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Karla Zamudio 2017 Filmography

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Karla Zamudio, a native of Los Angeles, became inspired to work in the film industry at an early age. With her interesting Latin heritage and bi-lingual capabilities, she wanted to contribute to broadening the opportunities for actors in the Latin community. Her career began when she landed a top commercial agent and booked countless national and regional commercials in both Spanish and English, as well as appearing in print ads and doing voice-overs. With this success she was then able to focus on theatrical training. She studied with renowned industry acting teachers and coaches. Within a short time she was obtaining guest-starring roles in prime time television shows and starring in numerous independent films. She eventually played the lead role in a stage production of "Children of a Lesser God" for which she underwent intensive sign language training. In this role she demonstrated her great versatility. Karla not only shines as a sexy Latina actress but can also deliver performances requiring subtlety, range and depth. Her skills were brought to the attention of industry icon and longtime producer Hillard Elkins , who is now her manager. - IMDb Mini Biography By: KH
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