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Jason Bourque


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Karen Holness as Detective Krantz
Bailey Skodje as Jane Gardner
Aliyah O'Brien as Officer Lowndes
Sarah Butler as Nomi Gardner
Josh Byer as Lyle
Jim Thorburn as Mark Gardner
Phillip Mitchell as Orderly
Lindsay Maxwell as Greta March
Gardiner Millar as Resident
Jerry Wasserman as Ted Curtis
Adrian Petriw as Concierge
Woman on the Run Storyline: After surviving an attempt on her life, a reclusive mystery author discovers that her nanny has stolen her identity, forcing her to go to extreme lengths to get her children back.
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Seemed to have missing elements
This would have been a much more believable situation if they'd used the 'estranged twin' or 'lookalike stranger' approach rather than the nanny. It would have made Nomi's job that much harder and perhaps Jane would have been more easily convinced.

When Nomi encounters Mark and Greta for the first time, her eyes seem to fall on her wedding ring now on Greta's finger, a deliberate act given how Greta placed her hand on Mark, but I also wonder if Greta is wearing Nomi's cocktail dress since from that point on in the movie, Greta gets a noticeable wardrobe upgrade. Nomi's reaction seemed a bit tame for that type of scenario.

In the police station, the fact that the detective uses an easily faked social media page as defacto proof of identity is pretty lame, not to mention that they can't tell the driver's license in Nomi's possession is fake. Also, when being served with a restraining order, like any other court document, the recipient has to admit that they are the person named on the document or be identifiable by another acceptable means. Nomi is there filing a claim for identity theft. For most police, wouldn't that raise doubt as to whether the restraining order is enforceable? The escape from the psychiatric hospital was ludicrous. Hospitals are designed to be occupied during a fire emergency and usually run on a two-alarm system. The first notifies staff of a potential emergency and patient room doors are closed by staff and fire doors automatically close. The staff doesn't run around in a panic chasing patients and losing track of them as the spill out into the parking lot. Also, as Nomi and Oscar leave through a back entrance, we notice that it's fenced, even on the top for security yet the gate is unlocked.

Oh...the rental car. It wouldn't have taken a lot of effort to track down the person that rented the car to Greta or the surveillance tapes.

The police officer that responded to Jane's 911 call must be very fragile since Greta running past her and pushing her into the car renders her unconscious for an extended period of time. In my opinion, something that is overused in cinema. Most healthy people regain consciousness in seconds, not hours unless it's drug-induced.

It was entertaining, but could have filled in the holes a little better. It makes me wonder what ended up on the cutting room floor.
Woman on the Run
I am in the process of watching this movie and I can NOT get past the fact that this woman has absolutely NO childhood, high school college, neighborhood friends, distant cousins, old church members, old boyfriends, cashiers at a store....ANYONE who can vouch for her true identity. Can anyone just show them an old yearbook? Yes, she found her old college professor who is coming in town to tell the detectives her true identity and this is her only hope. Bless your heart, Lifetime, these unbelievable plot lines are just outrageous. But we still watch. :)
Great Twist if you see it!
Typical Lifetime movie but with a twist that most people did not see or get. I had to rewind it for my wife as during the whole movie I already knew this cannot be real (even for a lifetime movie) this sounds more like a book. If you find yourself not happy with the ending just rewind it to the start of the movie and read the final touches to the book she finished then remember the ending!
More plot holes per minute than the average LMN flick
The number of dumb things the lead female (Nomi) did here in the first half hour are among the most I've seen in a LMN movie. The premise is that small time crime writer Nomi and her husband, who supposedly works in mega finance, have moved to Washington State from Boston to cut costs. They now have a nanny named Greta. One of the first plot holes is how does a financially struggling couple afford a nanny? We later learn they only have $1,700 in their account.

Nomi has finished her latest book and video chatted with her professor friend, a recovering alcoholic, back east. They take their two kids and the nanny for a business trip. Why take the nanny? The ex-con buddy Lyle shows up before they leave to check on a gas problem. A widow lady that is their friend also shows up to house sit. You could tell something was going to happen there. We later learn there was a gas leak and the widow lady had died.

They arrive at the hotel and check in. Nomi has a chance encounter in the hallway with employee Oscar, who is one of her few fans. Nomi finds that Greta forgot to pack baby formula and wipes, so Nomi goes to get some. It really goes off the rails after Nomi returns to the hotel and is attacked. Se is drugged and wakes up in a car with a hose from the tailpipe inside. She gets out and then checks the glove box- it's a rental in the name of the nanny! Instead of CALLING THE POLICE (a recurring plot hole), she drives back to the hotel. Of course no one is there now that recognizes her.

When Nomi eventually goes to the police, there is the incompetent detective. She fails to do any background work such as looking up driver license photos- while Greta and hubby had "hacked" some things like a bogus driver license, that would not have changed the older photos on file either there or in Massachusetts. How about yearbook photos, which can't be hacked? It was even brought up by the detective later that if the real Nomi had made the call to the professor, why did the fake one show up? That's what is called a clue in police work.

In the meantime, Lyle attacks Nomi at knife point and is going to kidnap her again. She fights back and runs away with his phone. Lyle sucks at running and she gets away by hiding in the woods. Nomi doesn't see the need to call the police here either. She uses the phone to draw away hubby and Greta and gets into the hotel room, where she finds a will that left her $5 million. Motive! She takes photos of the documents with Lyle's phone. Even with this smoking gun of sorts she still doesn't call the police. Somewhere in here she is able to call her professor buddy, who agrees to fly across the country to help her.

She meets up with Oscar and her photographic memory by being able to tell him what is in one of her books convinces him she is the real Nomi. They end up at Oscar's place, where Lyle tracks down his phone and attacks both of them. Oscar is KO'd and Nomi, who never bothered to grab an edged weapon from the kitchen, is tied to a chair, but thankfully there are some scissors nearby. After he deletes the photos she took of the will, she finally displays some intelligence and distracts Lyle while Oscar revives and the fight is on,and Nomi uses the scissors to free herself so she can help Oscar. Lyle runs away. Oscar intelligently suggests they call the police, and Nomi says she tried that. Oscar fails to realize it was his place where he was attacked, so he could call the police. This becomes even more ridiculous when we later learn Oscar's sister works in police dispatch. She bails on Oscar and spends the night in Greta's rental car. Thinking her professor buddy will ID her, she ends up at the police station again and no surprise, he's part of the conspiracy. Before she leaves, she clues him in that hubby and Greta are making $5 mil. The lawyer shows up and says she violated the restraining order. She's ends up placed in a mental facility for 72 hours.

Professor buddy turns greedy and tries to up his cut. Lyle ganks him by staging a DUI crash and car fire.

I'd say the scenes at the mental facility may have been written by actual mental patients, but that would be giving them too much credit. Nomi goes to the trouble of stabbing the doctor with his pen, but doesn't take his keys. Since she had visited a mental facility for one of her books, she would have known the doors are locked from the inside. The psychiatrist is apparently unaware that electroconvulsive therapy can only be involuntarily done under a court order. His muscle relaxer injection lasts under 10 minutes, and Oscar in disguise rescues her after pulling the fire alarm.

At the end, the daughter (the smartest female in the movie) having dialed 911 after a fight between hubby, Greta, and Lyle convinces a female police officer that Nomi is really Nomi. Greta freaks out, there is a brief chick fight with the officer getting knocked out. Greta tries to flee, but is tased by Nomi, complete with a bad ass line of stay away from my kids. Nomi ends up with Oscar and they live happily until the next LMN movie.

If you like crappy LMN movies, this one is a keeper!
Losing your identity is more easy than you think.
First, Sarah Butler is the main character. If you like watching Sarah run, fight and hide, you would like this movie. The story is well told. And the premise is… If nobody knows you. How could you probe your identity? The society also tends to choose who you are. Who is the good or the bad girl. Would you use questionable methods to find the truth? I didn't like much some action scenes, for moments I supposed to watch a very low budget movie. But the movie survive with a brave mom and a surprising little girl. Give it a chance. Enjoy thinking haven lost your identity. What would be like, if only the people you know is against you, and you're lonely crying for help?
An Underrated Actress
As it happens to be a TV movie, one should not be too stern when assessing. Surely, there is plenty of illogical "logic" in the rather improbable story. The motivation of the antagonists successfully eludes my capability of detection.

What makes WOTR worthwhile for me after all, is the presence of Sarah Butler. An accomplished actress, imbued with stamina and character - let alone her stunning beauty - who is ignored by major producers and filmmakers. Why? I truly do not know.

Therefore it is pity the only significant motion picture she appeared in is the remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. Here she proved how refined her thespian skills are - her intonation and enunciation especially. But, the thing is, ISOYG is a film per se unwatchable for many.

To sum up, I hope things will change and Sarah Butler will be better spotted and garner more attention. Looking forward to A movies starring this promising talented actress.
Good film
I enjoyed this movie. A very interesting and original lifetime film. Just think of how crazy it is; you are attacked, and the next thing you know, someone else is pretending to be you and no one believes you. Plus they managed to hack all her photos and ID and replace her name. What a mess! I don't understand why she would not get a done a DNA test or have the kids vouch for her.
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