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Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
Justin Chadwick


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Christoph Waltz as Cornelis Sandvoort
Dane DeHaan as Jan Van Loos
Douglas Hodge as Johan De Bye
Alicia Vikander as Sophia
Cara Delevingne as Henrietta
Michael Nardone as Daan The Auctioneer
Jack O'Connell as William
Kevin McKidd as Johan De Bye
Tom Hollander as Dr. Sorgh
Judi Dench as The Abbess of St. Ursula
Sebastian Armesto as Eduart Asmus
Joanna Scanlan as Mrs Overvalt
David Harewood as Prater
Matthew Morrison as Mattheus
Tulip Fever Storyline: In 17th Century Amsterdam, an orphaned girl Sophia (Alicia Vikander) is forcibly married to a rich and powerful merchant Cornelis Sandvoort (Christoph Waltz) - an unhappy "arrangement" that saves her from poverty. After her husband commissions a portrait, she begins a passionate affair with the painter Jan Van Loos (Dane DeHaan), a struggling young artist. Seeking to escape the merchant's ever-reaching grasp, the lovers risk everything and enter the frenzied tulip bulb market, with the hope that the right bulb will make a fortune and buy their freedom.
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Pretty but basic historical love story
It's a timeless tale of love and betrayal and people doing shitty things to people who are good to them, based on a 1999's novel by Deborah Moggach who also wrote a screenplay for this. Once upon a long time ago in Amsterdam: a married woman (Alicia Vikander) begins a passionate affair with an artist (Dane DeHaan) hired to work for her husband (Christoph Waltz). The lovers gamble on hot market for tulips to get the money for escaping together. Also appearing, Judi Dench, Zach Galifianakis, Jack O'Connell, Holliday Grainger, Tom Hollander, Cara Delevingne and others. This must be one of the more hated movies of 2017 I've come across: Metacritic score 37 out of 100, Rotten Tomatoes's 8 out of 100. It's far from disaster but I can't say it's good either. To start with the positive, the movie looks gorgeous, the mid-17th century Amsterdam feels very lively and booming although we don't see much of it, most events take place inside somewhere. The pictures added here really don't do the movie justice but I didn't find a better selection online. The actors make their best of their material, although the characters are so one-note that only screen veterans in supporting roles (Waltz, Dench, Hollander) manage to give really memorable performances. The young stars (Vikander, DeHaan) do adequate work and they have good enough chemistry to offer some steamy love-making scenes… but you can't really compete with Waltz or Dench in terms of range or sheer presence, can you? Based on acting and how the movie looks, the result would deserve a higher score… but the storytelling really makes a mess of everything. In 107 minutes, there's so many events and relationships and so little willingness to develop them properly that several major plot points or turns fall entirely flat and lose any believability or dramatic impact. All in all, „Tulip Fever" is disappointment. It's certainly watchable if underwhelming… but it could have been good. Still, I like both young stars and look forward to seeing them in other, better realised movies. It's also interesting to note that Vikander is the new Lara Croft in „Tomb Raider'" reboot coming in March. The project has an unlucky history which is actually a fair bit more interesting than the final movie itself. The shoots were originally planned in 2004, with Jude Law and Keira Knightley as leads and John Madden („Shakespeare in Love") as director. However, the production was halted 12 days before the shooting because of changes in tax rules affecting film production in the UK. Dreamworks had already built a massive set of the Amsterdam canals, and planted 12,000 tulips which were dead-headed. The current production was shot in 2014 but the release was postponed for three years due to negative test screenings.
Not a fan of the actor
Something about Dane Dehaan creeps me out and every film I have seen with him in it I find I am distracted. It's like he is a 50 year old portraying a 20 year old. I know this doesn't seem fair, but I just can't wrap my head around his recent rise in Hollywood and all of these parts that he doesn't seem to fit? Am I missing something? The actress in this was wonderful and I liked her in Ex Machina as well. This is a very dark intense film, beautifully shot, but leaves a strange after taste.
Late Bloomer
(RATING: ☆☆ out of 5)



IN BRIEF: A love story that never blossoms into anything remotely realistic or moving.

SYNOPSIS: A historical romance set in 16th century Amsterdam that follows two star-crossed lovers amid the flower wars.

JIM'S REVIEW: Behold the tulip! Most delicate and beautiful, yet fragile and easily bruised. Its life expectancy is short-lived and it sags from its own top heaviness, finally withering after its bloom. The same can be said about its namesake, 's Tulip Fever, an overwrought illogical melodrama that is fetching to gaze upon and, quite literally, a dull affair.

Tulip Fever is a visual feast for the eyes and a fertilizer for the mind. There is some good here, at least, technically: The stunning production design by Simon Elliott, detailed period costumes created by Michael O'Connor, and Eigil Bryld's luscious photography are first rate. Danny Elfman has a lovely score also. These artisans deserve better future projects. But mostly, there is plenty of bad on view.

Justin Chadwick directed this potboiler with little flourish. His film is well crafted but its central romance is tepid at best. The screenplay, based on Deborah Moggach's best-selling romance novel, tries to interweave its narrative with some historical accuracy and some sexual passion and fails in both aspects. That celebrated playwright Tom Stoppard (along with the author) created this sluggish and loopy film adaptation is mind-boggling to me. The love story elements never gels with the political backstory and it all leads to an ending that becomes thoroughly nonsensical and unsatisfying.

The story-line goes like this: Apparently tulips were all the rage in Amsterdam, a valued commodity back in the mid 1600's. This special and rare flower brought high prices in what appeared to be a Ponzi scheme of sorts and the owner of this flora could earn serious guilders. Jan van Loos (Dane DeHaan, very miscast), a talented but struggling artist, wants to be part of the " flower fever". Hired to commission portraits of a rich merchant and his lovely young wife (already you can see where this is going), Jan begins a torrid love tryst with Sophia (Alicia Vikander) while his cuckold husband Cornelius (Christoph Waltz), who is in dire need of a male heir, is oblivious to their nightly romps.

Mr. Waltz, forever typecasts as The Man You Love to Hate, takes over the villain role and adds some nice layers to his stock character. But Ms. Vikander and especially Mr. DeHaan are unconvincing and unappealing in their roles as the doomed lovers. Their love scenes together are laughable. Mr. DeHaan, always a poor man's Leonardo diCaprio type, seems like a little lost boy in heat and Ms. Vikander rarely finds the right persona of a woman losing control over her life. Instead she loses control of her character. The two actors fail to add the necessary heat to burn those embers of passion. Yes, they're naked and sweaty, but who cares?

The supporting cast is totally wasted and the talent involved is given little to do. Such fine British performers as Holliday Grainger, Jack O'Connell, Douglas Hodge, David Harewood, and the great Judi Dench are ill-treated. American and Scottish actors are treated no better as Matthew Morrison and Kevin McKidd are given little to do. Tom Hollander does succeed in adding some needed humor in a minor role. But Cara Delevingine and Zach Galifianakis are walking enigmas in their parts as a prostitute and manservant, although if they switch roles, the film would at least be memorable.

Tulip Fever reinforces the law of supply and demand in the core of its storytelling. Unfortunately, good drama is in short supply and demand to see this film should be limited. So don't invest your time or money in this folly. It's a real bust.
Tulip Flu
'Tulip Fever' transforms a promising idea into Dutch farce as its script heaps unnecessary complications onto a tale of marital infidelity in 17th century Amsterdam. The film opens with beautiful penniless Sophia being married off to a wealthy middle-aged merchant who desires a male heir. After three years have passed and no child has appeared, the merchant commissions a double portrait of himself and his young wife for posterity.

When Sophia unwisely falls for the debt-laden artist, everything seems nicely set up for some intense domestic double-dealing, but director Chadwick drowns the narrative in a torrent of subplots. While Sophia cavorts with the artist in his garret, her maid has been dallying with a fishmonger in the scullery. Before too long, the lovers of both mistress and servant are speculating in Holland's tulip-mania bubble to improve their fortunes and romantic prospects. Meanwhile, the two women hatch an implausible plan to deal with their own problems. As the scheming becomes increasingly absurd, the story falls apart and the actors lose faith in their characters. Long before the end, most of the audience will have joined them, as the resolution to all the financial intrigues and amorous chicanery turns the final act into slapstick melodrama.
Boring and disappointing
On one hand - too many story lines ,which are also hard to follow, as the characters look and dress so alike! As often happens when you get to many story lines, the one that should have been the principal line - In this case' in my opinion,the one of the tulip bubble - is given too little emphasis. The miniscule roll given to judy dench will not allow her to show even a bit of her acting capabilities. shame.
Not as bad as reviewers make it out
I have put a lot of store in Metacritic ratings, but found their rating on this surprisingly far from mine own impression (them 37 me 71). This is rare, but then again I rarely go see movies if they rate it below 70. Stoppard is a genius, and as a production designer I can't pass up a film whose trailers show decent period design, so i had to go see it on the big screen.

The design here was indeed pretty good, a little stagy on the interiors and a bit too obvious CGI, but worth the price of admission on its own none the less. The acting is actually very good, and the script has some nice subtleties, with a clever, satisfying and unusually nuanced resolution.

Perhaps part of what turned the critics were the expectations. The budget was high, the cast renowned and everyone agrees that Stoppard is a genius, leading to some let down for what might have been. But you need to meet a piece of art where it stands and not where you hoped it might be, and this is a much better film that its reviews suggest.
Tulip Fever is not contagious
Here is only one review of the 2014-version. Based on that review, it is fair to say that some of the plot holes have obviously been stuffed, while others are still wide open (or have been opened). I don't know if the holes have been faithfully adapted from the book or if they were specifically designed for the film.

In the 16th century there was a big economic bubble based on tulip onions. This is the background for a romance between a painter and a married woman. They make out a plan to get rich fast, so that they can run away to the East Indies. So far, so good. The point is now that the two strings never really are woven properly together. The development of the plot is, at best, sketchy. Character development, if any, is rather rhapsodical. The lovers (Vikander and DeHaan) are not really likable. The script gives them zero personality and they compensate by overacting. The only person carrying a bit of sympathy is the cheated husband (Waltz). On the other hand the makers strive to give us impressions of street life then, raw, loud and rather vulgar it is in their view. The final twist of the plot is surprising, but not convincing.

There are further things that were rather annoying in this film: The use of a narrator. It seemed that the makers didn't trust the force of their pictures and thought they had to spell it out for more distracted viewers. Shaky camera and fast clipping. I think it is a misconception to edit a costume drama to fit the taste of the MTV generation. (Make it more like The Girl with a Pearl Earring!)

One reason for historical fiction is to make us understand the burst of the recent economic bubble on the basis of a historical example. The makers of this film didn't really succeed in doing that. The persons in this film are far away and two-dimensional like drawings on a wall. Unless you write a review about them, you have already forgotten them tomorrow.
Tulip Mess
Several reasons may tempt you to watch Tulip Fever. In my case those were the historical background (Amsterdam, 17th century) and the actors. Indeed both factors are worth noting. Based on trailers one could easily mix up characters of the movie with the figures from Rembrandt paintings. It seemed that production design was done at its best so that the viewer is dipped into the epoch. Plus, characters are played by famous actors, Christoph Waltz, Alicia Vikander and Dane DeHaan. Interestingly, Clara Delevingne is also there, as if we see a prequel of Besson's Valerian.

Despite the mentioned ingredients, which if used properly could be a good recipe for the Oscar contender, the movie is a disappointment. The biggest problem is probably the script. Dialogues and actions do not convince at all. The historical tulip fever in the movie is not impressive at all. The romantic line is shown very superficially. It is really difficult to believe that what you see on screen could actually happen in reality. There is an obvious lack in the development of characters. Due to this they may surprise you a lot during the film. Some story moves are completely unexpected. The director's work also raises questions. The authors of the movie have not decided for themselves how serious their movie has to be: whether it should be a drama, a comedy, or rather a TV show. It seems that the movie starts in one genre and ends in another. Of course, some movies are difficult to be attributed to a specific genre, for instance, some pure art-house joints. However, in this case this is not art-house at all, and jumping between different ways of storytelling is not a good idea.

So, the only reason to watch this movie is to convince yourself that good actors play sometimes in bad movies.
Something new
Quite confusing at first who the story was really about, since the narrator Mary is the house made and focuses on the story from her point of view but the camera focuses on Sophia. But then I realized that I actually enjoy it that was, it's like that in reality also. Where we are the story teller but someone else is the center of attention. And I think it quite worked since the story then ended with Mary getting everything she had dreamed of. Cornelius and Sophia are quite an odd couple. Cornelius a lot older, knowing what he wants, and Sophia a lot younger not knowing what she wants, until one day when Cornelius asks an artist to do their portrait. A young man doing what he loves, but not so good at business. Jan Van Loos and Sophia is more of a match and they too realize that and fall in love, but they hide their affair good, only Mary finds out. Cornelius wants a heir. A son to take over everything when he dies. But they can't get a child, the reason for that is unclear. The point of no return is when Mary reveals that she is pregnant, she knows that a pregnant house made would get fired, so she uses Sophias secret as leverage to stay. Sophia then comes up with the idea to fake her pregnancy and say that the child Mary is giving birth to is Cornelius and hers. And this is when more people get involved to cover up their secret. In the meanwhile Jan Van Loos gets into the Tulip trade business, to earn enough money for him and Sophia to escape the country. The plan is bullet proof, but in the end Sophia realizes her mistake, and I believe she realizes she actually loves Cornelius too, so instead she disappear. Cornelius finds out about everything, but instead of getting upset and angry he leaves everything to Mary, her newborn child and her lover and leaves the country to start a new life abroad.

I really enjoyed it, the story felt new and original. It gave me that fairy tale feeling, not childish but for grownups. Plus I like the hidden comedy in it, a lot of times where I started laughing.
That was strangely done comedy?
If it was one. The movie was fun and entertaining and a joy to watch. It feels like a comedy, despite its dark drama tone, or rather style. It made me fell like I should not laugh, so I didn't, which was hard not to do.

A great tale taking place during an era in history when everyone was going wild over what was a new and rare flower. Didn't fully understand or grasp the entire Tulip Fever joust but luckily that was more of a sub plot despite the title. The movie is a strange Shakespeare-like love affair between a painter and a woman who was practically sold to a well meaning man to be his wife.

How perfect was it that Christoph Waltz plays this well meaning man. It's one of his best attributes, playing a bad guy that you can't help to like. Though not as evil as his charter in Tim Burton's Big Eyes ( I mention this movie because they are closer in comparison), he just acts as the antagonist in the plot that centers around two people who should not and cannot be together in a somewhat Romeo and Juliet style of fate. Also give a shout out to Zach Galifianakis. There were some pretty big names in this film (As far as acting. I mean with three Oscar winners in it), and Zachary had to stomp it with the big dogs. Though his role was very small, it was important as it really points out that this is a dark comedy.

It reads like a sex romp comedy too cultured and sophisticated for my taste (Prefer other Galifianakis works like The Hangover ), but it's done well, so I really enjoy it.
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