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Drama, War, Comedy
IMDB rating:
David Michôd


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Anthony Michael Hall as Greg Pulver
RJ Cyler as Andy Moon
Keith Stanfield as Cpl. Billy Cole
Emory Cohen as Willy Dunne
Aymen Hamdouchi as Badi Basim
Meg Tilly as Jeannie McMahon
Daniel Betts as Simon Ball
Anthony Hayes as Pete Duckman
Alan Ruck as Pat McKinnon
Will Poulter as Ricky Ortega
Nicholas Jones as Dick Waddle
Topher Grace as Matt Little
John Magaro as Cory Staggart
Brad Pitt as Gen. Glen McMahon
War Machine Storyline: A general from the US is sent to Afghanistan to 'clean' the situation up after eight years of war in the country. He finds himself amongst tired soldiers and disillusioned politicians eager to leave. In this situation he feels his mission is to 'win' the war, something deemed impossible by everyone around him.
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Good, clean anti-war movie
I've been abstinent from IMDb for quite some time but just watching War machine and considering the bad ratings it has gotten so far gave me an impulse to write a review.

First off: This is a good movie. At the beginning of the movie Brad Pitt overdoes it a bit in his caricature of General McMahon and I was quite frankly expecting a few laughs in the following. But this film is not a full-fledged comedy and I don't think it was meant to be.

In the course of this film I got used to Brad Pitt's seemingly overdone gestures and postures and took them as genuine features of the General portrayed.

There are a few scenes which I really liked about the movie: The best moment to me was when Tilda Swinton in the role of a German journalist reveals by intelligent interrogation that General McMahon lives in his own world where battles and wars are either lost or won. She makes it clear to him and the rest of the world that wars like those in Iraq and Afghanistan can never be won because they do not fit the pattern of wars such as WWII or WWI, with a clear cut enemy and clear front lines. She (Tilda Swinton aka German journalist) has understood what the Generals and the political leaders of the coalition forces have failed to grasp or do not want to grasp. She questions the general's sense of self and it seems that she is the first person that gets through to the General and incites him to question himself.

The one and only battle scene of the film was, in my humble opinion, done very well, too. You see a group of American soldiers in a deserted, strategically totally unimportant area fighting a battle against three Taliban snipers. In the fight, a young soldier manages to kill the snipers by an act of bravery but kills an innocent boy as well. The supposed hero turns home from battle as a broken man. That's in a nutshell what war does to any young man.

When Brad Pitt aka General McMahon flies in to tell the Afghan people what it is they are trying to do and wants to draw a bigger picture they all just kindly ask him to leave. He tries again to make them understand, but to no avail. Even the metaphorically used expression 'If you want to make an omelette you have to break some eggs' surprisingly fails to win the hearts and minds of the Afhhan people.

The only reason I can think of why this film is unsuccessful is because it is very critical of the American foreign policy/ military and Americans (that is my contention) in general don't like it if their army is ridiculed. Another reason might be that people expected battles scenes but as I've said, there is only one.

Bottom line: If you want to understand how futile the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are, go see this film
Weird but thought-provoking
I agree with what many other reviewers say, about it being confusing but still pertinent and that it might go over many viewers' heads because in general many Americans just have no idea that the US is still actively conducting warfare in Afghanistan. I feel like it was a pointed, clear message about our presence there, but that many of us were perhaps expecting another Fury or Inglorious Basterds. Others have spoken about all the characters in the movie, so I won't add anything, but I'm amazed to see that no one has once mentioned Meg Tilly as Gen. Glenn McMahon's wife. I haven't seen Meg act in anything in ages, but this was a terrific and nuanced performance. Male soldiers with fewer lines and less screen time have merited call outs, but really, Meg Tilley was amazing, just as amazing as the wonderful Tilda Swinton or Ben Kingsley. Her eyes never left Brad Pitt, and you could just imagine what their thirty years of marriage must have been like. Her subtle gestures and half-spoken words created a picture of 30 years of unwavering loyalty and devotion to a man she adores and respects, but her face shows how much those often lonely years cost. When she said her final line of, "I'm proud of me too.", I found it thrilling. I hope we see more of her in the future, because she was definitely one of astonishing bright points in this movie.
Confusion in tone
War Machine is a recent straight to Netflix film starring Brad Pitt. After several box office flops, the best and most obvious outcome for leading actor Brad Pitt is for Netflix services. War Machine appears to be based on true events and is described as a war comedy-drama. However, this film has a confusing tone and often settles on what it appears to wanting to be. It stands out not as a comedy as in the film isn't funny but is more light hearted in tone, and plays somewhat of a parody of a serious war film such as Lone Survivor or the Hurt Locker, then shifts towards a more darker toned drama film, with very few action scenes. Overall, War Machine was not worth the hype it has received, as the film is quite uninteresting (for a true based story) and is rather boring. The performances are quite decent, as Brad Pitt is able to play a different type of character than his typical characters. Though the main problem, are the supporting cast, as they are not interesting enough characters for us the audience to care and sympathize for an entire two hours.
Duped by the trailer into thinking this was good...
I am really surprised that this movie wasn't very good. The trailer made it look like it was going to be awesome. I had the impression it was going to be somewhat of a comedy but aside from a few lines, it wasn't funny or a decent story to keep your interest. The only good thing that came from the movie was how it showed how utter ridiculous it is to nation build, which I expect was the point of the movie. I am really surprised that Brad Pitt was in a bad movie, he usually doesn't do crap. Anyways, the trailer and the movie are two completely different stories. The trailer made it like Inglorious Bastards almost and the movie was just boring. I would skip this one and watch Inglorious Bastards instead.
"Yes, we can NOT do things."
I read about half of the sixty nine reviews already posted here for this film, and only two other writers mentioned what I thought was the main idea of this movie. It's a not so thinly veiled effort at memorializing real life General Stanley McChrystal, who's forced resignation as Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan occurred because of a Rolling Stone article in which he criticized then Vice-President Biden. In the film, his stand-in, Brad Pitt as General Glen McMahon, expresses disillusionment over the short shrift given to his presence on the tarmac at the hands of President Obama, hastily boarding a plane to avoid speaking to a real, hands on warrior.

The film may be a parody in some respects, but what it does is put American military policy in the proper context of being victim to political overreach and oversight. All you have to do is think about McMahon's reaction to 'systemic negation of repetitive procedural practice' to get a hint of what this is all about. When warrior generals are eclipsed by political generals in deference to their civilian Commander-in-Chief, what you have is a recipe for conducting war with no intention of winning them.

Frankly, I'm surprised this film was even made because it's a terrible indictment of military policy under the prior administration. It may be true that "You can't win the trust of a country by invading it", but at the same time, you can't engender troop morale with a policy of 'courageous restraint'. When I first heard about that as an official policy for our troops engaged in the Middle East, it no longer surprised me that upper echelon personnel from our service branches began taking early retirement in droves. Fighting a war with both hands tied behind one's back is more likely to get one killed, and is a message frustratingly delivered by the conduct of troops on the ground in this film.

All in all, Brad Pitt is unerringly brilliant in his portrayal here, even with the mock quizzical look on his face most of the time, because he knows what the score is, and that the game is rigged against him. For his part, Ben Kingsley is hysterical as Afghan President Hamid Karzai, leading his country by not leading it. If ever there was a war film that defined the phrase 'Catch-22', this is it. Watch it for a brilliant demonstration of how military policy has been redefined so as 'not to do things'.
Not what I expected
4 star General, i give this film 4 stars. The reason for this is, even though the characters went on a merry jaunt the movie just didn't want to do the same. It had some interesting and at times harsh views on governmental actions but it just seemed like it was missing pieces, much like a bucket of Lego that a four year old has. I am a fan of Brad Pitt and that is what kept me watching in hope. All in all War Machine let me down. Not a war or a comedy film in my opinion, just a bit boring.
can't make up its own mind
War Machine is a film that starts out as a promising satire, but quickly tone-shifts and tries to be something else. These shifts keep happening several times as the film progresses. It wants to criticize the US government's counterinsurgent efforts in Afghanistan through Brad Pitt's General Glen McMahon, but then wants to keep him sympathetic and wants the audience to care when he's sad or feeling hopeless. Those bits certainly don't work with Brad Pitt's performance, who is great as the General only if satirical, but just for that. David Michôd certainly has the right intentions and grasp on his subject matter, but couldn't quite translate those into a consistent film.
Instead See Kubruck's DR. STRANGELOVE
There are definitely some good laughs in here grounded in our well-known but sad history in Vietnam and Iran. This Netflix movie takes place in Afghanistan with none other than Brad Putt as the commanding general, full of himself. The general is patterned after a Westmoreland-type character who thinks that the sheer power of his charisma will win the day. We then see how badly this approach works in the Mideast, where true leadership among the natives is simply nonexistent (Ben Kingsley plays an Afghan leader more concerned with his new TV and remaining unavailable than he does leading his country). This movie asks the question: If the natives won't even support their own leader, how are they going to follow an American General? There's no action in this movie, so it's basically a personality driven comedy. In Kubrick's STRANGELOVE, there's a better balance of suspense, action, and comedic personalities. See it instead if you want to see a movie about the futility of war and the dangers of placing too much power in the hands of the military.
Wrong casting
This is a classic example of where having famous actors hurt the whole point of the film. Brad Pitt is not right for the part.In the way you can always accept Robert Redford as his role not MOVIE STAR. the same goes for Ben Kingsley and Alan Ruck. Topher Grace seems to now being type cast as a the asshole government agent/bureaucrat/mid-level exec I was very disappointment in the bad film.
refreshing , witty , sarcastic , funny
this is not a war action movie like Blakchawk Down for example, it neither is a comedy like American Pie for example, it is a witty delicate satire of how ridiculous the invasion of Afghanistan turned out, putting the spotlight on how nobody knows anything or understands anything about what is going on or why the US government / army did and does what they do, and how to actually end it.

some parts were so funny and unexpected that I exploded with laughter, very funny while really showing how unbelievable and out of control and no one caring about the whole Afghan situation has gotten, which whether people like or not is true.

If you enjoy movies from Coen brothers or movies such as ''burn after reading'' or '' the men who stare at goats'' this is 100% a must watch.
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