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Wonder Woman
USA, Hong Kong, China
Action, Adventure, War, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Patty Jenkins


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Eugene Brave Rock as The Chief
Lilly Aspell as Young Diana (8)
Ann Wolfe as Artemis (as Ann J. Wolfe)
Danny Huston as Ludendorff
Lisa Loven as Menalippe
Lucy Davis as Etta
Gal Gadot as Diana
Elena Anaya as Dr. Maru
David Thewlis as Sir Patrick
Saïd Taghmaoui as Sameer
Ewen Bremner as Charlie
Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
Wonder Woman Storyline: Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when a pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.
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Just fine
It was good, but not great. Contains spoilers: I enjoyed watching a head-strong Diana growing up; wanting nothing but to learn how to fight like her role models. However, why she would not be allowed to partake in the warrior culture on an island full of freaking Amazon warriors, who live by the legends of Greek Mythology, did not make sense. I guess it was something about her mother wanting to protect her. Disappointingly, that whole conflict was resolved in like two lines of dialogue between the mother and the Aunt. (A waste of Robin Wright BTW). A lot of the story had plot-holes: why exactly would that sword be difficult for most to wield? It didn't seem like it was, even that secretary-lady waved it around, and what are those bracelets made of and how did she get them?! And what was that German General sniffing?!

The supporting characters introduced later to Diana and Steve's "team"; I really could not care less about them. The guy who is made out to be a sloppy drunk, but is supposedly the best sniper ever - he never actually does any of that amazing sniping! Why?! It's the first rule of script writing: Do not introduce any elements you don't intend to deliver on! Then there's the flirty guy. His purpose just seemed to be an opportunity for Diana to fight off his advances and brag about how many languages she speaks. It felt like they'd looked at the photo introduced in Dawn of Justice with Wonder Woman surrounded by a bunch of guys and they went "oh, right, uuhmmmmm! That guy can be the (not) funny drunk and this one can be like.. a smooth-talking ladies' man, yeeaaah!"... Well, they're both stereotypical and non-engaging. However, there is also the Native American guy, I honestly liked his character. It was pretty subtle, but that one line where Diana asks who took his land from him and he points to Steve, that is an interesting step towards Diana understanding that there is no purely evil or good side. I would have liked a follow up on that though. It would have been interesting to see Steve defend a confrontation from Diana on this topic, but I guess they didn't want to dive too much into it. I agree with other reviewers saying the villain was introduced too late. I guess they wanted it to be a suspenseful twist.. But around 40 minutes before the "big reveal", my boyfriend leaned in and whispered "I bet it's that British guy"... Another thing that annoyed me was that there were multiple shots where you could catch a peak at Gadots ahem... Was that REALLY necessary? She is hot enough - We don't need to see her butt cheeks. Yeah Superman's costume is also tight and stuff, but we don't see his cheeks hanging out... One last thing: the CGI sucked! Especially in the beginning on that island. For a movie with a budget like that, it was extremely disappointing. I guess they spent all their money on Hans Zimmer.
Jenkins has saved the DCEU
'WONDER WOMAN' was directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and David Thewlis. ​After a wounder soldier(Chris Pine) washes up on Amazon shores, Diana(Gal Gadot) believes that Ares is behind it and goes with the soldier into WW1 and tries to stop Ares once and for all.

Let me start of by saying that I am neither a woman nor am I a feminist. I believe all humans should receive equal rights but do not fight for them in any way, so don't call me a femenist. That said, this movie is freaking awesome. People say it empowers women but I think it empowers us as a species.

I've liked every DCEU movie up until this point(yes, even Suicide Squad') but this is the only one that I consider has rivalled Marvel's standard. Gal Gadot gives the best performance of her career as Wonder Woman and commands this movie. Chris Pine plays his role perfectly as Steve Trevor and the chemistry between the two is very convincing and entertaining.

The story is also pretty good and informs the audience all about Wonder Woman, and her past. Both I and the person whom I watched this movie with knew little about the character going in and are both now well educated on the character.

Not to say this movie is without flaws. I will definitely say that the climax of this movie is very messy and could have been controlled a lot better and cleaner. They also try to trick the audience throughout the movie but anyone with a brain can figure out how it's going to go. I won't spoil it for you but I image you'll be able to figure it out.

This is a very good looking movie and the overwhelming majority of the action was handled really well. There is a sequence towards the middle of this movie where I wanted to stand up in the cinema and cheer because it was just that good. The CGI was also very well handled, again with the exception of the climax where it became overused and bloated.

The supporting cast, from Ewen Bremmer's Scottish Charlie to Elena Anaya's creepy Doctor Poison, did a convincing job and served their role to the story. That is to say with the exception of David Thewlis, who started off strong but then became incredibly comical towards the final act. Not to say that being comical is a bad idea but it didn't fit with his character and took me out of the movie.

The majority of the jokes hit for me in this movie and I wouldn't say any of them felt forced or out of place. Don't complain that 'DC's Copying Marvel' because not once did I feel like this was a Marvel movie and was convinced it was DC's own thing throughout the entire run time.

All in all, I definitely recommend you watch this movie. If you're reading this review while the movie is in theatre's, please watch it instead of 'Pirates 5' because this movie needs to do well and will hopefully convince Warner Bros that this is the movie is what the fans want. I very much so enjoyed this movie and will rate it 9 out of 10 Scottish Accents!
Usually I don't write a review but seeing all the positive ones i'm shocked that no one seams to just notice how bad the acting was, pretty face and a good body does not compensate for bad acting and terrible characters accent! Heloooo.. all the visual FX, explosion and beauty cannot shake that away!.. could unlike many other Marvel and DC movies that cast most actors that knows what they where doing, this one falls short! Ill give credit to Gal for taking this lead role but beyond the facial training for the part its a shame there was no acting classes and vocal catch ..

Even when comparing Wonder W character as a kid to the adult the kid was more believable in acting skills with a batter accent, the supporting actors carried the film by a mile other wise it would have been a complete flop ..
Amazing to be the first stad solo Wonder Woman Movie
I recently watched Wonder woman in the premiere here in Guatemala, and before the movie, people were excited about it and some were just discussing geek things and fooling around. Everybody, started to enter and taking seats and once the movie started everything was silence, every scene from the beginning to the end was just enjoyable and so interesting that we couldn't take our eyes off the screen. Full of emotions, ups and downs, some silly jokes in between some comments given by the actors, and incredible effects make it the first and the best DC movie I think's the best! Go watch it yourselves and enjoy.
If you can think intelligently, this movie is not right for you.
I really do not understand how this movie is being hailed as the "best superhero movie of the year" or the DCEU comeback to Marvel. This movie's script is terrible, especially the ending, which makes absolutely no sense (I will explain in the spoilers portion below.) It also doesn't really do anything to develop the characters. When they do take a minute to say something about someone or add a little character into themselves, POOF! They're gone, not likely to return. I can't really blame the actors and actresses here for anything because they try to work with what they got. Unfortunately, the script does nothing to help them along. That makes the dialog bland and cliché and drags the movie down even more.

Regarding the technical effects, they were OK. The CGI in the fight scenes had some really awkward looking shots, which made them look really manufactured. This is especially true in some of the sliding attacks. I almost wish that they utilized wire-fu/Hong Kong effects a little more in these types of movies as it looks more graceful and less "weird".

Overall, I say skip this one. There are better superhero movies out there and coming soon. Spending your money on this will just make you wish you had your money back afterwards.

--Stop here if you do not want to read SPOILERS-- --Stop here if you do not want to read SPOILERS--

OK, let's get to why the ending sucks so bad. If you understand how anything works, you will instantly disbelieve the decision of Steve Trevor to blow himself up in the plane. It makes absolutely no sense other than to anger Wonder Woman, which was already done with the shell hitting Veld and the flashback Ares shows her. Also, there are many ways that Steve could have resolved the situation without killing himself. First, he is in Belgium, so when the plane takes off, he could simply fly out into the water, drop the bombs into the ocean, then land the plane, either back in Belgium or in England. Second, they could shoot out the tires or the engines on the plane, making it impossible to fly. Third, he could simply radio the Allies from the plane, or tell the other guys to call (they did this earlier) and land in France. Any of these would have worked as he had control of the plane.

The second issue I had is the gas itself. They spout on about how blowing up the plane will effectively make a 50 sq mi. gas cloud, but not a minute or two later, the factory and everything around it is being destroyed. I'm sure there were still a few bombs left in there, yet everyone seemed just fine afterwards. Also, why in the world were guards walking around with gas masks when the gas was inside the bombs already? They drilled it into our heads about how the gas masks wouldn't work against it, yet the guards still decided to put them on? It's just dumb. Add in the fact that mustard gas is a blister agent, with no one in the town showing blisters, as well as the fact that they magically produce tons of this stuff in less than 24 hours for the big bomber and it is stupidly laughable.

What gets me the most about these logic issues are that it's the non-superhero stuff that they messed up on. You had two people (gods) flying and fighting in the air during the climax of this movie and, truth be told, that was more acceptable and believable to the story than a pilot getting into a bomber and blowing himself up. Honestly, skip this one.
It was... okay.
While Wonder Woman wasn't a bad movie, I wouldn't call it a very good one either. It was okay to semi-good.

The first two thirds of the film decent to good all around (though way too much overuse of slow-mo for the action sequences). I enjoyed the time spent on Themyscira and in London. I also enjoyed the journey to the front and the trench sequence followed by the liberation of a nearby town was decent.

However the final act of the film went rapidly down hill. Not enough to take away from what was achieved in the first parts, but still enough to sour the overall movie. It did also manage to confirm one of my initial worries when it was announce that the film would take place in World War I, as in the end it was handled poorly.

Gal Gadot was sadly a weak point throughout (though she did decent at the humorous naive reactions to the outside world), but was thankfully carried along by several rather good and at times fun supporting performances from Robin Wright, Connie Nealson, Chris Pine, Lucy Davis, Said Taghmaoui, and Ewen Bremmer.

Oddly enough the fierce, imposing, and enthralling Amazonian warrior that I wanted to see in Wonder Woman was there... unfortunately it was Robin Wright as Antiope. Oh well.

The actions sequences were never particularly appealing, again mostly due to the massive overuse of slow-mo sequences. I don't mind slow-mo but only when it is used sparingly to emphasize a few key moments, not when it's used in pretty much every other shot in an action sequence.

And the final battle between Diana and Ares just sucked all around. Visually unappealing (worst CGI moments in the whole movie were in that battle) which stood in stark contrast to the visuals in the earlier parts of the movie. And just badly done period, starting off with an annoyingly long monologue from the villain, an eye rolling choice of self sacrifice from Chris Pine's character, and an even more eye rolling moment from Wonder Woman that allows her to finally beat Ares.

The villains were... well lame for the most part. Elena Anaya wasn't that bad as Dr. Maru, but Danny Huston as Lundendorff was just cringe worthy almost all the time. But then I've never gone to see superhero movies for the villains.

Also while I appreciated the twist to find out that David Thewlis's character was actually the villain Ares all along the implementation of that was just poorly done.

All-in-all this film just barely makes a 7 out of 10 for me. I'll see how that holds up upon repeat home viewings down the road.

Now, do I think it was better than the previous DCEU films? Yes, but that really isn't saying much as I didn't like Man of Steel, despised Batman v Superman, and was woefully unimpressed with Suicide Squad.

Does it now give me hope for the upcoming Justice League movie? No, no it does not.
Best movie of 2017 hands down!
I had the honor of watching WW during a screening and was completely blown away! This isn't just the best DCEU movie ever made, this is one of the best movie ever made. Everything in this film is excellent, not one piece of annoyance.

Gadot marvels as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Thewlis has made Ares in to an iconic movie villain. His performance belongs there at the top with Hopkins Lecter. Ares has finally been portrait properly on film, he has earned his place between the big boys in movie villain kingdom. This is the true Ares every DC fan knows, loves and fears. Thewlis deserves any and every movie award known to man for this brilliant display.

Jenkins has made her "I will always be remembered" movie, this is the crown-jewel in her portfolio. Perfect directing, perfect story, perfect balance between action and drama, everything is perfect. Even if you hate DCEU, you will love this film. If you don't, then something is wrong with you!
boring boring boring
This movie goes so very slowly its like watching paint dry.

Getting used to the funny accents took a good long while, but i needn't have worried this film gives you over two hours of boredom to get used to the Israeli Amazons accents.Kind of reminded me of the Alexander movie with Colin Farrell .He still had his Irish accent playing a Macedonian so instead of getting him to change it they just made all the other Macedonian characters Irish????

Her childish belief that Ares is responsible is repeated so often we just know were being set up for a giant obvious fall when it turns out its just mankind doing what they do best.

The action at the end is entertaining but not enough to make up for and hour and a half of completely being bored rigid.This film made me wish id died in world war one so i wouldn't have to watch it.
A Beautiful,Thrilling Portrayal of this Icon! Most enjoyable!
Last evening I saw Wonder Woman and it met and exceeded my expectations marvelously! Gal Gadot shines on screen as the Amazon Princess with an excellent supporting cast(The chemistry between her and co lead Chris Pine is wonderful!). You could very easily enjoy this film without seeing any of the previous films or will realize it as the best of it's franchise to date! Have no fear that this will be boring because of the period the film takes place in,it matters not. Creators of the film benefit greatly by staying true to the source material that has encapsulated audiences since Diana Prince's debut in comics over seven decades ago. As well as DC comic's own Geoff Johns joining the production team! Wonder Woman is done justice as she serves Justice by the amazing combat Sequences shot by Director Patty Jenkins and the score compliments the screen accordingly!

I don't need humor in a film about a hero , nor do enjoy it when it's forced into a story. The humor in Wonder Woman is well placed and most called for and appreciated. The same goes for the action in this film it is not overdone nor is it to much or to little it is just right. . This movie benefits from an exciting story, heroic characters that are enjoyable and most credible vile villains. I want to see it again and can't wait to see Wonder Woman in Justice League this November!
Silly action movie = no masterpiece
I wanted to like Wonder Woman, but I just can't get aboard the hype train. It's really the same as every other cartoonish, overblown comic-book action movie, except with a female protagonist.

Actually, this is worse than the average comic book movie, because it preaches to the audience about pacifism but then hypocritically celebrates "heroic" violence. In other words: Wonder Woman is an alleged pacifist who kills a bunch of people. Wonder Woman is also an alleged feminist, who allows Steve Trevor to drive the entire plot and basically steal the movie from her. Really, this thing is about as progressive as Dick Cheney's great-great grandfather.

I could forgive Wonder Woman's flimsy social commentary, if it were any good in other respects. But the plot is loose and shabby, the CGI is poor, and about half the scenes were shot in front of a green screen. Sometimes, I couldn't tell if I was watching a real movie, or Patty Jenkins playing God of War on her Playstation 2. (When exactly did cinema and video games blend into this horrible hybrid art form, which has none of the beauty and charm of old-school cinema?)

And don't get me started on the villains. The World War I era Germans are depicted as cartoonishly eeeevil, while the same era's British Empire is held up as a heroic ideal. Meanwhile, the main villain is a nightmare of bad CGI, who looks like he belongs on a 1980s heavy metal album cover. Naturally, they got a wonderful actor for this stupid part and wasted him entirely.

Perhaps I'm going overboard on criticisms, but we need some balance to the rapturous praise this film has received. Movie fans often accuse professional critics of being too harsh, but lately, I think critics have actually become too lenient. Mainstream movies get dumber, louder and tackier all the time, and they are increasingly substituting mawkishness for real emotion and character development. And yet the critics have given this thing a great Rotten Tomatoes rating! I guess we've all lowered our standards to rock bottom?
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