaki as a person and as a director.I love his movies, but i think this is his best work for the reason that this is a spectacular anime, that i love to watch.I always try to figure out what his best movie is or what my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie is, but i am gonna say spirited away is his best work and really blew me away.It has great animation and it is one of the most original anime films out there, so i think he just showed how good he is with this movie.If you are a anime fan, then i think you should like this movie a lot and once you see one of Hayao Miyazaki's movies.It is like you have to see them all, this is a excellent anime that is done perfect.
An Amazing Achievement in Animation.
'Spirited Away' is the first Miyazaki I have seen, but from this stupendous film I can tell he is a master storyteller. A hallmark of a good storyteller is making the audience empathise or pull them into the shoes of the central character. Miyazaki does this brilliantly in 'Spirited Away'. During the first fifteen minutes we have no idea what is going on. Neither does the main character Chihiro. We discover the world as Chihiro does and it's truly amazing to watch. But Miyazaki doesn't seem to treat this world as something amazing. The world is filmed just like our workaday world would. The inhabitants of the world go about their daily business as usual as full with apathy as us normal folks. Places and buildings are not greeted by towering establishing shots and majestic music. The fact that this place is amazing doesn't seem to concern Miyazaki.

What do however, are the characters. Miyazaki lingers upon the characters as if they were actors. He infixes his animated actors with such subtleties that I have never seen, even from animation giants Pixar. Twenty minutes into this film and I completely forgot these were animated characters; I started to care for them like they were living and breathing. Miyazaki treats the modest achievements of Chihiro with unashamed bombast. The uplifting scene where she cleanses the River God is accompanied by stirring music and is as exciting as watching gladiatorial combatants fight. Of course, by giving the audience developed characters to care about, the action and conflicts will always be more exciting, terrifying and uplifting than normal, generic action scenes.

Through Chihiro, Miyazaki is clearly (but non-patronisingly) talking to youth of Japan. There's a certain sense of revile about the youth of Japan at the moment. Many people consider them to be ill-mannered and baring no respect for their elders or their forefathers. They are simply bi-products of their material world and consumerism. 'Spirited Away' taps into this. At the start Chihiro is a selfish, spoiled, whiny brat. But as she plunges deeper into the spirit world, she becomes more independent, more assured, more respectful and learns some manners. No Face, a black figure with a white mask, is the catalyst behind Chihiro's transformation. Once he is let into the bathhouse, we are no longer tourists – the story propels forth. Watching No Face prey on the greed of the workers is a terrifying delight. The three main characters in Miyazaki's youth allegory are Chihiro, No Face and Bô. All of these characters are disconnected with their world. They are lonely, misunderstood and largely ignored. But when they go on their journey together, they united and become stronger individuals.

Miyazaki also talks about the ecology of Japan. What was once a beautiful; grassland has now turned into the Asian New York. That The Last Samurai had to be filmed in New Zealand to get a turn of the century Japanese look speaks volumes. The River God sequence is an unsubtle but unpretentious commentary on pollution. While these two themes are very much current in Japan, they are also universal themes – which makes 'Spirited Away' a universal story that most of us can connect with. I'm willing to bet everyone reading this has at some time seen bicycles lying on a lake bed or have had a child talk to them disrespectfully. Sure these themes aren't advanced philosophy. They are everyday issues told in an inventive, fun way.

The animation is wonderful, if not as smooth as Disney's works – but there's something superior to that. 'Spirited Away's imperfect, but detailed world is far more fascinating than the perfected blandest of Disney's latest offerings. The animators successfully balanced the tight-rope between not-enough animation on characters and too much animation on characters. No Ralph Balski ADD antics here! The film is full of vivid images – both beautiful and horrifying. The line between those two extremes is crossed over seamlessly. From Chihiro and Haku running through an opening flower field to Haku's dragon snarling with a bloody mouth, both extremes seem to belong in the film. It's also excellently done with the characters. Kamaji can be seen as a scary, daunting figure at the beginning, but soon he seamlessly changes into a humble, wise figure. Yubaba also seems to be able to turn from kind to witch with the snap of a finger.

The sound on the film was expertly done. The sounds perfectly match the on screen actions and objects. My sub woofer got a wonderful workout when Haku swoops Chihiro past the bridge at the beginning. And while I don't speak Japanese, I think the voice actors did a wonderful job of conveying their personality and emotions true their voice. Joe Hisaishi's music is sublime, definitely one of my favourite scores. His main piano theme is simple and evocative. His thunderous action music hits the viewers on the chest like a hammer. Like all great scores it heightens the greatness of a scene about three times. The score, unlike many American composers', is unobtrusive. It plays excellently with the scenes, but never overbears them. A lot of the time the it is barely noticeable, a sole piano plays softly in the background evoking a dreamlike/lullaby quality.

'Spirited Away' is a simply a modern masterpiece, easily one of the Top 10 films of the new millennium. It works on a multitude of levels; a social commentary on Japan, a homage to ancient Japanese/Russian mythology, a moral film for both children and adults. But most importantly, it is a simple story brilliantly told by a great filmmaker who appears to be at the top of his game. 'Spirited Away' works much like a relaxing journey. Pop in the DVD; leave this world for two hours and when you will be almost certainly enriched and ready to take the trip again.
Deeper Meaning makes for a Fantastically Customizable film
This is a film with a very simple plot but with very thick meaning. In short, Spirited Away is about a young girl, Chihiro, who witnesses her parents self destruction via a greedy modernist mentality. In order to save them from the self dug trap of modernity, Chihiro, later renamed Sen, goes into a magical world symbolic of tradition. That's it! --- Parents are sucked into modernity and are saved through their daughter's traditional experience. --- Now to get into the nitty gritty of the film. There is a plethora of symbolism for the viewer to ponder upon. Some of these symbols are quite obvious while others require a brief knowledge of the principles they represent. Here is a brief look at some of these principles:

1. Confucianism- the film is filed with Confucian references to a hierarchy and a respect given to elders. Without spoiling anything, look at the references to obedience found in the film and how Hayao Miyazaki presents this principle.

2. Buddhism- Buddhist believe in a life of nonattachment. This principle of rejecting attachment is one of the tools Buddhists are given to stop the cycle of suffering – An idea that is paramount to the understanding of the film. Also important to note with regard to Buddhism is the importance placed on the Middle Way – an idea similar to Taoist balance – this stresses not favoring one extreme over another – find the middle. The aversion to extremes is an important thread within the deeper meaning of the film.

3. Taoism- In inherent to Taoist principles is the idea one should follow their heart. Taoism also strongly values the idea of balance as represented by the Ying-Yang. This means that black and white, good and bad, warm and cold, all exist at the same time and when a good balance is found, there can be peace. Take this knowledge and apply it to the ideas presented in the film of following one's heart. Also pay particular attention to the balances, or maybe even lack there of, and what is happening when there is or is not a sense of balance.

Now that the basic knowledge has been established, watch the film and see how many different meanings are embedded in the picture. There are thousands! Every brush stroke that gives this anime life has meaning and this is what makes the film so fantastic. Aside from an entertaining storyline on the surface, the deeper meanings (which can be found by applying some of the principles above) are what make the film customizable for each viewer. The thought provoking nature of the film will leave an indelible mark on any viewer.

I strongly recommend that anybody who is interested in being 'wowed' watch this film. Even with the deeper meanings aside, the artwork and flow of the story are phenomenal. The techniques used to give the picture life, light, texture, setting, have just as much if not more meaning that the contextual aspects of the film. And once again, even if you are not looking for a movie that requires a little bit of thought, everything which gives this film great meaning, are fantastically entertaining on their own without deeper meaning attached.
This movie is a masterpiece. It is perfected into the smallest detail. This is definitely the best animated movie I have ever seen.

When I looked at the cover of this movie I thought it looked kinda boring. But that was exactly the opposite of what it was. It is full of creatures you've never heard of, and even though it's not said it is a comedy, it is completely full-stuffed of totally hilarious moments.

To name some of the great stuff in this movie: The characters are very worked-through and totally original, I have never seen such an example of imagination. There is no flat characters either, that means there are no such boring things as an all-the-way-through evil or good character.

The story is also very original. If you just read the story here on IMDb it might not seem very special or interesting (I didn't have very high expectations on the movie after reading the backside of the DVD), but trust me, when things start happening, you'll find yourself completely stuck.

This movie is a great example (and proof) that you don't need 3d or cool explosion effects to make a really great movie! If you haven't seen it, do it! NOW!
A haunting beautiful tale
Was on the old Atari forums one day and searching through the movie section of the forum and I saw a thread on a Spirited Away movie. I have always been a big fan on Anime; I like Cowboy Bebop, Bubblegum Crisis, Neon Genesis and Kenshin. So when I continued reading it got great feedback from my friends on there. So once it came out on DVD I rented it and I must say, one of the best animation movies I've ever seen. The passion in the movie is extravagant, the animation is beautiful and the voice acting is astonishing.

The story is about a little girl named Chihiro and her family, they are moving to a brand new house. On there way to there house there dim-witted father takes a short cut which leads them to what seems to be a abandoned old style Japanese amusement park where traveling through they find some food. Even though Chihiro's objection the Parents stuff there faces, which strangely enough turns them into pigs. Things get worst, she loses her way she came back and there are ghost like spirits around her. Her only way to get her parents back is help out by a boy naked Haku. She must meet the main boss of the Bath House, Yubaba, to retrieve them back. She must work for her food and to fight to get her parents back. Along with getting her name back! The evil Yubaba changes it to Sin. On the way she meets a text book of characters featuring my favorite, No Face.

The animation in this film is stunning, vibrant colors, stunning backdrops and character design are great! The voice work is done perfectly, bringing across the emotion that is written in this script. Famous anime director Hayao Miyazaki who won an Oscar for this masterpiece has done well and should be proud of his years of work. Which include movies like Princess Mononoke etc.

I suggest if you want to see a powerful, moving and up lifting movie that make you forget its an animation film, watch this film ASAP!
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