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Crime, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Simon West


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Thomas Kretschmann as Rayt Marius
Melissa Bolona as Guest Star
Ian Ogilvy as The Fixer
Yani Gellman as Doyle Cosentino
Enrique Murciano as Inspector John Henry Fernack
Roger Moore as Jasper
Jason Brooks as Captain Miller
Adam Rayner as Simon Templar
Kirsty Mitchell as Mrs. Templar
Greg Grunberg as Detective Garces
Beatrice Rosen as Katherine Valecross
Eliza Dushku as Patricia Holm
Sammi Hanratty as Zooey Valecross
James Remar as Arnold Valecross
Oliver Bell as Young Simon Templar
The Saint Storyline: International master thief, Simon Templar, also known as The Saint, is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter. However, in addition to evading the authorities, Simon must face a dangerous adversary from his past.
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Like a Fake Oil Painting but Painted By The Numbers
It was with some reservation that I decided to view the latest version of The Saint, having watched the original TV version as a young person. Remakes often cannot live up to the original.

And that is true here too.

After a few minutes it was clear that this movie is but a series of tropes (e.g., Russian bad guys, rogue nuclear bomb, Arab terrorists, FBI good guys, etc.) strung together with an unimaginative plot. Moreso, I got the feeling that this was intended to be a pilot for a series, or at least the first installment in an arc. This production did not deliver, though, and no more should be made.

Good looking actors do not make a great, or even good, movie. And that summarizes this effort well, as the actors, the sets, the accessories, all *look* like what they are supposed to be for their designed roles in this story. Yet there is no there there. No engaging dialogue. No emotion. No real intrigue.

In the end, it all comes off as one exercise for people with nothing better to do.
Mix emotions
I was very anxious and happy to see that new "Saint". Especially since the original one, Roger Moore, was behind that project and played a small cameo in it. Here's my disappointment: A) we don't have a new remastered original theme intro. B) Very bad casting for the main character "Simon Templar". I"m sorry but Adam Raynor doesn't have any charm at all compare to Roger Moore and even Ian Ogilvy. C) The beginning of the movie, where a movie is suppose to put you in context and introduce who's who... takes too long. Makes you wonder where all this is going and make hoping the hole movie won't be as doll as that. D) A few poor stunts... unless it was the camera angle that was not appropriate for the shot... or the problem was made when editing the movie. E) Speaking of editing... to movie could have been made tighter. 100 or 105 minutes would have been better then 120. F) It might be just me but it was strange to see in a 2017 movie, hi-tech, computer, laptop and everything but with on screen software that look form the 90's. And finally.... G) the sound track did not help the actions sequence... it was missing kind of a "dangerous and urgent factor" to it. So yes i was disappointed, maybe i expected too much. It was either a question of budget, or someone did not really wanted to see that project succeed. In any case if you want to watch it just make sure you are not even a tiny bit tired otherwise you'll fall asleep pretty quick. Always loved Roger Moore and still do. May he rest in peace.
A Fun Ride
IMHO, no one can ever replace The Saint himself, Roger Moore in the title role, and the series. But this incarnation has its own charm and fun. Adam Rayner brings his own style and interpretation, giving a fresh take on the classic. Watch it without attachment to the original series, then you can enjoy it for what it is. I most certainly did and so glad I watched it.
Yes, it is that bad.
Honestly, i read some of the reviews here and some people must really have low standards, or must have been getting paid to write a positive review. Acting is barely better than soap operas. I hope this never reached the theaters, because even for a TV flick, this is rather bad and if i had to pay to watch this, i'd feel scammed.

I did not know of the bad reviews before i started watching (i just saw the film pop up on Netflix and was expecting something like the Man From UNCLE etc...), and before the movie was 20 minutes underway, i had already mumbled to myself what crap it was. By minute 30, i was thinking how bad the movie would be reviewed on IMDb and i came here. I expected it to score around 3.5 (currently it's at 4.7).

The acting in the scene where the daughter is kidnapped, when she's outside calling her dad because she's angry with her (step)mom... the mom's acting in her response to the daughter was the moment i decided to write a review. The stepmom's performance, also later in the movie when she's being questioned by The Saint, really is "Joey Tribbiani" master class acting. On the bright side, it really gives people the idea that anybody can become an actor.

The story is something for a cheap video game movie adaptation straight from the late 90's. Editing (montage) is bad, script is all over the place, as if it were written by a 10 year old. Cliché upon cliché (but not in a funny way), with situations were problems are solved with naive solutions.

It's not the worst movie i've ever seen, but it certainly tries to come close. So i'll still give it a 3 out of 10. Because i'm in a good mood.
honestly not that bad
To all those people that may dismiss this film please give it a go. It is a good film for the whole family, especially if you remember the original series. I know there a few comments against but we no longer live in the 1960/70's so things change. And to be fair its a far better adaptation than that thing in the 90's starring Val Kilmer. All I will say is just give it a go and don't be swayed by comments for or against, and lets face it Sir Roger Moore agreed to do a cameo so he obviously thought it was worth it. Also there's another James Bond in there lets see who can spot him without looking at the cast list
Shames a great show
I believe this is the pilot episode filmed 4 years ago and farmed out to networks in the hope of being picked up to series. All i can say it that the networks made a good decision this time and steered well clear of this poor attempt at reviving the classic Roger Moore show. It clearly has 'made for TV' written all over it with cardboard sets & panto villains. It's a shame that the lovely Eliza Dushku got involved with this rubbish, this is one to be avoided at all costs.
A modern Robin hood
It's a good movie because the storyline didn't give me a heart attack. The characters were very carefully chosen but one thing how the heck He got his beard back in the last scene.the movie didn't explain it not even with a single dialogue. The girl was so bad ass giving me the "Girl Power" vibes throughout.
Interesting but disappointing attempt to revive The Saint
After the truly awful 1997 rendition of The Saint, it was entertaining to watch something that actually hearkened back to the early Charteris novels with Patricia Holm, and mention of a various police entities across America and Europe who want Simon Templar arrested. The banter between Rayner and Dushku is pretty good; and (spoiler alert) it's all the more amusing to have two former "Saints"—Ogilvy and Moore—as villains aligned against him. But it feels like a pilot episode for a series where Templar will forever be chasing after "The Brotherhood", and that really wasn't him at all. That's the trouble with all of these reboots: they can't just let Simon Templar be Simon Templar, the thief who steals from thieves.
Really not great
I watched this with my family, and quite honestly, I want that time back. I could've watched YouTube, I could've found something else, hell, I'd rather have watched a supercut of all the star wars prequels where every character was replaced with JarJar Binks. It was bad. Atrocious acting, cheap sets, and sheer monotony were the real stars of this show. There wasn't a cliché too bad for this poor adaptation of an older show. Russian bad guys, stolen nukes being sold to the highest bidder, blatant ignoring of the laws of physics (gold is heavy. You can't throw several bricks of it into a backpack you casually sling over your shoulder) there's the overdone love interest, the use of "technology" to deal with any challenges that may arise for The Saint. I have never seen the original show, but I can only imagine that this "movie" was a disgrace to its memory. I was bored out of my mind during this mind-numbing collection of action movie tropes, and spent the time wishing there was a way to make it more palatable. But alas, I couldn't think of anything, so now I must warn others not to make my mistake. Don't watch this movie.
The Saint
I absolutely loved this Movie ! I enjoyed it so much that I had to go see it a second time. I would love this movie to become a series with the original actors from this movie . I would gladly watch this series weekly and recommend it to all my friends and family if this should happen . I will be keeping fingers crossed that this movie becomes a TV Series !!!
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