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Drama, Thriller, War
IMDB rating:
Doug Liman


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Aaron Johnson as Isaac
John Cena as Matthews
Laith Nakli as Juba
The Wall Storyline: Two American Soldiers are trapped by a lethal sniper, with only an unsteady wall between them.
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Pathetic propaganda from hollyweed jerks
This was a pretty good movie until right toward the end, and the end SUCKED!!! WHY would hollyweed think it's a good idea to make a pro-iraq movie??? Could it be because of their "resistance" to the current President??? YES... Could it be because they hate this country??? YES AGAIN!!! Sure would be nice if one of those jerkoffs actually did a tour in iraq, but NO ONE in hollyweed has the balls!!!!
Psychological Cat & Mouse Game
I saw "The Wall", starring Aaron Taylor_Johnson- The Kick_Ass movies, Shanghai Knights; John Cena-Daddy's Home, Trainwreck and the voice of Laith Nakli-24:Legacy_tv, The Blacklist_tv.

This is a psychological cat and mouse game that takes place at the end of the Iraq war. The war is officially over but someone did not get the memo. Two American soldiers, John-a sniper-and Aaron-his spotter-are sent to investigate an ambush at a secluded oil pipeline. When they arrive, they find dead bodies but no signs of any attackers. That is when they start getting shot at. John is hit and falls where he stood but Aaron gets it in the leg as he makes it to a minimum amount of cover behind a crumbling wall. John doesn't move so Aaron doesn't know if he is alive or dead-or maybe just trying to stay still so he doesn't get shot again. Aaron then hears a voice over his radio, telling him that help is on the way. But he soon learns that that is not the case, and he is actually talking to the Iraqi sniper, Laith. It seems that Laith has been luring soldiers into ambushes and then picking them off. Aaron and Laith have lengthy discussions over the radio about various things-war, personal things, etc.-and then there is the dilemma of how things will end; will real help arrive in time to help or will they be ambushed, too? It's rated "R" for language and war violence and has a running time of 1 hour & 25 minutes. It was interesting but I don't think I would buy it on DVD-one viewing was enough-but it would be a good rental.
don't mind negative comments decent thriller
this is Doug Liman

The Bourne Trilogy were the best yet, and The Edge of Tomorrow was geniously directed, now a sniper thriller and a decent one.

All negative commenters do not know anything about sniping and naturally can't emphatize the plot. should have read a little something about sniping and then go see the movie (if they have a habbit of reading)

Aaron Taylor Johnson is convincing enough and does most of the work, and the sniper, he is an unstoppable force.

the character development, issues that the lead actor suffering, the landscape and spot, the technicality, all very well crafted.

if you like a new experience on battle films go see this one. if you have ever played Ghost Sniper you have to see this one.
Stupid moments ruin everything
This movie really did have the potential to be great. The story was right, the tension needed just a hair more and it would have been on the money. I wish we could have dropped the bad accents from all parties if I'm being frank about it. but the worst was the TERRIBLE moments portrayed by the Sniper team. If you know anything about the military EVERYTHING this team did was so wrong and obviously stupid it makes my damn head hurt. I didn't really get an anti-American feel from the movie, but I did get a hint of sentimentality for middle-eastern insurgents that take up arms against the U.S. Military. Again I say this movie had potential, but the ending was DUMB as hell, the actions taken by the "U.S. Team" were so blatantly wrong, it was hard to watch.
This film tells the story of two American soldiers, who are stranded in an Iraqi desert, with an enemy sniper hiding somewhere in the vicinity trying to kill them.

Apart from a few dead bodies and a few soldiers appearing for the last thirty seconds of the film, the film has only got two actors in it. Keeping the story going and the thrill Alice is a challenge, and this film successfully does both of these. The desperate situation the soldiers face is well portrayed. Death lurks just around the corner, and both the soldiers and the viewers know it. Paradoxically, Isaac almost wants the sniper to be there, so there is someone for him to talk to. It is an understandable but sad situation. The ending is powerful, as the emotions get shifted quickly from one end to the other.
Watch till the end!
Thoroughly enjoyed this. The movie seems like it drags in places, but don't be fooled, it's all part of the end ploy! Keep watching and you will discover a movie that has good and evil set straight in it's sights. But rewards those patient enough with a grand diversion of the 'typical' good vs evil that is well worth the wait.

A 'classic' (diversive) edge of your seat thrill ride.
Not Anti-American
First off, most of the one star negative reviews are from people who saw this film as anti-American (whatever that is) and pro-terrorist. I disagree, I think it tried to show throughout the long tête-à-tête between the American sniper and the Iraqi sniper that they both have viewpoints in which they tried to justify their positions. Something that has always been lacking in both national and international politics, as well as each individual's personal everyday views on any subject. Trying to see that another viewpoint has justification is, and has always been, difficult. People have always taken advantage of this propensity shown by such phrasing as "If you're not for us, then you're against us." Second, I do agree that some of the scenarios were a little too set up such as at that range a sniper shot to a zigzagging water bottle, antenna, and knee is a bit much. But, I suppose it was just to set up a scenario where the dialogue plays the pivotal role. Also, our wounded American should have immediately communicated to the heli rescue (and they should have known) that the sniper would target them (so fly low in the other direction). Third, anybody who has been in a fight if given the opportunity to talk to their opponent soon discovers that they have a pov too.
The Wall (2017)
No this isn't The Great Wall with ponytailed Matt Damon. Its much better anyways. Doug Liman is quite solid as a filmmaker. The first Bourne film is the best out of the lot, and Edge of Tomorrow was fairly creative and engaging. Here he brings a small budget, a tiny cast, and a single locale. Yet this film brings an enormous amount to the table in terms of tension, sufficient writing, and gripping action that revives around acting for survival.

The film follows two soldiers who watch over a site for pipeline construction. The sergeant is shot down by a hidden Iraqi sniper, while his spotter runs behind a wall after being shot in the leg. The spotter (played by a really good Aaron Taylor-Johnson) must not only try to save himself but also his sergeant while communicating with an extremely dangerous and accurate sniper. The thing about this film is that its minimal in production yet offers so much.

I'm very impressed with ATJ this year. He was the best part of the excellent Nocturnal Animals and is very convincing as Isaac in this film. The film is a really thrilling survival film that specializes in tense moments, substantial character development, and a riveting game of cat and mouse. You never even see the sniper in the film but wow is he a menacing force. The film is short and doesn't overstay its welcome which really works in its favor. Its also not as predictable as one would think.

I'm most impressed by the fact that a film that I expected absolutely nothing from ended up being worthwhile. It's not going to win any awards or earn plaudits but it shows the strength of its lead actor and the strength of Liman with such limited use of pieces. Definitely worth a watch and remains fresh enough to avoid being a bland Iraq-American war film.

Train them, and they will betray

The idea of this movie is not new. Real war is all about tricks and be- trail.

Same here, the enemy sniper was trained by the US army. He uses their own weapon against them, brings them to supply him with valuable intelligence and tricks them to come and bring their friends.

So, be careful who you arm and train... Sometimes the price is high.

Acting is quite good in general, and I liked the ending, which brings the idea to its peak.
Not really sure where this was supposed to be going.
Look forward to a great beginning, an even greater middle.

That's where the buck stops for me.

This could have been so much better, I thought by the middle of this film I was in for a nice little finish to the story, instead it fell apart, like what a crock of s*** man, I mean come on this was seriously going places and just like that it was as if the writer or director was shot and the film died on its backside, the ending was just dumb. I'm not having it not one bit, it sucks when films like this have great potential and fall apart towards the end. Watch this film to witness a nice little current vibe of late but only to be disappointed as it falls apart much like the title .. ..the wall isn't much of a wall at all more a few good bricks and no cement to hold it all together. Shame.
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