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Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Denise Di Novi


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Rosario Dawson as Julia Banks
Lauren Rose Lewis as Dinner Guest #1
Kincaid Walker as Saleswoman
Simon Kassianides as Michael Vargas
Aline Elasmar as Detective Stevens
Isabella Rice as Lily Connover
Alex Quijano as Miguel
Mitch Silpa as Dinner Guest
Katherine Heigl as Tessa Connover
Geoff Stults as David Connover
Scott Beehner as Dinner Guest
Cheryl Ladd as Tessa's Mother
Sarah Burns as Sarah
Jayson Blair as Jason Michaels
Unforgettable Storyline: A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new fiancée.
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Pretty enjoyable thriller
I know everyone is saying this movie sucks and giving it horrible reviews advising people not to go see it, but I for one thought it was pretty enjoyable. Unforgettable stars Katharine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, and Cheryl Ladd. It is a pretty tense movie, sort of like a mothers boys type movie. I'll first say that Katherine Heigl was a great villain in the film, I think she was the perfect casting choice for the role of the possessive ex-wife Tessa. There are some people saying that she did a bad job in the movie, but those people are dead wrong, i think she needs to play villains more often going forward. Sure she's always great in a romantic comedy, which is her typical niche, but I think she may have found a new kind of role for herself with this movie. Rosario Dawson is good in the movie too, very sweet and kind character who is being terrorized by the crazy former wife and mother of her new stepdaughter. I thought Geoff was pretty good here too, I like him in grace and Frankie and I liked him here too. Dawson and Stults have really good romantic chemistry. The thriller aspect did have its predictability sometimes but overall it kept me interested and there wasn't a single moment where I was bored or wanted to leave. It's not a fantastic movie and it won't win any big awards, but I enjoyed it as an entertaining thriller and I think you will too. 7/10.
It is just life stuff
The film opens with Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson) apparently having killed her ex-boyfriend. The film goes into flashback mode with Julia leaving a mental health facility and living a dream life engaged to David Connover (Geoff Stults). David has a daughter Lily (Isabella Kai Rice) and an ex-wife Tessa (Katherine Heigl) who is introduced looking like the evil queen in Snow White. No mystery here. In fact the films shows us Tessa setting up Julia and killing the ex. So with no real mystery, what's to watch? Exactly.

This was a weak drama for those who like Lifetime style films. I was bored to tears. If you like to watch Katherine Heigl do the frowny face, go for it.

Guide: F-word (written on screen) Sex. Brief back nudity.
Oh my God, this movie blows
Obvious melodrama about a woman being harassed by her fiance's sociopathic ex-wife, and her own violent ex- boyfriend. Sleazy, depressing, and is pointlessly​ told through flashback (from six hyperbolic months earlier) for three quarters of its lazy story, before jumping ahead another six hyperbolic months for the ending.

Heigl is chilling in this, but everyone and everything else is laughable.

It was also a bit unclear when this story is taking place, as characters still have landline phones (along with cell phones) and still have the newspaper delivered to their front door.

The final " Oh, here we go again " end scene, with the grandmother, made me shout, " Oh, f*** off! " at the screen.
Ignore the bad reviews, this film is not too bad!
After reading all the negative reviews, I had low expectations going into this movie. I have to say though, this film was not too bad! Not sure what everyone was expecting, but the directing, cinematography and acting where all decent. Nothing spectacular, but decent! This is obviously a B-grade type film with no A-list actors, so keeping that into consideration and rating it on its own merits, I'd say it's a good watch! It's a 7/10 from me
A script and a director can ruin your life
The movie poster caught my attention and decided to watch it .... but could not stand it under half the length of the feature. For me it felt like everything was out of place; starting with the cast: they didn't 'fit'.

The story line, while similar ones have already been played, seemed way too dumb. I am sorry, but the acting seemed way too poor.

Maybe it was the director's fault. Who knows? Oh well, it could just be me: seen too many movies of the genre. If felt wrong from the first scene; and it just could not grow on me.
Totally Forgettable
I am not sure what a movie like this is doing in a theater and not on the Lifetime channel. It's predictable, stupid, and boring. I kept looking at my watch, hoping it was over soon. Once you have seen a terrific movie like "Fatal Attraction", a poor man's version of crazy other woman just won't do. And why is it that a terrific actress like Rosario Dawson seems to get stuck in poor flicks like this. She deserves better. Katherine Heigl, not so much.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Unforgettable
"I'm done with crazy." So quips the trouper of David Connover from 2017's Unforgettable (my latest review). Me, well I'm not done with kitschy, dramatic thrillers because I go back to them every chance I get. It's a sickness and a darkened room escape I tell you.

Taking place in Northern and Southern California, Unforgettable is slick, trashy, lacks artistic value, and provides guilty pleasure entertainment. If you've seen the trailer, you don't need to be a genius to figure out what's gonna happen over the next 100 minutes (Unforgettable's lively running time). Similar yet restrained compared to Obsessed, Swimfan, 1992's Unlawful Entry, The Perfect Guy, and 2015's The Boy Next Door, Unforgettable is sadly my kind of contrite, film scanning. Call it a cinematic love-hate relationship for the viewer. Call it a stock, agitation-filled train wreck that you can't look away from.

Now Unforgettable despite a minor twist and some decent performances, still comes off as predictable with a sort of hooey ending. Watching it, you feel one step ahead of everyone and the foreseeable actions they partake in. Oh well. Director Denise Di Novi does manage to create a little tension and for much of the way, Unforgettable masks itself as a nasty, manipulative ride. Heck, you'll never look at Facebook, online chatting, or a hair brush the same way again.

The story is as follows: Julia Banks (played by Rosario Dawson) and David Connover (played by a low key Geoff Stults), are about to be engaged. David also has a child with his ex-wife, Tessa (played by Katherine Heigl). Julia and David's engagement doesn't sit well with deranged, unstable Tessa. She literally lives right next to the future spouses and looks to make Julia's life a living hell. There are murders, a framing of a murder, legendary cat-fights, and gerrymandering of today's social media (cell phones, cell phone photos, and the aforementioned Facebook). Heigl's Tessa is everywhere, looking as though there are holograms made for her.

Zuckerberg's creation and batsh*t craziness aside, if you've seen the movies mentioned earlier in this review, you'll know that Unforgettable is familiar stuff. The thing that helps it become almost recommendable is the acting of Dawson and Heigl. They rise above the material presented, throwing themselves into character and giving nerve ending turns. I'll give Heigl and Dawson a rating of three stars and every other element in Unforgettable two. My overall rating: 2 and a half stars. Unforgettable isn't entirely "forgettable" but compared to something like the superior Fatal Attraction (I almost forgot about that flick), it's second tier and not that "compatible". My advice for Dawson's Banks from the first half hour of Unforgettable was this: Get out of the inevitably bad situation woman! It's real simple.
Excellent Thriller!
I honestly don't know what the critics are talking about, this was such a great movie and once it comes out on the Cineplex Digital Movie store I'm going to watch it over again. This movie kept you wondering what was going to happen throughout the whole thing and was very suspenseful and a great thriller movie for anyone over the age of 16, male or female. It also had an excellent ending and Katherine Heigl and all the other actors did an amazing job in this film! Again this is a great movie and I can't wait to watch it over again. Hope it comes out as soon as possible on DVD and Digital stores because this movie is so awesome!
I saw the trailer for this in the cinema, I knew instantly it was another psycho bitch movie, and it was another blonde (like Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Rebecca De Mornay and Rosamund Pike) being evil, it was just a question of what the film itself would be like. Basically Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl) has been barely to cope since the divorce from ex-husband David (Geoff Stults), a brewery company owner, who has custody of their daughter Lily (Isabella Kai Rice), and has settled with new partner Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson), a writer, in a small town in California. Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams, who can help her put her own troubled past behind her, she was formerly married to abusive husband Michael Vargas (Quantum of Solace's Simon Kassianides), she has a restraining order against him. Tessa becomes extremely jealous when she discovers David and Julia are engaged to be married, she is aware that Julia uses no social media websites whatsoever, and she finds the retraining order document for Michael, it is due to expire. Tessa formulates a pathological plan to make Julia's life a living hell, starting with creating social media profiles, on Facebook and elsewhere, in order to communicate with Michael, pretending to be her and making him think that Julia wants to get back together with him. Tessa also steals Julia's phone to send Michael promiscuous photos, and also a pair of her underwear, Julia meanwhile is desperate for her stepdaughter to like her, they are on getting on gradually, but Tessa is determined to make sure this will not continue, and for David to think the worst of Julia. Eventually Julia realises that Tessa is up to something nasty, she tries to convince David about this, but he does not believe her, Tessa meanwhile is trying to get closer to Lily, including an expensive horse riding lesson, with Tessa's equally sinister Mother (Cheryl Ladd) watching, but Lily is unsettled by her mother's behaviour. Julia finally confronts Tessa when she sees that Tessa has deliberately cut Lily's hair, they argue about the custody of Tessa and about David, then Tessa gravitates the situation by deliberately throwing herself down the stairs, injuring her wrist, as David arrives. Julia asks her journalist friend Ali (Whitney Cummings) to find out more about Tessa, specifically her past, and they are fascinated to find out that she had mental issues as a child and growing up. There is a point when Julia and David reconcile, including having sex in a bathroom, but then Michael suddenly shows up at Julia's house, having been communicating with Tessa using the fake profile, he is convinced she wanted to see him, but she is shocked and runs away, then Tessa shows up, he realises she is the one who made him come, but she manages to stab him to death during their struggle. Tessa carefully covers up the evidence that she was there, the police arrest Julia on suspicion of murder, her phone, social media profile and the underwear have been found, the police are unconvinced that she knew nothing about the communication with Michael, but she is released. Tessa finally snaps and goes to see David, she drugs him and knocks him unconscious, Julia races to the house, she takes Lily out of bed to wait for her in the car, Julia and Tessa have a brutal fight in the house, including with a knife. In the end, Tessa feels she is an unfit mother, due to her mental instability, so she grabs the knife in Julia's hand, and forces her to stab her in the chest, months later Julia, David and Lily have settled in a new home and found peace, but Julia is petrified by the visits of Tessa's mother, it is unclear what she knows or how she feels about Julia. Also starring Robert Wisdom as Detective Pope and Jayson Blair as Jason Michaels. Dawson is a little annoying but plausible as the woman living a nightmare, Stults is irritating as the husband not realising the nastiness going on, it is indeed Heigl that owns the movie as the unhinged vengeful ice maiden ("Psycho Barbie" as a character calls her), unfortunately the film suffers from a predictable script and many clichés, I was gripped by what was going on, and how far the evil woman was prepared to go to get what she wants, but it is also laughable, for all the wrong reasons, there are more sniggers than tension a majority of the time, a disappointing but sort of fun psychological thriller. Adequate!
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