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Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Luc Besson


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Jean Reno as Léon
Gary Oldman as Stansfield
Natalie Portman as Mathilda
Danny Aiello as Tony
Peter Appel as Malky
Willi One Blood as 1st Stansfield man
Don Creech as 2nd Stansfield man
Keith A. Glascoe as 3rd Stansfield man (Benny)
Randolph Scott as 4th Stansfield man
Michael Badalucco as Mathilda's Father
Ellen Greene as Mathilda's Mother
Elizabeth Regen as Mathilda's Sister
Carl J. Matusovich as Mathilda's Brother
Frank Senger as Fatman
Leon: The Professional Storyline: After her father, mother, older sister and little brother are killed by her father's employers, the 12-year-old daughter of an abject drug dealer is forced to take refuge in the apartment of a professional hitman who at her request teaches her the methods of his job so she can take her revenge on the corrupt DEA agent who ruined her life by killing her beloved brother.
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Great movie
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Léon" (1994) is essentially a movie with everything working so well that you might forgive it's lunatic plot and enjoy for what it is - a movie. The plot is like a fairytale for adults, that would never happen in real life, and there aren't people who live like Leon, nor there are 12 years old girls who can come armed with two weapons into police headquarters with main goal to kill a detective. But this is a movie for god-sake, and a great one it is.

It is very sentimental, but that is just one of the parts that makes it's unique and unforgettable. Character are drawn very sharp in here and we start to care for both lead from the opening sequence of them together - that is because of performances, great and simple script and wonderful chemistry between two leads - this is still i think one of the very best performances by Natalie Portman. Directing, cinematography are great, with some clearly visible style and mood trough the film, which makes it feel like a unique - still.

Overall, "Léon" is great action film with lots of well made sentiments. Performances are amazing by all three actors (Oldman including), but it's Natalie who steals the show. Add craftsmanship which creates this unique style, simple but sharp script and tons of sentimental moments (but not to much) and a bit coming of age story and you will get a mix of superb motion picture, a true fairytale for adults. This is a great picture. Still.
Amazing Film
There is little I can add to the many things that have been said about Leon. But I will offer two observations. One is that Leon is not lascivious. Many if not most or all would-be viewers presume that it will be, and then are disappointed, or, like me, amazed that it is not. It is easy to understand the expectation. How could the story of a disturbingly attractive 12-year-old girl "adopted" by a single middle-aged man under bizarre circumstances - he literally holds the power of life and death over her - not be lascivious? All I can say is that the director and actors somehow found a way to avoid it. The other point, which is related to the first, is that Natalie Portman's performance is mesmerizing. She more than holds her own in her scenes with Jean Reno, and with Gary Oldman and Danny Aiello, whom I consider among the very best. That is extraordinary.
A Masterpiece!
This movie is a classic, and I think Besson's best film by far. The casting is perfect, the relationship between Leon and Mathilda is both sweet and heartbreaking. After seeing, actually during, this film I knew little Natalie was on her way. Such a natural presence and delivery is a rare thing. It's as if she had been living this part for her whole 11 yrs. And Reno gave us his best role ever. The King of Badguys has played many great characters, but Oldman is on fire here. The guy could be the best villain to ever hit the screen. I think back to some of his bad guys he's played, and those movies wouldn't be the same if he wasn't a part of them. The soundtrack is also tremendous, and the closing song by Sting really defined the whole film. I have nothing bad to say about this film, and would have done nothing different. Luc needs to get part II started fast! The story lines are endless. Just noticed that Natalie Portman has two 8.6 IMDb scores with Leon and Black Swan. Not too shabby in this day and age
The perfect film
Not only have I watched Leon more times than I can remember, but it has already been very well reviewed on here to the extent that there's not much more to add.

However, just in case anyone wishes to see a short and to-the-point review; this film is perfect! There are characters you actually care about, there is a beautiful and touching love story, there's a simple but clever plot, there are moments of superb cinematography and there is plenty of action. Want any more...? There's a great ending too!

Luc Besson is brilliant but he's not faultless. He has only done one other film that I rated VERY highly (9/10) and that's Angel-A. Both films share the theme of having a very unconventional love story at their heart and both are stunning to behold.

Perfect 10/10
Gripping story with well-crafted characters
Luc Besson's movie Léon (The Professional) gives us an intense story which is maximized in potential by the casting of the movie done by Todd Thaler. Every aspect of the movie delivers to the audience and makes an impressive overall package. Jean Reno plays a character named Léon who has learned to repress his emotions in order to perform his job as a "cleaner", or hit-man. His secluded world is shattered by the young girl named Mathilda who lives on the same floor as he does in an apartment building. When she turns to him for help, he learns about living a normal life, even if the circumstances which unite them are far from normal.

The performance delivered by then twelve-year old Natalie Portman as Mathilda is nothing short of brilliant. Her ability to relate to others with body movement and facial gestures is matched by few, she really brings raw emotion and believability to a difficult role. Mathilda and Léon are unexpectedly thrown together, but learn to value life from their chance encounter, and how valuable a friendship can be.

Jean Reno as Léon gives us a solemn and calculated character who sets all of his energy on his assignments until her is given something else to care about. Mathilda gives him the daughter that he never had, while Léon serves as a father and friend to her. Gary Oldman, as the corrupt DEA Agent Norman Stansfield, offers the viewers an amazingly wired and electrical performance which pushes the envelope. He moves the story along by his actions. Oldman offers us a memorable portrait of a sadistically obsessed man who stops short of nothing to get what he wants.

The Professional is what movie-making is all about. Without the overuse of special effects, a large shooting location, or a commercially star studded cast, we are given all that could possibly be asked for in a movie. Portman, Oldman, and Reno, along with Danny Aiello as the hit-contractor Tony remind us that there is no substitute for great acting. There are elements of comedy, drama, and action, and great original music by Eric Serra adds to the energy the film already encapsulates. The most impressive thing about the movie is its story which is basic but is maximized by all the other elements which go into the making of the movie. Simply put, an intense and impressive movie.
This is a highly recommended masterpiece .an other great favorite of mine.This film was absolutely amazing.I can not forget it.I watched it Several times and I'm still hoping that Léon can get through the door and reach the bright sun light. .distinguished acting. When I see Leon I love him.i think jean reno should have been nominated for a best actor nomination. Gary Oldman is fantastic.Then there is Gary Oldman as Stansfield with one of the most memorable and iconic negative role ever played.i knew the little girl was Nataile Portman..Wow, its really a fine acting from the actress.For me is this movie the real #1 of the top 250!Léon is the best movie character I have ever seen,
When I first watched this film at the cinema, I wasn't aware of IMDb. I've since watched it probably 4 or 5 times, and have recently bought the Directors Cut. Having used IMDb a lot recently, I checked out Leon. It was kind of heart warming, having a great deal of my memories of this movie from the previous 15 years being revisited upon me so eloquently whilst reading the comments.

It is a glorious film. One that I've not been able to forget for all the best reasons. I think you could probably choose any sub category art that forms a movie i.e., editing or cinematography, and you'd be hard pushed to find fault.

What makes this film Extra Special however, is the emotional 'ballet' taking place throughout the film.

My emotions were pretty much assaulted by a gang of joy/sadness/hate/fearful anticipation/love/empathy/shock/horror/hope.

It's one of those films.

I adored/respected/loved Leon (I still watch nearly every film with Jean Reno in).

I fell in love with Matilda. I've watched everyone of Natalie Portman's films since too.

I was already a fan of Gary Oldman. This film just added extra glue to that bond. He made a brilliant sociopath, in direct contrast to Leon's (anti-)sociopath.

I occasionally feel for a character (or two if it's a great romance), but it's very rare for me to be drawn into three so very different people's intimate lives so easily.

It's a shame there are too few films of this calibre.
Visceral and intelligent - Besson's masterpiece
Leon is one of the most emotionally intense movies ever made. French director Luc Besson uses everything: actors, music, camera angles, lighting to create an unique experience - "It's not realism, it's not naturalism - it's heightened reality" as Gary Oldman very well put it.

In "The making of The Professional" Besson says "If I imagine somebody in the street try to knock on my daughter, I kill the guy, in five seconds. I kill him, and I think "It's in me, I'm a beast!" On this part we can't forget that a part of us, the genetic things inside are much, much older than The Ten Commandments". He certainly uses visceral scenes to create very strong emotion in the movie - the blood running from Mathilda's nose or Stansfield's unforgettable "EVERYONE!" are just a couple of examples. The music and the sound are excellent and are used in a masterly fashion - you can hear Fatman's heart beating desperately or a low claustrophobic sound when Stansfield turns to look at Mathilda's father.

However Leon does not work only on this primary level, it also has an intelligent story. It may seem to be almost a fairy-tale, but don't be fooled - just like his character Besson is serious. This movie has a message: without love we are dead, even if we don't see it. Only true love give meaning to our lives: "everything else reminds me a big yogurt: warm and rancid" as Mathilda says in the original script, which is available on the net under the name Leon Version 1. Is this true in "real life"? I don't know but this movie can make you wonder.

Then of course there's the sensuality. It's hypocritical to deny it, the camera interacts with Mathilda in a mesmerising fashion. It's not sick and it's not degrading: it's art, subtle and beautiful.

Leon is not perfect but it has so many great moments that all its flaws can be forgiven. It's a movie that really should not be missed, unless you are concerned with its amorality. And don't be - Leon is less violent than many action movies and the unusual relationship between the main characters is handled mostly with genuine feeling and tact.
A French Cleaner with a difference...
On paper, the plot line for this film is an absolute nightmare – controversial and even sick if handled by the wrong director. And yet Luc Besson conjures up an intricate, touching and taught thriller which ranks as a landmark piece of cinema.

Leon is essentially a love story between a French hit-man (referred to as a 'cleaner') and a 12 year old girl whose family are brutally murdered by a monstrous DEA official come drug dealer (Gary Oldman).

Leon (Jean Reno) is a meticulous assassin carrying out $5000 hits for the Italian underworld. He never actually gets paid as his boss Tony looks after his money for him (safer than a bank) though the reality is that he is being fleeced. He is socially and emotionally like a child – his simple life consists of drinking milk, watching Gene Kelly films, caring for a plant and sleeping upright in a chair with a gun by his side. He can't read and lives a solitary existence.

His life changes when one day, a 12 year girl called Matilda (Natalie Portman) returns to the apartment building with some cartons of milk for him. As she walks past her own apartment to knock on Leon's door she sees that her family have been brutally murdered. In tears, she pleads with Leon to open the door, starting a relationship which ultimately ends in tragedy.

Leon reluctantly takes Matilda under his wing and teaches her the skills of the expert hit-man because it's all he knows and over time they form an unbreakable bond.

The film works for two simple reasons – Portman's pre-adolescent character means that she is too young to truly understand the implications of what she saying i.e. about love and sex. In Leon's case, he is in some ways even more of a child and therefore incapable of taking any sinister advantage of the situation. The result is a touching love story without any hint of perversity - their love is genuine but there is no hint of it crossing the lines of common decency. The controversial scene where Matilda asks to sleep with him was cut in the American screening and yet it is clear that Matilda doesn't really understand what she is saying nor does Leon have any intention of entertaining the prospect. The way in which they say goodbye to each other in what turns out to be the very last time is very much in the father daughter mould.

Besson came up with Leon's character from a bit part Reno played in a previous film, La Femme Nikita , and the way Reno portrays Leon quite rightly turned him into an international movie star. His understated performance in direct contrast to the brashness of Matilda, is perfectly judged and the empathy you feel for his character is almost immediate.

Gary Oldman's role is brutal, terrifying and wonderfully sinister. A glorious, over the top, drug fuelled nutcase with a passion for Beethoven.

But it is Portman who steals the film and quite rightly so. When Luc Besson casted for the part of Matilda, he wanted someone young – somebody who did not understand the meaning of love. In her screen test, Portman was told the scene – that she is walking towards Leon's apartment when she discovers that her family including her 4 year old brother have been brutally murdered. She started to cry immediately – Besson had found her Matilda.

It is amazing that Natalie Portman appeared in the awful Star Wars Prequels after a giving such a wonderful performance in Leon. There are very few child actors who could have delivered an acting master class like this – the only comparison I can think of is Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. Even more remarkable, Portman had received little in actor training or experience before this film. During the making of the movie, the first time she had to be tearful, the crew used methanol to help her appear to be crying. She only used this once, as she was able to generate the emotion and tears by herself - quite a feat for an 11 year old girl.

Fortunately, Natalie had very good parents who had certain control over the way she was used in the film. You never see Matilda draw on a cigarette and she gives up smoking later in the film. A planned shower scene where Matilda prances around naked was thankfully scrapped.

Leon is a film of many complexities and one of the best thrillers I have seen personally. Whether you see it in the normal or Directors Cut version (the long version as Reno calls it), it's a must have. We must also hope that Besson writes a script for a new film, Matilda, so we can all see what happens to her character in the future. Portman has already stated she would do this at the drop of a hat, relishing the chance to work with Besson again – here's hoping.

It is a magnificent piece of cinema.
Best hit man movie ever
Luc Besson has created the most complete paid assassin film I've ever seen. Jean Reno plays the killer with a çombination of skill and daring and Natalie Portman is a Lolita- esque wannabe "cleaner" who Reno takes under his wing. Cleaner is the term used for a hit man and the premise of this movie is Reno training Portman how to kill efficiently without getting caught in the process.

Nathalie(Portman) is a 12 year old girl who has witnessed the execution of her mother and father and is then instantly orphaned. Reno ends up taking her in and helping her avenge her parents deaths.

What follows is heart stopping action and a tender love story which never crosses the line into pedophilia. The chemistry between Reno and Portman is magical and Gary Oldman is the perfect villain. I was just blown away by this thriller.
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