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Karli Hall 2017 Filmography

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Karli's recent credits include Rob Reiner's "Being Charlie," a 2015 Toronto Film Festival special presentation and Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's "The Hollow Point," both released last year. Karli was born in Maryland, but moved to Seattle at a young age and spent her childhood in western Washington. She then headed to Utah and in 2014, she graduated with a BFA in acting from BYU's theatre program and there, had the privilege of taking on such roles as Elizabeth Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice" and Elizabeth Proctor in "The Crucible," both at BYU, M'Lynn Eatenton in The Echo Theatre's production of "Steel Magnolias," and Portia in BYU Conservatory's "Julius Caesar." Beyond her chosen vocation, Karli cultivates diverse passions for baking, writing, music, rock climbing, and lo-fi technology. Her love for her family defies the description of human language, and has opened up her heart to everything that matters most. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Karli Hall
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