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Drama, Comedy
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Marti Noxon


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Brooke Smith as Olive
Maya Eshet as Pearl
Hana Hayes as Chloe
Retta as Lobo
Ciara Bravo as Tracy
Lily Collins as Ellen
Michael B. Silver as Dr. Weiner
Alanna Ubach as Karen
Lili Taylor as Judy
Keanu Reeves as Dr. William Beckham
To the Bone Storyline: A young woman is dealing with anorexia. She meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.
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A touching movie about a young girl struggling with life, faced with familiar, crushing, yet mundane issues everyone has to deal with like dysfunctional families, social pressures, actions having unintended consequences, etc.

I think too many reviewers here take it too seriously though. It's a movie, you can't really expect it to portray illness exactly the way you think is "correct" and "realistic".

The tagline for the movie is not really accurate... the doctor giving her treatment isn't really a big part of the movie, and the way he treats his patients is not particularly unconventional. I was expecting some Patch Adams stuff but it's was typical Keanu Reeves with his wooden acting. It fit his character, but still, he didn't even appear in the movie that often.

The standout performance of the movie though is Alex Sharp as Luke. He should be a Hollywood star, but I guess he's too busy being a Broadway star and winning Tony Awards. He's great, like a young Tim Curry.

The movie is engaging enough, but then at the end it just sort of fizzles out, with no great denouement. The resolution is subtle, symbolic, like a dreamlike guided meditation.
Not Indicative of what an Eating Disorder is.
Now, this is purely my opinion and if you disagree all the power to you. However, I have struggled with anorexia for most of my life, since I was seven in fact. I was lucky enough to never end up in a clinic, but I do know what they are like. This whole "we won't force you to eat or do room searches" just isn't accurate. If you do get to the point where you have to do inpatient, it's nothing like this. You can expect to sit with others and finish your food in a certain amount of time, and you have to (or say hello to the tube or soylent). You can expect room searches for things such as vomit stashes, diet pills, razors, and just about anything else. Forget trying to secretly burn calories because they will literally sit you down and have some one watch you to make sure you aren't so much as tapping a finger.

On the other hand I think this movie did it's best and I appreciate all the actors and directors hard work. However I really don't think this portrays what living with an eating disorder is like. The control aspect they definitely nailed, how family members handle disorders and inpatient treatment I feel was gravely off. Of course I only have my experience and those that have been willing to share theirs with me.
The difficulties of overcoming eating disorders.
My wife and I watched this as a Netflix streaming movie. It is said to based on real people and real events with some characters composited and some dramatic parts fictionalized. Presumably it fairly accurately reflects what those suffering go through.

Why "suffering"? There is a range of body weights, a quite large range, within which a person can live a normally healthy life. On the low end when a person with anorexia or bulimia gets so thin the body starts to metabolize muscle to stay alive, and eventually consuming vital organs. Then you die.

Lily Collins, mid-20s, is 20-yr-old Ellen. She is from a dysfunctional family, when she was younger her mom left to take up with another woman, her dad remarried but seems rarely present. And step mom is a "piece of work" when it comes to being a good parent.

So perhaps because of all this, or for reasons less related, she has become anorexic. She abhors eating, maybe nibbles a bit, might chew food then spit it out, and keeps losing weight. In desperation her family gets her into a group home for eating disorders under the care of a Psychiatrist who has a glowing reputation for helping those out.

That doctor is Keanu Reeves as Dr. William Beckham. He practices a tough love approach, assuring Ellen that nothing but her own stubbornness is holding her back.

It is a hard movie to watch at times, and in the middle things often move a bit slowly. But Lily Collins is excellent and absolutely convincing in the role. She doesn't have a breakthrough until a dream.
What is the point of this movie?
Other than Keanu Reeves in this movie I can't see a reason to watch it. It's truly a "modern" type of film with the abundance of gay characters and the 20 going on 40 attitudes of the kids in the film along with Keanu Reeves playing the cool Mary Poppins like Doctor.

Ah who am I kidding this film is a waste of time. It tries to make Anorexia look like an actual illness instead of the mental disorder that it is. Physically healthy people willing to starve themselves to death because of a mental problem they're having. One even to the point where even starving an unborn child is some sort of comical casual dinner conversation.

The movie overall is strange and it didn't make me feel sympathetic for people with the mental issue of eating problems it just made them seem self harming and caring little about the people their activities effect.

Can't say that Anorexia a "1st world problem" is something that makes an interesting movie subject because this movie wasn't interesting at all.

You can make a movie about Cancer, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Aids etc. etc. and it can be a pretty impacting and engaging film. The height of this movie is watching people spit up their food and show skin and bones.

This movie is exactly the type of modern day movie you'd expect it to be. Making people with a severe mental illness thinking that their problems aren't caused by them and that they're beating something. You beat cancer, you beat alcoholism, you beat drug addiction,heck you beat the flu... you don't beat Anorexia it's not a virus or a drug addiction to overcome it's a mental problem for psychiatrists to dissect and help people suffering from the mental condition find what's causing them to choose anorexia as a way to self punish themselves by literally starving themselves to death.

This film is like making a quirky movie about people cut themselves and making it seem like it's some "trendy disease to beat" by showing people art and having them change their name. When they should be somewhere in a psychiatric hospital because their behavior is dangerous and can be fatal.
Well balanced treatment of an eating disorder with humor and drama
Eating disorders have been shown in many TV movies before but this is probably one of the best on screen treatments of the subject. Movies like this can be painful to watch and not because the subject is painful but because they are often clichéd and not handled well. This movie is actually very watchable.

The A list cast deserves special mention. Lily Collins shows she can do drama as well as romantic comedy. She lost weight for the role. I wish these actors and actresses wouldn't do this to their bodies it can't be good for them. Although they have won awards, I think Matthew and Matt never recovered without some damage their looks from their weight loss roles. Nevertheless Lily was quite moving.

Supporting cast is good. Tony winning British actor Alex Sharp does a charming and witty fellow sufferer love interest quite well. Lily Taylor as her rather unhelpful but well meaning mother is a good actress but a strange choice - how could she have such a drop dead gorgeous daughter? Keanu Reeves - ever since that rom com with Diane Keaton it seems okay to cast him as a doctor. The dude speak is kind of hilarious.

The story has a good balance of humor and drama with well written dialog. Liked the date in the Chinese restaurant. The family therapy session was quite funny too. Also the part about the Holocaust Museum. The characters are interesting and not clichéd. Liked the fact that she got along with her stepmother who cared for her more than her father. Her rapport with the love interest is quite refreshing - not clichéd.

Worth watching
Shocking but Necessary
It would perhaps sound a little cliché to say this film opened my eyes to the affect eating disorders have on people's lives. But it would be 100% true.

since watching this film I have seen various articles which spoke about a petition to have the film removed online. Some people obviously feel very strongly that people with eating disorders might be affected in a negative way by this film.

However I think it's completely nonsensical to say this film could have a negative impact. It deals with real life issues and show's the very best of humanity and our ability to overcome the worst that life can throw at us.

At the core of this film is a beautiful message that will not only strike a cord with anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder. But almost anyone who has suffered from depression or mental health problem.

I was already a fan of the Netflix original series and films before watching this particular film. However I'd say the importance of this film and the way in which the film was made has made me so excited for any future projects along the same lines.

Despite having nothing bad to say about this film. I will only be rating it 7/10. This is mainly because it's not a film you need to watch twice or certainly in my case. The shock of the film is the main appeal so the first watch and the first watch only that matter. If I had to sell this film to someone in a few words I would say it's shocking...but necessary, a real eye opener and educational to anyone looking to learn about eating disorders
Boring and superficial
This film is terribly over-hyped. Smart, sassy heroine with an eating disorder meets laid back doctor, the impossibly youthful Keanu Reeves. We also meet the usual quirky bunch of recovering/struggling patients at a beautiful, lavish treatment facility that spares no expense. There was something just terribly trivial about 'To The Bone' that disappointed me. There were the hackneyed sad bits, funny bits, but the real horror of eating disorders was really only touched on. Was it glamorised? Not really, but it was made to look a bit like a life choice that wasn't really all that awful, certainly for our smart- talking heroine.There was something terribly detached about it. It never became something that gripped as you watched it. The characters were unlikable and the plot line non-existent. It was 'eating-disorder' film by numbers and not worthy of all the talk around it.
Disappointing, but still worth seeing - an honest opinion from an ED perspective.
To cut to the chase, I wanted to share with you my personal view on the Netflix's latest release:

I feel that it's important to show it from the perspective of a person suffering from EDs of all sorts...
Well that was one of the most amazing films that I have ever watched in my entire life, it was directed so beautifully and was a roller-coaster of emotions. It spoke to me as I myself have had problems with eating and it dealt with eating disorders so beautifully throughout the entire film it was amazing and that's all.
A girl who encounters and deals with the struggle of having anorexia nervosa, a type of eating disorder.
I was deeply disturbed while watching this movie. I suffered from severe anorexia nervosa, and I started watching this to see if they are really spreading the message of how horrible this disease is, but I was disappointed to see that this movie does not entirely depict what having an eating disorder is truly like. It is dark and scary. It is about having to be in control of your calories to a obsessive degree. It is when you are so self-conscious and have such a low self-esteem that you have to go to bed starving because if not you will gain weight, get fat,be ugly, and no one will really want you. I was to the bone. It is not glamorous. It is stressful and addictive and unhealthy. You are literally killing yourself, thinking you are become more beautiful while actually you are slowly but surely bringing your body more into starvation mode as your bones protrude sickly. Nothing funny about it. At all. Also, many people going through this don't really know what they are doing to themselves. I didn't. And trust me, it makes it worse if people around you are getting frustrated and judgy of what you are doing- you just end up feeling worse about yourself. You need love and encouragement. This movie doesn't show this truth. If you know someone with an eating disorder, tell them that this is not healthy for their body and that beautiful is strong, healthy, and happy. Tell them they are enough no matter what, that God has a bright future for them, and that they are not alone. That no matter what they see in the mirror, being fit and healthy matters SO much more than looks. And finally, that they are overcomers. They CAN do it. This disease doesn't own them, and they will defeat any doubts about themselves that they encounter. They are SO priceless, strong, and valuable.
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