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Drama, Action, History, War
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Francis Ford Coppola


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Marlon Brando as Kurtz
Martin Sheen as Marlow
Robert Duvall as Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore
Frederic Forrest as Jay 'Chef' Hicks
Sam Bottoms as Lance B. Johnson
Laurence Fishburne as Tyrone 'Clean' Miller
Albert Hall as Chief Phillips
Harrison Ford as Colonel Lucas
Dennis Hopper as Photojournalist
G.D. Spradlin as General Corman
Jerry Ziesmer as Jerry, Civilian
Scott Glenn as Lieutenant Richard M. Colby
Bo Byers as MP Sergeant #1
James Keane as Kilgore's Gunner
Apocalypse Now Storyline: It is the height of the war in Vietnam, and U.S. Army Captain Willard is sent by Colonel Lucas and a General to carry out a mission that, officially, 'does not exist - nor will it ever exist'. The mission: To seek out a mysterious Green Beret Colonel, Walter Kurtz, whose army has crossed the border into Cambodia and is conducting hit-and-run missions against the Viet Cong and NVA. The army believes Kurtz has gone completely insane and Willard's job is to eliminate him! Willard, sent up the Nung River on a U.S. Navy patrol boat, discovers that his target is one of the most decorated officers in the U.S. Army. His crew meets up with surfer-type Lt-Colonel Kilgore, head of a U.S Army helicopter cavalry group which eliminates a Viet Cong outpost to provide an entry point into the Nung River. After some hair-raising encounters, in which some of his crew are killed, Willard, Lance and Chef reach Colonel Kurtz's outpost, beyond the Do Lung Bridge. Now, after becoming prisoners of Kurtz, will...
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In my top five favorite films ever made
Apocalypse Now is not only my personal favorite work by Francis Ford Coppolla, it's also one of the great visions ever put onto cinema. It makes what was horrific, strange, and ironically exciting and mysterious about the Vietnam War into this mad tale of obsession, death, loss, and the dark side of humanity. While the stories behind the production of the film made it notorious and rather risky back in 1979, it works on its own terms and represents not just Coppola's genius but others in the Zoetrope team as well. It also paints a sometimes lurid, ultra-violent, bleak and curious view of what war does to people, both in the lower ranks, the big-guns, and those who go too far "up the river".

Many have also been perplexed by Marlon Brando's performance in the film, but it's actually one of his very best turns on screen, albeit improvised and close to running off the rails. His few moments on screen (even in the somewhat unnecessary scene plopped into the Redux version) there's enough conviction in what he's saying- and what perhaps isn't said- that makes the trip down the river worthwhile on an intellectual and poetic level. And making up the bulk of the film are delirious turns by Robert Duvall (a Oscar nominated turn he should've won), Martin Sheen as the Captain with almost too much to ponder in an ever increasing state of everything but him being insane; character actors like Sam Bottoms, Frederic Forrest and 14 year-old Laurence Fishburne have some of the best work they've ever done. And it goes without saying that Dennis Hopper comes close to stealing any scene he's in, for better or worse, with the most to say in rambling, yet coherent words.

Every time I watch this film (and mostly the original version which is what first drew me in completely as opposed to the very good if muddled Redux version) I am astounded with how operatic everything is, and how the variations on the madness and chaos of Vietnam is put together. Of course one can give adulation to Coppola for this as he completed it without totally going off the deep end or possibly dying, and his talents are pulled to their richest peaks here as a storyteller and director of actors. But it can't be said enough how much I can't get enough of Vittorio Storaro's cinematography, which has in part come close to perfect for this kind of epic film. The music is perfectly eerie and insidious, with the Doors song used for one of my favorite iconic scenes in the movies (both of them). Walter Murch's editing- which apparently was what saved the film from being a four-hour disaster- makes the action move when it needs to and for individual shots to get their due. And even the production design is remarkable and, to the extent it goes to, original in its partial translation of both Conrad's fiction and the unfortunate realities of life on the river.

If you haven't seen it yet, in short, get off your ass and get a copy; it might cause a kind of shell-shock for a viewer after first taking it all in, but it has some of the purest, most rewarding bits of cinema ever to come out of that all-too-brief American new-wave of the 1970's.
Insanity is Not a Theme
I really don't think the movie has much to do with insanity as it has to do with the fact that war is simply not civil. If it is fought in a non-committal way, it is a waste of time and victory cannot be sought. Those who would fight it brutally might be considered insane, but they are actually rational.

The Darkness or "Horror" is not insanity, but a realism by Col Kurtz of what is required to win war: Total commitment by the US to wage total warfare resulting in total annihilation (recall his penciled notes in red ink, "Drop the bomb. Kill them all").

When Coppola commented that the movie IS Vietnam, I think this is at least one point he was making: the futility of fighting a dedicated enemy with limited means. Recall Kurtz's comments of what he could accomplish with 10 divisions of troops of the likes that cut off the arms of innoculated children. He was referring to the brutality AND will required to win war. In contrast to his and Willard's will to accomplish their missions, there is ample evidence of those who are trying to escape Vietnam: Lance and LTC Kilgore's surfing obsession during supposed combat, the troops swimming in the river trying to escape the bridge outpost, the lack of officers present and in control, the high ranking general living a pampered existence in his comfortable airstream trailer, and Lance's escaping thru dropping acid.

Those that advocate total war to seek victory (like Kurtz, and implicitly Captain Willard) are probably correct, but made out to be insane. This is not unlike previous history, when Gen MacArthur advocated invading Manchuria and bombing across the Yalu river, essentially fighting Red China and using nuclear weapons. Truman, Marshall, and Bradley agreed that the Korea conflict had to be limited, and MacArthur removed as the UN forces Commander. The same principle was applied in Vietnam, where limited war was micro-managed by Secretary MacNamara and the pentagon. Uncontrolled escalation by the Army could lead to conflict with China and the USSR. Loose cannons such as Col Kurtz were dangerous and could not be tolerated in the officer corps.

I still wonder if the reason to eliminate Kurtz were his views, or his actions ?
Beware, my friends. Though bold and striking, this is not a movie that should show its face in the new millennium or any era of artistic expression evolved beyond adolescence. Casual film-goers will probably be impressed at the scenery, the grandeur and the theatrics as I was when I was 16. But years later, I've matured a bit, and I am absolutely horrified and sickened at how I was duped. (It's not unlike the feeling of rummaging through your old 80s wardrobe and seeing those "cool" parachute pants, acid-washed jeans and Miami Vice sockless-loafers accusing you from beyond the grave!)

Not all of you, but an (enlightened?) minority WILL BE OFFENDED by this movie. Certainly the veterans of Vietnam will smell something rank about how Mr. Coppola made such a pretentious carnival out of that truly humbling and difficult time. But what I found utterly damning of this film, despite the best efforts of performers, were the atrocities that Mr. Coppola committed for the sake of his magnum opus. A bull was slaughtered live and on camera just for some added gore (of which there is no shortage in this movie). Acres of beautiful, Filipino countryside were ignited with Hollywood napalm (gasoline). And last but not least, an entire culture was slandered beyond belief to a degree from which they may not have yet recovered.

A few years ago, a New York radio personality gained enormous popularity with his irreverent and vulgar on-air antics. I admit that at the time I was amused by the novelty, but then I grew up. It may be a few decades yet, but I have enough faith in human/artistic evolution that this movie will similarly be relegated to its proper place as a monumental but shameful part of our ever-growing history.

My advice to those of you with unquenchable curiosity? Before contributing to the popularity and profits of this production (as I foolishly did), borrow a copy of this movie from someone and watch it secretly, as you would a horrible car wreck on the side of the road.
I don't write many reviews, but after watching this so called "masterpiece" or "classic" last night for the first time i feel it warrants it, i need to warn people like myself about it. STAY AWAY!, it's 3 hours of your life you'll never get back. I like Martin Sheen, Brando, Larry Fishbourne, Harrison Ford, Dennis Hopper....heck i like all the cast. Francis Ford Coppola is a legendary director. I like war films. What i don't Apocalypse Now. It drags on and on....and on, and then the ending is a complete anti-climax. Robert Duvall's surfing obsessed Lt. Colonel is the best part about this film, he's a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise over rated movie....
Coppola's Masterpiece
Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece was a great ending for a golden decade of American cinema. In the 1970s there was an atmosphere of tolerance, open-mindness, and progressiveness among the studios that allowed the making of major films by a few of the best directors that the United States has ever had. I am not a historian, but all the events that preceded the decade (a few being the violent deaths of major figures of the American political and cultural scenes, the racial struggles, the emergence of the 1960s counter-culture, the increase of violence and death in the streets...) seemed to influence the vision of filmmakers who were willing to dare, be different, and create entertaining and intelligent motion pictures. Coppola's film is a strange blend of humanistic thinking and skillful film-making, following the parameters of war and adventure films, and at the same time subverting them with its flowing reflections on the value of life, the reason of death, or the ethics of war. It is also a passionate work, made against all odds, chronicled in the 1991 documentary "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse"; a motion picture that went beyond any previous reflection on the Vietnam war ever to reach the screen. This may not be the definite Vietnam motion picture, but dealing with it Coppola defied the formula of classic melodrama found in two Vietnam movies made simultaneously, "The Deer Hunter" and "Coming Home", or in latter ones as "Platoon" and "Casualties of War", before Vietnam became the starting point to make products of any genre, as horror in "Jacob's Ladder", or comedies as "Good Morning, Vietnam", among the more respectable. Coppola had the courage to take that economic and political conflict as the background of a search for answers to questions faced by any man every day of his life, without betraying the dramatic consequences of that war.
Best war movie ever!!!
Brilliant actors and brilliant picture!! I love the chopper scene with the music in the beginning, it is just SO touching and at the same time real but at the same time surrealistic! The Vietnam War was far from human and I believe this movie kind of shows have terrible human beings can act under certain circumstances. Modern war movies are spending so much money on effects. This is just a straight forward smart movie that takes you beyond your imagination. A movie that really pictures evil and hate mixed in fearness and fate. How insane the world is and the power of will and friendship, love and passion. A must seen movie and without any doubts the best war movie ever! Many tried to copy but still there are no movie even close as good as this!!
Great interpretation of a good book to deliver points on the nature of war
In an updating of `Hearts of Darkness' a soldier is given a mission to travel up a river During the Vietnam war in order to terminate the command of Colonel Kurtz. Kurtz is operating without orders and is leading a group of natives in brutal violent strikes against the enemy. Despite his history of brilliance and decoration he has clearly gone mad. Willard joins a military boat and travels up river to his destiny. However the further he travels the more madness appears to have become the norm.

It is a film everyone knows, and a `making of' story that is familiar to everyone on some level. The problems with the military, with destroyed sets right down to Keitel walking off set to be replaced by Martin Sheen who then had a near complete breakdown during filming. However the story itself is what keeps this so popular. The original book is set in Victorian times and is similar only in the concept of travelling up a river and confronting something dark and changed in the shape of Kurtz. The modern day spin on it makes it even more interesting as it looks at the madness that comes with power within war.

The journey itself is at times comic and at other times brutal. The overall feeling is one of soldiers not knowing why they are fighting or who they are fighting. The feeling of confusion and fear is inherent in the film and is very well delivered. Willard's journey never fails to grip and is interesting on whatever level you watch it – whether it be for the famous set pieces or for the underlying themes.

The performances are excellent. Sheen has never been better and now seems so distant from his character that he is a different person. While some of the emotion on screen was real, he does a great job as our guide through the journey. The best performance comes from a surprising source –Brando. Despite the fact that he was difficult, horribly over weight and hadn't learnt his lines, his eerie performance is still haunting. His mumbling and reasoning in the shadows show that he may be touched by madness but, in the context of war, he is also touched by cold logical reasoning. Likewise Dennis Hopper fits in well despite his stoned demeanour. The support cast include some names as Albert Hall, Harrison Ford, Forrest and a young Larry Fishburne.

Overall this will remain a classic on many levels. The film itself is great and full of spectacle, the story of the making itself is interesting, the performances are wonderful despite everything and the fact that it has other themes makes it even better. As an war movie it is great simply because it isn't about the war it IS war – in the words of Coppola `it isn't about Vietnam, it is Vietnam, it's how the Americans were in Vietnam. We were in the jungle, we had too much money, too much equipment and, little by little, we went insane'. Classic film on so many levels.
the horror, the horror...
So just how insane is 'Apocalypse Now'? Well, let's say that it is the kind of film that makes you want to bang your head against the wall. The beginning has no credits or titles; nothing. The whole film seems like it's taking place on a different world, and as the story moves on, sanity itself is shed. There was a French plantation scene that got cut out, and an alternate ending that would have had a massive battle scene outside Kurtz's compound.

'Apocalypse Now' is not a realistic film in the sense that the presentation of the Vietnam War is far from correct: helicopters going in BEFORE the napalm strikes, a USO show in the jungle at night, and the final bridge all lit-up like a Christmas tree. (for more realistic 'Nam War movies, try 'The Deer Hunter' or 'Platoon')

But what 'Apocalypse Now' lacks in historical accuracy, it makes up in artistic and dramatic scripting. Some of the best photography and lighting ever can be found here.

The film also raises some severe philosophical issues, and gives us entirely new ones. When the movie begins, the war is raging around us. It is chaotic and nerve-racking, yet still rational. When we finally get to Kurtz's base, the action has died down, but rational thinking has long since been vanquished to the point of total lunacy. This shows us the truth about men of war in times of war and peace. The voyage down the river has a sense of time travel (a sense that would have been much more apparent had the French Plantation scene remained.) And when you get to the end, keep in mind the old phrase: The King is dead... Long live the king.

Is Kurtz insane? Or are we not yet ready to understand him? These questions and more are up to you as 'Apocalypse Now has no easy answers.
The Greatest American Movie I Have Seen
The performances of the entire cast are only one aspect of the greatness of this film. The cinematography, the investment of time, people and ordinance, the color, the light!!!!! Who has ever produced the color and light on FILM of scenes such as the ones where Kurtz is partially illuminated in the darkness of his compound? The stunning combination of visuals, sound, and music; the hypnotic quality of the story with the heat and wet of the jungle; the profligate use of alcohol and drugs, and the indecent horror of the madness of the Vietnam conflict create a surreal, moving, and larger than life fable with example after example of archetypal dialog. "Never get off the boat!" "They were going to make me a Major for this. And I wasn't even in their . . . Army any more." "A little fishing accident on R&R." Thank you, Francis Ford Coppola. Thank you Writers, Cinematographer, Producers, Cast and Crew for this mind-bending and terribly beautiful meditation on the madness of war.
Saigon Sh*t!!
On first viewing of this film I found the story so awful it was painful to watch. I wanted to forget it; but once seen this film lives on in one's memory. Clearly it is a highly allegorical work as is the novel it is derived from : "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. It says much about the human condition in general not only within the context of war. Strictly speaking the film charts Willard's path through hell and ultimately to redemption. In reality Martin Sheen, who plays Willard, did practically the same thing. Reputedly smoking and drinking just a shade too much until half way through the filming he suffered a heart attack. Coppola's own path through this jungle of a film was equally harassing (watch "Hearts of Darkness" to get a better perspective on the making of the movie) resulting on the shoot taking far longer than originally planned. It's difficult now not to elide fact with fiction when discussing this film. Even before it was released I can remember newspaper headlines asking "Apocalypse When?" In the event the film was at last completed with the result that it is probably the most searing war film or any other kind of film you are likely to see. The acting throughout is brilliant from Sheen and Duvall, and fascinatingly quirky from Brando and Hopper. The cinematography is breathtaking and the use of music inspired. I cannot count the number of times I have seen it and it still thrills and enlightens me. A must for any DVD collection. P.S. Don't see the REDUX version.
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