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Crime, Action, Adventure
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Simon West


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Thomas Kretschmann as Rayt Marius
Melissa Bolona as Guest Star
Ian Ogilvy as The Fixer
Yani Gellman as Doyle Cosentino
Enrique Murciano as Inspector John Henry Fernack
Roger Moore as Jasper
Jason Brooks as Captain Miller
Adam Rayner as Simon Templar
Kirsty Mitchell as Mrs. Templar
Greg Grunberg as Detective Garces
Beatrice Rosen as Katherine Valecross
Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm
Sammi Hanratty as Zooey Valecross
James Remar as Arnold Valecross
Oliver Bell as Young Simon Templar
The Saint Storyline: International master thief, Simon Templar, also known as The Saint, is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter. However, in addition to evading the authorities, Simon must face a dangerous adversary from his past.
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honestly not that bad
To all those people that may dismiss this film please give it a go. It is a good film for the whole family, especially if you remember the original series. I know there a few comments against but we no longer live in the 1960/70's so things change. And to be fair its a far better adaptation than that thing in the 90's starring Val Kilmer. All I will say is just give it a go and don't be swayed by comments for or against, and lets face it Sir Roger Moore agreed to do a cameo so he obviously thought it was worth it. Also there's another James Bond in there lets see who can spot him without looking at the cast list
A Generic Take on a Classic Hero
Simon Templar, known by the moniker "The Saint", first appeared in the 1928 novel "Meet the Tiger". It wasn't a great book but it was an entertaining read featuring an intelligent and disheveled thief who liked to help out where he could. Starting with the next three novellas the author Leslie Charteris, who wrote The Saint, morphed him into a suave, well-dressed, flippant, and usually an on-top-of-things criminal who robbed the "ungodly" and gave away all but a fraction of what he stole to charity. To this character life was a game. He lived for excitement and loved nothing more then to befuddle the police (which is more where his charitable offerings stemmed from rather than a desire to do good). But the thing that stood out the most about him was that while he was a great fighter he preferred to use his intellect to bring down his opponents.

While none of the adaptions of "The Saint" come close to capturing the epic qualities of the character found in the novel series (and this is epic in the most literal sense), at least the Roger Moore adaptation and a couple of the others managed to reflect it well enough. This one is an entirely different story. This Saint is far too serious about everything. Where his novel counterpart would have made up a limerick to annoy his enemies this "Saint" stares them down and spits out a generic one-liner every now and then. Which leads us to the biggest problem of the entire movie. It is generic. There is not a plot twist or characterization that has not been seen a dozen or so times before. The hero is generic. The action is generic. The Villains are generic. And the love interest is especially generic.

The novels weren't perfect, and anyone who read them knew how they would all turn out, but they were fun. This wasn't. While the first book "Meet the Tiger" has been out-of-print since the 80s. All the other books can be found in nice new trade paperbacks or even on kindle. This reviewer recommends that one reads either "Enter the Saint" or "The Saint Closes the Case", or watch the 1960s TV series with Roger Moore, but forget about this adaptation which features a "Saint" less three-dimensional than his iconic stick-figure logo.
I grew up watching a lot of the original shows when they were new.
I grew up watching a lot of the original shows when they were new. The Saint with Roger Moore was a favorite. I enjoyed this modern take on an old classic I didn't watch it to compare it with the original. I watched because I liked it and it left me wanting to see more so I have tried to see if there was more but alas doesn't look like it is picked up as a TV series. Just another book with unfinished chapters. Val Kilmers take on the Saint was vomit worthy. For those who didn't enjoy it there is a lot worse you could have watched before this adaption of the Saint Cheers and thanks for reading
Hard to get The Saint right
To know The Saint one must be truthful to the source material. The Saint as a character is brash, abrasive, annoyingly intelligent, and driven by a set a principals to do the right thing, even if "right" in any given instance is stealing, murder, or any other action that on the outside is technically a crime. "The ends justifies the means" is a kind of MO for The Saint, which creates a sort of dilemma - especially in the west - where we tend to regard all individuals - good and bad - to be subject to the same rules. But, is it really a crime if the subject had it coming to them? Such is life of The Saint - getting rich while sticking it to the bad guy. Or saving the girl. Or righting the wrong. Or insert cliché' here. Fun stuff all around.

Unfortunately, most of the texture of The Saint is lost in attempts to portray him just as a lovable, quip-flinging, thief. A sort of James Bond type who always has something witty to say at the right moment. Anyone who has read any of the Charteris novels would strongly disagree.

Which brings us to this latest attempt to put Saint on film. All the elements are there but watered down and cliché'd to the point of atrophy. Although this is the most lovingly adaptation attempt since the Roger Moore days. In short, I like this Saint, but the film won't get out of it's own way. There's been a strong push in Hollywood in recent decades to use technology as a panacea to whatever problem the antagonist might come across. Sixteen-inch steel vault door? No problem - just hack that sucker and in you go.

It gets real old real fast.

We want to see our heroes solve problems, not have them solved for them by inexplicable (and non-existent) technology. In the days of the original Saint - the 1920's and 1930's - you still had to do real detective work to solve mysteries. Now all one needs is a tablet and a wifi connection and you can tell everything about anything anytime anywhere.

Where's the fun in that?

So far as this film is concerned, this Simon Templar is more like the real Saint since Roger Moore - so watch it for that. Otherwise - or in addition to - go find a copy of Meet the Tiger and enjoy the real Saint.
Interesting but disappointing attempt to revive The Saint
After the truly awful 1997 rendition of The Saint, it was entertaining to watch something that actually hearkened back to the early Charteris novels with Patricia Holm, and mention of a various police entities across America and Europe who want Simon Templar arrested. The banter between Rayner and Dushku is pretty good; and (spoiler alert) it's all the more amusing to have two former "Saints"—Ogilvy and Moore—as villains aligned against him. But it feels like a pilot episode for a series where Templar will forever be chasing after "The Brotherhood", and that really wasn't him at all. That's the trouble with all of these reboots: they can't just let Simon Templar be Simon Templar, the thief who steals from thieves.
Like a Fake Oil Painting but Painted By The Numbers
It was with some reservation that I decided to view the latest version of The Saint, having watched the original TV version as a young person. Remakes often cannot live up to the original.

And that is true here too.

After a few minutes it was clear that this movie is but a series of tropes (e.g., Russian bad guys, rogue nuclear bomb, Arab terrorists, FBI good guys, etc.) strung together with an unimaginative plot. Moreso, I got the feeling that this was intended to be a pilot for a series, or at least the first installment in an arc. This production did not deliver, though, and no more should be made.

Good looking actors do not make a great, or even good, movie. And that summarizes this effort well, as the actors, the sets, the accessories, all *look* like what they are supposed to be for their designed roles in this story. Yet there is no there there. No engaging dialogue. No emotion. No real intrigue.

In the end, it all comes off as one exercise for people with nothing better to do.
The Saint
I absolutely loved this Movie ! I enjoyed it so much that I had to go see it a second time. I would love this movie to become a series with the original actors from this movie . I would gladly watch this series weekly and recommend it to all my friends and family if this should happen . I will be keeping fingers crossed that this movie becomes a TV Series !!!
Roger Moore all the way
It's a difficult path to follow, in the footsteps of a legend like Roger Moore as the Saint. If you haven't watched it in black and white, you must. Roger Moore could speak many languages for real and his Volvo was just too special. He was suave when suave hadn't been invented yet. He never had to show off or be impolite. This action flick tries to check all the modern boxes and is as predictable as you could ever imagine. The cast definitely seems a bit B level for sure, but there wasn't much to work with in plot or settings. It feels like a cheap TV show. The greatest fault though lies in failing to capture the Saint feel. The little Saint sound effects grow tiresome and rapidly lose their effect. Val Kilmer was far more intense and personal. This is fluffy and silly. Watch it while cleaning the floor or something equally important.
Roger Moore will always be The Saint. This film is OK
I love The Saint and often watch several episodes at a time. From the 1962 black & white and into the colour versions finishing 1969. I enjoy them all but there is no way you could make a new version of this show because it was of it's time. Today you can't go around saving ladies from danger and being a Gentleman Adventurer, it is just not believable in today's world so he required a purpose. It is stylishly shot but does lack the glamour of the original, probably down to the fact it started as a TV show then made into a movie.. They even sort of had a slight update on the theme tune occasionally playing in scenes. One of the reviewers said the years haven't been kind to Roger Moore, he was 89 and I would like to know if any of us are going to weather that many years as well.

As a stand alone 2017 update it is OK and I will leave it at that.

RIP Roger and thanks for all the marvellous entertainment you have given me and my Dad over the years.
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