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RaeLynn Bratten 2017 Filmography

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RaeLynn Symone Bratten was born in Fort Worth, TX. She has an older brother and sister. She looks up to her sister and is following in her footsteps in modeling, acting, gymnastics, and dance. Her favorite sport is basketball and she loves dogs of all sizes. She began modeling as a baby for companies such as Neiman Marcus, Belk, JCPenney, Educational Insights, and White Cloud. In 2014. She became Baby Miss Lake Worth. She loves to sing "America the Beautiful", as well as lead "The Pledge of Allegiance". She takes acting class with John D'Aquino, Japheth Gordon, Shane Brady and Nancy Chartier. Her first credit was the role of Grace in a TV pilot called "Two To Go" and was the daughter of Echo Kellum ("Sean Saves the World") and Anglique Cabral ("Enlisted"). She is represented by The Campbell Agency, AEFH, and Concrete Entertainment. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Rachael Bratten
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