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USA, Canada, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Michael Bay


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Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton
Ben Webb as Hengist (as Trent Seven)
Marcus Fraser as Gawain
Isabela Moner as Izabella
Liam Garrigan as Arthur
Rob Witcomb as Percival
Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembley
Stanley Tucci as Merlin
Josh Duhamel as Colonel William Lennox
Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
Transformers: The Last Knight Storyline: Optimus Prime finds his dead home planet, Cybertron, in which he comes to find he was responsible for its destruction. He finds a way to bring Cybertron back to life, but in order to do so, Optimus needs to find an artifact that is on Earth.
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A bit of the same but pure summer escapism of big loud action fun.
Transformers: The Last Knight is yet again topped with loud big action and visual effects with little less on the plot. Nonetheless, it was awesome for what it is. Most of the Transformers movies by now have a recycled plot. Michael Bay is aiming to make a big summer blockbuster with lots of explosions between the autobots and decepticons. Even Paramount wants to open up this universe further with having a variety of writers tackle on for more movies. For now, this may be Michael Bays last outing with the franchise and he does go big.

The plot may seem familiar with one of the Transformers movies were decepticons plan on reviving their home world of Cybertron by consuming and destroying Earth. Not sure, if they can do any different story than that. Since its nothing but setting up an excuse for Autobots to fight with the decepticons. The movie was exciting and never slowed down. It may have some sub plots about King Arthurs and the knights of the roundtable and Merlin staff that was given to him by an autobot. That staff plays an important factor to reviving cybertron which is going to collide with Earth if Cade (Mark Wahlberg) and Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and the autobots try to stop them from taking over.

These movies are just pure escapism blockbuster fun movies. Michael Bay never disappoints the lack of action, which he seems to go over board with explosions. Car chases, military jets battling through cybertron. For a long running time movie, I feel like its fast paced. Also, different screenwriters this time around, they have a few sub plots that merge in the climax. Cade is wanted by the TRF led by Lennox who are determined to destroy all transformers even the good guys. Then, there is Izabella (Isabela Moner) a teenage girl with no home or family but is willing to fight for the autobots and sticks to Cade's shadows. Next, there is Viviane (Laura Haddock) an English professor, who has a historical connection that can help save our planet. At last, there is Sir Edmund (Anthony Hopkins) a historian who knows about the historical encounters with the Transformers and may know the key to saving mankind. Sure, a lot goes on with the plot. And it never slows down. It entertains and is exciting to see these big action sequences.

The climax was also an epic long battle with cybertron crashing down onto Earth with visual effects being quite spectacular. With fast cinematography work in capturing the action and the settings. Isabela Moner's character was better than expected, from the looks on the trailers made her out to be annoying. She is a character that is easily grown on and works well with Cade in trying to give him hope.

The film does end in a bit of a cliffhanger with the mid credit scene which opens for a sequel. If that happens, it would be interesting to see the direction the movie takes if this is Michael Bays last Transformers movie. He tends to turn these movies into mindless, loud, action packed movies.

Overall, Transformers: The Last Knight is an awesome film that is everything I expected it to be. Its not meant to have a big depth story. Just a reason to set these big robots to cause mass destruction with car chases, explosions and much more. I recommend if you enjoyed the others or looking for a big action movie.
One of the Worst Films of all Time
With as many talented people involved in this project as there are, you would think that at some point they realized what they were making wasn't so good? That doesn't seem to be the case with Transformers: The Last Knight. However bad you thought the last few Transformers films have been, nothing can prepare you for the abomination of this film.

Hearing about all of the silly subplots this film had beforehand had me very skeptical about Michael Bay's ability to cohesively tell a story amidst all of the CGI-heavy action. Not that any of the last 3 Transformers movies boasted an Oscar winning story, but they at least had some sort of focus. Plus, Bay proved once again with 13 Hours that he can make a real film with real characters. But all of that gets thrown out the window with The Last Knight. Not only is it extremely difficult to get behind any of the character's convoluted motives, most of them don't even deserve to be in the film.

It's one thing to have a few humans ground this bigger than life story, it's another thing entirely to put the focus on the humans and have the Transformers be ancillary characters. This isn't about Transformers at all, it's about Mark Wahlberg's 'Cade Yeager' character being the chosen "Last Knight" and Laura Haddock's 'Viven Wembley' being the last surviving member of the Witwicky family. Because, you know, every important person in the history of humankind has been a secret member of the Witwicky's, protecting the Autobots from the world. Makes sense. In fact, the most popular Transformer, Optimus Prime, is in the film for maybe 15 minutes. Not that these films ever appealed to me, but I didn't go to see a Transformers movie for the humans, I went for the robots.

On that note, Bay duplicates what he's always done with these movies is make some impressive action sequences. It's the one thing I can't really pick apart. Even with that said, the action sequences don't add anything new to the series. Without any emotional connection to the bots or any detailed differences between them, it's all a bunch of nonsensical slow-motion CGI. Speaking of which, the constant slow motion certainly doesn't help with the excessive runtime. Even with Michael Bay coming out and saying it's "significantly" shorter than the last 3 films doesn't change how unnecessary a 2 and a half hour Transformers film is. Cut out the supporting characters who add nothing (Izabella, Jimmy, that physicist guy), remove the Arthurian scenes (because that was a missed opportunity, and god help us please take out all of the misplaced unfunny humor. When the film pauses for the audience to laugh and nobody even dares to chuckle, there's something seriously wrong with the script.

What's the solution here? We know Paramount will continue to make more Transformers films, and rightfully so (they make over a billion), and we know Paramount will inexplicably hire Michael Bay again (BC he's not going to retire). How can they continue to hire a guy who dismisses any nuances in the script with his own racist, sexist, and dated direction? Did they not gather a writer's room with like 10 renowned writers for this film? Well, I think the solution is to just stop going. I should have stopped going after the last film, but I held out hope one last time. As long as Bay is behind these films and directs without any care in the world, then I won't be considered part of the audience. Enough is enough. I'm done.

-Horrible script

-Same old lazy direction

-Unnecessary characters and subplots that make the film feel like 5 hours

-Even the action feels recycled

-Still takes itself way too seriously

One of the best in recent times.
Lunatic and wide scenario, magnificent visuals and effects. One of the best movie in the last three months. It isn't possible to understand such hatred. All the movies that have appeared in recent times were terrible. This movie is a gold in movie rubbish. Better than Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of Galaxy. It was great to watch this after watching King Arthur. New movie will be about the Unicron. It is really embarrassing for such a large scenario, great designs and drawings to hate vomiting. Quintessa's stages are enough to give me 10 points. Merlin saves King Arthur with alien scepter before 1600 years - Cybertron is trying to merge with the Earth from where it is, only in one movie progress.
The Greatest Movie Ever Made
This movie is a master class direction from Michael Bay. It's full of substance and amazing technicality. The visual effects are god like beyond anything Andrei Tarkovsky has ever made. Cinematography is easily a 10/10. This Michael Bay guy is a legend. Anthony Hopkins gives the best performance of his career. Mark Wahlberg is the best ever. I am glad they added the new little Nickelodeon TV kids because they were really important, funny, and added so much to the story! They are all great actors too. It is cool what they did with the mythology, this is certainly a masterpiece and the best film I've ever seen! This film will be remembered as the most important artifact to humanity! It is history in the making upon us! It dives deep into the psychology of why and what makes technology tick and why we should be worried about robots from outer space! 10/10, GREAT FILM. A LANDMARK IN FILMMAKING, FORCE DE TOUR, MASTERPIECE, EXTRAVAGANZA FUN, THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!
Transformers versus Humans? Mess of Battle!
I'm glad to find Anthony Hopkins in this film, Victoria Bay and Monster Mansion!

However, this movie franchise, Transformer was originally created from King Kong series that features mechanic King Kong versus King Kong. It was a work of cinematic renovation not innovation! You should not ignore the origin of this renewed franchise!

UK knights and transformers save the earth from evil transformers who seek reviving evil death star. I'm sorry this plot is not acceptable for me. It is a historical racism that hidden in this hero story. Instead, Seven Samurai is not OK for saving the earth from evil transformers?

I thins it is quite sad that it also heavily depends on CG, computer animations and its relative VFX.

Filmmaking should be more accessible for anyone in the society. It is a device for working class movement not only for prestigious guilds.

What I remember is Anthony Hopkins's brilliant acting!

5 out of 10!
This was the second best in the series
You want drama? Check. You want action? Check. You want stellar special effects? Check. You want a great story? Check. You want a movie that integrates parts of our history? Check. You want to see a movie that will entertain you and be worth the ticket price? Check.

Only a true idiot would rate this move a 6 or under. I see at least 2 movies a month and this was worth my time & money! Can't say that for the so-called blockbusters!
A movie out of even common sense
The movie is made by a teenage writer who cannot even write conversations natural, read part of DaVinci Code, part of Arthur, and watched a Star War movie. Putting everything together without logic, this is what the movie is.

There are more than enough critics on plot and poorly told stories; I'm not going to repeat. But I have to point one character: the Old Man. Who cares what his name is (I didn't get it AT ALL) I don't know what kind of personality Michael Bay want to create. What I saw was a rude, uneducated, changing man with a lot of money. It was so awkward while he dump the famous names into my ears and declared that all those people tried to keep that stupid secret. I don't know what he said "I can't go with you" because he eventually was there, and...just died there.

After 10 min, the only though I had was to see how bad the movie can be. YKW, it's just worse than I thought.
I have never got the hate for these films
The transformers movies are known for being hated. Me I personally think these movies are just fun. That's why we watch them, not for an outstanding Oscar worthy film. I know I am in the minority that I love Age of extinction. So I was pretty excited to see this film. The Last Knight is probably the best since the first! It fixes most of the problems people complain about. The racial stereotypes are lowered by a lot. There is no juvenile humor like the last 4 movies have. There are a lot of less explosions which is definitely a plus. And lastly, don't listen to these critics saying it's the "same movie every time". I really loved the different direction they took the last Knight in. Mark Wahlberg I love, he gives a great performance and has a great character. All the characters were really likable. And the plot, while convoluted, is still very interesting and well written. Like all transformers movies, the CGI and action is fantastic and pure fun. If you like these movies, your going to have a lot fun watching it.
Don't listen to the haters..
The people who liked only Pain and gain from Michael Bay. Don't listen to them. And yes the plot is thin. But it has got it's own perks. It's should be watched in IMAX only. What a visual extravaganza this movie was I cannot express by words. But if you don't like the franchise don't go for the movie and don't write how "I-LIKED-PAIN-AND-GAIN". This movie is for people who goes to theater for fun, live the feature and just don't give a damn about social message and all. It was always and is and will be fun to watch Transformers as long as Michael Bay is there. Don't get fooled by "PAIN AND GAIN" lovers' reviews.

Go for it and have fun.
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