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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Craig Johnson


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Woody Harrelson as Wilson
James Robert Miller as Bearded Man
Kimora Collins as Granddaughter
Sandy Oian-Thomas as Dog Lover
Shaun Brown as Laptop Man
Andrew Hawtrey as Commuter
Lauren Weedman as Cat Lady
Richard Ooms as Edwin (as Richard G. Ooms)
Tonita Castro as Nanny
Brett Gelman as Robert
Judy Greer as Shelly
Wilson Storyline: Harrelson stars as Wilson, a lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope who reunites with his estranged wife (Laura Dern) and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage daughter (Isabella Amara) he has never met. In his uniquely outrageous and slightly twisted way, he sets out to connect with her.
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Film Review: Wilson
Have you ever met a person that was always so negative; a complete narcissist; a complete nut case who goes about doing all the wrong things, and makes the worst life choices ever? Well, if you do know a person like that and want to compare them to someone else as neurotic, Wilson is the movie for you. Woody Harrelson plays the titular title character with as much pizazz and life as possible while being an inherently bleak as can be.

Harrelson's Wilson can best be described as the ultimate misanthrope. Nevermind Ebenezer Scrooge, Wilson is the real deal when it comes to pessimism. Taking the world with less than a grain of salt, Wilson tackles the world with the most obvious sense of negativity, blaming people and society for all that's gone wrong in his life, including his; love life, family life and most of all, all of his own quirks and habits. Don't believe us? Just pay close attention to one very short and emotionally draining scene where Wilson visits his father on his deathbed. Like so many cases after this scene, Wilson seeks for retribution and peace in all the wrong places and times.

Clearly the oddball in his almost picturesque Minnesota community, Wilson's world shakes and shatters upon the discovery that an old flame and frequent drug user Pippi (Laura Dern) decided to keep a child they had together, who later independently decided to put the girl up for adaption. Upon the discovery of Pippi, and some sort of hope that the once love would rekindle, Wilson takes it upon himself to find his daughter Claire (Isabella Amara) and the beautiful urban family who has taken the responsibility to raise Claire as their own. As expected, in the most distasteful and awkward way possible, Wilson, along with Pippi, make it a hobby to include themselves in Claire's life almost forcefully.

Having an almost crude and grimy way of connecting with humanity as a whole, Wilson makes good-intentioned decision to involve himself in Claire's life, until things begins to spiral out of control, in familiar Wilson-fashion, leading Wilson to state penitentiary.

Luckily for us, Harrelson, one of the most versatile and interesting actors working today, allows Wilson to be a very engaging and interesting character film, focusing on the ideas of longing and loneliness. While we were fortunate enough to have the film written by Daniel Clowes, the original author of which the graphic novel the film is based off of, and Craig Johnson, director of the totally off-beat but satisfying tragic comedy The Skeleton Twins, Clowes and Johnson are able to keep the spunkiness of the almost two hour film somewhat light, keeping its flowing characters in serious need of redemption mostly entertaining and engaging.

Do not get it twisted, Wilson is a very dark and comedic film, just not dark in the sense that depression and pill popping may ensue after. While Clowes has a knack of making really funny situations and characters depressing and almost unchangeable, Wilson does progress towards a satisfying yet, in its own way, Hollywood ending. While I did long for a more in-depth look or analysis of Wilson's relationship with his father, it never comes.

While Wilson showcases the many levels and various temperaments of a very flawed and almost unlikable character, by the end of the film, one cannot help to kinda/sorta fall in love with Wilson. There is an illustrious comedic poignancy of the man who barely reaps the benefits of all of life's wonderful yet disillusioning obstacles. Decorated with slight glimpses of retribution for our beloved inane character, the world in which Wilson longs for is one that is slightly unattainable, yet charmingly whimsical.

Harrelson is an actor that can pretty well play anything and anyone. Slap on a pair of thick framed glasses, a shaggy silver-laced beard and Harrelson nails all of the nuances of a impulsive man for whom bell tolls for on a daily basis, blowing up everything and everyone in his crazy and directionless path.

Luckily for Clowes and Johnson (the original author of the source material and director) were able to assembler a quite impressive cast for a Sundance and indie darling. With the likes of Harrelson, Dern, Cheryl Hines and Judy Greer, giving a well needed spunk and kick in the ass to a somewhat joyless narrative, despite some uncomfortably appealing scenes of Wilson within a school playground and pet shop parking lot.

Overall, Wilson may probably not be your most beloved feature of 2017, nor will it be your most memorable. Luckily for us, art is always a reflection of the images we see on screen, and if there is anything Wilson does well, its reminding us that there is light at the end of the tunnel; and no matter how bad things may end up looking or really are, hope, happiness and redemption is always in store, just don't squander on the opportunities once they becomes apparent.
Unfortunate Collision of Graphic Novel and Adaptation
Ghost World the movie and graphic novel seemed to work for the most part, but after some years I always come to the graphic novel because that is what Clowes is good at. I think even if you write the screenplay you are not in charge of your work after that. You have to deal with all the other parts. The main part being the stars performance and the director's choices. I think it worked for Ghost World, but it didn't work here for Wilson. I loved the Graphic Novel, but the movie was something else. Perhaps it should have be so. Something completely different. Harrelson was good and so was Dern, but it all didn't seem to work right. I think we didn't understand why Wilson was this way and Harrelson felt like he was stuck in the middle of this world, too. It just didn't work. I think though if this movie was done in the 80's or 90's it may have felt more fresh. Something about the jokes and the things Wilson did just didn't feel right in his time period. The scene in the bathroom with the other man just didn't make sense to me. It's something Jim Carrey would do, but not Wilson. I thought he was more sophisticated and funny and awful in this other way. I think that moment sealed the deal for me and when certain parts of the movie was directly coming from the graphic novel it just felt forced. The train scene with the sleeping guy comes to mind. Oh well. I wanted to love this.
For such a talented cast I cannot for the life of me explain why they bothered to be in this movie. While parts of the Twin Cities are recognizable; it's one of the worst movies I have seen in some time. The story or lack of it is depressing, uninspired, ridiculous and all over the place. The writing is terrible. One of the other reviewers said it best: it would have been better if it had been about Wilson the volleyball from the movie Cast Away. The Twin Cities certainly deserves a better representation of our beautiful state than this movie.
A little too unbalanced to highly recommend it, but it is relatable (to me).
'WILSON': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A comedy-drama, based on the 2010 graphic novel (of the same name) by Daniel Clowes (who also wrote the screenplay). The film was directed by Craig Johnson, who also helmed the 2014 indie hit 'THE SKELETON TWINS', and it stars Woody Harrelson (in the title role). The movie tells the story of a lonely, neurotic and extremely honest middle-aged man, named Wilson, who goes looking for his teenage daughter, after just discovering he had one. Laura Dern, Judy Greer and Isabella Amara also costar in the movie. It's received a limited indie theatrical release at the Box Office, and it's gotten mostly mediocre reviews from critics. I also found the film to be far from perfect, but it's also at least somewhat entertaining and insightful.

Wilson (Harrelson) is a lonely middle-aged man, who's lived alone most of his life. He's neurotic, and he's also uncomfortably open, and honest, with almost everyone he meets; which causes most people to distance themselves from him. Wilson was briefly married, to another mentally unstable, and now drug addicted, woman named Pippi (Dern). Pippi and Wilson conceived a child together, years earlier, but Wilson was told the baby was aborted. When he finds out the child was born, and she's now living with adoptive parents nearby, he feels the obsessive need to meet her (Amara).

I've never read the graphic novel that the film is based on, but I did enjoy the quirky 2001 cult classic 'GHOST WORLD'; which Clowes also wrote the screenplay to (and the comic book it was based on). I do really like the Wilson character though, and I can really relate to him in many ways (but definitely not in every way). I think Harrelson does an outstanding job portraying him too, and the movie is quite involving because of it. It's a little too unbalanced though, to highly recommend it; it's just way too dark at times, in comparison to it's otherwise upbeat nature.

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Requires a sophisticated mind to recognize the true genius of this movie
Comedy is very subjective and this movie may not be for everyone. In my opinion it totally worked, they really pulled it off. Never stretched the limits of suspension of disbelief while at the same time presented an extremely skewed, quirky character who I found to be engrossing. Woody completely lost himself in the character becoming almost unrecognizable. He is a handsome man but became very unattractive and almost strained credulity when the beautiful actress wanted to begin having sexual relations. But it could be possible for a mentally challenged weirdo who still has such a great body. I am a complete comedy aficionado and constantly searching for new cutting edge material, 99 percent of it is garbage but this passed my rigorous standards to stand out as one of the ten best comedy movies to come out in recent years. I'm giving it nine out of ten stars because it could become overlooked if more uncultivated comedy palates can't "get it"
"I always wondered why I was like this. Now I know."
"Why do people live in the suburbs...It's like living death." As expected Woody Harrelson puts in another good performance. The overall story and script is, for the majority of the picture, honed very well and provides an abundance of memorable lines and nice moments. The whole concept of the film/book and the protagonist's tribulations are good entertainment value. There are some nice observations of modern life and the few remaining individuals who refuse to fall victim to it,and/or jump in with the crowd.

"This is my house." "How can you tell?" However, this film goes quite swimmingly until the bleak final quarter. The humour and observations turn sour, and perhaps this is realistic. The world we are presented with in the second half is bitterly cold and populated with brutal individualistic yet conformist aimless souls. After having been presented with the horrible ex, the daughter, as well as the sadistic ex's sister, the final quarter shows the formerly irrepressible Wilson succumbing to the mundanity of modern life as he settles in with his new modern girlfriend.

"Was I wrong?" By the end of the film, his stubbornness to remain himself is replaced with the realisation that it doesn't help to be right (or for that matter free, or himself) and indeed it's probably worse. This character portrait is colourful and entertaining, but the the fun is suddenly deflated and it brings the viewer shuddering down into reality as Wilson is forced to accept the drab existence, the technology, and the pointlessness of modern life.

"Insert ass rape joke here." The tragic ending of Wilson using skype, or indeed even considering moving to Portland.
It May Have Been a Good Graphic Novel
This is a story about how Woody Harrelson is a jerk, but everyone else is too, and they punch him. This is supposed to elicit sympathy from the audience. When his father dies, he reaches out to ex-wife Laura Dern, because hey, you know, sympathy sex. He discovers that when she had left him, had an abortion and gone into a drug-fueled spiral, she hadn't had an abortion, but had given out the kid for adoption. They track her down, stalk her a bit in a non-threatening manner, and deal with people being jerks and punching Woody Harrelson. Eventually, Dern moves to Australia, Harrelson shacks up with a young, beautiful woman and things turn out well for him, despite the fact that he is still a jerk -- he just doesn't punch anyone. By the standards of this particular Cinematic Universe, this makes him a Good Person who Deserves All Good Things and gets them.

In short, this is a bad movie with good performances. There are quirky individuals and snide commentary about how people are jerks, but nothing changes, and you are left with numerous questions about what is going on. How does Wilson live? Why can he take off to go stalk various relatives without worrying about money? Aren't there any adults anywhere? If it weren't for Harrelson's straightforward, oblivious idiocy, this would be unwatchable.
Woody Harrelson in his element - the rest not so much
It was all right. The story itself was interesting and had a lot of potential. Also the beginning was very good but it lost some drive towards the end. Woody Harrelson was great in the role of the straightforward loner, although he might have channeled Seth Rogen a little too much. But still a solid performance and the role was just right for him, but you also lost interest in his character because they stretched the second half too much and had too many clichés there. Laura Dern had a great character for her resumée and she also played it very well but also her character became a walking cliché soon. Some lines were great, especially the conversation between Harrelson and Margo Martindale towards the beginning of the film really raised the bar for the film. It had some nice dark humour which made up for the clichés.
walked out
I walked out of Wilson; but I also walked out of La La Land obviously for different reasons.

Wilson around the moment he deliberately crashed his fathers car into another to meet a woman & La La Land when Sebastian & Mia (Gosling & Stone) began to awkwardly dance.

Wilson because I'm an optimist (glass three quarters full) & rejected bombardment by yet another old man raging against his/ the world.

La La Land because Gosling remains captivating/simmering in Drive, Only God Forgives, Blue Valentine......Goslings stillness echoes need for unoriginal musicals.
Nice Dramadey
Not sure why this movie would even be considered a comedy, when in fact it had a very surreal flow to the story. I love movies like this because in the world in my head, I would love to be unfiltered like Woody was, with a heart of gold and speak my mind and, not have to worry about how other people my feel. Especially with my dickhead employer. For me this was a nice dramadey, and I don't agree with the other reviews about Harrelson not be able to save this film. In my opinion I loved his character and the rest of the cast. For a man to find out he has a child giving up to adoption and then trying to build a relationship with her, and for the child not to have a built up resentment towards their biological parents, is a very powerful message of relationship on the big screen. I have a on going visitation battle right now with my ex-wife from hell, and I swear, I'm fighting everyday to keep the relationship between me and my daughter alive. So to all you reviewers who didn't like Woody's role. I'm sorry this movie spoke volume to me. And to all you mothers and fathers out there that are not in your child's life they way you should be, Its time to really step up and man up....Great film
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