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Joseph L. Mankiewicz


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Bette Davis as Margo
George Sanders as Addison DeWitt
Celeste Holm as Karen
Gary Merrill as Bill Simpson
Hugh Marlowe as Lloyd Richards
Gregory Ratoff as Max Fabian
Barbara Bates as Phoebe
Marilyn Monroe as Miss Casswell
Thelma Ritter as Birdie
Walter Hampden as Aged Actor
Randy Stuart as Eve's Pal on Telephone
Craig Hill as Leading Man in 'Footsteps on the Ceiling'
Leland Harris as Doorman
All About Eve Storyline: Aspiring actress Eve Harrington maneuvers her way into the lives of Broadway star Margo Channing, playwright Lloyd Richards and director Bill Sampson. This classic story of ambition and betrayal has become part of American folklore. Bette Davis claims to have based her character on the persona of film actress Talullah Bankhead. Davis' line "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" is legendary, but, in fact, all of the film's dialog sparkles with equal brilliance.
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Evergreen Eve.
Some films mark milestones in the history. "All About Eve" is a combination of rare cases like First ever movie to be nominated for 14 Oscars. Also, it has the highest number of Oscar nominations for the Actress. This makes the movie a must watch for all film lovers.

The movie begins with an award ceremony. The winner is Eve Harrington. The flashback goes through some people who are present at the ceremony. Margo Channing is a super star stage artist. One day she gets a fan visit after the show. It was the young Eve. Soon, Eve works for Margo. Eve becomes all in all for Margo. Eve was more of an observer, how Margo walks, talks, eats, sits etc. The movie has a wonderful ending.

The cast and crew are perfect. There was a competition of acting. Marilyn Monroe's appearance was interesting. I think this movie was made before she became a great celebrity.

A definitely must watch. Highly Recommended.

All About Baxter.
All About Eve (1950): Dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz / Cast: Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Celeste Holm, Gary Merrill: Fascinating drama about confrontation when Eve Harrington appears backstage to meet Broadway actress Margo Channing. Eventually Eve replaces Channing thus receiving praise once reserved for her. Brilliantly written, and directed with insight by Joseph L. Mankiewicz who touches greatly upon the glam and vanity of being a star. It opens at an award ceremony where facial reactions play the key as to what follows through flashbacks. Bette Davis is remarkable as Channing who is growing older and feels her starlight fading away. Eve is played with great innocence by Anne Baxter whose transformation seems alarmingly true in the business but these decisions also bear consequences as she learns when her hunger for fame runs rabid. Great supporting work by George Sanders as a theatre critic used by Eve for success but perhaps he already knows this drill. Celeste Holm plays the wife of an author who specializes in plays. She discovers Eve thus opening an introduction to Channing. Gary Merrill plays a film director who is also Davis's much younger boyfriend, which also plays into delusional show business relationships. Easily one of the best and most inspiring films of the year. It has terrific art direction and a message about age, entertainment and infinity. Score: 10 / 10
Well Before Its Time
This best picture award winner is an excellent classic drama film. The writing and dialog within this film is great. Even with such a serious topic, it is incredibly funny and engaging overall. In addition to its engaging plot, it's a visually beautiful film even though it's in black and white. With its setting within the theater, the acting is not only of high quality, but also very over the top in nature. I'm not the standard audience for a film of this nature, but I found myself very engaged throughout and the well over 2 hour running time didn't bother me in the least. Its engaging theme of homosexuality makes it incredibly topical and progressive film for its time.
a masterpiece
all what you suppose write about this film sounds fake. because it is more than a classic, a masterpiece or example of impeccable script and admirable performances. it is , sure, a film about show universe. about competition and envy and hate and transformations, about fundamental errors . but, first, it is a film about the love for yourself. egocentricity or selfishness or form of schizoid behavior. in fact, a film about solitude. the deeper and deeper solitude. and , across the decades, this film could become a mirror for yourself. or, only your reflection like in the story of Dorian Gray. because, at the first sigh, it is the image of a perfect mechanism, selecting the heroes by losers. in fact, "All about Eve" remains one of the most useful stories about life proposed by cinema ever.
"Funny the things you remember and the things you don't."
Bette Davis is just fantastic. I've never been as enamored with an actress, past or present, as Bette Davis. Many male actors have stayed on my radar for years, but Bette Davis is alone among the women. All About Eve tells the story of an aging actress and a young woman that will do anything to take her place. The 1950 film starring Anne Baxter and George Sanders with Davis, was an interesting character study into the lives of those most involved with acting and the theatre. Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, All About Eve really delves into the relationships between writers, actors, directors, and those they love exposing the side of the industry, rarely seen by those on the outside.

Margo Channing (Bette Davis) is a Broadway star, heavily sought after by the best in the business. Margo has become increasingly concerned with her advancing age. She focuses on aging constantly and is worried her career is on the brink of a plummet. One day, waiting at the stage door of one of Eve's performances, a young girl named Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) is hoping to meet the star. When she happens upon Karen Richards (Celeste Holm), a member of Margo's inner circle, Eve edges her way in for a meeting backstage with Margo. Eve blows Karen away with her knowledge of Margo's performances, as she has seen every performance of Margo's current play. Eve astounds backstage when she meets director, and Eve's boyfriend, Bill Simpson (Gary Merrill), playwright Lloyd Richards (Hugh Marlowe) as she tries to wrangle a spot closest to Margo. After a successful meeting, Eve begins working for Margo and subtly taking apart Margo's life by the seams, all the while looking as if she is simply a doting fan. Eve fools everyone, with the exception of Addison DeWitt (George Sanders). DeWitt can be somewhat ruthless himself but refuses to see Margo be taken down by trusting a fan too much. Addison DeWitt takes control of the situation and keeps Eve under his wing protecting Margo at the same time. After Eve is accepting DeWitt's strong suggestion to vacate, she meets a young woman who calls herself Phoebe, willing to emulate her every move.

I've covered the fact that I really enjoy watching Bette Davis. Davis is a one-of-a-kind actress and we really haven't seen one like her since. An ensemble piece, All About Eve boasts brilliant performances from all involved. As wonderful as each performance was, George Sanders was the one that consistently steals the show. Each scene he is in, Sanders is just captivating and by far the standout, for me. The first couple times I watched All About Eve, I found the film nearly perfect. I almost always love ensemble pieces and enjoyed this one each time I watched it. This time, looking at the film as critically as I ever have before, it didn't quite measure up like it has in previous screenings. As exceptional as All About Eve is, it's one that doesn't replicate the initial viewings as well as some other films. Perhaps it's because there's no surprise factor after you see the film once and know what Eve is up to, but this viewing just doesn't measure up as its previous viewings, for me. All About Eve, a wonderful Bette Davis vehicle with a splendid ensemble cast, is still deserving of its status, and a wonderful Best Picture winner.
As perfect as it gets.
Despite the numerous reviews for this movie, I felt I had to add my own after viewing it on a big screen earlier today. This was my second viewing of this movie and seeing it on the big screen apparently made me see and hear dialogue I had missed after watching it on TV. Oh my Goodness! What a spectacular film! I basically sat there for over two hours in awe. I just couldn't believe the incredible performances from everyone associated with this movie. The writing, the acting, the story just makes you long for a Hollywood that unfortunately no longer exists. To see a movie with a real story and with real movie stars is something that has been lacking for the last thirty years in my opinion. It may sound corny but I actually got goose bumps hearing some of those lines and seeing the performances given by Bette Davis and George Sanders. I'll just say that this is a must see for anyone that likes good writing and acting.
All Above Backstabbing Shines ****
The ultimate best film ever made about backstabbing individuals.

Broadway veteran pro Margo Channing is fooled into taking in Eve Harrington, who supposedly idolizes her. Channing's maid,Birdie Coonan, sees Harrington for what she is, but is unable to convince Margo that Eve is dangerous.

Eve is quite a character. In one movie, she nearly breaks up a friendship, destroys a marriage, and wins a major part in the Broadway production of "Footsteps on the Ceiling." That will be a memorable name always for me.

The cast is top rate. This film marked a comeback for Bette Davis, and what a performance she gave as Margo. Anne Baxter is memorable as the cunning Eve. Gary Merrill, Celeste Holm and George Sanders are all in top-form as characters revolving about Margo but fooled by Eve as well. It is only Sanders, who won the best supporting Oscar as the cynical writer, who is able to turn the tables on Eve.

Davis and Baxter were both up for best actress; a mistake, since Baxter belonged in the supporting division. Thanks to this divide, Judy Holliday won best actress for "Born Yesterday."

Celeste Holm, as the caring but duped friend, Karen, and Thelma Ritter, as maid Birdie, were up for best supporting actress.

The dialogue in this film is crisp.

By the end, though winning an acting award for "Footsteps," a young aspirant is hot on the heels of Eve. She no less is from Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, my alma mater. A **** school in a **** film.
Backstabbing, Backstage
The story of an actress in decline, past her prime, offered at the last moment to an actress who herself was in decline and past her prime. The parallels between fiction and reality could not have been more blurred as they were during the creation of what has been considered to be one of the greatest movies about the theater and one of Bette Davis' most indelible performances. Starting from the link between Davis and Elisabeth Bergner via a remake Davis acted in 1946 called A STOLEN LIFE -- itself a version previously performed by Bergner, and snowballing into the anecdote that Bergner herself had been the apparent victim of an unusual admiration by a young female actress of whose identity and life little is known (unless you read Sam Stagg's book "All About All About Eve"), ALL ABOUT EVE is as interesting -- and at times, even more so -- as to its backstory to what was presented on screen as the final result.

By 1949 Bette Davis was strictly on the way out. She had been in a 4-year slump with movies that were failing commercially even when they still got fair to good reviews, with the notable exception of BEYOND THE FOREST in which Davis played a woman much too young for her age and donned a black wig that made her look even older. Many of the roles Davis (later) admitted as to wanting to have played while she was still at Warner Bros. were going to her professional rival Joan Crawford; indeed, Crawford, relegated to second fiddle at MGM with hand-me-down roles Norma Shearer rejected, and coming out of her strong debut at Warner's with MILDRED PIERCE, a role Davis herself rejected and one that gave Crawford her only Oscar win, was now getting the better pictures at Warner's. From MILDRED PIERCE to FLAMINGO ROAD, Crawford was back on top, if at least temporarily so.

Such a thing must have made Davis mad. Seeing that the camel's back had been broken with the failure of BEYOND THE FOREST, she was now a free agent, but needed work. PAYMENT ON DEMAND was a mostly forgotten film she'd made which did not receive a release until the 1951, and was so far the only job offer she was getting. The notorious story as to how she got the role of Margo Channing -- where Claudette Colbert sprained her back -- is the stuff of Hollywood legend, but it ensured Davis one more chance to assume a major role in a major movie. What she possibly didn't know was that this would be the one that would define her as a screen icon -- forever she'd be quipped with her most quoted line from this film: "Fasten your seatbelts -- it's gonna be a bumpy night." And she couldn't have foreseen that on set of ALL ABOUT EVE she'd also meet and marry the man who played her lover on screen: Gary Merrill.

There is so much that can be spoken about this timeless classic. It's such an iconic movie, a thing of elegant beauty that hasn't been repeated since and one of the most quotable movies of all time. Again, highly recommended and a must-read is Sam Stagg's book which tells everything, down from the casting list for each role (at one point Gertrude Lawrence and Joan Crawford were up for Margo Channing), wardrobe, stories as told by the actors themselves, Celeste Holm's resentment of Davis on the set -- a thing that was probably Davis' fault, since she wasn't known for being social and Holm from then on took great offense and to this day remains offended. And on and on. Snippets of dialog that never made it into the film is presented in the book, and it's understandable: it would have bogged down the story a bit much. (Would it that Mankiewicz had done the same thing with his dialog in CLEOPATRA!) A fascinating book.

And a fascinating movie that over a half a century later can still be seen for what it is: a scathing portrayal of backstabbing, backstage, and a complex study of a professional and social climber and what she will do to ensure success. Full of in-jokes that have to be heard to be believed, and one of the oddest pairings of a male-female dynamic in Anne Baxter and George Sanders who play a game of cat and mouse throughout with a terrific, sadistic denouement, it's one of the essentials, a movie that has to be studied in order to admire movies, not because of its visuals -- if anything, ALL ABOUT EVE fails in presenting ground-breaking visuals and opts for a play-like feel -- but for its entirety. Razor-sharp performances from everyone -- ranging from the film's major parts, played by Davis herself, Anne Baxter, Celeste Holm, Thelma Ritter, George Sanders, Gary Merrill, Gregory Ratoff, Hugh Marlowe, to the minor players -- Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Bates, and Randy Stuart (or THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN fame).
All about Eve and others
I always enjoy seeing a movie about actors, it's very interesting to think that they are acting like actors when they are actors. This movie particularity the actors, did a great job playing actors. It's was witty, sassy, fun to watch and really well made and shot. The drama that unfolded in All About Eve was realistic but also had that dramatic flair that we love in these movies and imagine is what's happening behind the curtains in a theater. Romance, fights, betrayal, etc. This movie had most of it and portrayed it really well, so that the audience (me) was caught up in the story lie into the end and not regretting that she had watched it.
Brilliant Bitchfest
ALL ABOUT EVE is a brilliant masterpiece of a film that is unique in that it is so cinematic, but its emphasis is on the word rather than the image. That makes the film more like a play than a movie-- and ironically the story is the best movie about ambition, and Broadway stage actors ever made. This is probably the wittiest, the bitchiest screenplay ever written! This is also Bette Davis' best performance in a movie. (What a blessed but ill-timed coincidence for her that Gloria Swanson was creating the spectacular Norma Desmond in SUNSET BOULEVARD the very same year- and then that neither actress won the Oscar that year as they cancelled each other out in the voting!)The whole cast is wonderful! I can watch this film again and again. It is a genuine masterpiece!
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