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Rajeev Varma 2017 Filmography

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Rajeev Varma began his career in Auckland, New Zealand in 1993 after graduating from Drama School there. Originally known as Rajiv Varma he changed his professional name to Rajeev Varma in the mid nineties. Rajeev has carved out a name for himself in New Zealand in the theatre and television industry as one of New Zealands leading Indo-Asian actors. He founded New Zealand's first Indo-Asian theatre collective, "The Untouchables Theatre Collective," in 2003 in an effort to support and foster the creativity of Indo-Asian artists in New Zealand. Subsequently Raj formed Those Indian Guys with Tarun Mohanbhai and has toured to South Africa, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia with 2 theatre shows entitled "D'Arranged Marriage," and "From India with Love." Both shows are co-written and performed by Raj and Tarun. In 2008 Raj completed shooting 1000 Apologies, New Zealands first Indo-Asian/Asian sketch comedy show for TV3. In 2007 he also shot The Millen Baird Show for Great Southern Television. Raj resides in Brooklyn, New York.
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