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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott


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Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Alien Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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The beginning of one of the greatest series of all time. This film will always remain a classic. It's scary, influential and insanely entertaining. Not just that but Ridley Scott actually has a great sense of style and mood and he plays with that a lot, to make us shiver. There's also an interesting mystery surrounding the Alien which we know practically nothing about. Sigourney Weaver is just as powerful as usual and really brings strength to the film; they make one. Last but not least, the musical score. Wow! It's fantastic. I think the Alien series is known for that aspect as well. Let's hope they'll continue the series and dang we need it all on DVD !
SFX and good old duck tape
Probably the best Sci-Fi film of the 20th century revolutionizing the genre with a whole array of SFX and good old duck tape.

This movie is a favorite among the cinema community, using Ridley Scotts style of suspense and mystery gives the viewer a 117 minute ride with no stops along the way.

At the beginning there is build up but its worth every second, there are continuity errors and such but what do you expect from the 1970's.

Sigourney Weaver was a great choice at a strong female role which wasn't seen allot in movies back then which later sparked a trend.

Overall this move was a masterpiece of its day and still is so for most of the reasons above and more I gave this movie a 8.2/10
Believe it or not, I had never seen an Alien film. What prompted me to actually see it was the fantastic Prometheus trailer that debuted. Even if the film turns out to suck (which I really doubt) it would still have been worth it to watch the original Alien.

What can I say? Fantastic. The music, the slow-paced nature of the first half, together with increasing tension as the film goes along is incredible. Once stuff hits the fan, it never lets you go. The film is also quite scary, an it made me jump various times. Why? It knows how to build tension incredibly, and the final 20 minutes are truly perfection. Both the sound and visual effects work to make the film a very effective experience, as does the wonderful cinematography. Bring on the Aliens, bitch!
Simplicity in Storytelling and Art Direction Makes the Film Timeless
The very reason of the huge and continuing success of this 25-year-old sci-fi classic may be the simplicity in its storytelling and its art direction, which has seemingly made the film timeless and universal.

A simple And-Then-There-Were-None type of story has no era-related influence from the late 70s, while many sci-fi films tend to mirror the world at the time they are made. Staged mostly in a closed environment inside a spaceship and briefly on an unknown planet far from Earth, the film practically has no connection to any particular culture.

The designs of aliens' colony on the planet and of the alien by H. R. Giger must have been remarkably cutting-edge back in the time; for contemporary eyes, they look rather simply beautiful. The title design at the opening is also appropriately simple: Green LED-like lights turn on one by one to form the letters of "ALIEN."

The film doesn't look old at all after 25 years and probably will never do. This is one of great examples that simplicity attains eternity.
"Alien" is Ridley Scott's first great feature film, and could probably be his magnum opus if not for "Blade Runner", which is the other masterwork of his. Honestly, I cannot be sure if he belongs to the pantheon of great filmmakers or not. He spearheaded near-perfect pictures in his earlier days, but his later works like "The Counselor" and "Exodus: Gods and kings" are near forgettable. "Body of Lies" and "Robin Hood" are not very well received either, and Oscar winning "Gladiator" is overrated.

Undoubtedly "Alien" is so influential. It spawned three sequels and one indirect prequel thus far, for which they were helmed by three different film directors except "Prometheus", which is also directed by Ridley. Its influence stretched even further when it got expanded into video games and even comics. Thus this inevitably made Ridley to be one of the most respected filmmaker in Hollywood of his times. His success is more to be evident in "Blade Runner".

"Alien" is the story of a group of ordinary workers who went missing in the stars. The spacecraft 'Nostromo' is on its way back to Earth when it receives a transmission from a nearby planetoid. Obeying the protocol set by the company, the crew agree to land the ship to inspect on the source. They go out to locate the signal, but to only later realize that they bring back something with them to the ship that would decimate the whole crew.

Although Ridley is so-called the leader of the project, it was scriptwriters Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett the ones initiated it. Everything we see in the story, is theirs. "Alien" got inspirations from classic sci-fi movies like "The Thing from Another World" and "Forbidden Planet", despite it being an 'original' story. The product is like when different ideas from different sources assimilated and converted into an ultimate masterpiece. Ridley skillfully visualized the ideas, but "Alien" will never happen without the duo.

From the horrors to the romanticism of its opening, the film is so grasped of perfection. One of the keys to the film's critical success is its pacing. It seemed to be like a kind of slow-burn horror, which slowly but exceptionally captured the details of the movie; like its filmmaking and narrative thrust that all together built-up in favour of for coherence.

It was a smart move for Ridley to not shoot the monster fully on camera, and this helped to preserve the authentic look of the character (Xenomorph). If more physical parts of the monster be brought upon to audiences, then flaws of the design of it can be left not concealed. On the other hand, the sets of the spaceship and planetoid were all well-designed. Ridley's direction furthermore helped to leverage its aesthetic appeal.

The superb collaboration of Ridley, its writers, the composer of musical score, designers and crews had made "Alien" to be the atmospheric, masterful timeless sci-fi horror. "Alien" could easily be a mediocre B movie, but Ridley's brilliant direction turned it into one of the greatest films instead. Who would have had expected that a script not so intricate can be converted into a piece that will stay relevant for decades to come? The feat here is rarely being felt and I doubt that it will happen again. I am so sure that as long as cinema is culturally still important to us, "Alien" will never be forgotten.

The film that started it all
I'm writing this review not because I think 'Alien' needs another 5* review, but because I read a post on an internet message board by someone saying, 'I can't believe this piece of junk is considered scary!' So, I re-watched Alien, trying to see if I could see where this poster was coming from. I guess there are now two types of viewers. The first - like me - grew up on Alien in the late seventies/early eighties, where it was one of the most ahead of its time films ever made. It started off the whole 'monster-munching' movie genre, where a lone creature stalks and eliminates a team/crew/whatever one by one. There have been countless B-movies made since its release in 1979 which have tried - unsuccessfully - recapture its look, feel and financial viability, but pretty much all have failed.

Then you have the new generation - those who have grown up with 'Avatar' as the 'normal' quality of film. It's fair to say that Avatar is a vastly superior film to Alien, but only because it has the budget etc. If you're used to seeing thousands of alien creatures fighting over a mystical landscape, watching a single creature (which, as some times, comes across very much as a bloke in a suit) jump out of the darkness about five times in two hours, comes as a bit of a let-down.

However, when it comes to purity, Alien will beat pretty much every movie ever made (even its highly-regarded successor, 'Aliens,' which - although also excellent, is not as pure as the original, as it blends genres more).

If you know Alien and generally appreciate horror and/or science-fiction, you'll probably already love it. However, if you're new to the genre and primarily are used to modern filming techniques, you may have to put yourself in the place of the audiences back in 1979, who had never seen such a claustrophobic and tense piece of horror.

The xenomorph itself, now looking a little dated (in my opinion the dragon-thing at the end of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland looked more horrific!) may not cut it compared with modern special effects, but - again - it was way ahead of its time. Alien will stand the test of (cinematic) time. Film history will always have a place of it (and Aliens), just don't go thinking that films have always been made the way Avatar and Lord of the Rings have.
A masterpiece.
Alien is one of the greatest movies of all time it has a scary atmosphere and had the right tone and setting. The charters were fantastic same with the acting and the film has some beautiful visuals and has the right pace starts of nice and calm then starts getting mental and chaotic. Alien is easily better then Aliens probably because it's a horror film and i prefer them way more then action the movie has one of the best tag lines in cinematic history 'In space where no one can hear you scream' which is so eerie and scary. The Xenomorph is terrifying and having this whole movie on a ship was brilliant made it feel very claustrophobic and scary begin trapped o the ship with the Xenomorph.

The plot involves one of the Weyland industries ship finding life on a other planet. One of the crew members is attacked by a face huger and brought back on the ship where he has it removed but then has the chest buster bust out of his chest then starts to kill crew members of one by one.

Alien is a flawless movie and you should watch it no question about it it is easily Ridley Scott best film much better then Blade Runner and much better then the Matchstick men.
Just watched it again, and it still KICKS ASS!
I was 20 when I saw it for the 1st time way, way back in August of 1979. I just watched it again 36 years later, August 23, 2015. To say that it holds up is the understatement of the decade. I enjoyed every single moment of this epic sci-fi masterpiece. Watching it late this eve, I could not find a single thing I would change or re-do. Direction is flawless, pacing wonderful, acting tops, effects look like today, great script, and on and on and on...... If you like good sci-fi and somehow have missed this, rent it yesterday! If you saw it years ago and are apprehensive about being disappointed, do not worry, it still thrills. Man, what a great movie! And maybe best of all, it has a lovable red tabby cat called Jones!
A Classic Sci-Fi Masterpiece
With an impressive cast of talented actors and an amazing director it's easy to say that Alien is a classic even if it's slow as a film and has only one Alien in the entire film it still has you on the edge of your seat it's a well made masterpiece with great performances by everyone especially Sigourney Weaver as Ripley this was the time when films were actually awesome another great thing about the movie is the practical effects and the costume is really great the Alien skull is kinda stupid tho but still cool. Alien is like The Terminator it started as horror and then went to action, if you like Sci-Fi you gonna love this movie. 9 out of 10.
Crew expendable.
The opening of Alien recalls another sci-fi masterpiece, 2001 with its slow, labourious long takes that elegantly reveal its world (there's even a deleted Spaceballs-style shot where the gigantic Nostromo rolls over the top of the screen). Scott takes his time to introduce us to little bits of information as we need them - which is why the eventual reveal of Ash as an android is so effective. The assumed knowledge that with space travel comes advanced robotics has us second guessing every move even halfway through the movie. The camera-work is cautious in peering around each dim corner and ledge, as if it was a crew member in itself fearful for its own life. Modern horrors are always rushing to the next gory spectacle, the next money shot. Alien wants to milk every last drop of suspense of the universe's great unknown before it eats you up.

The action subscribes to the notion of less is more. The dark shadows of the ship hide the alien from plain sight - an organic evil shifting in and out of tech that for all its advancements is a futile barrier (it becomes a dripping, primordial environment, perfect for fostering life). This is foreshadowed by the way the acid makes it way through several layers of the ship. The actors react to what they see - the shock of a sudden movement or a shocking clue is not overloading by the soundtrack like so many conventional horror movies do. We are shown what we need to see - a glimpse of a tail coiling out of thee darkness, a blip on the monitor gaining on a helpless member, static on the screen - and then the deepest parts of our imagination fill in the gaps.

For the more explicit areas the effects are still excellent. One will never forget the first slow crane-up reveal of the gigantic alien pilot chair (I've always referred to this as the dentist chair) - a lifeless shell, but imposing nonetheless. There's a chilling sense of life within the alien baby, the way it abruptly breaches the boundaries of the spacesuit and coils around Kane's neck a little tighter when they try to remove it. A simple little premise renders their weapons useless - they are foolish to think they can capture it with a net and cattle prod, but it soon becomes a nightmare. The bursting of the chest - a bloody, visceral image that has become iconic because of the way it shocks and violates everything the crew thinks and knows of their safety and regulations. Ash's internal organs, a similarly grotesque sight, matched by his chilling mockery of humankind's chances - only a robot would be so gleeful and admirative of the perfect, remorseless organism gaining its survival by cutting down other living things (Asimov's rules come into play here).

Much has been made of the clear phallic symbolism - the spitting second mouth like a jutting penis, the vaginal walls pulsating and dripping with life, the impregnation of Kane as a vessel. It does not fully reconcile the act of stripping at the end for me. Weaver was young and pretty enough to be considered a sex symbol and the skimpy display here reduces her to a basic horror archetype - the vulnerable, sexy girl, the last one to be picked off. But it is only a minor grievance - Ripley is established as being clearly the one with the most sense and brains, and the studio obviously had faith in her by keeping her alive for potential sequels. Decades on this is still a remarkable sci-fi horror achievement.
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