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Karla Droege 2017 Filmography

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There is nothing mysterious about Karla, she functions best when caffeinated. Her love for coffee inspired her to trek to Guatemala for a month in 2006 to participate in an intensive Spanish immersion program. Karla's passion for traveling has led her to swim in the Dead Sea (you really do float!), hike bamboo forests and swim waterfalls in Hawaii, barter her way through the open markets of Carthage and eat every last gyro on the island of Crete. If you've been to Crete since her stay, she sends her apologies. As a long time LA veteran of one year, she can often be found planting the flag on top of Runyon Canyon, or running down Venice Beach. And watch your step because she is also a black belt in Taebo. And if you really want to be her friend for life, or at least the next 15 minutes, show up with any concoction from Cold Stone Creamery as long as it contains peanut butter.
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