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Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
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Stanley Kubrick


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Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance
Shelley Duvall as Wendy Torrance
Danny Lloyd as Danny Torrance
Scatman Crothers as Dick Hallorann
Barry Nelson as Stuart Ullman
Philip Stone as Delbert Grady
Joe Turkel as Lloyd the Bartender
Anne Jackson as Doctor
Tony Burton as Larry Durkin
Lia Beldam as Old Woman in Bath
Billie Gibson as Old Woman in Bath
Barry Dennen as Bill Watson
David Baxt as Forest Ranger #1
Manning Redwood as Forest Ranger #2
The Shining Storyline: Signing a contract, Jack Torrance, a normal writer and former teacher agrees to take care of a hotel which has a long, violent past that puts everyone in the hotel in a nervous situation. While Jack slowly gets more violent and angry of his life, his son, Danny, tries to use a special talent, the "Shining", to inform the people outside about whatever that is going on in the hotel.
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Great Horror Masterpiece
Kubrick's The Shining will go down in my book as the best horror film ever, even beating The Exorcist which I thought was great. First off, the story makes for such a great horror epic. It stays pretty loyal to the book and did not disappoint me for a second. Many people complain about the pacing and how slow it is, but I believe that even heightens the terror when some real climax scenes happen. Jack Nicholson is absolutely incredible in this. I can't think of another actor that could have done a better job than him.

If you have not seen The Shining by now, I urge you to do so.

Great Horror Classic.
Possibly the greatest film Kubrick ever directed. Although the adaptation from the book to the film isn't correct, those variations turned the film into a whole new concept. Besides from Kubrick's great directing, and somewhat psychological torture of the cast, Jack Nicholson and more importantly Shelley Duvall helped Kubrick make this film what it truly is, a masterpiece.
One of the few films that impressed beyond my best expectations
Besides the fact that my list of favorite movie makers is: 1)Stanley Kubrick 2)God Allmighty 3)the rest... this movie actually is better than the book (and the TV miniseries though this is an easy feat, considering the director). The flawless filming stile, the acting and (Kubrick's all time number one skill) the music - make it THE masterpiece of horror. I watched the TV miniseries a few years ago and liked the story and I had my hopes about this when I got a hold of it. IT BLEW ME AWAY!!! It is far better than I ever imagined it. It starts slow (Kubrick trademark) and has a lot of downtime that builds up the suspense. The intro scene is a classic by all means and I watched it about 20 times just for the shear atmosphere it induces to the whole film. Also the film doesn't offer a lot of gore (it has just enough and it is by no means tasteless) a trend that I hate in recent day horror films. Just watch it!
What is Idiocy?
The fact that this movie is even in the top 1000 movies of all time, much less the top 250. That, in fact, crosses over the line from Idiocy to pure Lunacy, or worse. Someday, this disturbing race of mutated movie goers who have been dubbed "Kubrickites" by Pentagon scientists will die off, as their numbers are already dwindling. Until then, the rest of us simply must tolerate them, and correct them when necessary.
As a stumped writer...
As a stumped writer is in the midst of "writer's block", Jack decides to sign a contract stating: he would be willing to take care of the Overlook Hotel for the winter. With the pen to the paper, and signing the contract, Jack has the idea and motive that taking care of the Overlook Hotel will help him push through writers block and help him continue his profession amidst the struggles his family deals with amongst each other. As time continues to tick, the block remains with Jack for an extensive sequence of time, leaving him stressed and more frustrated each minute that passes by. Jack is a recovering alcoholic who isn't too focused on the "recovering" aspect so much when the stumped feeling he's struggling with leaves him sitting in the Gold Room, acting crazy. Throughout the movie, Jack becomes more insane and chooses to make some irrational decisions. We also are introduced to Jack's wife-Wendy, and his son Danny. Danny is psychic and having disturbing visions throughout the movie, because of the hotel being haunted. Although disturbing things happen with Danny, this is not the main focus of the movie. Where Jack is insane and mentally ill, this becomes the focal point. Throughout the movie we see how unethical and immoral it is that Jack's justifying many issues and events that many "normal" people wouldn't choose to participate in. As the wife thinks her son, Danny, is just "hurt"; she thinks it would be best to take him to the doctor's office. She decides to confront Jack and let him know she wants to take him to the doctors. When she goes down to the main lobby-where Jack seems to always be working on his book- Wendy comes across the pages he has been writing through their stay at the Overlook Hotel. When Wendy looks over his work, all which is written for pages, states: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." She automatically sees and feels that there is something wrong. As Jack discovers she may have found his secret. With much chaos going on throughout the movie, it only adds to the suspense and excitement that we expect to come from a movie such as this.
Another Visual Treat From Kubrick
When this came out on DVD, I gave it another shot, after not being too impressed with the VHS the first time. Wow, what a difference! Now, it's on Blu-Ray and it's really fantastic - the best yet! This is a "must see" in high-def.

I found it to be very entertaining, very suspenseful and a visual treat. Those visuals were so good that I didn't mind the slow pace. Jack Nicholson was perfect for the role. Shelley Duvall was fascinating with her "Olive Oyl" face, smile and soft voice. She got panned by a lot of people, and that was unfair. She's fine. The kid (Danny Lloyd) was good, too, as were the supporting players.

The film is typical (director Stanley) Kubrick weirdness but not as weird as some of his other stuff. The only things I personally didn't care for were two blasphemous outbursts by Nicholson and a general unpleasant feeling seeing the innocent Duvall and son terrorized near the end. I did think, story-wise, that Nicholson's character went "crazy" a bit too fast. That could have been drawn out more....but I'm not complaining because I genuinely am fascinated with this film.
The Shining is More Than a Horror Movie
Anyone can make a horror movie. Throw in some blood, gore, a chainsaw, and mask… suddenly the most basic movie script turns into a box-office hit. No author understood this concept as thoroughly as Stephen King. By unintentionally monopolizing the genre, he created an era of cheap thrills and paper-mache horror. With titles like Pet Semetary and Cujo the Demon Dog to his name, it's no wonder that people scoffed at The Shining when it was first released. A man is trapped inside all winter and he goes nuts from cabin fever. So what?

Where others saw cliché horror, Stanley Kubrick saw potential. He manipulated the plot so that the main character's insanity, driven by isolation and supernatural forces, became intrinsically lined with marital abuse, unrequited love, and premature domesticity. By radically deviating from the original story line, Kubrick has transformed The Shining into something much more than a horror movie. It is now a study of of humanity, dehumanized and defeated, starved and beaten, tempted and tortured, by forces within and beyond.
Kubrick+Nicholson= A successful horror movie!
Though Stephen King is proclaim the Master of Horror in literature, Stanley Kubrick uses everything to make his last movies from sexual fantasies, racial slurs, sadistic madmen and realistic behavior to mess with the human mind. Though "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Full Metal Jacket" were two of his last films, the third of his last movies "The Shining" is a masterful movie of drama and straight execution of psychology to make you have nightmares.

Jack Nicholson is Jack Torrance, a writer, teacher and a recovering alcoholic who has an arrangement to meet with managers at a hotel plantation in Colorado where for the next couple of days of his life, he's going to be the caretaker of the estate while starting up a novel. He takes his family, wife Wendy (played by Shelley Duvall) on the brink of insanity while smoking cigarettes and their little boy Danny (Danny Lloyd) who can read things with his mind and see things before they happen and shows expressions as if being abused. After packing and leaving to the resort they meet with the managers and cook Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers) before the workers leave. Dick finds out that Danny can read minds where they both talk to each other afterwards and not to say anything about this to their parents.

Days go by as Jack tries to write his novel but is distracted by everything from his wife's generosity of food to his son's interruption where things aren't what they seem as they live in the hotel longer. Strange things start occurring where Jack starts seeing people that didn't think existed or left the building. Noises are being heard across the hallways. Visions are toying with their minds. And Jack Nicholson starts to lose his mind.

"The Shining" is a great accomplishment in horror movies where not since "Dawn of the Dead" and "Halloween" has a scary movie takes its time to show characteristics rather than cut through the action. Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece is not going to leave anytime in our DVD collection or our minds.
Chilling, supernatural, in a league of it's own
I have not seen many horror films, simply because i never seemed it to be a watchable genre, then i watched misery, i thought i was scared then. But 'The Shining' took me to new levels of psychological terror.

The entire film, works together as one tense, frightening atmosphere. From the moment Jack Torrance says that his family will 'love it', the viewer is plunged into the dark and unpredictable story of madness and blood.

Kubrick uses incredible visual techniques. I find myself skipping a breath each time Danny turns a corner on his tricycle. I found myself skipping several more where Kubrick makes two twin girls seem utterly terrifying.

Enriched with colourful ideas, a closed set (used to amazing effect), fantastic acting and the most memorable madness and supernatural experience you can find in modern cinema.

This fantastic and iconic story, with startling music and fine dialogue remains one of Kubrick's finest pictures
Finally a Horror film that doesn't suck.
I'm not a Horror nut.

But, "The Shining" is one of the few Horror films that I did enjoy watching.

Not only is it a Kubrick(2001 and Clockwork Orange)Movie, but it's also one of Jack Nicholsen's best leading role's I've seen yet.

The story is about a teacher who's now a writer named Jack. He applied to be the Groundskeeper for a Hotel Resort in the mountains during the Winter. They close the Hotel during the Winter because the place would be snowed in and be difficult for the cars to get out. It would cost to remove the snow all the time so closing the Hotel for the Season is cheaper.

Jack got the Job and brings his family along to stay there for the season. Jack feels very honored to get a job like this. His wife is proud of him too. And his son, Danny is looking forward in seeing the place.

Danny has a split personality where he has a bitter half named Tonny who live in his mouth. And has some physic powers too. This freaked Danny's mom a bit but a Doctor said it's nothing too serious.

When they made to the Hotel they get a tour from the Hedge mazed to the lobby and to the Kitchen. This Hotel however is built over an Indian burial ground. Strange things happen in this type of place. Being trapped in a place like this all winter can make a kind man become a serial killer.

I never read the book but I enjoyed this movie a lot. It's one of the few Horror/Thriller movies I consider "cool". Has some great moments, great dialog, and a cool ending. It's something I can see again and again.

I recommend it to all the Kubrick, Nicholsen, and Stephen King Fans.
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