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Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Jenna Mattison


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Christopher Lloyd as Clinton Jones
Alex Braunstein as Young Boy
Jane Moffat as Kelly's Mom
Richard Gunn as Ethan
Rose McGowan as Kelly Johansen
Michael Eklund as Detective Richards
Stephen McHattie as Grandfather
Michael Giel as Kidnapper / Dead Man
The Sound Storyline: A supernatural skeptic sets off to debunk paranormal sightings using low frequency sound waves in an abandoned subway station and is met with unforeseen evil and eerie memories.
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Abysmal acting
Could they have picked a more terrible actress? Wooden as they come. She even had a stupid hack job haircut. Awful acting from her and the opening scene is terrible. Everything is out of place and really stupid.

Atrocious movie. Avoid it like the plague.
Nothing you never seen before
Well the movie start good but ends up losing its touch quickly.

Its nothing you never seen before and its been done a zillion times before b movies, hand-held, don't believe in ghost but are proved wrong, ghost are evil..... etc......

Rose Mcgowan is the lead role she debunks ghost myths, and has an internet following, she receive a case in a metro station in Toronto that is suppose to be hunted,now its weird because i live in Montreal and lots of people committed suicide by jumping on the rails or in front of the metro and they never close the station for that, but this one event happened in 1966 and the station as been closed since? She ends up going to the station and nothing new, she starts seeing things ghost, apparitions, bees, and the more and more things happen she realize that ghost are real, and that the metro station leads to a asylum for mentally ill patient, who got experimented on.. and now the ghost are not happy about all this..... end of story.......
I like to think of watching horror movies like going on first dates: Does it have a likable personality? Is the memory of this film going to stay with me till the next night? Is it something I can go back to watching and still enjoy?

With The Sound, the only thing I'm left with is the thought of what it could have been. I could not be disappointed if I didn't have somewhat high expectations for it. The title is sufficient to pique my interest. I would have been satisfied if this was about a particular creepy sound. So many horror movies rely on visuals that it would be very refreshing.

It starts out promising: a campy little story with likable faces. But you soon realize it runs far too long for the punches it packs, which are barely a handful. Your mind starts working overtime to entertain you where the movie fails to, which includes not only imagining how different scares could be built up where there aren't any, but also poking fun at the vague and rushed plot. All this makes the movie a disappointing watch.
Might as well be The Absence Of Sound
The Sound is a supernatural horror thriller in which Kelly Johanson (Rose McGowan) debunks myths about ghosts and the supernatural using measurements of low frequency sound waves. She reports her findings on her blog/website and invites people to recommend places which she should visit and prove that there are no ghosts. As a result she finds herself at an abandoned train station in Toronto where a woman committed suicide in the mid 1960s. And the plot thickens from there as Kelly is soon faced with apparitions haunting the abandoned station. Her sanity starts slipping and the question is whether she will manage to save herself and get out alive.

Whilst the premise and the first third of the movie were relatively interesting the rest went downhill quickly. Or should that be slowly since the movie starts dragging on and the story becomes more convoluted and less believable. In the end it's hard to care what happens as the viewers have probably lost interest. The ending feels rushed and there is a scene with hundreds of moths buzzing and flying around the abandoned station. To my knowledge moths don't sound like an angry swarm of bees. That just seems to have been added to include an irrelevant jump scare. Or wake the audience. The acting is more or less okay but nothing special. The supporting actors (Christopher Lloyd and Stephen McHattie amongst others) are fine but are not given enough screen time to make an impact. Overall the movie ultimately fizzled out.
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