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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Craig Johnson


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Woody Harrelson as Wilson
James Robert Miller as Bearded Man
Kimora Collins as Granddaughter
Sandy Oian-Thomas as Dog Lover
Shaun Brown as Laptop Man
Andrew Hawtrey as Commuter
Lauren Weedman as Cat Lady
Richard Ooms as Edwin (as Richard G. Ooms)
Tonita Castro as Nanny
Brett Gelman as Robert
Judy Greer as Shelly
Wilson Storyline: Harrelson stars as Wilson, a lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope who reunites with his estranged wife (Laura Dern) and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage daughter (Isabella Amara) he has never met. In his uniquely outrageous and slightly twisted way, he sets out to connect with her.
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Requires a sophisticated mind to recognize the true genius of this movie
Comedy is very subjective and this movie may not be for everyone. In my opinion it totally worked, they really pulled it off. Never stretched the limits of suspension of disbelief while at the same time presented an extremely skewed, quirky character who I found to be engrossing. Woody completely lost himself in the character becoming almost unrecognizable. He is a handsome man but became very unattractive and almost strained credulity when the beautiful actress wanted to begin having sexual relations. But it could be possible for a mentally challenged weirdo who still has such a great body. I am a complete comedy aficionado and constantly searching for new cutting edge material, 99 percent of it is garbage but this passed my rigorous standards to stand out as one of the ten best comedy movies to come out in recent years. I'm giving it nine out of ten stars because it could become overlooked if more uncultivated comedy palates can't "get it"
Did I say Retarded?
Dunno what the director was thinking, or Woody Harrleson for that matter, but the movie is awful, too retarded to be a drama, too embarrassing to be a comedy, too boring to follow. If there was a message of this movie or a purpose, I completely missed it. I regret my time spent and I really like Woody as an actor.
a pointless film about an obnoxious self-obsessed nobody
Imagine how hard it must be to make a film about an obnoxious self-obsessed neurotic nobody. Maybe add several equally unlikeable characters then tell a story that starts and ends nowhere special with little of interest happening in between. This is the film Wilson (2017) and calling it a black comedy does nothing to lighten its dead weight. But it begs the question: why was this film made?

There are two ways to read Wilson and both depend on your threshold for finding people unbearable. Wilson (Woody Harrelson) is either a radically honest out-of-the-ballpark quirky communicator who has no filters, boundaries or respect for the normal conventions of social interaction; or he is a toxic human being who you would avoid at all costs. Or perhaps he is both. When his father dies, he is confronted by the ultimate existential crisis: divorced, alone and unloved, he ponders what does his life mean? He tracks down his ex-wife who he has not seen for 17 years in the hope that some spark of affection might be rekindled. She has not had an easy life, having been a 'crack whore' and a streetwalker. As if mentioning a mutual acquaintance they once knew, she tells him she had baby girl 17 years ago who was put up for adoption. Wilson's emotional world implodes and the rest of the film tracks his pathetic efforts to reclaim his alienated daughter and become the father he always hoped to be. In the final scenes, the story jumps to his release from jail after serving time for kidnapping his daughter, and we are meant to celebrate the reluctant reunion in a kind of 'blood is thicker than water' moral finale to this pointless story.

Conventional film review criteria like characterisation, filming and narrative coherence seem irrelevant for a story based on repulsive people doing stupid things. The dialogue is trite and unfunny, and attempts at absurdist humour fall flat, or worse, are alienating. For example, when Wilson enters a near-empty train carriage to pester a stranger with intrusive and out-of-place questions, we squirm with discomfort as we do when he ridiculously gawks at a stranger urinating. His insistence on paternal rights irrespective of his daughter's needs verges on irrational psychological abuse. There are many reasons to dislike this film, including the laboured sexual references disguised as humour and the implied linking of his daughter's body-image issues to her adoption. If there is hidden meaning in Wilson, this reviewer has failed to find it.

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A film about Wilson the Volleyball would have been better
Wilson is the "feel good comedy of the year" filled with interesting characters, quirky places and anchored by a strong, unique and Oscar-worthy performance by Woody Harrelson.

April Fools

What a mess this movie is.  It tries so hard to be a "quirky comedy" that it focuses all of it's attention on the quirk and very little on what makes quirky comedies work - the characters.

Let's start with the biggest problem with this film - the central performance of Woody Harrelson as the titular Wilson.  When we first see him, he is a "get off my lawn" grumpy old man.  In the next scene, he is an inappropriate "close talker", in the next it seems he has no filter.  In the next, he has a childlike wonder.  All of these adds up to various "quirks" of the character, but none of them equal a character.  What they do is confuse the audience as to what kind of character they are watching.  So when Wilson finally has the heart-breaking moment that will change him - we are left to wonder if he is changed for the better, or the worse or is he even changed.  And I concluded with the worst comment of all...

I don't care.

This film is based on a graphic novel and a screenplay by Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) and the Direction is by Craig Johnson (The Skeleton Twins) - both of whom has done good work in the past, but this just isn't.  The direction is all over the board bouncing from comedy to drama, but mostly landing in some mediocre middle area between the two, which drains the emotion from the proceedings.  Writer Clowes must know this character in his head, and I'm sure it makes sense to him, but it sure didn't to me and this effort fails miserably.

There are some redeeming qualities, as the film is filled with strong performers in the supporting roles filled with the likes of Margot Martindale, Judy Greer, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Cheryl Hines, but they are on the screen all too briefly and I would have liked to have seen a film digging deeper into these characters (without Wilson).  Only Laura Dern, as Wilson's ex-wife, acquits herself well.  Her damaged, healing soul was the lone bright spot that made me sit up whenever she was on the screen.

This movie was filmed in the Twin Cities, so at least I had some fun picking out the locations on the screen.  Unfortunately, the filmmakers, again, went for "quirky" so I become very cynical about what location was coming up next.  I have the feeling the location scout was told to find "the odd, the weird and the quirky" in the Twin Cities.  And, with that, they were successful.

Letter Grade:  C-

3 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (ofMarquis)
Harrelson has a field day
Wilson (2017) *** Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Isabella Amara, Cheryl Hines, Judy Greer, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Margo Martindale. Harrelson has a field day as a well-intentioned misanthropic man who attempts to rekindle a romance with his ex (Dern) and learning that they have a daughter who he wants very much to be reunited with in spite of his non-filter spillage of whatever's on his mind much to his detriment. Based on Daniel Clowe's graphic novel the film attempts to make such an unpleasant sort, sort of pleasant thanks largely to the wait-and-see-how-this-goes direction by Craig Johnson in allowing the characters to show themselves for who they are, warts and all. Frequently funny and surprisingly tender at times the well-meaning protagonist scores albeit with a prickly defense mechanism that indeed can be grating.
It May Have Been a Good Graphic Novel
This is a story about how Woody Harrelson is a jerk, but everyone else is too, and they punch him. This is supposed to elicit sympathy from the audience. When his father dies, he reaches out to ex-wife Laura Dern, because hey, you know, sympathy sex. He discovers that when she had left him, had an abortion and gone into a drug-fueled spiral, she hadn't had an abortion, but had given out the kid for adoption. They track her down, stalk her a bit in a non-threatening manner, and deal with people being jerks and punching Woody Harrelson. Eventually, Dern moves to Australia, Harrelson shacks up with a young, beautiful woman and things turn out well for him, despite the fact that he is still a jerk -- he just doesn't punch anyone. By the standards of this particular Cinematic Universe, this makes him a Good Person who Deserves All Good Things and gets them.

In short, this is a bad movie with good performances. There are quirky individuals and snide commentary about how people are jerks, but nothing changes, and you are left with numerous questions about what is going on. How does Wilson live? Why can he take off to go stalk various relatives without worrying about money? Aren't there any adults anywhere? If it weren't for Harrelson's straightforward, oblivious idiocy, this would be unwatchable.
A meandering character piece
In the beginning of "Wilson," Woody Harrelson's loser character laments the rise of people on social media and zoning out listening to earbuds, mourning the death of human interaction. Then, he shows us the reason why people listen to headphones in public: so they don't get in inane conversations with people like him. As with Ghost World (and Art School Confidential, less successfully) Daniel Clowes adapts his basically plot less comic into a feature length film, shoehorning a plot into what was just a character piece. Really, this is just the misadventures of a socially awkward, overly truthful, but extroverted person. But the pinned on plot concerns Wilson reuniting with his troubled ex, finding their bullied daughter who'd been adopted away, getting in trouble for contacting said daughter, and forming a new relationship with a yoga instructor. When his reunion with his daughter goes south, this previously lighthearted movie becomes too serious. The audience, who was all chuckles before, suddenly didn't know how to react to violent situations and dangerous people. I can't say the movie would have been successful without this situation. IT still concerns a man who it is hard to like. But adding dark elements to a comedy and then returning to the comedy does not seem to work. The seemingly upbeat ending, too, seems fastened on. The filmmakers wanted to end on a note of hope, so they stuck in a rather cliché sentiment that does not add much to either the story or the overall theme. I have enjoyed many movies about oddballs and social outcasts, but this one just does not manage to reconcile its story elements and its themes. I wasn't crazy about the source material either.

PS: Who came up with the advertising image of two men at a urinal? What are people making of it?
"I always wondered why I was like this. Now I know."
"Why do people live in the suburbs...It's like living death." As expected Woody Harrelson puts in another good performance. The overall story and script is, for the majority of the picture, honed very well and provides an abundance of memorable lines and nice moments. The whole concept of the film/book and the protagonist's tribulations are good entertainment value. There are some nice observations of modern life and the few remaining individuals who refuse to fall victim to it,and/or jump in with the crowd.

"This is my house." "How can you tell?" However, this film goes quite swimmingly until the bleak final quarter. The humour and observations turn sour, and perhaps this is realistic. The world we are presented with in the second half is bitterly cold and populated with brutal individualistic yet conformist aimless souls. After having been presented with the horrible ex, the daughter, as well as the sadistic ex's sister, the final quarter shows the formerly irrepressible Wilson succumbing to the mundanity of modern life as he settles in with his new modern girlfriend.

"Was I wrong?" By the end of the film, his stubbornness to remain himself is replaced with the realisation that it doesn't help to be right (or for that matter free, or himself) and indeed it's probably worse. This character portrait is colourful and entertaining, but the the fun is suddenly deflated and it brings the viewer shuddering down into reality as Wilson is forced to accept the drab existence, the technology, and the pointlessness of modern life.

"Insert ass rape joke here." The tragic ending of Wilson using skype, or indeed even considering moving to Portland.
Nice Film
A comedy starring (Woody Harrelson) who plays Wilson a middle aged guy who just know after seventeen years he had a daughter from his ex-wife Pipi (Laura Dern), so they go on journey to restore the old years that were not presented for their daughter.

The story was major consecrating on family and how important for a human to have one and how people are changed with the modern technology. Acting amazing act from both Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern, they were communicating very well in the film. The film was very slow and quite which excluded most of the music and effects. The story was not presented very well and it was very long film for short story.
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