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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Marti Noxon


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Brooke Smith as Olive
Maya Eshet as Pearl
Hana Hayes as Chloe
Retta as Lobo
Ciara Bravo as Tracy
Lily Collins as Ellen
Michael B. Silver as Dr. Weiner
Alanna Ubach as Karen
Lili Taylor as Judy
Keanu Reeves as Dr. William Beckham
To the Bone Storyline: A young woman is dealing with anorexia. She meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.
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Boring and superficial
This film is terribly over-hyped. Smart, sassy heroine with an eating disorder meets laid back doctor, the impossibly youthful Keanu Reeves. We also meet the usual quirky bunch of recovering/struggling patients at a beautiful, lavish treatment facility that spares no expense. There was something just terribly trivial about 'To The Bone' that disappointed me. There were the hackneyed sad bits, funny bits, but the real horror of eating disorders was really only touched on. Was it glamorised? Not really, but it was made to look a bit like a life choice that wasn't really all that awful, certainly for our smart- talking heroine.There was something terribly detached about it. It never became something that gripped as you watched it. The characters were unlikable and the plot line non-existent. It was 'eating-disorder' film by numbers and not worthy of all the talk around it.
An Important subject matter that is handled with care
Eating Disorders is a tough subject and you can tell that this subject matter is handled with care in this movie. It doesn't try and glamourize the lifestyle. And writer/director Marti Noxon doesn't shy away from showing you all aspects of what an eating disorder is. Don't expect a Disney channel episode where a girl gets told shes fat by some mean girl. Barely eats for a week. Has one fainting spell and then gets told how beautiful she is and doesn't have to change and everything is rainbow and sunshine again. No, this film actually and more accurately gives you a depiction of how much of a COMPULSION this is. And not even out of a desire to look skinny, but out of a need to have control. Or as a way to numb their feelings. And Marti also goes out of her way to show all these different aspects of eating disorders. I think a lot of people just think its as simple as just not eating food. They don't know think about the constant working out, the calorie counting, hiding barf etc. Lily Collin's character Ellen, puts her hand around her arm several times to make sure its not getting too big. Just little things like that are sprinkled in. And I also appreciated that there was a male patient receiving treatment. You don't see stories of eating disorders with a male perspective too often in media.

One of the things I didn't care for though was the love story. Not only did I not think it was an important aspect for a story about a young woman's journey into getting better. But he was so pushy. I felt their whole relationship was kind of toxic. And in a way, that makes a bit of sense. He is also in recovery and without knowing if he'll be able to go back to dancing, that he would latch onto something else so quickly. He was in a way using her as a crutch, but it never gets properly addressed. And while I understand and agree with some of the doctors methods, I also was quite frustrated with him most of time. Like there's a scene where they are a family therapy session. And it goes off the rails because the parents start to argue over crap that has nothing to do with Ellen. And the doctor later admits to Ellen what a mess it was. But I was sitting there like, why did he let them bicker in the first place then? Overall though it was a well made film and I did get teary eyed a few times. The acting was quite good, but nothing stood out to me in particular.
The ending though
Movie had us in tears a few times. Gave me chills and more insight into the lives of people with eating disorders. The imagery around how family can influence the destruction as well as reconstruction of a person's life captivated me.

I was disappointed with the ending. I'm hoping for a sequel as many questions were left unanswered.

Overall, it was a brilliant movie and I would recommend it :)
Beautiful Miss Lily Collins
I adored this movie so much! It was such a beautiful, real film. I'm happy that I find myself further educated on the subject of eating disorders and the impact they have on today's society. Lily Collins did a phenomenal job playing Ellen. I have so much admiration for her, having gone through previous struggles with an eating disorder and reopening that wound for a film. Kudos to her! The ending where her mom fed her the bottle was such a beautiful capture of a mother daughter love that they never got to experience. Breathtaking.
a decent movie...
Eating disorder is a very serious yet common problem among teenagers. there are not much of the media (such as films or TV shows) that depicts about it. there are a few, but sadly it didn't got much attention. so, when i first heard of this movie, i was pretty excited. and when i finished watching this movie, i was... pretty confused.

no, it's not that the plot that is confusing, rather than the movie's quality. is this movie a better movie about eating disorder? YES. is this a great movie? i don't think so.

Let's start with the acting. well, i'm going to give me praise to lily collins. this is definitely a better performance from her. It showed how much she actually cares about this character and film. Keanu Reeves' performance is weak and at times forced. other supporting actors are doing a pretty good job. even they didn't really develop well, which brings out my main problem to this movie, development. characters which are far more interesting to know is drawn out, by you can guess it- cheap subplot romance.

i do expect a romance from this film when i watched the trailers. but i didn't think it's going to take much time that it drowns out the actual story i'm expecting. the first half of the movie, when the romance doesn't got involved, i'm pretty much in love. it portrays how much our main character is struggling. but after the whole romance got involved, it became unbalanced. those time could be used for actual things to make us feel more about the main character, but it dumbly got drowned out and only slipped by a line or two. i know that too much flashback is a pain, but seeing how this movie focuses on her struggle and journey, could you please at least show us a thing or two that make her struggling? at least, the ending makes it all up, it has some great emotional moments, that scene with her biological mother is somehow works out pretty well.

all and all, it's still a decent movie. and by this, i wish there are more movies about the topic.
Well that was one of the most amazing films that I have ever watched in my entire life, it was directed so beautifully and was a roller-coaster of emotions. It spoke to me as I myself have had problems with eating and it dealt with eating disorders so beautifully throughout the entire film it was amazing and that's all.
Scratching the surface of the surface
I don't really know what this movie wants to be and that is the problem. Romance? Education? Drama? Comedy?

It is trying to go deep but fails miserably. As someone with a long-term eating disorder, I don't think that what they show is real anywhere. And it shouldn't be a fantasy as it is a really serious problem. So anyone with an eating disorder who has not recovered yet may watch this and think: oh well as long as I eat 2 peas at dinner, everything will be peachy. No. It won't. The protagonist doesn't seem to suffer at all, she is making fun of spitting out food or getting laxatives and I don't really see a development in her character at all. Lily Collins lost a lot of weight for nothing. And it is a shame because we would need a great movie about this topic. But this movie is banalizing the problem and it doesn't do any good.
Close to the real thing
When I heard about this movie I was sceptical. I am a male who has suffered from Anorexia since I was 14 (I am 25 now) and have been in 2 inpatient units during this time. I have gone from a weight that literally caused my heart to stop to one that is normal according to society and have recently graduated to become a doctor.

To The Bone starts off with an all too familiar look into the life of someone with an eating disorder in an inpatient unit. Once she is 'let loose' into the world she is clearly no where close to recovery. We get some degree of insight into her life struggling with her condition. Lily Collins is perfectly suited to this role given her eating disorder history. I am slightly concerned that this role may have set something off in her mind to trigger a relapse (if not now, then in the future), but as long as she has been able to cope I am more at ease. The attention to detail into her character's daily life is incredible. From being able to recite calories in foods to the countless hours spent doing sit-ups in her room, I was amazed as to how accurate they wanted this movie to be. In my eyes, it was in no way an exaggeration and could be considered an under- representation as to the daily life of someone with an eating disorder.

As the story progresses the tone becomes a lot more serious. It makes it quite hard to watch at times, because you do feel concerned for the well being of the main character and her family. It certainly made me emotional at times because it re- surfaced memories of things I put me and my family through. Again, this just highlights how eerily accurate the film portrays the condition. I could literally put names of people I met during recovery to the faces of the characters (patients, doctors, nurses and family members included).

Aside from being concerned as to the well being of Lily Collins in this role, the other problem I had going into watching this movie was that it may glamorise eating disorders. However, after the first 10 minutes of watching it I knew this was not the case. It felt a lot more like seeing the world through a real anorexic's eyes.

The other obvious problem I had was that this may be potentially 'triggering' for people with eating disorders. I still have this reservation, however I cannot conceive any way a film like this could not have been triggering. Every person experiences an eating disorder differently and have their own personal triggers. Anything in this film could have been triggering for different reasons. What I know is that those without the condition will receive an invaluable insight into the life of someone with an eating disorder. In a world where awareness for such disorders is certainly on the up, many people still think eating disorders are a 'life choice' and that sufferers should just eat. i hope this film makes people realise the daily struggles of sufferers and that it offers sufferers ambition to recover.
Excellent movie
Bringing you along the life of people with eating disorder and seeing them from their perspective. It's a movie that need your patience as the world of the main character slowly expand and more reasons as to why she has this eating disorder. A great film with a great intention to educate the public about the struggles people with eating disorder going through so that people can relate and be kind to them even though they went through the struggle. A very emotional movie and highly recommended.
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