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Drama, War, Comedy
IMDB rating:
David Michôd


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Anthony Michael Hall as Greg Pulver
RJ Cyler as Andy Moon
Keith Stanfield as Cpl. Billy Cole
Emory Cohen as Willy Dunne
Aymen Hamdouchi as Badi Basim
Meg Tilly as Jeannie McMahon
Daniel Betts as Simon Ball
Anthony Hayes as Pete Duckman
Alan Ruck as Pat McKinnon
Will Poulter as Ricky Ortega
Nicholas Jones as Dick Waddle
Topher Grace as Matt Little
John Magaro as Cory Staggart
Brad Pitt as Gen. Glen McMahon
War Machine Storyline: A general from the US is sent to Afghanistan to 'clean' the situation up after eight years of war in the country. He finds himself amongst tired soldiers and disillusioned politicians eager to leave. In this situation he feels his mission is to 'win' the war, something deemed impossible by everyone around him.
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Weird but thought-provoking
I agree with what many other reviewers say, about it being confusing but still pertinent and that it might go over many viewers' heads because in general many Americans just have no idea that the US is still actively conducting warfare in Afghanistan. I feel like it was a pointed, clear message about our presence there, but that many of us were perhaps expecting another Fury or Inglorious Basterds. Others have spoken about all the characters in the movie, so I won't add anything, but I'm amazed to see that no one has once mentioned Meg Tilly as Gen. Glenn McMahon's wife. I haven't seen Meg act in anything in ages, but this was a terrific and nuanced performance. Male soldiers with fewer lines and less screen time have merited call outs, but really, Meg Tilley was amazing, just as amazing as the wonderful Tilda Swinton or Ben Kingsley. Her eyes never left Brad Pitt, and you could just imagine what their thirty years of marriage must have been like. Her subtle gestures and half-spoken words created a picture of 30 years of unwavering loyalty and devotion to a man she adores and respects, but her face shows how much those often lonely years cost. When she said her final line of, "I'm proud of me too.", I found it thrilling. I hope we see more of her in the future, because she was definitely one of astonishing bright points in this movie.
A Piece of the Pie
I've watched a large number of war and military movies over the years and after spending 36 months at war myself, I'll say that from my experience there has never been a movie, series, or otherwise that has managed to capture "war" or the "military" in its entirety because individual experiences vary. I will say that occasionally, a movie or show comes around that captures one of the facets accurately. Unfortunately, the value or worth of a movie or show isn't based on capturing a facet of reality, it's based on ratings. It's based on theatrical engagement. And that's OK I guess, because I get that it's an industry. But for me, the value of this movie isn't the plot line or how over-the-top Pitt was in his character development, it's the fact that War Machine captures the relationship between the military and government officials in a very real way. I was in Iraq during this period of time, and the release of the "Karzai 12" in Afghanistan, and how it in turn affected our rules of engagement in Iraq, came flooding back to me as this movie progressed. I was incredibly angry at the situation, similar to Andy Moon's response (only with less Rambo flare). To that point, I was glad I took the time to watch it, if for nothing more than seeing that the story got told. This movie is a slightly better than mediocre movie with some powerful moments that I'll watch once and reference only for its ability to accurately capture this one facet of war.
Bore Machine
This movie tried to overlay a childish caricature of the Afghan War and its actors onto a flat and uninspiring story with unbelievably deranged and almost mentally incompetent characters it was clearly attempting to defame. Indeed, the unjust treatment of General McChrystal, who is the thinly veiled protagonist in the character of General McMahon, is continued in this 60 million dollar film. Ironically, the movie would have been a lot more interesting with some dramatic irony. Perhaps they could have contraposed the deranged, unjust and unreliable narrator, to a tragic hero, as opposed to recycling the cliché of the out of touch military man who is megalomaniacally seeking his own glory at the expense of lives of his men and the poor civilians who have to pay the price?

Even though American Sniper stood back from making clear political judgments on the Iraq War, it successfully managed to capture the man and the American Spirit, so it was far more powerful than tired, smug pacifism of Bore Machine.
brad pitt's portrayal was lame, a caricature
obviously this was about Gen McChrystal - problem is Pitt's portrayal was just plain lame, a mocking portrayal - McChrystal was or is a brilliant military leader / strategist - the character displayed in this film was a cartoon character. Pitt had a chance at an excellent role here and not sure what he thought he was doing - I noticed amazon doesn't even bother offering this movie and netflix already has it on their streaming list, even though it was just released this year
Pitt mugs a caricature
War Machine has a fine script and a cast of incredibly talented actors who gave their all to the characters they portrayed-except for the star. I like Brad Pitt and think he's a terrific actor, but he needs a strong director who isn't afraid to tell him to stop mugging and start acting. Unfortunately, for most of the movie he delivered a nudge-nudge-wink-wink "I think this guy I'm playing is a real tool" caricature of a performance. I don't know if he thinks the audience is incapable of not swooning over his handsome face every time we see it, or he lacks the confidence to play a non-romantic, semi-unsympathetic lead character with the straight respect every character (and the audience) deserves. This movie would have been near perfect if only he'd done that.

The movie makes important and interesting points about career soldiers who are true-believers, enlistees caught in something they don't understand but who're committed to give everything, the politics and big business of war, futility of thinking we can win the hearts of a people whose country we've invaded... and does so entertainingly!

There's no shortage of stand-out performances: Meg Tilly, Ben Kingsley, Will Poulter, Alan Ruck, Lakeith Stanfield, Tilda Swinton, Emory Cohen are just a few of the amazing players in this large-as-an-army cast. In the end I found myself wishing Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe had switched parts.
Complete waste of time
It only gets a 3 star because it somewhat tried to show the American deep state's love for engaging in wars in other sovereign countries.

Where they spent the 60mill is a complete mystery, i sure hope a huge chunk of it wasn't on brad pitt who looked totally out of place in the character he attempted to portray.

Overall the movie was huge bore, not at all funny with only about 2mins of action.
Don't bother
This is not a war movie. This is not a comedy. It's barely a drama. This is a two hour movie filled with virtually no plot and absolutely no interesting characters. The movie gives no attempt to develop the characters, with all but Bitt's character being entirely one dimensional, and even though Bitt does have a character, it's a poor and uninteresting one. He gives a laughably over-the-top and often cringe-worthy performance, showing that he was absolutely not right for this role.

As said, it completely falls short as either a war movie or a comedy, both of which it's listed as here on IMDb. There is only one action scene, and I use the term loosely - all it is is a two minute scene which only shows one side shooting a few bullets, and that's it. The comedy on the other hand is totally unfunny and virtually none of it lands. I honestly spent the entire film but knowing this was meant to be a comedy.

So we are left with a film that has no suspense, no tension, no action or effective comedy to take it off the ground. Ultimately this is a dull, lifeless effort at satirizing war that offers almost nothing in terms of entertainment or drama. Don't waste your time.
refreshing , witty , sarcastic , funny
this is not a war action movie like Blakchawk Down for example, it neither is a comedy like American Pie for example, it is a witty delicate satire of how ridiculous the invasion of Afghanistan turned out, putting the spotlight on how nobody knows anything or understands anything about what is going on or why the US government / army did and does what they do, and how to actually end it.

some parts were so funny and unexpected that I exploded with laughter, very funny while really showing how unbelievable and out of control and no one caring about the whole Afghan situation has gotten, which whether people like or not is true.

If you enjoy movies from Coen brothers or movies such as ''burn after reading'' or '' the men who stare at goats'' this is 100% a must watch.
Excellent work
I am truly glad that someone brought up the whole thing about how the military mindset of certain generals and higher ranking officers helps fuel the stupidity of certain wars.

During the first few years of our fiasco war in Iraq, I remember the media often interviewing generals and asking their opinions about the war and what our country really needed to do, as if some military mentality had any idea of direction our country needed.

One high ranking officer was on a radio show, that right wing Jim Bohanan spews his corporate agenda on, and in the interview this military low brow actually said that the freedom and liberties used on the internet, with people exchanging information with each other should be curtailed drastically.

Military minds should be used for one thing only, battle strategy, not our country's policies.

I think this movie helps show people that we need to keep a closer eye on our leaders selections of those they put in charge of our dangerous military machine.

Perhaps the movie brings home a lesson that this war has only created more anger and resentment toward our nation, by all of the people we've mutilated over there and their friends and relatives will want revenge.

My heart goes out to our veterans who our nation should respect more by not allowing them to be used so easily by unthinking presidents or military generals.
A satire
This film tells the story of an ambitious army general, who is posted to Afghanistan to run the mission to fight insurgents. It becomes apparent very soon that various parties have not aligned their goals and missions.

"War Machine" tells a story of an enthusiastic man who is stuck in a web of bureaucracies. The story unfolds slowly, and at times it looks like a satirical look at a system that is supposed to serve and protect the public. The cameos are plentiful, making me pleasantly surprised. Though I find the film a little uneventful, I can see that it parallels what exactly is happening in the story to the characters.
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