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Drama, Thriller, War
IMDB rating:
Doug Liman


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Aaron Johnson as Isaac
John Cena as Matthews
Laith Nakli as Juba
The Wall Storyline: Two American Soldiers are trapped by a lethal sniper, with only an unsteady wall between them.
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A million people a million tastes
I would give it a 6.5. I wouldn't watch a movie below 6.5 so this just cuts it. Just like my Summary (title). It's a nice idea, the actors do a good job and the plot is interesting. The ending is far fetched but it doesn't matter to me as it just states the main idea and is more of a metaphor.

*spoiler-ish comment*

I really liked the idea of the enemy sniper figuring out where and what he hit making the protagonist think he is the best sniper ever, demolarizing him.
Could have been great, but fails badly.
So... This could have been a great movie. Had all the elements for it, could have been a Phonebooth in a war setting. Unfortunately it's just not a good movie. There's no character development and the lead actor (Isaac) is trying his hardest to portray a totally incompetent soldier. As you'll learn in the beginning, they are supposed to be an ODA-element. There's just no way ODA guys would get into a situation like this (trapped by a single Iraqi sniper), and if they did they wouldn't whine about it like Isaac. I mean, the whole movie Isaac is freaking out and making bad decisions. How would this guy ever get into an ODA-element? And then the ending... the single Iraqi sniper takes out two helo's? Right right, sure. You would almost think the director tried to make an Isis promo video. It's far from a good or even a realistic movie. Can't recommend it at all.
Super movie,but disappointed a little bit with JOHN CENA'S role.It would be great if director extends the role of JOHN CENA,anyway overall movie is super.I had one question in my mind i.e.. Is there any next sequence to the movie THE WALL, because the LETHAL SNIPER in the trash is not dead yet.If the next sequence will be getting ready up it would more excited to the audience from all over the world.Thank you to all the CAST & CREW.Please leave a message to my mail if there is continuation of this movie. THANK YOU IMDb
Pathetic propaganda from hollyweed jerks
This was a pretty good movie until right toward the end, and the end SUCKED!!! WHY would hollyweed think it's a good idea to make a pro-iraq movie??? Could it be because of their "resistance" to the current President??? YES... Could it be because they hate this country??? YES AGAIN!!! Sure would be nice if one of those jerkoffs actually did a tour in iraq, but NO ONE in hollyweed has the balls!!!!
Lets hope no war veterans or soldiers see this movie. First of all, i cannot understand why anyone, like a SNIPER, would carry binoculars they KNOW "fogs up" now and then. Just because good memories of his DEAD partner? And how anyone can spot anything if they just zoom across the horizon so fast that the image gets blurry, is beyond me. Now these 2 "soldiers" look so gritty and dirty and experienced, that it is shocking to see their panic and feeble fumbling when something actually happens. The amount of dust and dirt on their clothes, weapons and faces is just incredible.

A pipeline is being built. All (some?) of the construction workers has been shot, along with their body guards ? 2 soldiers (our heros) are hiding in some bushes, looking at the bodies. WHY ARE THEY THERE ? Are they part of the "protection" for the construction workers ? Are they sent to investigate ? Did they just stumble over the scene by accident ? Do they have ANY orders ? They have been there for 20 hours, where is their relief ? Why is there not anyone coming in armored trucks to clear out the area and get the pipeline built ? Why do they not contact headquarters and ASK what to do ? Maybe they could get a drone in to spot for them ?

So: WITHOUT CALLING HQ ON THE RADIO, the big soldier gets fed up with sniping, walks in to the open and gets shot. The little one then starts breathing heavily, and fumbles around with his equipment like a total noob, before he does the same. Does NOT call for help while hiding in the bushes, oh no, that would be too easy. The little one manages to get in cover, (whatever cover may be, when you have no clue where your enemy is), behind this "wall", a pile of bricks and rock that would provide very little protection in reality.

Of course their mysterious enemy has shot his water bottle and radio, while he was running around in circles in the open, so he has no water, and no means of calling for help. Luckily, he does not need the radio, because by a MIRACLE: the rescue team calls him up on the intercom (short distance radio) and little soldier has no suspicion and proceeds to tell how his situation is, he is wounded and his buddy is shot and probably dead, all while breathing heavy, rolling in the dust, crying, and screaming Feck Feck Feck constantly. At this time i was hoping he would get shot more, because then maybe he would die faster.

Then he frantically hammers a hole in the wall to peek out, and nearly demolishes his shooting finger when the wall collapses. Of course there is no rescue team, only the psycho (with a radio) who shot the water bottle and knocked the antenna off the radio, ON THE MOVE, FROM 8-900 yards away.

Psycho is sitting in a pile of dung and waste, and has probably no hurry getting back to his hut for dinner, even though he must have been there for days.

Now he want to scare the little soldier. But hey, little soldier manages, with his little retar*d brain to figure out where Psycho is, because of the background noise on the radio, from metal sheets banging against each other.

If I had to sit and snipe in a waste pile for days, i would certainly put a stop to any banging metal sheets in my environment. That would just drive me crazy.

I had to stop watching the film, it was just too stupid.
A film more for Iraqi's then Americans
I was over in Iraq during the time the real Juba was active and this shi¥bag or shi¥bags was never more then 500 to 800 yards from his targets. I say bag or bags because it was never confirmed that it was more then one guy. More over, 90% of these losers kills were of troops on post or in a convoy. Any troops on foot and this shi¥bags were faraway and running after there first shot. Dudes did what any idiot markmens could do against a large military force in his own back yard. This movie blows them or him up to be some epic sniper who's picking his targets from what looks like 1500 to 2000 yards away with what ? A M24 ? A M90? First off, a M90 is a .50 and those can reach out that far BUT lol it isn't going to wing you. It's going to take arms and legs off you and the real Juba's didn't use a M90. They also didn't use a M24 and the real M24 isn't that accurate or capable of shooting out that far. It's a 800 yard rifle with the .308 and varies between .300 win and .338 lapua.

In short this movie pisses me off because it paints the picture that ANY Iraqi was actually this smart which NONE and let me say that again NONE WERE EVER THAT SMART. The best snipers I saw were mercenaries bought and paid for BY iraqi's.
No regrets here....
John Cena is not only good on the microphone in WWE but he is also a really good actor. From start to finish I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. Obviously no movie is a 10 in actuality I'd bring these ratings up to a 7.5. I am sure there were some internet trolls bringing the score down because of who and what.

Not many movies can get away with one scene but the wall did. I didn't even get up Togo to the bathroom once. I was surprised how quick in got out of the theaters. I guess the trolls work for the bigger movie companies and needed the theater space
Psychological Cat & Mouse Game
I saw "The Wall", starring Aaron Taylor_Johnson- The Kick_Ass movies, Shanghai Knights; John Cena-Daddy's Home, Trainwreck and the voice of Laith Nakli-24:Legacy_tv, The Blacklist_tv.

This is a psychological cat and mouse game that takes place at the end of the Iraq war. The war is officially over but someone did not get the memo. Two American soldiers, John-a sniper-and Aaron-his spotter-are sent to investigate an ambush at a secluded oil pipeline. When they arrive, they find dead bodies but no signs of any attackers. That is when they start getting shot at. John is hit and falls where he stood but Aaron gets it in the leg as he makes it to a minimum amount of cover behind a crumbling wall. John doesn't move so Aaron doesn't know if he is alive or dead-or maybe just trying to stay still so he doesn't get shot again. Aaron then hears a voice over his radio, telling him that help is on the way. But he soon learns that that is not the case, and he is actually talking to the Iraqi sniper, Laith. It seems that Laith has been luring soldiers into ambushes and then picking them off. Aaron and Laith have lengthy discussions over the radio about various things-war, personal things, etc.-and then there is the dilemma of how things will end; will real help arrive in time to help or will they be ambushed, too? It's rated "R" for language and war violence and has a running time of 1 hour & 25 minutes. It was interesting but I don't think I would buy it on DVD-one viewing was enough-but it would be a good rental.
Train them, and they will betray

The idea of this movie is not new. Real war is all about tricks and be- trail.

Same here, the enemy sniper was trained by the US army. He uses their own weapon against them, brings them to supply him with valuable intelligence and tricks them to come and bring their friends.

So, be careful who you arm and train... Sometimes the price is high.

Acting is quite good in general, and I liked the ending, which brings the idea to its peak.
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