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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Alex Kurtzman


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Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll
Erol Ismail as Ahmanet's Warrior
Sohm Kapila as Reporter
James Arama as Second Man
Stephen Thompson as First Man
Matthew Wilkas as Reporter
Chico Kenzari as Malik
Sean Cameron Michael as Archaeologist
Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey
Jake M. Johnson as Chris Vail
Rez Kempton as Construction Manager
Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet
Courtney B. Vance as Colonel Greenway
Tom Cruise as Nick Morton
The Mummy Storyline: Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess, whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
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Amazing Animation and VFX
I was impressed with all the cool and awesome animation and VFX by the CGI team. The animation and VFX made the movie so much fun and entertaining for me to watch. the story needed a bit more work to make the movie much more fun. and also I didn't enjoy the acting as much as I expected.

but, fantastic job by CGI team.
Critics be damned!
This is a good start for the rebooting of the Universal Dark Universe, if you're expecting a remake of the 1990's Mummy films then you've got the wrong idea. The first thing you should know is that this has NOTHING to do with those movies and are completely unrelated. This is a re-imagining of Mummy's Hand (1940) that started the Mummy series of movies but with a whole new agenda. This time Universal are making these films to link in with all their other monster movies, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman etc so comparing it with any other Mummy film before it like the critics keep doing is utterly pointless.

The movie is a high entertaining fantasy horror film, its not the glossy action comedy level of the Brendan Fraser films, its darker and a lot more violent but still full of spectacle and a decent amount of humour that doesn't completely dominate the dramatic content as many film allow these days. Only Disney's Goofy or Loony Toon's Wild E Coyote can take the level of battering Tom Cruise gets in this movie and still stay standing. The Mummy is an exotic beauty who can hit like a Mack Truck. There are elements reminiscent of An American Werewolf in London (1981) and Lifeforce (1985) that forge this version of the Mummy and Russell Crowe's Dr Jekyll makes his glorified entrance half way through to remind you this is a shared monster universe so expect more of the same.

Quite simply you either like this sort of stuff or you don't, if you listen to critics they'll convince you this is the worst movie ever made, it's not. It's actually really good fun and nothing more, it won't suddenly change your life and have you buying movie merchandise like a Star Wars film or Marvel franchise flick but it will entertain you if you're not already going into the cinema armed with a critical gun ready to shoot it down for daring to star Tom Cruise like the average Hollywood critic and their anti-Tom Cruise agenda.
Forgettable and unnecessary
No Brendon Fraiser, no stars. Enough with the remakes already. Remakes Remakes are not well made these days.Gohstbusters, Fantastic Four, Total Recall, shoot now they are even thinking about remaking Flatliners and Overboard. These were great movies that did not need to be remade and degraded. Please have an original thought Hollywood, is it too much to ask for? Anyway. It was a forgettable film that should be lost in the dust.
The Mummy doesn't disappoint
In spite of all the negative reviews I liked this movie. The only thing I didn't like was Tom Cruise in this role. He is simply too old to get away with being physically the main macho attracting factor of a movie. He looks old and his face is fat, not very hunky or macho. He should've left this one for a younger, fitter man who would make a good counterpart for the sexy and evil Egyptian princess and Annabelle Wallis.

Other than that, I liked it. It delivers what you expect. Yes, not very different from the other Mummy movies, and maybe predictable, but that's what I expected from this. It is what I wanted and I was not disappointed, bar for having to watch an over his prime Tom Cruise.

So I honestly don't really get the complaints. A Mummy movie should fit into the sequel of the others, like an Alien/Batman/Superman or any sequel movie should do.

One thing I did not get, what is the point of this Dr Jekyll, played by Russell Crow? Unless they plan to do something with that character in a later installment, it was utterly pointless, did not have any added value whatsoever.

But again, in general I liked it, didn't disappoint.
A very fun popcorn flick
One of the reasons that I started writing these reviews is that I got tired of reading "snooty" critics reviews of popcorn flicks like this one.  These reviewers are looking for "artsy-fartsy" in places where they should just be looking for fun.  Such is the case with THE MUMMY.  I heard horrible review after horrible review from these critics questioning Universal's decision to make this film and wondering "what was Tom Cruise thinking".  I can tell you what he was thinking -

"Let's make an entertaining action/adventure popcorn flick".

And that is what this film is.

The opening film in Universal Studios "Dark Universe" - THE MUMMY kicks off an adventure featuring the classic character...wait for it...The Mummy.  Future films will feature...I would assume...The Werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Invisible Man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc...(you get the picture).  Chasing them is Russell Crow as Dr. Henry Jekyl (and, of course, his alter ego Edward Hyde).  Into this world comes naive, narcissistic treasure hunter Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) who unwittingly unleashes an ancient Egyptian Queen hellbent on bringing evil into the world.

Pretty standard stuff, right?  Well...Mr. Cruise does this sort of thing better than just about anyone in history and he steps right up for this film.  The action sequences are fun and effective, the dialogue is snappy and the characters are interesting enough to keep our attention.  I would give kudos to first-time feature film director, Alex Kurtzman for keeping things going, but he isn't really new to this.  He is a veteran writer and producer often working with JJ Abrams, so he knows a thing or two about making popcorn flicks.

I mentioned Cruise's ability to perform in this sort of film - and he does it well.  Most of the other boxes are checked - and checked well.  Wise-cracking sidekick?  Ably filled by Jake Johnson (TV's NEW GIRL), good looking female Doctor/Scientist who works and argues alongside Cruise?  Well played by Annabelle Wallis (TV's PEAKY BLINDERS).  Mysterious person hunting unimaginable monsters?  In walks Russell Crowe(!) in his best work in quite some time.  Unbeatable Villain?  Strongly portrayed by Sofia Boutella (the "Blade Runner" villain in KINSMEN).  Good story?  Check.  Good to Very Good Special Effects?  Check, check and check.

And...of sets us up to enter this "Dark Universe" in future films.

I, for one, am looking forward to future entries in this Universe.  I have a lot of popcorn to eat.

Letter Grade:  B

A solid 7 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank(ofMarquis)
Cohesive in terms of its own logic, it does the job with some style
It's pointless to judge this piece from Alex Kurtzman in any other company except its own. And of course it is not that long ago that we (or I anyway) enjoyed the Brendan Fraser-Rachel Weisz-John Hannah series of "Mummy" films. The 2017 offering has quite a bit of common ground with those, is not noticeably worse, and crucially it has a completely modern setting, as opposed to a 1920s-1930s one, and that fact also ensures some separation from Indiana Jones movies, notwithstanding considerable similarities in tone and concept.

What all three share is a determined attempt to temper horror and creepiness with humour, and Tom Cruise as soldier/looter of antiquities Nick Morton is as good at that as we might expect. Here he's neatly sandwiched between the beautiful (and good) archaeologist Jenny Halsey (pretty well done by Annabelle Wallis) and the incredibly attractive personification of evil from ancient Egypt Princess Ahmanet (as "played" - in rather few words and plenty of action - by an extremely memorable Sofia Boutella). This eternal triangle setup is very fundamental and well-presented, and makes the time-honoured (if clearly still significant) ethical and moral Faustian-type dilemmas crystal clear - indeed all the more so as Morton is for much of the film wrestling between good and evil in himself. Indeed, he is actually still alive because he has been rescued by evil. The power of love and lust to lead people astray are shown very clearly, but - though Morton of course does the right thing - there is A LOT of temptation from the dark side on the way...

Happily, this triangle expands at times to a square, thanks to Russell Crowe's performance as Dr Henry Jekyll - yes that one (and with Mr Edward Hyde lurking within him). Apparently, his potions have kept him going since Victorian times and have left him a multi-talented genius, who harnesses the expertise and equipment of the Royal Society to keep Britain and the world safe from evil. It's clever and fun to have Stevenson's character revived, or rather maintained (also quite a lot of fun when Crowe gets to do Hyde), and brings this aspect of the film firmly within the (updated) tradition of Victorian Gothic "mad scientist" horror. (Those thinking into this more deeply will realise that, for all the dark magic surrounding him, Cruise's Morton within the world of the film is a real figure of our times. Thus for him, as for us, Jekyll and Hyde are nothing more than literary characters, and it seems at the outset at least, that Cruise is playing it as if he were indeed being confronted with something from a story ... and that's a rather witty kind of in-joke for all concerned!)

The first moments of the story's necessary transfer to London offer a visually-glorious and convincing big-screen experience, but this is not the only geographical beauty on show, as there are several stunning desert scenes to enjoy. More generally, archaeological discovery scenes portraying both London and Iraq are splendid and authentic-looking (at times even accompanied by rather erudite script), and it's sure that the first part of the film flows flawlessly in line with its own logic (even drawing on the current penchant in certain countries for most kinds of heritage other than that of fundamental Islam to be destroyed). This adds an extra topicality and poignancy to the whole thing, and Courtney Vance does a nice job balancing the scientific and military priorities as Col. Greenway. This part of the film ends with a rather spectacular helicopter transfer of our Mummy's sarcophagus to a "safer" place...

There is plenty of death and destruction, to be sure (and it does get a bit wearing, even if the film wisely comes in at under 2 hours); and there are many scary moments. However, it must be said that FAR more is implied than actually shown, and the fact that a number of zombie-like characters are running around is tempered by a complete lack of closeups, dim lighting and so on. Nevertheless, while adults will mostly relish the creepiness, some children might find themselves close to their limits. The aforementioned, and more insidious, "attractiveness of evil" side of things represents quite another matter. But then all of us have to deal with that throughout our lives, I guess...

Overall, the 2017 "Mummy" is shallowish (of course), but slick and mostly convincing. Mostly, it's also fun. For veterans it will seem familiar (even very much so), but can still offer a new scale and visual impression sufficient to make the thing worthwhile in terms of novelty. Several extra nice touches leaven the mix ... and there are also the wonders of Sofia Boutella!
The Mummy doesn't deserve all the hate it's been getting
I feel like that as a fan of this movie I needed to write this review & defend it from some of the negative reviews it has been receiving. The 2017 version of The Mummy does a good job of kicking of the Dark Universes remakes of all the old monster movies. I feel it has been getting a lot of negative reviews that are undeserved. Here are my thoughts of the good & bad of the mummy........

The good:

Performances - Sofia Boutella gave a great performance of the mummy, I really liked her in this role & felt she was the stand out in this movie, she was great in the first kingsman movie & continues her great work as the villain in this movie. She was very powerful & scary throughout the movie. Russell Crowe was also good as Dr Jekyll, I feel he will play an important role & will be the essential character to link the Dark universe together.

A lot of people are saying Tom Cruise wasn't right for the part, I think if you like Tom Cruise then you won't mind him in this movie, his performance wasn't Oscar worthy or anything like that, but it was good as an action based hero, but also a hero who wasn't always the good guy & making good guy decisions. I personally do like Tom Cruise so had no problem with him being the leading man in this movie.

The action - no surprise here that the action was great & was a visually impressive movie to watch for a big summer blockbuster movie, the best action scene I would have to say was the plane crash scene, I am glad they made this as real as possible as it certainly paid off.

The bad:

Jake Johnson - I normally like Jake Johnson & think he is generally funny in most things he has been in, but in this movie his role as the comic relief didn't really work. It felt very weird when he was apparently dead but still showing up to guide Tom Cruise while still trying to crack jokes, this didn't really make sense & the jokes generally did not land.

Felt rushed - At times the movie did go at a very fast pace & felt that there could have been a deeper storyline with other characters such as Tom Cruise's character Nick Morton. The only back story we got was the mummy's herself at the start of the movie. I am hoping though that's what the future Dark universe movies will do & delve further into the backgrounds of the characters.

The ending also came about very abruptly between the fight between Cruise & Boutella, you just learn about Dr Jekyll's hidden lair & then shortly after the end fight scene took place.

Overall I would have liked some more character depth in the movie and it did feel like it was over fairly quickly but it was still an entertaining movie & good start to the franchise that has certainly made me interested in what the Dark universe has to offer. It did not deserve all the hate it has received.
Much better than the reviews. Not your usual stale monster film
This movie is quite enjoyable. I'm not sure why it's getting so many bad reviews. The action is fast paced and the acting pretty good, plus it avoids most of the major structural pitfalls that plague the monster movie genre. There were some flaws, which I will mention later, but first the strong points:

"The Monster Always Dies". One big structural problem with monster movies is the lack of suspense. In the end, the monster is always vanquished. Any suspense revolves around the hero discovering the monster's 'fatal weakness' just in time to save the heroine. In some cases, as with the 1999 Mummy remake, the resolution is telegraphed so early and so strongly that you grow board waiting for Brendon Frasier to wade through all the special-effect laden cliff hangers to finally win the day.

This remake handles the problem in a very creative and unexpected way by first making the monster venerable almost from the start and then secondly by introducing another antagonist who turns out to be equally threatening to the hero. This builds suspense as the protagonist is threatened from multiple sides.

Ultimately all this climaxes in a completely unexpected ending that I honestly did not see coming; something really unique for a monster film. It may, in fact, be this ending that contributes to the negative reviews since strictly speaking it violates the hallowed monster flick formula most people have come to expect.

"Damsel in Distress". Another tiring issue with monster films is the obligation to service the inevitable damsel-in-distress theme. Again, Mummy 2017 takes a unique approach by making Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis effectively co-equals protagonists. Sometimes she saves him, sometimes he saves her, often with a good deal of humor in the role reversal.

All-in-all a movie worth seeing, but of course there were some flaws. Character development is kept to a minimum; only enough to service the plot line. This contrasts with the 1999 Mummy which excelled in wonderfully interesting characters who, unfortunately, were deployed in the service of a mundane and predictable plot. Other flaws include under use of Jake Johnston as the comic relief and a serviceable but uninspiring performance by the heroine Wallis. Had she matched the charisma brought by Cruise's performance it would have added a whole new dimension to the movie. In general, though, I liked it and am interested to see more of the 'Dark Universe'.
The hate is undeserved
Based on all the bad reviews I was worried this would suck, but I have to say that while it wasn't as good/charming as the 90s mummy movie, it wasn't bad either. Cruise's character was likable, and while his arc wasn't that deep, it didn't really need to be. The mummy actress impressed me more than I expected, since I didn't really like her that much in Kingsman. People said that this spent too much time setting up the following movies, but I didn't think that was the case. There were small seeds planted, but save for the ending and lack of background for Jekyll, this felt self contained enough. Overall the movie had some fun action sequences and decent characters, and made for an enjoyable popcorn flick. I do not regret watching it.
Guys its not meant to be a Oscor winning performance its fun
Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $80,101,125 19.6% + Foreign: $327,676,888 80.4% = Worldwide: $407,778,013

this should tell you something, not to always listen to people that write these reviews, were all given different opinions and different view points. Yes, i actually did like it, I have actually watched it a couple of times. I laughed was intrigued glued to my seat, while watching it. I got my popcorn and my Slurpee and turned my brain off for what was just over 1 50 min.s and I had fun. This movie made over 300 million foreign, and I don't care if they love Tom Cruise it's not as bad as these stuck up people say it is. IK won't tell you whats about or the plot. Go watch it and have some fun on a Friday night
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