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Dorian Healy 2017 Filmography

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Date of Birth:
11 February 1962
Dorian Healy is probably best known for his roles as Jimmy Destry in "Capital City" (1989) and Major Kieron Voce in "Soldier Soldier" (1991) (1992-94). He also had a memorable recurring role on Medical Drama series "Casualty" (1986) as a rapist who was besotted with Lara Stone ( Christine Stephen-Daly ). When his character attacked her, she fought back and killed him. He later found good work on State of Mind (2003) (TV) and Final Demand (2003) (TV), played a chilling Midshipman Simpson in Hornblower: The Even Chance (1998) (TV) and made his feature film debut co-starring with Denzel Washington in For Queen & Country (1988). His two latest roles have been in Dirty War (2004) (TV) and _Feather Boy (2004) (TV)_, the latter picking up a childrens Bafta award for best drama.
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