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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
C.A. Cooper


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Roman Kemp as Jake
Mike Powell as Shopkeeper
Maria Popska as Lost Spirit
Rose Parker as Cherub
Stuart Nurse as David Clarke
Lily-Mae Hebbes as Forest Child
Renate Morley as The Spirit
Emma-Marie Cooper as The Ghoul (as Emma Cooper)
Dan Paton as Carl Weston
Nathan Brine as Forest Man
Eaoifa Forward as Alice Clarke
Rachel Warren as Lizzy Abel
Fin Banks as Forest Child
The Snare Storyline: Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.
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Honestly, do not waste your time.
Honestly I'm not one for bad reviews BUT this movie was such a waste of my time. Usually I would check before-hand IMDb's rating on such a movie but this one I was totally unprepared for. The acting was so awful and the story-line, oh the was such a mess. I'm not sure what all of the other viewers gained from the movie to have such high ratings but for me personally this movie just doesn't cut it, AT ALL. I absolutely love my horror movies and know a good horror movie when I see one, this to be quite honest just reminds me of those poorly made movies that have gruesome blood scenes with pretty woman that try to amplify the movie. FAIL.
Survival movie set in the UK. Probably in Devon.
A survival movie, kind of like The Martian but not as difficult.

The characters are very whiny. Especially Lee Sharpe. The main girl was strange and always tried to egg the guy on. The blonde girl was lazy and didn't offer anything.

There were 2 main messages behind this movie. 1) team work and 2) not to rape others.

If at any point they pulled together as a team, they could have put their heads together and figured a way out. There were at least 3 ways of escaping. One was to break the door down. Taking turns to damage the door over a few days, until eventually weak enough to kick down. If they worked as a team, they wouldn't have ended up how they did.

Secondly, if the guy didn't try to rape, he wouldn't have got killed by that cable. Also, if the girl didn't get raped by her father, she wouldn't have been messed up. No good comes from raping others, and it should not be done under any circumstances.
What garbage
You would be better off going to the bathroom for an hour and half than watching this movie. You would get more out of it. That said, the story is about 2 women and a man that go off for the weekend and get trapped on the top floor in their room. They start seeing freaky stuff that is really pointless basic nonsense. Since there is no real plot to follow the movie is unnecessarily gross to try and add something to a weak plot. But what drives you crazy is the fact that there is multiple obvious ways for the 3 to try to escape. If you are starving and about to die, try anything but laying around!!! They could use the linens, clothes, and other things to make a rope to go down a few floors at a time. They kind of do this but drop it, but there is still clothes and sheets afterward, HERE'S AN IDEA: TRY AGAIN AND DON'T DROP IT THIS TIME. OR just go down one floor, open the elevator doors and climb or slide down the cables. YOU ARE DYING, STOP LAYING AROUND. The building must have failed fire code because they have fire, SET OFF THE FIRE SYSTEM. When they had water, flood the room until the rooms below all flood. At one point the man beats on the floor with metal but just can't get through. Later after he is killed for attempted rape. The girl cuts him up with an electric knife to eat him. REALLY!!! You have an electric knife and haven't tried cutting through a wall or the floor with it, after a month of laying around dying. It goes on and on.... This screams of the girl running away from the monster past the obvious running car and into the woods. I don't know who gave this good reviews, must have watched a different movie.
WOW!! Truly horrific!!....A well put together tense, taut, thriller.
So many layers, so much going on, difficult to take it all in on the first watch. Certainly requires a second viewing.

If I had to be really critical I would say that I feel like maybe they should have tried harder to find a way out of the apartment and should have tried to find alternate exit routes. It felt as if they gave up a little too easily....but then again, this is no ordinary scenario, since there is this evil demonic force manipulating things from below the surface.

My partner and I talked for ages afterwards trying to unravel what it is that actually dwells in the apartment and whether or not it was real or part of some strange fantasy concocted by the main character.

Don't watch whilst eating.....felt so sick watching parts of it but totally worth it.

Ain't gonna be able to put this one out my head or a while.
Pretty, but also pretty bad.
Honestly I feel like there might be two different movies out there, because I didn't see the one these glowing reviewers did!

The good: It was a very pretty movie. The cinematography was nice, and it seemed well-made. The score was lovely, as well. I was able to watch the entire thing without shutting it off, so it wasn't the worst I'd ever seen. I liked one of the characters, and genuinely felt for her at times. I liked the premise, it was an interesting situation. I liked the uncertainty of whether it was paranormal or psychological, though I think they could have pressed that further in either/both directions.

The bad: The movie was needlessly gross, with unnecessary amounts of maggots, puke, and diarrhea. I have a strong stomach, so it didn't bother me so much as it made the whole movie seem like it was trying way too hard. Two of the three characters were pretty one- dimensional, though it was clear the writer tried very hard to add depth with a weird backstory that went nowhere. The other character had almost no dialogue, and was mostly seen laying around. Some of the dialogue was very cheesy, it was impossible not to notice that they were going off of a script. The plot was completely unfocused and felt incomplete. There was lots of gazing off mysteriously into the distance, which seemed like an attempt to come off as artsy but ended up feeling vapid.

Also, I kept seeing ways to escape or get help that they didn't address. The water was turned off from within the apartment, surely a pipe could have been broken open (which, by the way, could also have attracted the attention of the caretaker); they could have built a fire on the balcony to signal for help; there was plenty of fabric and clothing around to create another rope after the first one was dropped; they could have shimmied down the rope to the apartment below and repeated, there was no need to make one long enough to reach the street (dangerous, but surely a better option than murder and cannibalism, right? Not to mention another apartment might have more supplies and/or an unlocked door); etc.

There were also lots of questions I had. Why was a spider still alive under the glass after all that time? Why would you scrape a glass along the bottom of the tub instead of drinking from the source directly? Why did their teeth go completely rotten in what was presumably about a month? Why were there so many maggots? Why eat spiders and human flesh, but not the maggots, which would actually have provided protein? Why would an entire building be shut down and still supplied electricity and water? Why would an entire building be shut down like that at all? Shouldn't the "caretaker" have checked to make sure the building was empty before going around locking all of the doors? Was there no fire escape? Why did the guy have the strength to rape two women and not to fight for his life (you'd be surprised what adrenaline and the body's response to choking can do)?

Also, uncooked pasta is delicious. One of the characters made a fuss about it. I know that's not a real complaint, but I wanted to include it. :P
The movie poster wrote a check those actors couldn't cash
Not scary. Not interesting. Not remotely entertaining. Don't even bother. The story line was all over the place and the constant flashbacks and cutaways made it incredibly hard to follow. While watching i came up with at least 101 ways of escaping the building instead of resorting to eating rotten chicken and eating my boyfriend . It was truly an hour and a half of my life i regret spending on watching this abortion of a movie. If your a horror buff then id say stay away. If your a fan of dissecting psychological movies like your in 9th grade English class then go ahead and enjoy this joyless, thrill void and horror void film.
Not scary and not very good.
Having just walked out of the very hyped La La Land after the abysmal opening number I decided to try and scare myself back into appreciating films. Unfortunately I once again believed the positive reviews and was suckered into watching (well OK I was on my phone after a very short while) the meandering pointlessness of this dreary and uninspiring dirge. Now I have seen some truly awful films and also refused to watch the majority of many (Death race 2050 being one) but I mostly don't bother to review them unless the reviews are ludicrously generous. If you like horror films then just don't bother with this as it is not scary at all (unless you are a microwave oven, but you would have to watch it, or find someone else who has, to understand that comment). Avoid - you have been warned!
Horrifying for all the wrong reasons......
Its alright to have a limited budget, its alright to have a simple setting, but that's all that alright about The Snare.

This film is horrifying for all the wrong reasons. For starters the characterizations are, for the most part, dismal. There's the truly repulsive boyfriend and his slightly less repellent, "blonde" girlfriend. The other female character comes across as more refined and intelligent. Its an inexplicable match up, that just doesn't make sense. Perhaps aside from the suggestion that she might be an abuse victim. That said, her association with her train wreck "friends" really does not make sense.

The spooky atmosphere is alright and the scares are OK but really the whole film is pulled down markedly by the cheesy characterizations. Its hard to take them seriously and general "ickiness" of two of the three leads makes it hard to really vest in them and their welfare when things turn sour.

Some reasonable acting let down by flawed characterizations and limited, rather bland, story development. Four out of ten from me.
Movie kills my motivation to watch it with just the background sound.
I got 18 minutes in before the combination of bad jump cut editing, sound (CONTINUOUS CHEWING OF SOMETHING AT ALL TIMES BY AT LEAST ONE ON SCREEN CHARACTER), and nonsensical overacting killed any desire I had to watch it all the way through. I only recommend this movie if you're in serious need for background noise during some sort of other activity or if you're extremely inebriated. I couldn't see myself getting through this movie even if I were on ALL OF THE DRUGS AT ONCE. I would rate it lower than a 1 star if I could but that was not an option. Good luck to all future attempts to watch this video, may your mind be distracted by something else other than how awful this movie is.
As boring as being stuck there with them
Three young people-- congenitally uncomfortable Forward, her best friend Warren, and Warren's crude boyfriend Paton-- enjoy a secret and illicit holiday on the top floor of an unused resort. Their first morning, the elevator stops working (as well as the emergency stairs' door). Then, the nightmares start.

The Snare actually starts off strong (and in the closing camera-work, Cooper finally shows what he could have accomplished had he put his back into it.) But this film, which is primarily about 3 people's boredom, is itself just as boring.

The characters throw their hands up helplessly very early in the film-- despite having access to much that they could use to try to escape, from fire, to water, to heavy toilets. This film could have chronicled their descent into helplessness, echoed in the transformation of his set, but Cooper's characters are helpless from the beginning, and his movie is static because of it. Forward's initial discomfort is believable, and suggests the potential for transformation-- but no, she never moves past her unease, and Cooper never gives her the opportunity to deviate from the single expression she wears throughout the film.

What about the supernatural element? The creep value? The earliest scenes are good, but The Snare runs out of steam fast, quickly settling into a junior high level of creep, down to the hackneyed phrases carved on the walls, down to the junior high notebook art.

The first thirty minutes of The Snare aren't bad. But the last sixty aren't only bad, they're unchanging. And it's such a shame, because in that first thirty minutes lies the potential for a great film. I'd recommend passing on The Snare.
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