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USA, Italy, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, China
Action, Adventure, War, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Patty Jenkins


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Eugene Brave Rock as The Chief
Lilly Aspell as Young Diana (8)
Ann Wolfe as Artemis (as Ann J. Wolfe)
Danny Huston as Ludendorff
Lisa Loven as Menalippe
Lucy Davis as Etta
Gal Gadot as Diana
Elena Anaya as Dr. Maru
David Thewlis as Sir Patrick
Saïd Taghmaoui as Sameer
Ewen Bremner as Charlie
Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
Wonder Woman Storyline: Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when a pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.
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D.C. Is now 0-4
My wife and I went to check this out tonight. We were cautiously optimistic, but a) the DCU has produced three straight terrible films, and b) the trailers looked just bad. However, after the near universal acclaim, we decided to check it out. We knew we were in trouble when the timeline established for the creation of paradise island and Diana's birth contradicted each other. Zeus made the island with his dying breath, then some time later he creates Diana from clay? How can he do that if he is dead? Diana ages over some indeterminate time on the island, but nobody else does, then she is Gal for over 100 years without changing at all. No explanations are provided. Steve is in the Ottaman Empire, steals a fighter plane, then makes it to paradise island in the same plane? The amazons know automatically what Germany is, what the Ottoman Empire is, what guns and bullets are, yet had never seen/heard of any of these things before. They get from paradise island to London in one night in a sailboat and don't freeze in the cold ocean weather. On the sailboat, the feel the need to tell us Diana has read 12 books on sex. Why? She also decides that pleasure doesn't come from sex? Again, why share that? Diana walks around London with a sword, nobody says anything. Diana only really kicks butt after sleeping with Steve, and decides only to fight for love. Say what? Diana disappears during WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc. She doesn't fight with humanity during any of these events, where did she go? How do we still have war if she killed the God of war? Diana loses her sword in her battle with the God of war, but has the same sword in BvS? Makes no sense! Seriously, this is just a short list of everything wrong with this movie. Why is everyone saying it is so great, when it clearly isn't? It is not even good feminist movie because of the whole need a man, and now I fight for love crap. What the heck people?
Gal Godot tells us about that picture in "Dawn of Justice".
I loved the first impression of Diana Prince from Dawn of Justice. She had the look and the attitude, stood up to Bruce Wayne, and had the general appearance of competency. I've seen this actress in other films and this is who she is.

But in this film, we see there was a time this was not so, she was not even allowed to train with the rest of the Amazon Women. Even after she did become the best of the Amazons, she was still kind of goofy. I enjoyed that stark contrast from the woman in Dawn of Justice.

Of course, it took Chris Pine, who was still channeling his own goofy version of Kirk, to help define the Princess of the Amazons.

And their interaction was what got me interested in this story. Imagine a World War I Soldier stumbling into an invisible island, full of Gorgeous Women who kill off an entire Nazi regiment? They have no idea what the world is about, and they send their Princess, actually Diana is more that just a princess as we learn later- They send this Princess out into a world she knows nothing about, so there is a short time where we see Diana continuously breaking protocol for women allowed in the early 20th Century. It was an opportunity for various Faux Pas, and well played. Also, she redeems herself nicely.

But she sets herself an agenda based on the wrong impression of who the Bad Guy actually is. She has determined, without knowledge, that it must be a German General. Because she has no concept of deceit or trickery, this original "virgin" Wonder Woman has never been exposed to that, and it's a problem that Pine's character "Steve Trevor" teaches her how to deal with.

Lynda Carter's version of Wonder Woman was enjoyable in a campy sort of way, but that version of WW never dealt with an important facet of the character: Her Immortality. And, in the Justice League comic books, there are only two immortals that are constantly in the center of things: Superman and Wonder Woman. I refer everyone to the wonderful Alex Ross illustrated "Kingdom Come", which better defines the relationship between Kal-El and Diana Prince.

But this film is "The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman", who she was, who she is, where she came from, and her first love affair, although never Requieted. And IMDb's spell checker needs to be fixed to allow the word "Requieted". Unrequieted. Requieted.

This film is not as dark and ominous as Batman V Superman, maybe it should have been. This is the DC version of Hydra, the Germans have a secret factory that makes a gas that makes Mustard Gas look like Nitrous Oxide.

But all of the wonderful character actors in this are cast well, especially Danny Houston. And I haven't seen Connie Nielsen since "Gladiator", she's aged well and commands her role. Robin Wright is the Amazon who teaches Diana.

These DCU movies have been panned hard, especially Dawn of Justice, and I've seen some very unfair #FakeReviews here, many of them verbatim duplicates of each other. It's doubtful that any of the people who made 1-star reviews have ever stepped foot in a theater. Still, last I looked, the rating for this film was standing up to the incredibly ridiculous bashing it has been taking from the #Fakes.

So I say this, if you are a real person, a DC Comics fan, a woman, or just anyone who doesn't waste their life in Reddit r/TheDonald or 4chan/b, you'll like this, I've interviewed many people who watched this, and they unanimously liked it a lot. We can't let Bots and Trolls tell us anything about Hollywood, let them watch The Apprentice, it's the only thing their mentality can grasp. Even comic books are over their heads.
If you can think intelligently, this movie is not right for you.
I really do not understand how this movie is being hailed as the "best superhero movie of the year" or the DCEU comeback to Marvel. This movie's script is terrible, especially the ending, which makes absolutely no sense (I will explain in the spoilers portion below.) It also doesn't really do anything to develop the characters. When they do take a minute to say something about someone or add a little character into themselves, POOF! They're gone, not likely to return. I can't really blame the actors and actresses here for anything because they try to work with what they got. Unfortunately, the script does nothing to help them along. That makes the dialog bland and cliché and drags the movie down even more.

Regarding the technical effects, they were OK. The CGI in the fight scenes had some really awkward looking shots, which made them look really manufactured. This is especially true in some of the sliding attacks. I almost wish that they utilized wire-fu/Hong Kong effects a little more in these types of movies as it looks more graceful and less "weird".

Overall, I say skip this one. There are better superhero movies out there and coming soon. Spending your money on this will just make you wish you had your money back afterwards.

--Stop here if you do not want to read SPOILERS-- --Stop here if you do not want to read SPOILERS--

OK, let's get to why the ending sucks so bad. If you understand how anything works, you will instantly disbelieve the decision of Steve Trevor to blow himself up in the plane. It makes absolutely no sense other than to anger Wonder Woman, which was already done with the shell hitting Veld and the flashback Ares shows her. Also, there are many ways that Steve could have resolved the situation without killing himself. First, he is in Belgium, so when the plane takes off, he could simply fly out into the water, drop the bombs into the ocean, then land the plane, either back in Belgium or in England. Second, they could shoot out the tires or the engines on the plane, making it impossible to fly. Third, he could simply radio the Allies from the plane, or tell the other guys to call (they did this earlier) and land in France. Any of these would have worked as he had control of the plane.

The second issue I had is the gas itself. They spout on about how blowing up the plane will effectively make a 50 sq mi. gas cloud, but not a minute or two later, the factory and everything around it is being destroyed. I'm sure there were still a few bombs left in there, yet everyone seemed just fine afterwards. Also, why in the world were guards walking around with gas masks when the gas was inside the bombs already? They drilled it into our heads about how the gas masks wouldn't work against it, yet the guards still decided to put them on? It's just dumb. Add in the fact that mustard gas is a blister agent, with no one in the town showing blisters, as well as the fact that they magically produce tons of this stuff in less than 24 hours for the big bomber and it is stupidly laughable.

What gets me the most about these logic issues are that it's the non-superhero stuff that they messed up on. You had two people (gods) flying and fighting in the air during the climax of this movie and, truth be told, that was more acceptable and believable to the story than a pilot getting into a bomber and blowing himself up. Honestly, skip this one.
Nothing special and very predictable
the same old story told again and again. I think the whole movie is very predictable and you know exactly whats going to happen. This lame story has been used over and over several times in other movies. they just added effects and voila you got a cash cow. If you are in to this fantasy maybe you will find it entertaining but its forgettable.
Seriously DCEU?? Definitely not the best one of the year !! Whatever Marvel gets right DC gets it wrong again and again.
I am a huge fan of Superhero movies and i had to say i was pretty excited for this one!! But just like every DCEU movie since Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy its just bad script and worse directing!!

Lets get to the movie now!! It started off really well and Themyscira was portrayed in a beautiful and untouched by modern era and they got it right.Stunning visuals and waterfalls and they showed us how Princess Diana is a "FIGHTER" by heart and always wanted to fight for what is right.Amazonian women were portrayed as strong and intelligent women which was conveyed through the initial few scenes. Just like every other stereotypical Superhero movie she will become a bad-ass within 10-15 minutes of the movie defeating everyone and uses her braces and unleashes a mega shock-wave accidentally.They don't show her using it again in the movie where she could have !!!! Here they mention something about her heritage and nobody has a clue what the hell was going on!!

Then she rescues the "Dude in distress" ....Steve Trevor and the movie just slows down to a pace just like the boat they set out to get out of Themyscira!! Few people die during the beach invasion as expected and a couple of scenes made me go Woahh but other than that quite forgettable.

Gal Gadot was really good at portraying Wonder Woman and behaves much like Thor when he enters Earth. Doesn't know the curtsies or the rules of the outside world.She was convincing as an intelligent woman who spoke more than 100 languages!! Throw in few more scenes of rescuing Steve Trevor from German spies.Here again they could have had some bad-ass action sequences but they didn't.

Finally as in every other Superhero movies the hero goes and fights the bad guys...was waiting for this for so long and this was just before the break. On the way the heroes party(Steve Trevor and WW) is joined by a couple of forgettable characters who were there clearly to add some laughs but didn't actually workout. one flaw i found here was Germans conversing with each other in English with bad accents. The casting choice for Ludendorff was really bad.Danny Huston was horrible as a German Military Officer and they keep calling their head "KAISER" which was how Germans referred to their head during World War One-according to the comics that's when actually Steve Trevor and Princess Diana meet not during World War 2.

We will skip to the Final Act because the scenes in between are really forgettable . The action sequences were so bad and the CGI was laughable at certain points.It looked like a video game at one point.

Final Act dropping the bombs in London.This is when the BS hit the ceiling!! Diana kills Ludendorff thinking he was ARES-but boy was she wrong!! Psych-It was the well mannered British Guy....ooh mind blown....NOT!!!! Another typical fight scene where everything almost seems out of hands and defeat for the hero and the entourage but through some act of human behavior the Superhero gains strength to kick the bad guy back to his place. Here again she doesn't use her powerful braces for the main villain!!!

Overall a really OVER hyped ,Cliched,Poorly directed,badly cast with a horrible story well of course Zack Snyder was involved what else did people expect the Story to be!!
Overrated and very, very disappointing
Being an avid comic book fan and a massive fan of the Wonder Woman character, I can honestly say I was really disappointed how the movie turned out. The character development was basically rubbish- we see how she becomes a hero with no struggle to understand the world, responsibility or the true meaning and worth to truly become what we can call hero. Which is why it felt very abrupt and sudden how the character unravels to become the hero she becomes. There were so MANY holes in the story that were totally inexcusable: 1. Her whole journey is kind of based on a hunch that Antiope has- Ares still exists 2. What's wrong if she does know she is the God-Killer? 3. If her mother know she is the God-Killer, why refuse to train her? 4. Had Steve Trevor not arrived was there really a way to know that Ares lives and substantiate the hunch that Antiope had 5. Why would Hippolyta not let her come back? 6. Where were all the companions of Steve Trevor when WW was fighting Ares? the whole place was literally hell and in the end they just appear from under a metal sheet. 7. Wonder Woman is very strong and can jump great heights- why then let Trevor die instead of just throwing it towards the sky? And so many more... The CGI was absolutely preposterous, the whole story (if her childhood is discarded) unravels in the matter of a few days (and that didn't help adding depth to the character development), relentlessly long backstory that's just monotonous and does no good to help the plot in anyway. Huge casting error when it comes to Ares' character. Gal Gadot is a great actor no doubt but one can point out her inability to develop the American accent which is why every Amazon had to learn to speak the way she naturally does.

I have no idea what the hype is all about, it was a below par movie by all standards despite the great performances by Gal and Chris. Again, very heartbroken!
What DC really needed, without complexes
After the failure on criticism by Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, DC brings us a movie of pure origins, using the same formula that led Marvel to the top. An easy to follow plot but not too simple, well stuck touches of humor and a "recyclable" villain, as well as the impressive special effects make for the viewer this movie all along enjoyable.

Under the great direction of Patty Jenkins and, despite many wouldn't like to hear this, Zach Snyder does a wonderful job as a scriptwriter, DC brings a story centered in a flashback, where we can see the princess Diana and her development process to become Wonder Woman. The interesting thing about this story, despite focusing on the First World War and showing without hesitation the human evil, is that the values that they want to convey with this character are that there are still things to fight for. The same idea that was present in Henry Cavill Superman but with a much better result.

In terms of performance, no one can deny that Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman, a flawless performance, where she shows throughout the film how her character is gradually maturing. The touches of humor fit her perfectly and makes her character trustworthy, a woman without fear that fights against any opposition and with very clear values, perfection.

The soundtrack of the character that we were already introduced in Batman v Superman makes you sense very powerful action scenes and you feel every movement.

In terms of special effects, CGI is much better introduced here than in Batman v Superman, but they overuse slow motion again, although, the close-ups are perfectly involved.

In conclusion, it is possibly the best film of this DC new universe, but I do not think that they should be limited to this. It is a very good movie of origins but I hope that they continue working and that we see movies with a bigger plot in the future. For the time being, the to-do of the DCEU are the villains, better call Nolan for that.
I was SO excited to see this movie and thirty minutes in I was......... BORED! And there was another 110 minutes left! The acting was not great and accents seemed to change every few lines for every character. It seemed like Gal Gadot was constantly posing for a photo shoot instead of acting - I think I caught "Blue Steel" face a few times. Gal is gorgeous but I did not get Amazonia princess from her - could they not have found an actress with muscle? Felicity Jones in Rogue One was more Wonder Woman! Of course the movie had to throw in the bits about being beautiful AND smart - but not too smart because a man had to explain snow and she was not so Amazonian that she didn't like looking drop dead gorgeous for the guys. Nope, no Wonder Woman here - just another Hollywood "preach it" to the public movie only this time the super hero is thin, scantily glad, super duper smartish/childish, and condescending.
1914 it's not
I guess all the really bad Germans have been exhaustively & now boringly used up one to many times,beat dragged & tortured in the previous thousand turkey shoot WW2 movies from the Longest Day to Inglourious Basterds ... maybe having an Israeli IDF glamour girl pummel the last surviving movie Nazis seems rather unsportsmanlike.

So now we have fresh meat Germans from WW1 that just aren't as Kosher as the WW2 bad-ass Nazi robotrons . It just doesn't come across as the good fight,IDF Wonder Woman against the exhausted muddy trench fighting & dying Germans of the Kaiser's Army. Wonder Woman defending the huge British Imperialist Empire against the upstart smaller German Imperialist Empire. What Empire should I root for?

So duel citizenship Wonder Woman kicks Kaiser Sheev Palpatine Admirals right of the bridge off the first Allegiance-class Star Destroyer she crosses paths with...ops, wrong universe ... kicking Kaisers Wilhelm's poison gas snorting quasi-Nazis off the bridge of the nearest Zeppelin so the smaller Axis of Evil Ottoman Empire can be carved up & the righteous State of Israel formed on the back of the defeated Turkish subjects thanks to Wonder Woman!

Well...basically that is the historical time-line.

Hollywood writers wet dream rewrite of history since they now have picked clean the dried carcass of WW2 & can finally move on,but the sidekick American Hero going futuristic suicidal jihadi just doesn't bode well for gentlemanly slaughter of 1914. Lawrence of Arabia versus Wonder Woman might be in the works with smart-ass Shia LaBeouf as Captain Lawrence.

Maybe I'm reading to much in this generic CGI feast on the eyes.but I have to as this endless stream of Marvel/DC comic green screen movies are blurring into each other .Now the original corny T.V Carter always seemed like an awkward top heavy super hero gal but Gal Gadot comes across as a sweaty Stairmaster extra & just as talented as a 10lb Dumbbell.
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