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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Matt L. Lockhart


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Richard Riehle as Belvin Lee Smith
Joe Monds as Captain J
Luke Guldan as Mike
Ashley Myers as Chrissy
Tara Heston as Diane
Scott Davis as Shackleford West
Floyd Abel as Floyd Clements
Blakely Bunnell as Woman In Woods
Gordon Price as Jenkins Hogg
Joy Glass as Lisa
Jason Mewes as Trailor
A.J. Roberts as Attendant
The Watermen Storyline: A crew of watermen abducts persons in boats to grind their flesh and make bait. Six youngsters have their motor yacht sabotaged and they are stranded in the sea. The crew of a trawler rescues them and they drink spiked water and faint. When they wake up, they learn that they are trapped in an island and they have to fight against the sadistic men to survive.
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Don't watch it...Simple.
I have a chance last Saturday to watch it and man i regret it big time..being slasher freak i like these kind of movies even if they have low ratings but this was something beyond bearable...The thing which annoys you most is the main leads acting.They uttering dialogs without even a little bit of expression and soon you will realize that you are watching a teen comedy rather then a horror movie.I think the makers of this after watching turisates,ferryman and storm warning,mix them and end result is this film.If you want to spoil your Saturday night then this is a treat for you and if you don't then stay away form this.One word..HORRIBLE.
Give a shot, first time film maker.
Awesome flick from first time director. Shooting on location in parts of his hometown. Mr. Lockhart does they area proud and any boost to the local economy is always welcome. Keep at it. Would love to see more of his work. And other reviewers who complain it is like other horror movies, are you serious. All movies are derivative of each other. Get a grip and enjoy something for once. Internet junkies who harp on other creativity need to sit back and relax. Enjoy a film for films sake. No one responds to your constant complaining. Give it a shot.Does what every horror film director should and has a cameo. Way to go Hitchcock. Love Jay Mewes would see him in anything.
The Watermen Delivers!!!
The Watermen Delivers!!!

Loved the story line and locations. Cool aerial shots. Group of college kids go out on a fishing trip then get terrorized by this clan of Watermen. For what it was it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Joy Glass - the Lisa character - is a hot and from playboy - fun seeing her topless all over the place. Great action scenes and I don't believe they pulled off some of this on that low of a budget. Nice to see a film not just be about blood and boobs.

Looks like this film also won a few film festival awards so that's always good to see. The acting was pretty good - believable and in the intense scenes great - but these look like all first timers to me. First time director too. Not bad for just out of the gate. All in all we loved it and even watched some scenes twice.
Pretty bad
Watermen is an uninteresting, uninspired slasher with barebones budget, below par acting and boring direction;

A group of young guys'n'dolls are out and about in a boat, they get a breakdown, and the boat who rescues them is full of cannibals out of a poor copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Watermen lines up - quality wise - with the better "film school" efforts, and for truly dedicated horror fans, there is some interesting material, but for the general (yet still horror-friendly) public there will be little of interest; instead, watch Triangle(2009), or the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974), or any other generic horror, you'll do better.

final vote: 5/10 (not "so bad that it hurts your brain")
Haven't we seen this somewhere before?
Um, like in every slasher movie since the 1970s Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Before I watched The Watermen, I read some pretty terrible reviews on it (and then watched it anyway). Okay, it's no masterpiece, but its overall flaw is its lack of originality. It's about a group of teenagers who go on a boat and get picked off by a gang of mumbling nasty fishermen on another boat who want to turn them into fishfood. Basically, it's Texas Chainsaw on water.

It's very low budget. Therefore don't expect too much gore and any nudity is pretty fleeting.

After watching the film I couldn't really think of anything that bad about it, apart from I've seen it all before - not just once, but dozens of times. It's basically a carbon copy of every slasher film that's gone before it.

Bottom line: there's nothing wrong with Watermen, but there's nothing original enough to make it right.
Awful slasher
THE WATERMEN is one of the most terrible of slasher films: one of those films that's completely fake from beginning to end. The awful script was written by somebody with a tin ear who just has no feel for proper, realistic dialogue; what we get instead are insults traded between a group of jerks, the kind of characters who can't die quickly enough.

The storyline is predictable in the extreme and not dissimilar to the similar Icelandic flick, HARPOON. A group of annoying youths take a boat out into the water, only to find themselves subjected to sabotage. They're subsequently rescued by the crew of a fishing boat who turn out to have less than charitable intentions.

The appalling Jason Mewes unfortunately plays the horrid leading character, who gets way too much screen time. He's surrounded by fat, ageing guys playing the villains and various silicon-enhanced bimbos (who spend their entire time parading around in and out of bikinis) as his associates. The gore, when it comes, is entirely lacking and the film as a whole stinks to high heaven. You have been warned.
Fishing for ratings/stars as it only got 3 from me :(
A bit of a stinker, unfortunately I agree with the majority of the low ratings for this film. It's supposed to be your modern day slasher/horror film with pretty young people and mean bad guys who are stalking them at every turn. The theory is that watermen - or fishermen really - are taking groups of tourists for a bit of an adventure, unbeknown the tourists it's all a big trap to get them and make bait out of them to attract the big fish. A series of events occur culminating in the tourists being trapped on an island only to fight for their lives from the seamlessly indestructible fisherman.

I won't lie, I was drawn into watching this being a fan of Jason Mewes in other roles/films. Unfortunately the Jason Mewes in other films is exactly what appears in this films, it's practically like 'Jay and Silent Bob' had a disagreement and an angry 'Jay' has decided to work to go on a holiday to a horror film - that's how much acting variation you will see, none. The rest of the cast are equally hammy and woody in parts which made the film drag along slowly. Worse than the acting was the stupid story which was riddled with plot holes and mistakes. It's obviously filmed on a low budget but it takes itself too seriously and tries to be "The Hills have Eyes" or "Texas Chainsaw massacre" on water - at this it fails dramatically. Because the film takes itself too seriously despite a bad story there isn't even ironic amusement in this.

I'm afraid this is one of those films which I have watched once and will try to avoid henceforth, it's a "I'm glad I watched it so you don't have to" kind of film. Because I'm feeling generous I'll award a 3 star, if I had been writing this review straight after watching the film I may have been angry and only awarded a 2 so Matt L. Lockhart (director), you got off lucky today.
Watch The Watermen!!!
The Watermen is a horror/thriller about a group of rich kids who end up in deep water (both figuratively and literally) when their boat breaks down and they end up falling prey to a group of torcherous fishermen.

The Watermen is a hell of an achievement from a first time feature filmmaker. This thing is slick, brutal, dark and extremely well shot. It has production value far exceeding its budget. Ambition on par with Hollywood features in the 10-20 million range.

It also has tons of suspense, plenty of nudity, and quite a bit of gore. This is not high-art, but its not intended to be. Its a fun roller-coaster ride that doesn't let up.

Give this flick a chance...
Good movie for fans of slash and gore.
A group of young people sail out on the ocean sea to enjoy themselves. They are later faced with a problem on-board. A crab-boat answers their call for help, but their assumed rescuers have no real intention of rescuing them, other than to use them as crab bait.

This was a movie with a lot of suspenseful scenes. If you are a fan of slasher movies, than this is it. This movie may have you reminiscing about similar movies such as "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER" and "WRONG TURN". Good slash scenes. The gore and splatter, slicing and dicing effects are very vivid and well done for this kind of movie genre.
While it's always weird saying that you enjoy a movie with torture in it (it's only a movie I know), this one easily can be called a torture itself. There are almost no redeeming factors at all. Even if you are a Jason Mewes fan, you will wish he goes back to Kevin Smith (or vice versa) and they start making movies together again. Let's just say his output alone has not really got me excited.

But it would be unfair to put this all on his shoulders. He is trying, though even he can't help but burst out sentences that not only make no sense, but are completely insane. Some nudity and some good (not that many though) blood effects will not cover the mess up that this movie leaves behind. And I don't think the end will surprise. It shouldn't
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