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Karl Wiedergott 2017 Filmography

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Born in Germany, Karl spent his young years traveling throughout Europe as part of his family's Theatre and Circus Act. Expert in juggling and tap dancing, Karl enjoyed performing at Beer Gardens for a handful of patrons or on a stage in front of thousands. As he grew from a boy into his teens, he added singing and magic to his many talents. Expert at mimicry as well, a talent unknown to him until he began learning English, Karl would sing the songs of Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent for an eager European audience. Eventually tiring of the toil of 250 shows and more a year, Karl left the Family Act and moved to America. Traveling throughout the States for many years, working as a factotum and part-time entertainer, Karl eventually settled in Montana, where he lives today with his wife, Gertrude and their 4 children.
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