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Crime, Drama, War
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Stanley Kubrick


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Kirk Douglas as Col. Dax
Ralph Meeker as Cpl. Philippe Paris
Adolphe Menjou as Gen. George Broulard
George Macready as Gen. Paul Mireau
Wayne Morris as Lt. Roget / Singing man
Richard Anderson as Maj. Saint-Auban
Joe Turkel as Pvt. Pierre Arnaud (as Joseph Turkel)
Christiane Kubrick as German singer (as Susanne Christian)
Jerry Hausner as Proprietor of cafe
Peter Capell as Narrator of opening sequence / Judge (colonel) of court-martial
Emile Meyer as Father Dupree
Bert Freed as Sgt. Boulanger
Kem Dibbs as Pvt. Lejeune
Timothy Carey as Pvt. Maurice Ferol
Paths of Glory Storyline: The futility and irony of the war in the trenches in WWI is shown as a unit commander in the French army must deal with the mutiny of his men and a glory-seeking general after part of his force falls back under fire in an impossible attack.
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Stanley Kubirck and Kirk Douglas at their very best!
Stanley Kubrick's 1957 masterpiece is a movie that looks fresh and sharper than most of today's movies. The story follows the french army during the days of the first world war. General George Boulard (Adolphe Menjou) has an impossible mission for his subordinate Gen. Paul Mireau (a vicious George Macready) who knows the high risk of such mission but takes it because he was promised to get another star after accomplishing the mission. The mission is to take on the "Ant Hill", a territory that for some reason is valuable to the high ranks. Kirk Douglas plays the part of The field commander Col. Dax, a man who unlike his fellow officers, has a decency towards his soldiers but can't save them from the cruelty lack of justice of the military system which is built only to protect the commanding officers. There are some cynical and sharp dialogs (something that's often missing from todays movies) delivered perfectly by all actors. Kirk Douglas is in top form here and brings a memorable performance. There isn't any dull or wasted moments here, every scene is significant and will keep you glued to your seat. Overall it's a fascinating classic that is well worth watching. Highly Recommended 10/10
snubbed by the AFI
A plausible antiwar film, considered a top film at imdb and theyshoot (229 out of 1000 on their list), but snubbed by the AFI's top 100, despite being called a "miracle" by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Why? Its about how a grave injustice is carried out because of political expediency. Made somewhat more believable by casting it in the French Army in WW1 (where in that legal system the presumption was guilty until proven innocent), and perhaps to partly side step the blatant antiwar message for Hollywood bankrollers and the American Audience. A futile attack is engineered playing on the ambitions of an unscrupulous officer, and when the attack on a strong enemy position, with a depleted force, is predictably repulsed, scapegoats are identified to be tried for cowardice. Not only a good performance by Kirk Douglas as the righteously indignant defense attorney, but the villains in the film are totally despicable, which they are supposed to be. Kubrick's portrayal of trench warfare is every bit as good as All Quiet on the Western Front, and his contrasting of the circumstances of the officers' lives and of the bizarre trial standing next to the brutality of the war and the insanity of the majority of the frontal assaults is pure Kubrick. One sees the seeds of Dr. Strangelove.
Glorious Integrity In Every Aspect!!
Paths Of Glory is a masterpiece without doubt. Usually a masterpiece is the pinnacle of a directors career. However when you are talking about Stanley Kubrick, you are talking about genuine genius. This is just one of his many masterpieces, but Paths Of Glory is probably as good a film as any of Kubrick's other best works. I have seen tons of war films in my life, many great ones. Honestly, this is my favorite of them all. When I first saw this film I didn't expect it to blow me away. After all it is an early Kubrick film, however it blew me away constantly, and completely. This is not only one of the greatest war films ever made, not only one of the greatest black & white films ever made, it is simply one of the greatest films ever made bar none. The film screams integrity, in each and every way. This film is a joy to watch, and in my estimation, Paths Of Glory will remain forever as one of cinemas greatest accomplishments.

An Anti-War Film for the Ages
The French Army calls it the Anthill. Mere kilometers away from Paris, German WWI forces have dug trenches and fortified the area for a little over a year. Gen. Paul Mireau (Macready) believes taking the Anthill is nearly impossible and says so within the first frames of Paths of Glory. Yet after the insinuation of a promotion by Gen. Broulard (Menjou), Mireau reconsiders, rationalizing and demurring such a feat of improbability for the sake of glory. Enters Kirk Douglas; cleft chin, movie-star good looks, and despite playing Col. Dax, a Frenchman, Douglas carries a signature American swagger. Surprised by the General's tactical decision, Dax nevertheless strives to carry out his orders.

Thus the wheels of Paths of Glory begin to screech and turn. The movie is infamously known not only as a damning anti-war film but as one of Kubrick's first great masterpieces in a career marked by nothing but. As an anti-war film, Paths of Glory is downright incendiary choosing hubris, human frailty and visual metaphor as a means to an end. Generals sit in a comfy château making decisions about the cannon-fodder in the trenches who are shell-shocked due to months of constant skirmishes. Those in the trenches who hold to some semblance of rank, take advantage of it to hide mistakes and keep up appearances. The end result of Mireau's gambit, which according to Dax "will weaken the French Army with heavy losses for no benefit"? So bitter and damning as to become farcical if it wasn't so unfailingly human.

Even as early as 1957, the late Stanley Kubrick displayed a mastery of his craft with a particular affinity to asymmetrical spacing, alienating long shots and mechanical tracking shots. He keeps his camera at a safe distance, robbing the audience of superfluous or unnecessary human emotions; concentrating instead on the chaotic wartime experience on an almost cosmic scale. Each 35mm frame of Mireau and Douglas coolly inspecting the foxhole huddled with frightened soldiers says more about inhumanity than can be found in the pages of a mediocre novel. The cynicism and pessimism of everything proceeding the battle is enough to make anyone revolt. Is it any wonder the film went unreleased in France for over twenty years?

But while the first tracking shots are an attack on the inhumanity of war, the scenes of the battle for the Anthill are a full frontal attack on the way Hollywood made war movies. While films like Sergeant York (1941) are drenched in patriotism, Paths of Glory's long, unforgiving battle scene dares to be cruel, emotionally complex and absurd. During an ever escalating barrage of artillery, mortar and machine gunfire, soldiers are dispatched with mechanical coldness, superiors shout out in the organized chaos while Col. Dax's story surreptitiously disappears into the ether. Meanwhile the enemy remains unseen.

As early as the forties, Douglas had been attracted by ardent bleeding-heart roles with a penchant for little-man-against-the- system melodrama. In the moments when the film veers into courtroom drama, Douglas oozes carefully controlled personal branding. Many claim that if not for Douglas's involvement, Kubrick would have shown his intellectual colors a lot earlier. Yet there's little doubt that without the interest of Kirk Douglas, Paths of Glory (twice rejected by United Artists) would cease be. While Douglas's star power does on occasion overwhelm the frame and he does chew the scenery with higher-than-thou proselytizing it feels almost like a release. It's almost as if Kubrick brings you to the edge of the abyss while Douglas warmly touches your shoulder and tells you not to jump. He's the bridge and arbiter between the entrenched studio system and the vanguard still percolating in France, raging in Japan and under-appreciated everywhere else.

Paths of Glory is a near perfect anti-war film and a high water mark for film in general. While a little stark for some, one can't help but find hope and beauty in the small moments such as when Christine Kubrick (longtime wife of the director) solemnly sings a German folk song to a squad of French troops. Douglas once called Kubrick a "talented s***," yet despite well documented friction, the two tall figures of cinema managed to make something real special here. Something too unique, too beautiful and too scornfully, maddeningly perfect to be ignored.
The greatest anti-war statement
The most scathing indictment of the military mentality and war in general ever put on film. This film should be required viewing for all cadets in every military school.

It is understandable why this movie was banned for so many years in France. The French military establishment is still recovering from the Dreyfus Affair.

This is an emotionally draining movie throughout...but the end scene manages to give you some "hope" for the human race!

Thank you Stanley!
One of the all-time best antiwar movies
If you can watch this movie all the way through to the final scene in a bar in which a German girl (played by Kubrick's wife!) sings a song and all the grizzled veterans in the room cry--and not cry yourself--then something's wrong with you. This is one heck of a powerful film and makes a better statement against the senselessness of war than many films with vastly bigger budgets. It blew me away the first time I saw it.
Awesome movie stands as a broody statement against war and man's inhumanity to man
Sensational antiwar treatise based on facts with a relentless and vivid denounce against the military commanding class represented by two senior Generals ( George Macready , Adolphe Menjou ) who order his men a suicidal mission . France 1916 , a upright officer Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas )must lead his soldiers against difficult enemy positions called the 'Ants Hill' . Them also is the colonel lawyer assigned to defend three ( the privates Timothy Carey , Ralph Meeker , Joe Turkel) of them when the attack is lost against charges of cowardice and submitted to eventual firing squad.

This is a thought-provoking and intelligent war drama perfectly acted by strong cast and masterfully directed . Intelligent screenplay based on a Humphrey's Cobb's novel has been well adapted by Stanley Kubrick and Jim Thompson . It depicts a brooding study about futility and insanity of war , making a shattering accusation against the military ruling staff who cares on promotions more than the soldiers . Kirk Douglas is very good as compassionate French Colonel who commands his troops in some spectacular scenes on the trenches . Stunning support cast beautifully performed by notorious secondaries as Emily Meyer as the priest , Wayne Morris as the lieutenant , Richard Anderson as the Major prosecutor , Ralph Meeker , Timothy Carey and Suzanne Christian , Kubrick's wife . Special mention to the two selfish Generals exceptionally performed by George Macready and Adolph Menjou . Excellent cinematography in black and white by George Krause filmed on location in Schleissheim Palace, Munich, and Bavaria Film studios, Geiselgasteig, Grünwald, Bavaria, Germany (studio). The motion picture is wonderfully realized by the maestro Stanley Kubrick and lavishly produced by James B. Harris , his usual producer by that time . This magnificent film along with ¨ All quiet on the Western front ¨ , ¨Westfront 1918 ¨, ¨ Captain Conan ¨ , and ¨King and country¨ result to be the best films about powerful antiwar theme . Time hasn't dimmed its power , or its poignancy, a bit and remains untouchable the critique to the military hypocrisy in an ultra-lucid exposition . Rating : Phenomenal and marvelous film , above average . Essential and indispensable watching .
"See that cockroach? Tomorrow morning, we'll be dead and it'll be alive."
Stanley Kubrick's 'Paths of Glory' is the ultimate anti-war film. Rather than simply showing us the horrors of warfare and declaring that 'war is hell,' this films genuinely fills us with unbridled hate and anger, revealing the sheer folly and uselessness of combat. There are heroes in war, of course – namely Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) and his brave fighting soldiers – but certainly not the generals, who sit back in their comfortable armchairs and send thousands of their men to certain death without a trace of guilt or remorse.

In the treacherous front-line trenches of World War One, a regiment of soldiers is ordered on a suicidal mission to seize the German-occupied "Anthill." French General Mireau (George Macready) is at first hesitant about the attack, citing the unacceptably high fatality rate and his duty to his loyal soldiers, but he is very quickly swayed in his convictions when his superior, General George Broulard, (Adolphe Menjou), hints at the possibility of a promotion. And so, led by a doubtful but loyal Colonel Dax (Douglas), the soldiers – in perhaps the most realistic war combat scene this side of 'Saving Private Ryan' – proceed with the attack, suffering immense losses and ultimately being forced to retreat. Furious about the perceived "cowardice" of his troops, an enraged General Mireau orders his artillery to open fire on his own men, but the artillery commander refuses to obey without a confirmation of written orders.

Rather than taking the blame himself for the failed attack, Mireau decides to execute three men to set an example to the soldiers. Corporal Paris (Ralph Meeker) is chosen for execution because his commanding officer has a personal vendetta against him; Private Arnaud (Joe Turkel), one of the most courageous soldiers in his regiment, was chosen randomly; Private Ferol (Timothy Carey) was chosen because he was something of a social outcast. Colonel Lax passionately defends the actions of his men during the court-martial, but, despite the utterly ridiculous cases made against them, all three men are inevitably found guilty of "cowardice in the face of the enemy" and sentenced to death by firing squad.

Later, in one of the most suspenseful sequences ever committed to film, accompanied by the slow steady beat of an army drum, the three condemned men are lead to their place of execution, tied to posts and shot down by the weapons of their own army. Any other film from this era would have baulked at the final moment, offering its prisoners a last-minute reprieve, and the swift persecution of every general in charge of the original attack. Kubrick reportedly toyed with this option at one point, but it is to his credit that he stood firm on his daring and controversial ending. Indeed, French authorities considered the film such an offence to their army's honour that it was banned until 1975.
Madness, Cowardice, Glory - War in a Nutshell Kubrick Style...
There is no glory in Stanley Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY, a devastating anti-war film that looks at the Generals who command soldiers as cowards themselves. How dare these pampered men who will leave the war without a scratch practically order their soldier's slaughter? This is the conflict posed by Kubrick with the help of Kirk Douglas, who quite frankly is mesmerizing as the Colonel of the 701st Division ordered to take an anthill they probably have no chance of taking. Adolphe Menjou is the sadistic General who Douglas must fight for the right of his soldiers' souls as well as his own. We are able to take an introverted look at the madness of war. Cowardice is frowned upon by governments, but how do you decide what it is in such inhuman conditions.

Kubrick shows his talents as a master of atmosphere and looming death in this classic of WWI. The French are the symbol and a possible execution is the tool with which Kubrick stirs our emotions. Unlike his later films, we have some pretty realistic characters here. Douglas is the only man with a head on his shoulders and is so passionate about the cruel injustice proposed by the spiteful General he seems willing to die himself. The court scene contains some of the movie's most memorable emotional moments, but check out the 1957 war sequence. Kubrick had a definite vision as to how he was going to pull this off. Shot in Germany, the French soldiers go through a frightening, revolutionary experience. Deep explosions pulsate the soundtrack, soldiers are blown to bits, and cowardice is nowhere to be found. The mere possibility of a soldier's "recollections" under such hellish conditions cannot be taken as gospel.

The attempt on the German anthill is truly something to see, another feather on the cap of Kubrick, who would create the most amazing boot-camp sequence in film history roughly 30 years later in FULL METAL JACKET. Compared to that film, PATHS OF GLORY is much more effective at portraying a precise vision of the abomination of war. Whether its the French, or the Russians, it is all the same. Worthless when unnecessary, tragic when waged. Ralph Meeker is great as one of the Corporals on trial for "cowardice" in the face of the enemy. At one point, he asks a priest to leave him alone and basically betrays the thought of God in the face of what he is going through. Pretty deep stuff, I must say. PATHS OF GLORY is one of the best war films ever made.

RATING: 10 of 10
Should be required viewing for everyone
I saw this on video back in the 80's, and my buddy and I were the only ones in the room. Two big burly guys wiping the tears from our eyes...If the execution doesn't get to you, the final scene at the bar will. This stands out as the first movie I ever cried in as an adult. And I'm not ashamed to admit it (although "Big Fish" also got to me recently). Everyone should see this movie--yes it's full of despair, yes it portrays a cynical view of the world (not just war)--and yes, it is very depressing. But it's also very powerful in its beauty, and it does offer a ray of hope, however slight it may be. I know it's based on actual events, so I would like to know more about the actual incident that did occur, nonetheless, it's well worth seeing, more than once!
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