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Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Denise Di Novi


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Rosario Dawson as Julia Banks
Isabella Rice as Lily Connover
Aline Elasmar as Detective Stevens
Simon Kassianides as Michael Vargas
Kincaid Walker as Saleswoman
Lauren Rose Lewis as Dinner Guest #1
Alex Quijano as Miguel
Mitch Silpa as Dinner Guest
Jayson Blair as Jason Michaels
Cheryl Ladd as Tessa's Mother
Scott Beehner as Dinner Guest
Geoff Stults as David Connover
Unforgettable Storyline: A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new wife.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Unforgettable
"I'm done with crazy." So quips the trouper of David Connover from 2017's Unforgettable (my latest review). Me, well I'm not done with kitschy, dramatic thrillers because I go back to them every chance I get. It's a sickness and a darkened room escape I tell you.

Taking place in Northern and Southern California, Unforgettable is slick, trashy, lacks artistic value, and provides guilty pleasure entertainment. If you've seen the trailer, you don't need to be a genius to figure out what's gonna happen over the next 100 minutes (Unforgettable's lively running time). Similar yet restrained compared to Obsessed, Swimfan, 1992's Unlawful Entry, The Perfect Guy, and 2015's The Boy Next Door, Unforgettable is sadly my kind of contrite, film scanning. Call it a cinematic love-hate relationship for the viewer. Call it a stock, agitation-filled train wreck that you can't look away from.

Now Unforgettable despite a minor twist and some decent performances, still comes off as predictable with a sort of hooey ending. Watching it, you feel one step ahead of everyone and the foreseeable actions they partake in. Oh well. Director Denise Di Novi does manage to create a little tension and for much of the way, Unforgettable masks itself as a nasty, manipulative ride. Heck, you'll never look at Facebook, online chatting, or a hair brush the same way again.

The story is as follows: Julia Banks (played by Rosario Dawson) and David Connover (played by a low key Geoff Stults), are about to be engaged. David also has a child with his ex-wife, Tessa (played by Katherine Heigl). Julia and David's engagement doesn't sit well with deranged, unstable Tessa. She literally lives right next to the future spouses and looks to make Julia's life a living hell. There are murders, a framing of a murder, legendary cat-fights, and gerrymandering of today's social media (cell phones, cell phone photos, and the aforementioned Facebook). Heigl's Tessa is everywhere, looking as though there are holograms made for her.

Zuckerberg's creation and batsh*t craziness aside, if you've seen the movies mentioned earlier in this review, you'll know that Unforgettable is familiar stuff. The thing that helps it become almost recommendable is the acting of Dawson and Heigl. They rise above the material presented, throwing themselves into character and giving nerve ending turns. I'll give Heigl and Dawson a rating of three stars and every other element in Unforgettable two. My overall rating: 2 and a half stars. Unforgettable isn't entirely "forgettable" but compared to something like the superior Fatal Attraction (I almost forgot about that flick), it's second tier and not that "compatible". My advice for Dawson's Banks from the first half hour of Unforgettable was this: Get out of the inevitably bad situation woman! It's real simple.
Pretty enjoyable thriller
I know everyone is saying this movie sucks and giving it horrible reviews advising people not to go see it, but I for one thought it was pretty enjoyable. Unforgettable stars Katharine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, and Cheryl Ladd. It is a pretty tense movie, sort of like a mothers boys type movie. I'll first say that Katherine Heigl was a great villain in the film, I think she was the perfect casting choice for the role of the possessive ex-wife Tessa. There are some people saying that she did a bad job in the movie, but those people are dead wrong, i think she needs to play villains more often going forward. Sure she's always great in a romantic comedy, which is her typical niche, but I think she may have found a new kind of role for herself with this movie. Rosario Dawson is good in the movie too, very sweet and kind character who is being terrorized by the crazy former wife and mother of her new stepdaughter. I thought Geoff was pretty good here too, I like him in grace and Frankie and I liked him here too. Dawson and Stults have really good romantic chemistry. The thriller aspect did have its predictability sometimes but overall it kept me interested and there wasn't a single moment where I was bored or wanted to leave. It's not a fantastic movie and it won't win any big awards, but I enjoyed it as an entertaining thriller and I think you will too. 7/10.
Unforgettable in the Worst Ways
The idea of recovering from a broken relationship is one that could make a very heavy emotional movie. The deep feelings we have for one another when in love and the discovery that your partner no longer shares those feelings is lot to bear. But why explore such issues when you can just make another psycho ex movie.

They must make at least one or two of these every year. However, such films are not being made because they portray deep themes that resonate with the audience. They're being made because they're cheap and pretty much guarantee a return on investment for multi- million (sometimes billion) dollar movie studios.

With the exception of Rosario Dawson, who gives her role a better performance than it deserves, no one in this movie even attempts to do anything compelling with this material. Katherine Heigl's character seems copied and pasted from her role in Home Sweet Hell (2015). Although that cinematic experience was also a suckfest, at least it tried to be something unique. In that film's world, her role as the stuck up housewife who's willing to do anything (including murder) worked (within the established parameters). Here, she plays the same role but in a more grounded universe where you have to seriously wonder who could possibly marry such an abysmal characterization of a human being.

I could criticize the movie's pacing if it had any. Each act feels prolonged far longer than it should be with Heigl repeatedly messing with Dawson as we wait for Dawson to figure out that her fiance's ex is truly, unbelievably, Simon Legree evil. When we finally get to the third act rather than following a natural progression the movie is dragged there kicking and screaming as it allows characters to discover things not because it makes sense but because even the filmmakers finally recognized that this thing must end.

What might be worst of all is that this movie concludes with a bit of clear sequel baiting. At that point, all I could think was "sure, why not". Let's get Unforgettable 2. Hell, let's build an Unforgettable Cinematic Universe with spin-offs and team ups. In that way I hope that I can leave this particular movie's universe and be sure to never come back.

In short, if you need some painful dental work done that would be a much more entertaining expenditure of your time and money.
Barf... sappy... predictable. Well the idea one divorces, the kid will love mom's replacement and the changing times with peoples bad past is the social message. The North vs South California attitudes/cultural war is evident. Too blunt of a message. Just too Psycho Katherine Heigl is too much. A few good moment from Heigl tho. Rosario Dawson character is a weak and plastic character. Just too much of the victim. Clashes with the hard past life which would made Dawson character hard as nails. No Fatal Attraction movie with believable characters along with the slow burn of a woman's scorn. The woman's scorn sub story just has too many working pieces for the evil plot to work. How could that stupid plan actually work! Geoff Stults character is a pansy who lets everything happen and become the invisible man What I would call a non character. The sappy ending makes me barf. The usual plot twist ending. 4 out of 10
Pretty good!
Those who don't like the film probably just don't like this genre. The film previews and posters pretty much reveal the type of film it is. Yes it is a somewhat like the thrillers on LMN. If you hate those you want like this one. This film, though, is a step up from those with much higher production values and general filming.

It is a good thriller and is not meant to be a heavy drama. It's not boring and it is interesting. The acting is decent from all involved. It is what I expected and not disappointed. Anyone who is expecting ultra realism this is not for you. Those who like some action, a bit sexy, a thriller, and some interesting moments will like it. The marriage relationship is interesting and works well. It is not about graphic violence either. I liked the film.
When Aussie honchos stole Aboriginal kids . . .
. . . from the Outback and "adopted" them out to City Folk, that was wrong. When the State of Oklahoma filched Jim Thorpe from his Teepee and deported him to Pennsylvania's Amish Country, that also was wrong. When Don Trump popped out a quartet of perfectly normal kids from a couple wives of his own culture, and then LOST at Russian Roulette--Super Model Edition--THAT was wrong, too. A movie outfit named "Warner" tries to warn America against continuing such egregious practices in UNFORGETTABLE. Dave's daughter is named "Lily" because she is Lily White. Julia (Warner discloses at 17:40) is a product of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which pervades HER Culture and whose deleterious effects are evident throughout UNFORGETTABLE. Dave's Hots for Julia also will expose Lily to furtive Second Hand Smoke (this, too, is endemic to Julia's Culture). Thus Innocent Lily is to be doomed to a brief life of Torture by Cancer (40:20). Julia's even clueless about Lily's Personal Hygience Care, costing Lily her Crowning Glory even before Cancer takes its toll. UNFORGETTABLE's credits state that current U.S. Secretary of Money Steve Mnuchin financed this flick, probably on the Taxpayer dime. That's how important our newly-installed government sees the need for an END to such Cross-Cultural Follies as Julia's Shenanigans with Dave and Lily.
Katherine Heigl takes on a new side we've never seen before and she kills it - makes anyone nervous about entering into a common family situation like this.
What a well done movie, the best I've seen in a long time. The story is thrilling, playful and exciting. The acting is superb. Resonates with anyone who has ever been in a tough relationship. You really can feel the emotions of these characters. Katherine Heigl plays someone I've never seen her portray before and she was amazing - she deserves an award! This movie was extremely enjoyable and I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen wondering what was going to happen next. The writing was genius! Filled every emotional craving in me and the ending was perfect. All the actors fit together perfectly, the set was beautiful, and I jumped in a few scenes. I really loved that you didn't know who to feel bad for! It was just a superb movie, once it started it went full speed into thriller mode. It's a favorite and a must see for all moms and Heigl fans.

10/10 stars
A curious note first of all: this is the first movie directed by Denise Di Novi. She's been a producer for years - I thought I had seen her name somewhere before, and then it clicked when Tim Burton came to mind (she's produced many of his best films) - but now, only now, does she step behind the camera. Why for this? Did the original director walk away or the producers couldn't find someone? It's not strange to see that this is a directorial debut, but it is odd to see that this is made by an industry professional, nay a veteran, and that it's so... bland. Unforgettable rests in an uncomfortable area: not fun enough to be a trashy/campy movie like a No Good Deed or Obsessed (perhaps Idris Elba is the x-factor?), or even like a made-for-TV Lifetime stalker thriller like Stalked by my Doctor (imagine Eric Roberts in the Katherine Heigl role!), and it's not unique or interesting enough to be good.

Actually, that's not wholly fair: Rosario Dawson, as the new lover (and soon to be fiancé) of the ex-husband of the jilted Heigl character, is quite good. It's hard for her to be anything else, and she takes a movie as middling as this as seriously as she would Sin City or Danny Boyle's Trance or whatever the case. She's here to work, while an actress like Heigl is here to be in her one quiet-but- crazy-B-word modus operondi, and Cheryl Ladd (yep, ex Charlies Angels Cheryl Ladd) is more apt for a Lifetime movie, albeit her profile is just right for this character of Heigl's mother.

We've seen this all before, even if we think the divorced angle makes it a little different (only barely, maybe), and as it involves people of mega privilege it feels distanced from a lot of our lives so the emotional immediacy will only be there for those who really stretch to feel it. It's a telegraphed story put upon a movie that somehow has the even stranger luck, speaking of people behind the camera, of being shot by Caleb Deschanel(!) Perhaps if you have less than zero things to do (or are a master at procrastination) and this pops up on a Sunday afternoon on TV it's passable. But in a theater? Well, let's just say you'll be 80% of the time dulled, maybe 19% of the time entertained in that trashy-campy way (which is not a great ratio)... and then the last 1% is a complete WTF last scene ending that made me curse the screen I was gazing.
Oh my God, this movie blows
Obvious melodrama about a woman being harassed by her fiance's sociopathic ex-wife, and her own violent ex- boyfriend. Sleazy, depressing, and is pointlessly​ told through flashback (from six hyperbolic months earlier) for three quarters of its lazy story, before jumping ahead another six hyperbolic months for the ending.

Heigl is chilling in this, but everyone and everything else is laughable.

It was also a bit unclear when this story is taking place, as characters still have landline phones (along with cell phones) and still have the newspaper delivered to their front door.

The final " Oh, here we go again " end scene, with the grandmother, made me shout, " Oh, f*** off! " at the screen.
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