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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Mauro Borrelli


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Wesley Snipes as The Hunter
Elisha Kriis as Eva Kapoor
Niko Pepaj as Rob
Megan Pereira as Rachel
Dane Bowman as Alditch
Tracey Hway as Kara's Mom
Edward Gin as Young Scientist
Reid Anderson as Fireman
Vicellous Reon Shannon as Astronaut Jackson
Graham Shiels as Prisoner Romanovich
Sean Millington as Colonel McAllen
Benjamin DeWalt as Cop #1
RJ Mitte as Brendan
Laura Bilgeri as Annie
Guy Griffithe as Dr. Lawrence Manning
The Recall Storyline: When five friends vacation at a remote lake house they expect nothing less than a good time, unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass-abduction.
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Not Worth Spending Time On
A below average movie due to multiple factors, but mainly due to the glaringly obvious inexperience of the cast and writer(s). I do not include Snipes in that category, however he does not have much screen time, possibly under 15 minutes, and other than some exposition and some violence, doesn't have any time to do much else, obviously signing up for the desperately needed paycheck. The characters were not fleshed out in the least, making the characters forgettable and therefore excluding any emotional attachment from the viewer that could make you care about anyone in the story. And that is the fatal flaw in this movie, you simply don't care about the characters, mainly due to the poor writing, but also due to the poor acting. I will only briefly mention the fact that when you see glowing reviews from what are obviously people associated with the production, then 99% of the time the movie is a dud, and this movie falls within that percentage. In short, watch this movie at your peril, as you will no doubt regret the time you wasted.
Eye candy, a twist on alien visits, with action and Wesley Snipes
I am a creepy horror alien film buff. I would have paid to see this movie in a theater as the effects would have looked great on a big screen. If you want entertainment, this is it. It is different, I usually can predict a film, couldn't on this one. It draws you in, the actors are believable and the director did a great job. If you want entertainment, a bit of a suspense and a lot to talk about after watching, this is the movie.
Someone paid me 10$ to write a fake review
I do not understand where all the fake reviews come from to be honest, and most of the movies coming out theses days you will get fake reviews mostly from the first day the movie is out.

In a day and age where you can stream most movies for free or even download them, what is it worth. Wait a while and you will be able to buy this movie in the bargain bin at Walmart for 4$.

The point is this movie is direct to DVD, and no one will pay 30$ to buy this new, so in the end fake or not no one makes money out of this.

I tough that after expendables 3 Snips would have a sort of regain in popularity in is career but i guess it was a one time deal and he is back making B movies. Really bad B movies.

Not sure what happened to this guy, after Blade.... but he sunk the new low now.

I gave this movie a try and stop watching after the 45 minute mark glad it was part of a free rental since i rented 3 movies third one is free.

The special effects are good its the actors that are really bad, the dialog is awful and so on.

Surprised it was not made by the Asylum.
Not much happens.
I like Snipes, couldn't care less about the rest of the cast, I like Sci-fi, the plot is more of a footnote than a script, it makes little sense and provides a theater for people acting the way they do with no real result. It mixes some suspense, sci-fi, slasher elements, but so little, and it's so bland...people and events come and go, then the movie ends. Entire movie feels like padding. Not boring, but definitely unfulfilling.
Nice Idea Poorly Executed
"The Recall" is a sci-fi movie that takes a "been there; done that" premise and puts a different and new spin on things.

Five friends embark on a weekend trip to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for some fun. Unbeknownst to them, the world is under an alien attack and the aliens are looking for certain specimens, i.e. in the form of humans. It seems they want to create the next lineage of people who will inhabit this planet. This premise worked. What didn't work is what you had to go through from point A to point B. Saddled with people who constantly whine and pine about love lost and a Wesley Snipes character that seems thrown in for no reason, those involved simply managed to destroy what could have been a nice little film.

Now, for those of you who gave the film one star because a "homer" reviewed it and gave it 10 stars...SHAME ON YOU. Do you think this is the first time that's been done? It's called promotion. I never go to a movie because it got great reviews. Face it, it is ultimately OUR decision--after we see the movie--to decide what is great and what sucks. Was this particular movie great? Oh, heck no. The plot had some holes you could put your fist through! But to savage it simply because you are offended by tactics used to promote it...well, I think IMDb should have qualifications for people to meet before they can comment on a movie.

Rated "R" for language, brief nudity, and violence. This one is a tossup for me.
wow this is such a big time waster sadly why can't someone give Wesley Snipes a better opportunity
come on Wesley Snipes his agents are not giving him noting to do Wesley Snipes a better Opportunity to do a big budget movie the reason why he did this movie reason is for paycheck he got out prison in 2013 did a big action flick Expendables 3 sadly now he got back in B-Class movies come on Wesley Snipes needs to do big budget movies biggest like comeback for his character Blade 4. he got this rubbish role with another actors i don't care for RJ White is worst actor ever from breaking bad god i thought this was more of time waster film it was noting Wesley Snipes has got noting to do he was just chilling around another young actors got more to do then Wesley sad i thought this writing of movie and direction was stupid completely Plot follows you have 5 young people (Laura Bilgeri)Annie, (Hannah Rose May) Kara is boyfriend to Rob,(Niko Pepaj)Rob,

(Jedidiah Goodacre)Charlie,(RJ White)Brendon group of them going vacation at a remote lake house in woods. while Brendon walking around founds a car blood on there's The Hunter (Wesley Snipes)he plays a crazy person scare's the crap out of Brendon they run. now Wesley Snipes doesn't do much doesn't say much he didn't get much to do a lot to do it's sad i am tried of people well he is B-Class actor it's not reason when you have someone in movie a big actor famous know for anything else give them something to do Wesley Snipes has very sadly given noting to do sadly for fans i am a fan of Wesley Snipes die hard fan Blade franchise, Passenger 57, Money Train, Art of War, New Jack City, Murder of 1600, white man can't jump, Demolition Man, Expendables 3. jeez why in gods name just give Wesley a better movie give him a big role a big movie, not this in this movie his character got so disappointed he play's kinda of dick of character his character named Hunter never known his actual character name. but his just chilling his not real doing anything in movie. Kara looks at window got her strange. then this is most stupid scene of movie Rob shoot his girlfriend Kara thought it was Alien or something then rush's to Basement trying to revive her ??? he shoot her in stomach i am like she didn't drown then For some reason Rob turns himself into a freak i am like OK i don't understand he turns into a bad guy try's to kill his friends. then aliens takes him out you have moments when Wesley Snipes is their their not much still you have scene moment when he catch's alien act's so cocky his character was a astronaut longtime ago he went to mars in planet then he got catched from aliens then he doesn't remember noting he makes strange symbol signs around his body i am like OK ?? just looks stupid that what will explain the story no spoilers this

movie is not much just characters made stupid decisions ending god it's so dumb like it's like group of 5 guys 3 guys 2 girls turns Them self's like Chronicle this isn't much it's so noting special it's dumb made it's silly writing of movie made Wesley Snipes like a freak like a cocky person saying his old lines saying sissy and hasn't giving much lines to say and talk that much he is not really in this movie he is in it there and there not like given lead role actor. i thoughts Aliens looked OK not best looking but OK the inside of ship where 5 group friends were looked pretty good setting in film. they didn't show much aliens to movie. i thought this was poorly made film how does this movie got 5.1 ??? i never will understand why this movie should have gotten lower rating to tell this movie is so bad giving this 2 stars just for Wesley Snipes i am a big fan of him but this role he doesn't deserve this he deserve a bigger role a bigger movie a big comeback like Expendables 3 (2014) but now back into this B-Class movie doesn't mean he is a B-Class actor ?? he can comeback in a bigger role movie these days Wesley Snipes is doing B-Class movies got out of Prison to do Expendables franchise and now this crap come on director of this movie sucks ass haven't jack crap. this movie for Wesley Snipes fan is not highly recommended my friend gave me ticket to see this movie at theater because he wanted to see it and end of day it sucked just a rubbish movie has ever been made in my life. don't waste your time for this movie unless you love Wesley Snipes or your seeing it for free.
The movie is fun, and fast paced
The Recall stars Wesley Snipes as a reclusive hunter with a past. He runs into a group of kids on their way to a weekend getaway. We soon learn that there's more to snipes than meets the eye. He's had run-ins before, but of a different kind. The fourth kind to be exact. Snipes prophesies the return of a dangerous alien race, hell bent on genetically modifying the human race for unknown reasons. Snipes' performance is great. He's a fun, half crazy, half brilliant hermit looking for revenge. It's really satisfying to see him take care of alien trash, Blade style.

The movie is fun, and fast paced, with a story that actually brings up some interesting questions as to what it means to be human. The twist at the end will leave you thinking about who the 'bad guy' really was.
Oops They Did It Again - Aliens Strike No. 1.000.507
Well, lots of fake reviews (all those super reviews I checked got only one review... one account rated The Godfather 5 but The Recall a 10...) The Recall got Wesley Snipes in it and that's mostly about it - sadly he has just too little of screen time. The plot is about an alien invasion and some "twist" in the end - a melting pot of recycled ideas. The production quality of the movie is of good TV-scale. I rated The Recall 1 because of all those fake reviews and ratings, my real rate is sth like a 3, in good mood and with a Snipes' bonus a 4, but tbh, I cannot think of anything why I would recommend this movie to someone.

Only recommended for the absolute ultra-die-hard sci-fi nerd and/or Snipes fan who has to watch everything.
Really fun little Sci-Fi film!
I was completely oblivious to THE RECALL until just last week, but happy to report I found it leagues ahead of the typical independent Sci-Fi--horror fare.

While made on a smaller budget, the director has managed to craft a terrifying and surprisingly innovative new Sci-Fi flick. It starts off with a bang and then kicks it into hyperdrive once the aliens arrive. You really feel the desperation and paranoia consuming the main characters as they struggle to survive the night.

Excellent performances from all the young leads and a shocking, you'll-never-see-it-coming ending make THE RECALL a must-watch this summer! Can't wait to see what's next for this director!

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Scify horror, very familiar but well done
Nothing we haven't seen before ( see Extrterstrial ) but done with prettier people. The guys all look like Amocrombie & Fitch models, ladies just as lovely. Solid tech, decent work on both sides of the camera. OK for a popcorn/ sofa flick- I just find that a film containing this many tropes titled THE RECALL very amusing. Good to see Snipes chewing some scenery. I. J. S.
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