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Drama, Comedy
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Marti Noxon


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Brooke Smith as Olive
Maya Eshet as Pearl
Hana Hayes as Chloe
Retta as Lobo
Ciara Bravo as Tracy
Lily Collins as Ellen
Michael B. Silver as Dr. Weiner
Alanna Ubach as Karen
Lili Taylor as Judy
Keanu Reeves as Dr. William Beckham
To the Bone Storyline: A young woman is dealing with anorexia. She meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.
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Gave me an eating disorder
Before watching this film, I thought of myself as a fairly normal individual. But after the depressing, frightening, and often nauseating depictions of the disease I saw on screen, I could not eat the lovely meal I had prepared. It sat untouched on the TV tray. It was two beef burritos, rice and beans, and a lovely salsa made from scratch. Also, fresh guacamole on the side with chips. I let Peter, my dog, have it. Sadly, he threw up all night.

The next day, I could not get the film out of my head. My breakfast consisting of whole wheat toast, poached eggs, bacon, Canadian bacon, ham, sausages, chorizo, oatmeal, and OJ, also went untouched. Which is a shame because I'd just mastered the perfect Hollandaise sauce. I gave it to the dog. Unfortunately, he got diarrhea.

That evening, I again went hungry. Not from the visceral portrayal of eating disorders, but from the indelible stain of Keanu's performance left in my brain. As usual, every line out of his mouth was reminiscent of any given silly person you might know from school or work, when they are doing an over-the-top impression of a very serious person speaking with authority. Surely I'm not alone in this, am I? It was nothing new from him. But later, it was like food poisoning. I couldn't even take a single bite from my extra-large meat-lovers deep-dish pizza with extra cheese. The dog ate that as well. Got sick again too.

It's now been two weeks since viewing this motion picture, and I've not had a single full meal since.

This film, combined with Keanu's style of ridiculous acting, has infected me with a new style of eating disorder. It doesn't even have a name yet, but clearly it's very serious, and very real. I've lost at least 20 pounds, which now puts me at only 293lbs, which for my frame, is rather light, I'm 5'2".

I blame this film, and Keanu, for the negative impact on my health, and the health of my dog.
Boring and superficial
This film is terribly over-hyped. Smart, sassy heroine with an eating disorder meets laid back doctor, the impossibly youthful Keanu Reeves. We also meet the usual quirky bunch of recovering/struggling patients at a beautiful, lavish treatment facility that spares no expense. There was something just terribly trivial about 'To The Bone' that disappointed me. There were the hackneyed sad bits, funny bits, but the real horror of eating disorders was really only touched on. Was it glamorised? Not really, but it was made to look a bit like a life choice that wasn't really all that awful, certainly for our smart- talking heroine.There was something terribly detached about it. It never became something that gripped as you watched it. The characters were unlikable and the plot line non-existent. It was 'eating-disorder' film by numbers and not worthy of all the talk around it.
The difficulties of overcoming eating disorders.
My wife and I watched this as a Netflix streaming movie. It is said to based on real people and real events with some characters composited and some dramatic parts fictionalized. Presumably it fairly accurately reflects what those suffering go through.

Why "suffering"? There is a range of body weights, a quite large range, within which a person can live a normally healthy life. On the low end when a person with anorexia or bulimia gets so thin the body starts to metabolize muscle to stay alive, and eventually consuming vital organs. Then you die.

Lily Collins, mid-20s, is 20-yr-old Ellen. She is from a dysfunctional family, when she was younger her mom left to take up with another woman, her dad remarried but seems rarely present. And step mom is a "piece of work" when it comes to being a good parent.

So perhaps because of all this, or for reasons less related, she has become anorexic. She abhors eating, maybe nibbles a bit, might chew food then spit it out, and keeps losing weight. In desperation her family gets her into a group home for eating disorders under the care of a Psychiatrist who has a glowing reputation for helping those out.

That doctor is Keanu Reeves as Dr. William Beckham. He practices a tough love approach, assuring Ellen that nothing but her own stubbornness is holding her back.

It is a hard movie to watch at times, and in the middle things often move a bit slowly. But Lily Collins is excellent and absolutely convincing in the role. She doesn't have a breakthrough until a dream.
Close to the real thing
When I heard about this movie I was sceptical. I am a male who has suffered from Anorexia since I was 14 (I am 25 now) and have been in 2 inpatient units during this time. I have gone from a weight that literally caused my heart to stop to one that is normal according to society and have recently graduated to become a doctor.

To The Bone starts off with an all too familiar look into the life of someone with an eating disorder in an inpatient unit. Once she is 'let loose' into the world she is clearly no where close to recovery. We get some degree of insight into her life struggling with her condition. Lily Collins is perfectly suited to this role given her eating disorder history. I am slightly concerned that this role may have set something off in her mind to trigger a relapse (if not now, then in the future), but as long as she has been able to cope I am more at ease. The attention to detail into her character's daily life is incredible. From being able to recite calories in foods to the countless hours spent doing sit-ups in her room, I was amazed as to how accurate they wanted this movie to be. In my eyes, it was in no way an exaggeration and could be considered an under- representation as to the daily life of someone with an eating disorder.

As the story progresses the tone becomes a lot more serious. It makes it quite hard to watch at times, because you do feel concerned for the well being of the main character and her family. It certainly made me emotional at times because it re- surfaced memories of things I put me and my family through. Again, this just highlights how eerily accurate the film portrays the condition. I could literally put names of people I met during recovery to the faces of the characters (patients, doctors, nurses and family members included).

Aside from being concerned as to the well being of Lily Collins in this role, the other problem I had going into watching this movie was that it may glamorise eating disorders. However, after the first 10 minutes of watching it I knew this was not the case. It felt a lot more like seeing the world through a real anorexic's eyes.

The other obvious problem I had was that this may be potentially 'triggering' for people with eating disorders. I still have this reservation, however I cannot conceive any way a film like this could not have been triggering. Every person experiences an eating disorder differently and have their own personal triggers. Anything in this film could have been triggering for different reasons. What I know is that those without the condition will receive an invaluable insight into the life of someone with an eating disorder. In a world where awareness for such disorders is certainly on the up, many people still think eating disorders are a 'life choice' and that sufferers should just eat. i hope this film makes people realise the daily struggles of sufferers and that it offers sufferers ambition to recover.
Viewed To the Bone
And I can fully recommend. Keanu is about the best looking doctor I ever saw but he does not overwhelm the cast with his degree of celebrity, although I have often wondered how he magically manages to do that in his smaller roles. This is clearly Lily Collins movie but I will say that Lili Taylor's scenes are very touching and one in particular had me believing and teary which I did not expect. Depending on a given viewers degree of

emotional connection to the subject matter there will be fallout. Can't be helped with such a real portrayal of this confusing illness and the exploration of how it happens and how it is overcome. A nice addition to the Keanu Reeves filmography with skillful portrayals from all the actors that are often comedic and isn't that how real life often turns out?
Lily Collins is spectacular throughout the film
It is a film with a very complicated and arduous subject that people still don't want to believe that this is really happening. This film is too close to reality and helps you understand this intriguing topic from another perspective. It shows you the stark reality nobody wants to see. In my opinion the movie is pretty good, personally I don't like to judge anyone by their looks or by their actions because we don't know what is really happening in their lives. Fairy tales don't exist and we all have problems that we have to learn to overcome however sometimes there are damages that are irreparable. Anorexia and Bulimia are disorders that are becoming more and more common. You are wondering Why? Well, The same society is indirectly responsible for what is happening today. The marketing that forces you to show off a perfect body regardless of the risks that this entails. Happiness and self-esteem doesn't matter anymore. We all want to be accepted by this cruel society telling lies and giving false hopes, this is the discouraging reality that we think we deserve. We all deserve to be happy regardless of whether we are thin or fat. What is really important is the personality and the attitude we use when we are facing the adversities. I think we all have the desire to be better every day, to achieve our goals and to be able to tell our story to our children. With disposition, initiative, courage, approach and self- confidence you can achieve and get whatever you want. We only have the opportunity to live once, we have to take advantage of every moment we have to smile.
Realistic, emotional
I started watching the film slightly sceptical, as shows and films based on mental health *cough*13 Reasons why*cough* have a habit of romanticising the illness, despite still being good.

To the Bone is the first film I have seen that truly captures eating disorders. It also has a realistic representation of cast, mostly young women, but also a male, and PoCs (which are for some reason pushed aside in most MH films). I believe a film like this had to be made, it shows people suffering with eating disorders the reality of it, and educates people who are oblivious, whilst not being too brutal as to trigger or scare viewers. As a previous long term sufferer of anorexia it hit home to see a film I could relate to so well, all the habits shown and the caloric memory, the feeling that the world was going to end if you took a bite of toast, and how it felt like climbing a mountain, were things I used to do and feel. The fact that a lot of the cast and crew have experience with EDs gives a realistic insight into the consuming, terrible, and deadly world it is.

My only complaint is that perhaps the film is not brutal enough, though factual, a lot of the realities are still somewhat softened. EDs are something a lot of people are lacking proper education in just how horrific they are. But I understand the movie was supposed to pull heart strings, not truamatise. Its a truly emotional film, it makes me thankful how far I have come in my recovery and urges me to never fall back. More movies like this need to be made.
More real than most people realize.
Look, most of the reviews here are writing from the perspective of being "mental illness-naive". It's understandable. You are expecting a story, and it's not coming.

Because this is real life. There is no overarching story, there is not (necessarily) a happy ending, no dominant comedy, romance, or victory.

If you've ever experienced an addiction, or an eating disorder (or "control" disorder of any kind), you will find this movie instantly relate-able. The struggles of the characters aren't stated overtly, but shown in the exceptional acting of Lily Collins and those of the family. It's not a one way story, it's not a Greek tragedy. Just maybe, though, we can all hope that the "I'm going to be OK" line will be true for all of us eventually.

We are trying. Watch. Know the struggle. The "blank looks" are not "we feel nothing". It's the "we feel everything but know we can't say anything to help". Just be there.
A believable tale of a complex disease
The story follows a young artist named Ellen (Lily Collins) and her longstanding battle with anorexia. Her dysfunctional family dynamics lead her to live in a group home led by an unconventional young doctor (Keanu Reeves). The people she meets - including a quirky love interest - could be the final push she needs to accept recovering. 

The film came under a lot of heat during its release with critics claiming that it glamorised eating disorders towards a young, impressionable audience.  Casting Lily Collins as our protagonist could obviously have its repercussions, she is an unquestionable beauty with her high cheekbones and perfectly sculpted brows serving as distractions from her wilted and bruised frame in the film. The rest of the cast is distracting too - each coated with their own quirks and endearments, it's easy to forget that this is really just a house full of sick, dying young people who are suffering from a harrowing habit of self-deprivation.

But I believe Noxon had good intentions at heart when she created To The Bone, considering it was based on her own story of recovery. The details of Collins character are impeccable, from the bruises on her spine to her ability to recite calorie numbers by heart. Just like any film based on a controversial subject, audiences will pick and choose what they deem appropriate and that seems to be the case here. 

Ellen's life-is-actually-good epiphany is so closely entangled with her eating disorder that I can understand the critics perspective. Ellen shows all the common characteristics of overly skinny celebrities or fashion icons; oversized sunglasses, black clothes, kohl eyeliner, smoking cigarettes... For young audiences, this kind of romanticism sugar coats the realities of what really happens to the body during starvation - losing your hair, susceptibility to the cold and becoming infertile. 

There's no denying that it has some flaws. It's weirdly indulgent at times (a group dance scene in the rain, seriously?) and I still find it slightly jarring to hear Tumblr actually said aloud. Also don't even get me started on the teepee scene (watch and you'll know what I mean).  But even then, it still wasn't as bad as I was expecting. 

I personally find the criticism a bit overdone. The argument that watching To The Bone would trigger a relapse for recoverers is a tricky one. A quick look at IMDb for 'anorexia films' and 114 titles appear. Its clear audiences have no shortage of disordered eating films to pick from (BINGE by Angela Gulner is a recent favourite of mine). Therefore, this film is inherently no worse than any other film that portrays and arguably glamorizes a disease. With the plethora of gory and dark material on the internet, all a sufferer would need to do is perform a quick Google search to find a muse just like Ellen. 

Claiming media has such a direct and dramatic effect disregards the complexities of such a disease. It's the same old song and dance from video games right? Not everyone who plays violent video games shows violent behaviour, some do certainly, but it probably is more of a sign of their own susceptibility to violent behaviour than anything else. 

In summary, To The Bone is far more watchable than its critics would let you believe. It's incredibly funny at times, dry, harrowing and important to get this kind of conversation going. Collins did a fantastic job fully immersing herself into this role and let's face it, it's nice to know Keanu Reeves is still around. You can be the judge for yourself.
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