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Crime, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Rawson Marshall Thurber


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Thomas Lennon as Rick Nathanson
Laura-Leigh as Kymberly
Tomer Sisley as Pablo Chacon
Nick Offerman as Don Fitzgerald
Matthew Willig as One-Eye
Mark L. Young as Scottie P.
Kathryn Hahn as Edie Fitzgerald
Ed Helms as Brad Gurdlinger
Will Poulter as Kenny Rossmore
Jason Sudeikis as David Clark
Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis
Ken Marino as Todd - Strip Club Owner
Luis Guzmán as Mexican Cop
Jennifer Aniston as Rose O'Reilly
We're the Millers Storyline: After being robbed of a week's take, small-time pot dealer David is forced by his boss to go to Mexico to pick up a load of marijuana. In order to improve his odds of making it past the border, David asks the broke stripper Rose and two local teenagers to join him and pretend they're on a family holiday.
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refreshingly astute Hollywood comedy
"We're the Millers" is that rarest of cinematic creatures - a high-concept Hollywood comedy that actually works.

Jason Sudeikis from "Saturday Night Live" plays a small-time drug dealer who's sent by his skeevy drug lord (Ed Helms) to Mexico to pick up a shipment of marijuana. In order to avoid arousing any unwanted suspicion at the border, David rents an oversized RV and hires a motley crew of acquaintances to pose as his all-American family. These include a down-on-her-heels stripper posing as his wife (Jennifer Aniston); a hard-edged, homeless girl standing in as his daughter (Emma Roberts); and a big-hearted dork from the neighborhood assuming the role of his son (Will Poulter).

The story is fraught with any number of comical misadventures as David and his unlikely troupe encounter armed-to-the-teeth bad guys and another family (led by Kathryn Hahn and "Parks and Recreation's" Nick Offerman) in an equally ostentatious RV along the way.

What separates "We're the Millers" from so many other recent studio-manufactured comedies is the sharpness of the writing and the appealing nature of the characters. The script maintains a deft balance between subtle wit and blatant slapstick, modern-day crudity and old-fashioned sweetness. And even in those rare moments when the movie jumps the track, it's quick to climb right back on and head on to its destination.

Much of the credit for the movie's success goes to the actors who create tremendously likable characters, all with their own comic quirks and eccentricities, but all rooted, at least to some extent, in real life. The real scene-stealer is Poulter whose spot-on portrayal of a lovable nerd serves as the beating heart of the movie.

So effective in fact are the actors in getting us to root for the characters that the movie can play up the whole corny and sentimental notion of what it means to be a family and get away with it. Thus, it manages to keep its subversive cred while at the same time warming the heart. That's a pretty impressive accomplishment when you get right down to it.
Surprisingly Funny!
I thought We're the Millers was going to be another one of those stale road-trip comedies, but actually you can take the word stale out of the equation. It has a bashful, mean-spirited undertone, but the jokes work so well and this is the case where they are so mean, but so funny. A certain spider joke comes to mind. I also liked the concept of the film. Strangers working together to show themselves as a family to the public is a good topic to work on. I really enjoyed the film and to be honest, I would not say no to a sequel.

Rawson Marshall Thurber's film is about a low-level drug dealer named David Clark who is assigned to travel to Mexico and smuggle marijuana. In order to keep suspicion away, David realizes he should travel with a "family." He gathers his stripper neighbor, Rose, a homeless thief named Casey, and his virgin neighbor, Kenny to be his fake family for the road.

This film has a good cast and I think everyone had good, natural chemistry. Jason Sudeikis is often a mean guy, but is naturally funny. Jennifer Aniston is sexy hot in her role and is one of her better roles as of late. Emma Roberts is a good cast and is probably her raciest role to date. Finally, Will Poulter does a good job as he is the butt of my favorite jokes.

Overall, We're the Millers is your modern, typical R-rated comedy but it's hilarious and the jokes work more often than not. I was surprised at the outcome, and I never thought I would be calling this the funniest film of Summer 2013. But indeed it was. From that spider joke to another joke involving lots of kissing, I really could not stop laughing. I rate this film 9/10.
another road trip comedy
The idea behind this movie is nothing really new. It's a road trip, this time to Mexico. A small time drug dealer, David, owes his supplier. In order to pay the debt, he must deliver a shipment of drugs from Mexico to the US. He "hires" a family to help him to seem less suspicious. They get the drugs then hi-jinx ensues. Of course, they are chased, there's some poll dancing, a huge spider, a lesson on kissing.

All of it was amusing and it was one of Jennifer Aniston's better comedic roles. Kenny was the funniest character, with his naivety and shocked that he wasn't getting paid.

FINAL VERDICT: It was OK, decent for a light weight comedy.
Like a cold dirty shower to your face, not a waterfall
It is pretty difficult to decide what the most embarrassing is about "We're the Millers". The choices seem endless. But I guess one great pick would be that it took 4 writers to come up with this piece of garbage. This film is basically everything you can expect when you read comedy and Jennifer Aniston. It is the same she has done for the last 15 years, maybe 20 if you count "Friends". For whatever reason, people still see her as America's Sweetheart and as a talented actress. I can agree with neither. She always plays the same characters. She has pretty much zero comedic talent (admittedly the horrible writing doesn't help either) and of course, in the end the male protagonist always falls in love with her because she is so funny, such a strong independent woman and so lovable. Well, I can describe her in one word: bland. Oh yeah and how could I forget: Of course, they make sure on several occasions how hot she is for a woman in her 40s so that we'd better not forget.

Speaking about the rest of the cast, with one exception, there is nothing special either. Emma Roberts and Will Poulter may have proved in other projects that they have talent, but here they don't. Hahn is pretty embarrassing, Helms is very forgettable and Offerman is really just in here playing his character from "Parks & Recreation", the ultimate manly man. The lead actor (even if Aniston is wrongly credited first) here is Jason Sudeikis and I can go easy on him. He has moments here when he shows that he is pretty gifted, especially with comedy and he certainly elevates the material. But it's just too weak for him to make this a good watch. The story is complete nonsense and unrealistic from start to finish during these 2 hours (that felt like 3). The movie has zero subtlety. The romance parts are cringeworthy, especially the kissing scenes at the end. And the drug-related drama is never tense or interesting. Imagine Breaking Bad as a comedy and with a terrible group of writers. This is what you get here. Do not watch.
The Brady Bunch Meets the A-Team.
We're the Millers (2013): Dir: Rawson Marshall Thurber / Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts, Nick Offerman: Comedy about identity as a drug dealer, played by Jason Sudeikis is tasked with smuggling a massive amount of marijuana in Mexico. He was robbed of his stash and his ruthless boss sends him off in an RV. Sudeikis uses the family disguise and recruits a frustrated stripper, played Jennifer Aniston who lives in his building. He also recruits an abandoned absent minded teenager, played by Will Poulter to be his son, and Emma Roberts as a homeless girl to be his daughter. This is a funny setup but from there it becomes clichéd and predictable. Some of these events are amusing such as the couple they encounter whom are hoping to spice up their relationship with swapping. The real drug dealers are cardboard and reduce the screenplay to road kill immediately. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber previously made Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Some viewers may find the theme somewhat corrupt but the film succeeds thanks to the lead performances. Sudeikis holds his own as this schemer hoping for easy cash but learns to trade selfish ambition for family. Aniston is fetching as the stripper whose profession becomes a life saving distraction in a crucial moment. Poulter is hilarious especially when bitten in the testicle by a tarantula. Roberts falls for an amusement park loser. Nick Offerson steals comic moments as a DEA agent whose wife and himself are into swinging. Standard comedy about family but the envy is on Poulter during a kissing session. Score: 7 / 10
I lost IQ points
I don't typically write reviews, but my outrage for this film could not go unheard.

My friend and I decided on this film because it seemed like it had promise. Generally, before a film I'll check this site and read the ratings/reviews. Both appeared to be mostly positive, so naturally I was fuelled with excitement and optimism.

The film is annoying, miscast, and screams desperation. The mundane script drags you and your intelligence through mud for what feels like eternity. If I kept tallies for the amount of times this movie made me cringe with irritating and misplaced references, my sheet would look like a prison cell from 1952.

The jokes that jokes weren't even the worst part, to be honest. That honour goes to Nick Offerman and his wife played by Kathryn Hahn, who I am having difficulty describing without erupting in violent, vulgar shouting. Nick is okay, but whoever thought Kathryn's character was usable should never see a set again. I can't remember the last time I've been so physically and mentally irritated and frustrated with a cast, or film.

The film itself has a fairly doable premise, I guess. But the cast, my god the cast. Why would they put Jason Sudeikis as a lead character? Why would you do that to us? He was great in Horrible Bosses, but you simply cannot have a film revolve around this man. He will disappoint you. Jen Aniston's character is ridiculous, as well. You take a women who was in one of the most loved and successful television programs of all time, and have her desperately cling to her stardom by stripping periodically throughout the film.

It's like they never edited the film at all. The thing is two god damn hours, and you walk away wondering what you just witnessed. Its disjointed and unpleasant.

If this was the final cut, I couldn't imagine the suicide inducing dribble that the unedited version would show.

P.S. Ed Helms, stop acting.
This family is a little different!
When a small time pot dealer, David Clark(Jason Sudeikis) is robbed, he is hard pressed to find a way to pay back his supplier. To save his own skin and get back in the good graces of his boss, David agrees to travel to Mexico and smuggle a major stash across the border. He rents an RV and gathers a fake family to use as his cover. His neighbor Rose(Jennifer Aniston), a stripper who just quit her job, is willing to pretend to be his wife...for a fee of course. Rounding out his "new" family will be Kenny(Will Poulter), a shy professed virgin and Casey(Emma Roberts), a street wise runaway. Now the family known as the Millers, on vacation, should make smuggling drugs a bit easier. Well guess again; the dealers in Mexico feel they have given a huge amount of drugs to the wrong person and are in hot pursuit. Along the way, the Millers will meet another RV of vacationers...a DEA agent and his family.

Funny situations, pervasive language, drug content, crude sexual scenes with very brief nudity. Of course, my favorite sequence is when Rose must prove to drug dealers that she actually is a stripper. Well done, I must say. And young Mr. Poulter may just be accused of being the scene stealer. He is funny! The cast also includes: Nick Offerman, Tomer Sisley, Molly C. Quinn, Kathryn Hahn and Ed Helms.
One of the best comedies of the year
A story about a fake family made up of desperate people going to score a deal. On the way, they meet obstacles then break up and of course make up again. I expected a fun movie. I just didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

It's funny, there are the requisite gags (but this particular gag is awesome funny), the few unexpected twists or surprises were totally welcome. There are a few standout scenes - the kissing scene, the bitten-by-a-spider scene, and surprisingly, the sing/rap part was really engaging.

The acting from the 4 main cast members are good, but personally, I felt the standout actor was Will Poulter. I only knew him from Son of Rambow and School of Comedy, so while I knew he played the dorky son, I didn't expect him to play the character that well. He truly stole the limelight from his more famous co-stars Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts. Kudos to him.

Go watch this. It's not a family movie, but it makes for a great outing with the buds or even an adventurous date.
So, so bad
Whatever contract Jennifer Aniston signed that wound her up in the unequivocal flop Just Go with It must have tied her to this piece of trash. Granted, I actually sat through the entire movie, so it is better than her Adam Sandler creation.

The premise is terrible. If Jennifer Aniston hadn't been in it, I never ever would have seen it. The tagline: "A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico." Included in the fake family is a stripper as the mother, a runaway girl, and a teenage virgin boy. I have a problem with this. The label "virgin" is an insult now? This teenage boy has to act like an imbecile, just because he isn't worldy wise? And for that matter, not having sex doesn't make you unwordly, just as having sex doesn't bestow you with common sense. During one scene, the "family" is listening to the radio, and a rap song starts. The idiotic virgin starts rapping along. He knows all the lyrics, and the rest of the family is awed and impressed. It's supposed to be funny, but I found it offensive and even racist.

If you like really stupid, off-color comedies that basically promote drug use, you might find this funny. Just one last question: who told Jennifer Aniston it was a good idea to play a stripper? Kiddy Warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to the drug content, I wouldn't let my kids watch it.
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