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UK, Germany, France, Poland
Drama, Biography, History, War
IMDB rating:
Roman Polanski


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Adrien Brody as Wladyslaw Szpilman
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
Frank Finlay as Father
Maureen Lipman as Mother
Emilia Fox as Dorota
Ed Stoppard as Henryk
Julia Rayner as Regina
Wanja Mues as SS Slapping Father
Richard Ridings as Mr. Lipa
Nomi Sharron as Feather Woman
Anthony Milner as Man Waiting to Cross
Lucy Skeaping as Street Musician
Roddy Skeaping as Street Musician
Ben Harlan as Street Musician
The Pianist Storyline: A brilliant pianist, a Polish Jew, witnesses the restrictions Nazis place on Jews in the Polish capital, from restricted access to the building of the Warsaw ghetto. As his family is rounded up to be shipped off to the Nazi labor camps, he escapes deportation and eludes capture by living in the ruins of Warsaw.
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This is one of the best films I have ever seen
This is one of the best films I have ever seen and what it did to me I cannot describe in words. But in a nutshell, it moved me, made me cry, made me feel like I was in the Polish ghetto in 1940, and ultimately made me kiss the sidewalks as I walked out of the theater and thanked God that I live in the free society that I do.

Roman Polanski has proved that he is a great director with films like Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby but this is his crowning achievement. I think the fact that this won the awards that it did at this years Oscars goes a long way to validate the brilliance of this film. I believe that the Oscar's are rigged for the most part and films and actresses and such win based more on their pedigree or business associations than anything else, so when it won best actor and director and adapted screenplay this year, it tells you that it should have won best picture but the Weinsteins seem to have a spell over everyone, hence a charlatan like Chicago takes top prize. Sorry for the digression here but when you compare a "film" like Chicago to a masterpiece like The Pianist, there really is one clear cut winner. They handed out the statue to the wrong movie.

The Pianist follows up and coming piano player Wlad Spielzman from his days as a local hero to a prisoner of war to his time in the ghettos, surviving only by the kindness of strangers. I think many people have touched on this before but what makes this film so amazing and well crafted is because Spielzman is a man that we can all relate to. He is not a hero, he is not a rebel and he is not a kamikaze type that wants and lusts after revenge. He is a simple man that is doing everything in his power to stay alive. He is a desperate man and fears for his life and wants to stay as low as he can. Only from the succor he receives from others does he manage to live and breathe and eat and hide. And this is how I related to him. If put in his position, how would I react? Exactly the way he did. This is a man that had everything taken from him. His livelihood, his family, his freedom and almost his life. There is no time for heroics here. Adrien Brody embodies the spirit of Spielzman and his win at this years Oscars was one of the happiest moments I have had watching the festivities. His speech was even better but that is a topic for another time.

Ultimately it is his gift of music that perhaps saves his life and the final scene that he has with the German soldier is one of the most emotionally galvanizing scenes I've witnessed. With very little dialogue, it is in the eyes, the face, the mouth and the sounds that chime throughout their tiny space that tell you all you need to know. I think it is this scene that won Brody his Oscar. This is one of the all time great performances.

I think Polanski spoke from the heart here. He has taken a palette of memories and amalgamated them with what he has read and given us one of the best films of our generation and any other. I think The Pianist will go down as one of the best films of this century and when all is said and done, Chicago will be forgotten the way Ordinary People was forgotten and when people talk about the film The Pianist, they will do so with reverence and respect. This is a cinematic masterpiece.

10 out of 10
Greatest movie I've ever seen!
This is the best movie that I've ever watched. I definitely recommend you watching this. Adrian Brody, perfect acting. The directors made such a great job, you can enjoy it until the last scene and.... love it until the end. I don't think there will be a better movie coming out.. Go watch this amazing piece of art, you will be satisfied and very happy.
How courage and hope prevails in the face of adversity
Unfortunately, my review contains a spoiler. The Pianist took place when people were being killed because of their nationality, and it tells the story of how Germany carried out the hatred felt toward the Jews almost like Hiltler did in The Holocaust. It is amazing to think of how Roman Polanski must have felt as he produced this film due to the fact that he actually experienced some of the same horrors that are seen in this film. While viewing The Pianist, I got to feel the emotional pain and turmoil that Wladyslaw Szpilman played by Adrien Brody felt as he experienced the worst time of his life. The look of total despair, anguish and pain that grips the face of Wladyslaw throughout the movie makes it hard not to have empathy for his character. The film depicts the life of a man who has a passion for playing the piano watches his life unravel before him. Even though Wladyslaw was faced with various obstacles and life changing experiences he never lost his love for playing the piano. As Wladyslaw faces life's uncertainties, he can never forget his days of playing the piano. It is only through courage, endurance and tenacity that Wladyslaw Szpilman is able to become victorious against all odds. The heroic gestures of people willing to risk their own lives in hopes of saving someone else are the backbone of this gruesome film that takes place in Poland during a period when wars were on the rise. Some of the same social injustices that were prevalent back in the early 1900's still take place in various cultures around the world today which makes The Pianist such a magnificent film. People can relate to the different aspects of the film because of the humanness it portrays. The angle in which Adrien Brody's face was shot as he faced the worst years of his life when everyone and everything around him was becoming a figment of his imagination allowed me to sympathize and connect with the desolation and anguish he must have felt in the later part of his life. The lighting used to display Wladyslaw's fingers as he played his beloved piano allowed me to focus on how passionately he felt about what he does as he delicately strokes each key of the piano with such grace and poise. The piano that Wladyslaw loved so much helped his life gain new meaning as he triumphed over the agony and despair he endured in his life with great courage.
Dark, epic and moving
In this dark, epic and moving film, the suffering of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto is brought to life. Brody's performance, for which he won an Oscar, is breathtaking. With understated and fine-tuned acting, he portrays Władysław Szpilman, a talented Polish Jewish pianist who struggles to survive during the German occupation of Poland. The characters were very realistic, because they were not just good or bad--the Jews had mixed reactions toward the violence in the ghettos, the Poles helping the Jews escape had varying motives (some slightly dubious), a Nazi officer aided Szpilman near the end of the movie. The slow infiltration of anti-Semitism is portrayed realistically--first, Szpilman's family must wear stars of David on their arms, a seemingly harmless requirement. However, the Nazis' demands quickly escalate and soon the family is forced into the Warsaw ghetto. What began with a star on a coat sleeve culminates in Szpilman's family being taken to the ghetto, and then later to a concentration camp. My favorite scene is when Szpilman is confined to an empty apartment with a piano. Unable to make any noise, he sits down and runs his fingers along the keys as if playing. We hear the music, but see only his fingers making patterns across the keys. This scene is brilliantly directed and in a way symbolizes the Poland that Szpilman once knew, now forever changed by the Holocaust.
More than just a Movie
How often do you see a movie that is capable of touching your Heart? how often do you see a movie that will occupy your thoughts for a good while? Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" is one of those rare breed of movies that can actually do that. It's undoubtedly one of the most impressive movies you will ever see. From The Solid Direction Of Roman Polanski to the Flawless acting of Adrien Brody This Movie without a doubt can be called a Masterpiece. The Movie is based on The true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, who in the 1930s was considered one of the most accomplished Pianist. But the movie is not about his fame, Nor his Glory as a pianist. It's About A Polish Jew, who fought against all odds, Faced situations that he never even imagined and Finally Survived by losing almost everything and everyone he loved. It shows not only a tale of horrific surviving, but also the emotions that many people had to face and fight in order to live. It makes you wonder how people who really faced and Fought against those odd and lived, makes you ask yourself what would i do in that situation? The Cast is great, Whether it is a important character like Fox as Dorota or Minor character such as Ronan Vibert as Janina's Husband. But Adrian Broody Truly proved his worth as an actor in this film, i mean he was so into the character that he will make you believe that he really is Szpilman, He lost over 14 kilograms and developed a unusual body language for some scenes, and an actor of his level deserve much more recognition, but it's a fact that people nowadays prefer flash and looks over true art, however if you are one of those who can appreciate a true masterpiece you must have a look at "The Pianist"
I gave the DVD to a friend after watching...
It is a few years since I saw this movie in the cinema and I remembered how powerful I thought it was. Well at the second viewing on DVD it was still as powerful and haunting - however I say this with a great deal of respect to Polanski - I will never watch this movie again.

You know the feeling you have when you just had an awful day at work, had some horrible news from a friend and there is reports about a natural disaster that have devastated the life of thousands on the news. All you want to do is get a bit of escape from reality with a nice movie in the evening. A word of advice - Do not watch the Pianist.

Yes is is a masterpiece - but oh so depressing. If however you are in need of some historical realism and a good cry - well I did warn you.

This movie made me realize that I like comedies....
An incredibly touching tale of survival
Divisive director Roman Polanski has had a polarizing career both behind camera and in a personnel sense yet whatever one may feel about the man or the filmmaker there is little doubt that his most effective and most profound movie is 2002's The Pianist. A true life war tale of incredible determination and bravery, Polanski's telling of accomplished Poland pianist and Jew Wladyslaw Szpilman ranks as one of cinemas greatest War set tales thanks to an incredibly realistic feel and a raft of award worthy acting turns.

Justifiably winning Polanski a Best Director Oscar, The Pianist sees the veteran director at his highest creative peak, an artist moulding with his material perfectly to create a vividly alive look into the atrocities that faced Warsaw's Jewish community and all others of similar creeds during Hitler's reign of terror. Polanski's Warsaw is brimming with stark images, from bodies strewn in the streets of the Jewish "ghettos", snow covered buildings in the harsh reality of a European winter and the strange comforts of an upmarket café as people go hungry outside, it's unquestionable that the setting of The Pianist is a character unto itself and part of the reason the movie works to the extent it does. It's interesting also to note how many a time Polanski films some of the movies most confronting scenes (wheelchair bound elders thrown from windows etc.) from a wide shot perspective, giving us the viewers a feeling of witnessing these events from far, powerless to stop what is happening yet not to the extent of being unaffected by it, much like our protagonist Wladyslaw Szpilman.

It would be remiss now with a decade hindsight of Adrien Brody to not remark on the power he displayed here as Szpilman. Brody inhabits Szpilman to an extent you quickly forget it is an actor you are watching, whether he is brave, scared or as time wears on dangerously gaunt, Brody delivers the Oscar winning turn that seemingly set him up for an illustrious career that so far has sadly failed to eventuate. It's impossible to say with full assurance that it's Brody's fault completely that he has failed to get close creatively to what he delivered here in Polanski's effort or if it is filmmakers that have failed him in their material. Whatever the case may be regarding Brody's disappointing post-Pianist career there is no taking away from his ageless performance here in an ensemble that all play their parts to perfection from Frank Finlay as Szpilman's aging father through to Thomas Kretschmann's small but pivotal role as German captain Wilm Hosenfeld.

A heartening tale of survival, an indictment of the horrors of war and the evil within humanity, The Pianist is not always an easy watch but it's an important one. A truly stunning tale of the will to survive and a tension filled 2 and a half hours thanks to Polanski's no fuss professional turn behind camera, this is true life based storytelling at its finest and a worthy film to sit alongside other revered War based film classics.

5 bits of caramel out of 5

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The Pianist is a great story with one of the best performances from an actor
The Pianist's story is one that grips the viewer and takes them on a gut wrenching ride. Adrain Brodie's performance as the Jewish piano player is one to remember, that is not to say that every other actor in the film was not good in this case they were all great. Even to the smallest characters that are only on screen for a matter of seconds are up to par. Also having the film be based off of a book adds to the amount of detail that the director has put into the film. I am talking about the things Adrian Brodie's character sees throughout the streets during this hard time for him. In the end The Pianist is a great story that is accompanied by great performances. The story of the Holocaust is a topic that should and will not be forgot and The Pianist keeps those who lost their lives in memory.
Definitively an inspiring epic...
'The Pianist' is definitively an inspiring epic that celebrates the tenacity and fortitude of the human spirit... It is a remarkable tale of human survival sensitively brought to life by Polanski... The film carries us to the horrible reign of terror, where condemned people wearing the emblem of humiliation and oppression, are deprived of their rights, their human values and dignity, before being shipped to 'labor camps.'

In Polanski's movie all the conventional elements of the drama are at peaks of excellence:

Family union: When a father has to bargain to buy a single piece of caramel and divide it in six pieces to share it with each member of his family...

Starvation: When a ghetto inhabitant assaults a helpless woman for a bowl of soup...

Confusion: When a distraught woman wails on a platform because she smothered the cries of her baby with her hand...

Love: When a young musician turns to his younger sister and utters with sad regret, "I wish I knew you better."

Survival: When one man observes the war through his hide-outs around the city...

Cruelty: When an old man in a wheelchair is thrown off the balcony by the Nazis because he failed to stand upon their entrance...

Fear: When a talented musician sits down at the old piano, and pretends to play his music, keeping his fingers flowing with control above the vertical ivories...

Discrimination: When bored Nazi guards entertain themselves by forcing grotesquely mismatched old and sick couples to dance to a Jewish street band by the ghetto gate...

Horror: When condemned Jewish workers lie face-down in the street, while one SS guard walks down the line, shooting without remorse each one in the back of the head...

Isolation: When a fugitive emerges from his harrowing hiding place and walks through a field of deserted ruins exactly like the last man alive on Polish soil..

Adrien Brody gives an absolutely moving performance (based on descriptive facial expressions) as the Polish composer and pianist who stays alive as a Jew, and remains true to his ideals... Brody captures the character's desperation, his anger and grief, his willpower and perseverance, his passion and love of music... Polanski gives us the chance to better know his shock and disbelief, his ordeal and tragedy, his hope for fairness and humanity...

Nominated for seven Academy Awards, this captivating drama went on to win three Oscars, including Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay... Once Brody took the stage to accept his Oscar, he was so overwhelmed with happiness, that he swept the gorgeous Academy Award-winning Halle Berry off her feet with a long, steamy kiss...
One of the best pictures I have ever seen in my life. Despite the sadness in the story I have seen this piece more times that I can count, because it's so beautiful. Adrien Brody here was at his best, really making us live the story through him. It's a very quiet movie in my opinion, doesn't have many chaotic moments which I think it's fine cause the real objective is to show the war by his perspective, the guy who has to hide away in order to stay alive. Just perfect.
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