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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
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Stanley Kubrick


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Patrick Magee as Mr Alexander
Michael Bates as Chief Guard
John Clive as Stage Actor
Adrienne Corri as Mrs. Alexander
Carl Duering as Dr. Brodsky
Paul Farrell as Tramp
Clive Francis as Lodger
Michael Gover as Prison Governor
Miriam Karlin as Catlady
James Marcus as Georgie
Aubrey Morris as Deltoid
Godfrey Quigley as Prison Chaplain
A Clockwork Orange Storyline: Protagonist Alex DeLarge is an "ultraviolent" youth in futuristic Britain. As with all luck, his eventually runs out and he's arrested and convicted of murder and rape. While in prison, Alex learns of an experimental program in which convicts are programed to detest violence. If he goes through the program, his sentence will be reduced and he will be back on the streets sooner than expected. But Alex's ordeals are far from over once he hits the mean streets of Britain that he had a hand in creating.
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Awesome Movie
A pure classic movie. A psychological Thriller. One of the best of all time. Is a comedy and a horror all in one. You can't beat this movie. A oldie but with watching. You will love this movie. Makes you wonder why can't Hollywood make more movies like this. Made in1971 but is way before its time.

My favorite movie 11 June 2001 | by Ayatollah (Florida) – See all my reviews Without a doubt, my absolute favorite film of all time. I first saw this movie three years ago and I have been in love with it (and Stanley Kubrick) ever since. I never get tired of seeing this movie. Why it remains so under-appreciated (at least by "casual" movie viewers) is beyond me. Everything is great; acting, direction, cinematography, the sets, everything.

Something that I don't think anyone else commented on was the Russian motif. The names of the droogs (Alexander, George, Peter, and Dim...short for Dimitri) are decidedly Russian. The singer referenced in the record store, Johnny Zhivago, has obvious Russian overtones. The statement made by the Minister of the Interior about the "peace-loving citizens" is a direct reference to the name that Soviet government representatives applied to their people when talking about the Cold War. Red seems to stand out from other colors. And, of course, who could forget Nadsat, the Russian slang language? I wonder what Burgess and Kubrick were trying to suggest about the future of Ingsoc (those familiar with "1984" will understand.
Didn't make me feel anything...
I tend to enjoy movies that make me think or feel something. This did neither. It doesn't really fit sci-fi, or horror, or much of any other genre at all.

I've read up on peoples' takes on the show--I simply didn't enjoy it; nor did I think there was anything at all revolutionary or novel about it. It was one of those films I watched while constantly checking the time wondering when it would end. But I soldiered on because so many people consider this seminal. I needn't have bothered.

Far too long, ridiculous narrative, over-the-top characterization. Nothing was interesting, nothing was shocking, and there seemed to be no coherent plot at all.

This one simply isn't for me.
My brief review of the film
A disturbing but yet very beautiful piece of film-making, Kubrick has created the ultimate study of mind manipulation in this film. It is a protest against reform programs that take away freedom of a choice, and the message of the film in terms of paying for one's sins in all eternity is inescapable, evident to a large extent in the sardonic nature of the tale. Although set in the future, it hardly feels like it is, this being because the message of the film is overwhelmingly powerful and capable of applying to any age. The film has a number of possible hidden meanings to it – a feat equaled on scale only by Kubrick's former film '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Besides for the meaning behind the film, there are still the marks of a masterpiece. Kubrick's direction is superb alongside the good photography, capturing shadows and angles needed to establish tone. The editing is excellent too, done in a flashy, brainwashing style at times to have relevance to the film. The choice of cast is again inspirational, however the film achieves the most in terms of music. Kubrick manages to use one of the earliest forms of art, classical music, and give it an unforgettable style and importance in the film. It is truly a difficult task to explain what is so great about a film such as 'A Clockwork Orange' – it is maybe best explained by watching the film itself.
Indelibly Remarkable even till this date.
From the first frame till the last one, 'A Clockwork Orange' is intriguing, thought-provoking, meticulous and brilliant, like most other Kubrick films. The screenplay, cinematography (colourful & exquisitely photographed), set-design (very modern for its time), acting, background score - every aspect is almost flawless.

The story is a dark satire on a futuristic world, where they try to eradicate violence by conditioning criminals to abhor violence and sex by watching gory movies. Their (criminals') morals remain the same, but they just can't indulge in violence anymore; they become defenseless. The movie gives rise to so many topics of discussion, and you can debate all day long on the different themes it explores. Ultimately, the primary theme - if a human is stripped of his own choice of good and evil, he simply becomes mechanical, like 'clockwork'.

Alex DeLarge, the "humble narrator", the anti- hero, is one of the most important and fascinating characters in English Cinema.

The story, and its adaptation, is much ahead of its time. The liberties Kubrick takes in the field of violence and sex (in 1971) are quite commendable. No wonder it caused such a stir during the time of its release. Even after so many years, the movie can be enjoyed completely - it speaks so much about violence, youth agitation, gangs, criminal reforms, politics, etc., which are relevant even today.

Final Word - 'A Clockwork Orange' remains indelibly remarkable even till this date.
"...Kubrick can do everything. He is a great director who has not yet made his great film...." -Orson Welles 1965

This is one unforgettable picture. It has been praised, hated, and argued about since its release. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is loved by critics, filmmakers, film-students, and dumb goth kids. It is hated by other critics, other filmmakers, other film-students, and dumb religious freaks. Kubrick has always been controversial, here most of all. The cause of the heat surrounding the picture is that no one can agree on what the movie is really saying. The film was hot enough to be nominated for Oscars, but too hot to win them (strange, since MIDNIGHT COWBOY won two years before).

Let's get down to it. The film itself is terrific. Kubrick's cold, objective style brings the viewer the spellbinding tale of a violent, drug abusing punk in an England of the future who gets screwed by a system that longs to regain control. Anthony Burges's book provides a language that accounts for so much quotable dialogue, Kubrick's camera gives us a stark Pop Art future that is a stage for our players without overwhelming them, and Malcolm McDowell gives one of the best psychopath performances that's ever hit the screen. Viewers come away with "Singin' in the Rain" on their lips and a terrifying treatment on their minds. It makes Beethoven take on a whle new meaning! You won't soon forget this.

The film's depiction of sex and violence made this a forbidden item in 1971. But the blood and nudity do not justify the initial X rating. The MPAA wasn't willing to admit it those days that they rated films for their mood and ideas rather than their actual content. The picture is certainly not pornography and it's not a horror film. This is a well crafted film about the problems with society and the justice system. Everyone should see this at least once.
Kubrick's best
Stanely Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" is one of the first movies that proved that cinema can be the most enlightening and amazing art form around. Movies have always been a true love for me, but it wasn't until this film challenged me that I fell deeply in love. The first viewing left me speechless, unable to describe how weird and terrible I felt. I thought it was the film that left me in this mood, so of course that was the easy target to blame. It was just a bad movie, overrated and stupid and a waste of time. But upon further thought, I realised the film did exactly what it was supposed to. It showed how the world can be a weird and horrible place, and how this young man who goes around torturing people and being a wicked person ultimately doesn't have to pay for what he does. And it's funny too. So this film brilliantly satirises this world, showcasing pure evil and people who ordinarily do not perform such evil are forced to laugh and observe what we all hate to admit is the truth. It's sick, but at the same time brilliant. And when one gets down to the core, you can't really explain it. It just is what it is. It's real. No one really sees it very often, but it is out there and everyone knows. And no one does anything about it. In essence, "A Clockwork Orange" is the ultimate satire, and one of the ultimate film experiences. It's art, it's life, and in a funky way, it's entertaining.
One of the greatest films of all time. Malcolm McDowell is THE MAN in this film. He's portrayed in this film as a psychotic degenerate, and yet we all wind up feeling sorry for him midway through the film.Why? Because he gives one of the greatest performances by any actor ever in this film, that's why. We all fall in love with the charismatic, cunning, Beethoven-obsessed sex fiend. A young man we'd all love to bring home to mother.
Kubricks worst film
This is without a doubt the worst Stanley Kubrick film I have ever seen. I am a big Kubrick fan, and amongst my favorite films of his are The Shinings, Full Metal Jacket and Barry Lyndon. Maybe the film is ruined already because I actually read the book first.

One of the main reasons Kubrick totally missed the ball with this movie, is because he forgot to include the last chapter of the book. This is the chapter where Alex grows up and becomes a man. This is like watching The Usual Suspects, but then switching it off 5 minutes before the end - you lose the entire point of the whole film.

Besides this major flub, the film is a poor rendition of the book. Like a lot of Kubrick films, it has a totally unrealistic feel to it. He composes the shots more like paintings than movie scenes - like in Barry Lyndon. People forget that Kubrick was initially a still photographer before he became a director, and I think it shows a lot in his work.

When I read the book, the world that Alex and his droogs lived in did not seem anything like the "futuristic" world Kubrick presents (complete with 1972 VW Beetles and 70's styled trucks). Instead of ultra-violence, we see much more of ultra-cheese. Which idiot made up the idea that Dim should repeat every word everyone says? That didn't happen in the book.

Kubrick has took the book and butchered it. Some reviews on here make it seem like Kubrick was the genius who came up with the concept, the idea for this great story. He just took a great story, snipped the ending, and made a rather silly movie that glorifies violence. I understand that this is a very "in" film to like, and there are probably many idiots who idol Alex and his droogs.

Overall, very poor work from Kubrick. Verges on downright cheese at times. Especially the shots of Alex with fangs in his mouth for no apparent reason. I give it 1 star.
A huge letdown
This movie was recommended to me and I had high expectations... especially since it was directed by Stanley Kubrick. However, after ten minutes of the movie I couldn't stand watching it anymore. I'm sorry but guys walking around with jumpsuits and underwear on just isn't my cup of tea. It was a good story line but it just lacked everything that would keep me awake during a film and I honestly don't understand why people think this movie is so great. "OH MAN, HE KILLED HER WITH A GIANT PENIS!!!" I'm sorry but giant penises and elderly women don't make a great movie. Maybe it's just that British humor, where they get chased by cops or prostitutes in fast motion with weird elevator music playing in the background. I guess I just don't understand the greatness behind it.
A Clockwork Orange feels more like a disturbing, explicit and dangerous mess, rather than depicting mature, violent themes on screen.
Original Score: 1.5/4 Movie: **1/2 (2.5/5) Quality: **1/2 (2.5/5)

Notice: This film is BANNED in Malaysia, I found an imported copy of a licensed DVD of the film at my school library, that's how I got to witness the film for myself. I meself promised meself never to go anywhere near this daunting film, but I did, and its might have taught me something, but it has scared me even more so.

What the hell is this film trying to do? Scare us? Tell us something? Or both? I wouldn't say so. A Clockwork Orange feels more like a disturbing, explicit and dangerous mess, rather than depicting mature, violent themes on screen. With a great song being misused in the film that it perhaps leaves behind a few bad memories when one returns to the film which featured that song as an icon.

The film's dialogue, performances design and images certainly has got something to say when it comes to "What's right and what's wrong." Though some might be offended very badly with the film's "Ultra" explicity.

Actually, it is a look into crime and punishment, obsession and the pains of getting out of obsession. Albeit presented in Ultra-Ultra unpleasant ways that could be more explicit and disturbing than one might imagine. It isn't gory or violent as one might imagine, only explicit and disturbing to the beat. The only knowledge of preparation one must have before an initial viewing of the film, is one's mental shield of relevance must be fully charged. Mine was, and you'll see why, and why it is almost fully drained after segmented viewings, spanned over a single day that complete a single complete viewing of "A Clockwork Orange" itself.

The various problems with the film is with its strong and extreme "Adult" Content that is presented on screen itself. So much that some might not rewatch it again, so much that censorship is going to pull out the film from being shown, so much that it could offend the intelligence of audiences. Including, your humble reviewer here. Sure, the content does tone down at times, however at the explicit "Nudity" moments I would grab a wide, long and thin book from my school bag (I watched it in the school library) and hold it in front of me in such a way that I myself am blocked from view of FULL FRONTAL NUDITY (Especially female) presented on screen. Nudity is a particular element that I cannot stand, for I shall not fall for any of that "Sexual content" that I have been fighting off.

The film "it" is. It is to depict a dark, dystopian future of Britain. Starring a gang of boys who's interests are sex and violence. And when their leader, Alex Delarge (Actor: Malcom McDowell), is betrayed by his own gang members and being arrested for a murder he had committed (his friends didn't defend him). Sent to prison, he volunteers for a brand new treatment method to reform his ways and cure his sinful obsessions.

There he is, a repentant criminal, and accepting treatment, also humbly narrates his journey. A fictional one, to be exact. Somehow, as disturbing as it is from the start to the midpoint of the film, that point's where the sharp point arises, and where the Razor sharp disturbance tunes down its high piercing frequencies. Provokes thoughts about repelling violence and sexuality at the same time forcing us to think with its disturbance. But somehow, it feels more like a mess than a piece of work infused with philosophy. It is both at once, I suppose.

I would very much prefer the treatment to work on both Alex and other citizens who need help. To allow the power of science to solve society's troubles with violence and lust, is exactly one of the ways to demolish some of the greatest crimes and sins of humanity from both society and the world. So why that ending? Alex was cured with the treatment, no more of that sex, violence and young juvenile delinquency. If the effects have worn off, give it another go. Or more irreparable damage could happen. That damage would be permanent if it happens. Remember: "What's done, cannot be undone." Therefore it is best that crime doesn't happen even once.

Messy in a sense with its scenes of nudity, and its disturbing images, Alongside of the background music (Which consists mostly of classical music.) that heightens both the humor and the disturbance. (However this is no laughing matter, I hope the actors are alright during the filming process, I hope that none of them are hurt because they had to do this. Also, this is what you will define AS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT DARK HUMOR!) Never before have I been so worried and disturbed by a film, although it was rather a quick recovery from the experience, I've learned a few things and only those few things only, is that one must never take a single footstep into the path of crime.

How should a film depict certain common problems shared by human beings in its "Virtual Reality"? Only in the moderate ways and not the X Rated ways. Do it that way and it'll spark controversy and more negativity. Bearing with the film's content all the way through, it didn't let me enjoy myself in any possible way, neither felt any guilty pleasure in any sense for the reason being of watching it for a purpose.

That's why if it was expressed in a less explicit way it'll tell the audiences something more or in a better way without scaring them to the extent of being offended and depressed. Neither results were my feelings, however, worried I am, about how others would feel.
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