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War Machine
Drama, War, Comedy
IMDB rating:
David Michôd


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Anthony Michael Hall as Greg Pulver
RJ Cyler as Andy Moon
Keith Stanfield as Cpl. Billy Cole
Emory Cohen as Willy Dunne
Aymen Hamdouchi as Badi Basim
Meg Tilly as Jeannie McMahon
Daniel Betts as Simon Ball
Anthony Hayes as Pete Duckman
Alan Ruck as Pat McKinnon
Will Poulter as Ricky Ortega
Nicholas Jones as Dick Waddle
Topher Grace as Matt Little
John Magaro as Cory Staggart
Brad Pitt as Gen. Glen McMahon
War Machine Storyline: A general from the US is sent to Afghanistan to 'clean' the situation up after eight years of war in the country. He finds himself amongst tired soldiers and disillusioned politicians eager to leave. In this situation he feels his mission is to 'win' the war, something deemed impossible by everyone around him.
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Bore Machine
This movie tried to overlay a childish caricature of the Afghan War and its actors onto a flat and uninspiring story with unbelievably deranged and almost mentally incompetent characters it was clearly attempting to defame. Indeed, the unjust treatment of General McChrystal, who is the thinly veiled protagonist in the character of General McMahon, is continued in this 60 million dollar film. Ironically, the movie would have been a lot more interesting with some dramatic irony. Perhaps they could have contraposed the deranged, unjust and unreliable narrator, to a tragic hero, as opposed to recycling the cliché of the out of touch military man who is megalomaniacally seeking his own glory at the expense of lives of his men and the poor civilians who have to pay the price?

Even though American Sniper stood back from making clear political judgments on the Iraq War, it successfully managed to capture the man and the American Spirit, so it was far more powerful than tired, smug pacifism of Bore Machine.
Struggled to find the satire
Having watched several movies calling themselves "satire" and others labelled "black comedy", I started watching War Machine expecting to find some. It wasn't easy. I'm still not sure I found any.

Consider that part of the satire of something like the Colbert Report was the over-the-top earnestness of the main character, believing in ludicrous things and having a sarcastic edge running through everything. Drowning Mona gets laughs and headshakes for, likewise, taking things to extremes. To keep it military, watch The Pentagon Wars as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle is procured. You laugh because things can't possibly be this stupid, and yet (to a point) they are.

War Machine has us watch Brad Pitt's General Glen McMahon nosedive from supreme confidence to confusion to anger to despair and, ultimately, sadness as he realizes that he's a warrior who has been given a war that he can't possibly win, no matter how many strings he pulls. He's a warrior, not a politician, not a diplomat, and not one who loses. And yet, loss is really all he has in his hands, right from the get-go. It's just. Not. Funny.

Pitt plays his caricature of a general very well, and he alone keeps the film moving. He rolls through the early parts of the film like a bestarred Popeye, wondering why people don't get what he feels should be instinctively understood. As we are told, he is a "true believer" whose understanding is that the reason others' attempts to do the same job has failed is because they weren't him. But with every roadblock, every question, and every gobbledeygook answer he has to give, that confidence cracks and breaks down. He lacks the ludicrousness of Colbert and the black nature of Drowning Mona, and never makes it over the top.

Pitt himself has said that the movie exposes the fallacy that "everyone wants what America has" and that American military efforts are really just aggressive exporting of American ideals. This may be true... but, again, it's not really that funny. For me, the biggest laugh is the final clip of the movie, when his successor is named and marches into frame, with the same eagerness and earnestness that Pitt's character has at the outset. "Here we go again" is unspoken, but understood.
Brad Pitt's first time
I cringed watching this movie. Genuinely cringed. It was like someone had told Brad Pitt to ham it up as much as possible. There's no point in the film you feel the character he portrays is real. I don't know whether the script was so bad he felt he had to give his character all sorts of odd flaws and quirks but having served in the Military, there is nothing about any of the characters that was real, not would *any* of them act like that, especially at their level and rank. Their dialogue is completely flawed and even if they were trying to portray the team as one step removed from a bunch of frat boys it's still so far away from being engaging it's awful. The story is poorly told as well and from beginning to end it fails to deliver any form of satisfaction in terms of content, entertainment, or any other metric with which you might judge a good film. Possibly the worst film I have seen in years and Brad Pitt is normally not too bad, not my favourite actor but certainly I've never seen him do this badly before.
Watch it, it really is humorous. I liked Brad Pitt playing this character. It was different that what you normally see, and some of the guys in his group all had good roles. It tells a great story, has you rooting for the main character and the ending was even funny. I wasn't sure I was going to like it but it was great. Take it for what it is, it's a good script, good story and humor, nothing wrong with that.
An amusing but tossed salad of a film
"War Machine" satirically depicts a fictionalized version of Stanley McChrystal,, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from his arrival in country to (spoiler) his sacking by the president..

The production value is excellent, with a lot of recognizable faces, many of them big (Pitt, Kingsley, and even a cameo by Russell Crowe). It uses real military and Afghan-specific military gear (how it got US Army support, I'll never know) and even gets the uniforms of coalition allies right. For vets, however, prepare to roll your eyes at the obligatory use of the salute as the perceived highest honor a military member can make.

The source material is the late Michael Hastings' book which I have not read, but having read his infamous Rolling Stone article on McChrystal, the figurative tone and voice of the narrator (based on Hastings) seems about right, cynical and contemptuous of his subject. Unless you lean way to the left or simply not a supporter of military use in Afghanistan, the narration gets pretty preachy and even downright wrong (about the success rate of insurgencies, for example),a somewhat unnecessary distraction.

Even for satire, where personalities are flattened and exaggerated and action is simplified, this film still struggles to add even a little depth. Pitt spends most of the film either looking confused, squinting, or saying "with all due respect". Anthony Michael Hall seems to just sneer, swear, and yell. Of course, Americans, particularly the military, are naively optimistic and openly disrespectful of other nationalities and their commander in chief. And wars and warfare can be summed up in glib and ideological oversimplifications.

The story manages to hit a bunch of themes and subject matters. There is commentary on the American way of war, the impact of deployments on marriage, the wisdom of military intervention, the politics of coalition building, and the dynamics of leadership. But the manner in which it chooses to do this constantly shifts.

I think it strives to be a dark comedy, but therein lies its ultimate shortfall. It doesn't know what it wants to be. Which is a shame because the funny parts are sincerely funny (Pitt's character defending the honor of his Afghan aide-de-camp as "the only Afghan in the room", Pitt and his White House (or SecDef?) civilian contact trying to end a video conference, and Ben Kingsly's hilarious (however infrequent) take on President Karzai all come to mind.) But the tone itself is multiple personalities. While it is always mocking (as satires are supposed to be) and skeptical, sometimes it's cutting to the bone, other times very light and whimsical, still other times deeply serious. I won't make the Roger Ebert mistake of speculating what the movie could have been about, but it seems to slink between being (1) a strident anti-military/anti-war/anti-America polemic or (2) a humorous parody of power and bureaucracy or (3) a character assassination of Stanley McChrystal.

It's a watchable and entertaining film with a good look, lots of questions, and steady acting. At end, however, I feel like the conflicted character Marine corporal Billy Cole who states his dilemma, which incidentally is restated in the song playing over the end credits, "I'm confused." Yep, so is the movie and so am I.
Ridiculous Main Character and an Indiscernible Story
I think this movie had a lot of good and interesting ideas. It just didn't execute them well at all. The film is narrated by Scoot McNairy, and he says a lot of introspective things that could have made for a fascinating look at the psyche of a war general when the war is waning. That's a great idea, and one that could have made for a really compelling movie. Unfortunately, all War Machine does is tell us these things, without ever showing it to us. There is no clear, discernible story. It simply follows General McMahon around to a lot of different places. So it's hard to latch onto where the film was headed, or what the overall point actually was. Speaking of McMahon, Brad Pitt seriously overacts in this movie. He felt like a caricature, from the voice to the facial expressions. There was nothing natural or realistic about it, and it just felt like a cartoon character. Because of this, I could never see McMahon as a real, genuine character. I was just watching Brad Pitt doing a poor job on screen. I'm not sure exactly whose fault that was. The voice and the ticks could have been Pitt's ideas, but it also could have been all the director's, David Michôd. Regardless of whose ideas they were, it simply came across as ridiculous. An unbelievable main character, coupled with the lack of a clear story, made it incredibly hard to get into the movie...
Entertaining part drama, part satire..
Brad Pitt really gives a good performance as Gen, Glen McMahon, someone who wants to make a difference in Afghanistan, with some troops. But is suddenly gets heckled by the press cause they just don't what his actions are for.

Brad Pitt gives a satirical performance in parts, does a lot of face acting, although he never goes too over the top. And the setting also plays a character too. Parts when it's funny, it's quite funny. But when it's dramatic, it's quite dramatic. Blends satire, and sad realism quite perfectly. The rest of the cast are also good. The movie does deliver the message of war quite beautifully, you can see Brad Pitt felt very strongly about this, and it really shows.
Not worth the time
Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, Lee Marvin and David Niven were war heroes that made great movies. Brad Pitt, George Clooney are Hollywood liberals that try to make war movies when it fills their bank accounts. And it shows, they are so unbelievable in those roles it makes me shudder. I hope the current generation of war fighters get to tell their story properly, because I know they have amazing stories to tell. But alas they will most likely be doing something worthwhile with their lives.
Entertaining, if not gripping
It's entertaining, funny, and generally worth a watch. While it won't have you clinging to the edge of your seat or breaking out in tears (few movies do, after all) it's perfectly good for a night in.

Being someone who's followed the conflict in Afghanistan closely for years I suspect some of the subtle jokes might be somewhat less effective on people with little previous interest in the subject - which might partially explain some of the less stellar ratings.

But ultimately that's not to the film's detriment in my eyes. Give it a try. It's a million times better than the majority of Netflixes original movie content.
refreshing , witty , sarcastic , funny
this is not a war action movie like Blakchawk Down for example, it neither is a comedy like American Pie for example, it is a witty delicate satire of how ridiculous the invasion of Afghanistan turned out, putting the spotlight on how nobody knows anything or understands anything about what is going on or why the US government / army did and does what they do, and how to actually end it.

some parts were so funny and unexpected that I exploded with laughter, very funny while really showing how unbelievable and out of control and no one caring about the whole Afghan situation has gotten, which whether people like or not is true.

If you enjoy movies from Coen brothers or movies such as ''burn after reading'' or '' the men who stare at goats'' this is 100% a must watch.
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