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Rafael Amaya 2017 Filmography

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Date of Birth:
28 February 1977
Rafael was born on February 28th of 1977 in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, but at age five, Rafael and his family moved to the little town of Tecate, Baja California. Since he was young, he'd been very active in sports, especially in athletics; also, since he was a teenager, he took theater and music classes. After graduating from High School, he traveled to San Diego, California to start his University studies, but he did not finish. He returned to Mexico and started participating in several musical groups or bands, and with one of these, the "Banda Palapa", he traveled to Mexico City to try his luck. Rafael was the only one who stayed in the city and he dedicated his time to modeling. After this, he started studying at the "Center for Artistic Education of Televisa", and found the opportunity to participate in a casting for the new Garibaldi and was selected after difficult auditions. He later separated from Garibaldi, but continued in the Artistic realm, but now in acting. He started with the soap opera "La casa en la playa" (2000) (The Beach House) with his role as Romualdo, next came the Telenovela "Sin pecado concebido" (2001) (Without Conceived Sin) as Castulo. His third, most complete and exciting project was his role on "Salomé" (2001) starting in January 2002. He played one of the main characters of the second part of this melodrama, Jose Julian, one of the three children of Salome, the principal character. With this project, Rafael became quite famous and in August he continued acting in "Las Vias del Amor. In February 2002, Rafael was nominated to receive an Heraldo Award for Male Revelation of the Year, and in June of the same year he was a contender for a TV y Novelas Award in the same category. Even though Rafael has enjoyed great stardom, he has continued being an integral, humble and simple person. For this fact, he ensures his success in everything he dedicates his life to, including acting, singing, modeling and everything else his mind and heart decide.
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