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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Alex Kurtzman


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Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll
Erol Ismail as Ahmanet's Warrior
Sohm Kapila as Reporter
James Arama as Second Man
Stephen Thompson as First Man
Matthew Wilkas as Reporter
Chico Kenzari as Malik
Sean Cameron Michael as Archaeologist
Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey
Jake M. Johnson as Chris Vail
Rez Kempton as Construction Manager
Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet
Courtney B. Vance as Colonel Greenway
Tom Cruise as Nick Morton
The Mummy Storyline: Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess, whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
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It's really not that bad!
It's never good when you have to say "It's not that bad!" but I think the Mummy is being treated to harshly by critics. It has a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. Really? It's not a great movie, but it is fun to watch and I thought the ending was very good. It felt a bit like a B- Movie in the beginning, but I still enjoyed it.

7 out of 10
The world of gods and monsters could use some more effort.
Shared universes are all the craze now; Marvel, DC, Monsterverse (Godzilla+Kong), etc. I suppose it's fitting that the Universal Monsters joined in, especially since they were the ones who invented shared universes way back in the 30s and 40s. This year marks the debut of the new Dark Universe with the release of "The Mummy". How does this movie hold up? Eh, I've seen better; then again, I've seen worse too.

Plot: Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), some sort of soldier/mercenary/treasure hunter (honestly, does it really matter what he is?), unearths an Egyptian tomb in the Middle-East and accidentally frees Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who seeks to use him to bring an evil from another world into our own. Even with the help of the monster-hunting organization Prodigium, headed by Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (Russell Crowe), Nick's fate as well as the world hangs by a thread.

For this film, I kept my expectations low as well as an open mind when faced with this new film series as it did show potential. Some ideas were cool like Dr. Jekyll being in charge of Prodigium (fitting given his character and Crowe gives the best performance by the way), how this rather attractive Mummy shows off her powers, and nods to the other Universal Monsters and previous Mummy incarnation. The film also offers some decent action like the airplane scene and maybe one or two little scares. However, those are really the best the movie has to offer. The main characters aren't particularly interesting nor offer any surprises, the humor is hit-or-miss, and there's nothing truly thrilling throughout. There's also a point where the Mummy starts speaking English and it's never elaborated on how this was accomplished, just one of those distracting things.

Perhaps the biggest flaw is that the second-third of the film is dedicated to world-building, detracting from the title monster that is supposed to be the central conflict. This is a mistake "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" among others made, sacrificing telling a complete story just for setting up sequels (thus earning a great deal of criticism and often leading to franchise cancellation), something both Marvel and the Monsterverse have largely avoided.

In short, "The Mummy" offers minimal entertainment at best. It doesn't fail at establishing a shared universe as much as others like "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", but it also doesn't offer more than being just an action-adventure film and one that lacks any real charm at that. For now, the Dark Universe is on shaky ground.
Welcome to a new world of mediocrity.
"Dead is just the beginning", right? In this case it might be the beginning of the end of the world of gods and monsters. I have been dwelling on how to review this movie as I want to be fair but I don't want to mislead you.

I will start by saying that Sofia Boutella nails the character of Princess Ahmunet, she is truly a goddess with of course an ancient course that she brought upon herself, but her character is so likable you actually end up rooting for the ultimate evil, Boutella brings a charisma to the mummy that it is hard to match.

My biggest fear going in was Russell Crowe as doctor Henry Jekyll and his other persona, Mr Edward Hyde, but the actor gives the performance of his lifetime as both characters and his seedy organization, which is truly as evil and ruthless as the "monsters" they chase. And this is how I like my "heroes", men or groups that for the common "good" are willing to become monsters themselves, it makes for an interesting plot.

Here's where things go sideways: Tom Cruise, yes I said it. Nick Morton is an amalgamation of Rick O'Connell of the Brendan Fraiser movies and Ethan Hawk from M:I. His character lacks charisma and his romance with Jenny (Annabelle Wallis) is less than believable. It borders in a cheap Fabio novel paper back, the movie would have been much better without Tom Cruise and Nick Morton.

Here's where things go bad: The special effects, last year I hammered Ghostbusters for their "Scooby-like" CGI and it pains me as I have to do the same here, the CGI was awful, seriously!

When a TV Show like Game of Thrones can have great FX there is absolutely no excuse to have a big franchise movie, the start of one had FX so incredibly awful, they looked like a freaking cartoon. That seriously killed the movie.

There are a couple of good scenes but I have to say sadly that the Dark Universe is dead, or at least it should be.

My rating is 6 out of 10, and I'm being nice.

Welcome to a new world of meh...
The Mummy – Yet another Reboot
This is a horror action thriller and launches another franchise (Dark Universe series) Starring Tom Cruise, playing himself (again).

He accidentally uncovers the Mummy's tomb and awakens an ancient evil that wants to bring an end to the world! Unfortunately Tom Cruise was probably miss-cast as the lovable rouge who steals ancient artifacts. Cruise is just too old for the character he played, who ultimately has a conscience and who wants to do the right thing in the end.

The film starts in the past and brings you up to the present day, there's some humour and great special effects, but in conclusion this is just a mash up between Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible with Zombies thrown in.
Where was the Horror ?
The Mummy should be a Horror film, but what we get is yet another generic modern action movie with no atmosphere, poor script writing, uninteresting characters and worst of all for a movie called "The Mummy" no Horror. I expect it made the studio some money one way or another so do they care .. NO! And that's the problem with the vast majority of Hollywood Movies these days.. They just don't really care. I mean come on guys put a little thought into the whole movie making business and imagine how much more money you could make..... such a waste. And what's going on with Tom Cruise these days, I used to enjoy his movies but all he wants to do is play the same part time and time again. He's in danger of becoming the next Steven Segal albeit with better paychecks. Peace Out People ...x...
Just horrible
The movie has an terrible plot. You already know the ending before you're five minutes in. Secondly the acting is laughable, really I've seen 10 year olds act better. There's only three things that are somewhat great about the movie, the special effects don't suck, there's been a great amount of money wasted on this movie. Thirdly they've apparently made a great pay-off to IMDb and other critics because how this movie got more than 1 stars is something unexplainable to me other than bribes.
A "B" movie at best
I have to wonder whether movies nowadays are being aimed at a dumb audience. Gone are the plots that make you think, and keep you hanging until final scenes. Instead you get these almost continuous, loud mindless "action" scenes, with nothing to tie them all together except another explosion. Using Tom Cruise was a big mistake. He isn't believable in the movie, and should be replaced if there is ever another Mummy movie. Personally, after sitting through this one, I hope they bury the story and let it rest in peace.
Messy franchise set up
Very disappointed! None of it really made any sense in a blockbuster way. This felt like a very well funded B-Movie. Remove the budget, now picture this story... right?

Humour misplaced and off-step, RC's character made no sense at all in this context other than to set up the finale. Just off in the same way that Never Go Back was just off!
Glad I got discounted ticket prices
I was so relieved when the credits started rolling, that I thanked the gods this movie was over. What could/should have been at least a good movie turned out to be a disappointment. Most of the action scenes were not exciting, especially the Jekyll/Hyde fight, the humour was forced and not funny, there was no romantic chemistry between characters Nick and Jenny and it seems there were scenes from at least half a dozen movies thrown in there willy-nilly. It's like they got some ideas and just pasted them into the movie cluelessly. The first thing I thought as this movie began is 'this guy is an idiot' and his sidekick is even stupider, apparently this was meant to be humorous banter and turned out to be idiotic nonsense. This inane banter continues throughout the movie especially in regard to the sidekick. They keep trying to inject humour into the movie(too much for me) and keep failing. This is supposed to be a horror movie, not a comedy, I understand that there might be a need for some comic relief, but you haven't begun to scare me. The best scenes except one involve the mummy herself. Sucking the life out of people while crawling around in a misshapen form was great. But the best scene was when she had Nick on the altar and was licking him while straddling him that was both funny and creepy at the same time. The only other scene that was good was the airplane crash even though it went on for too long. The flashbacks were great, I honestly thought 'at last a real villain', but again I was disappointed as the villain really did nothing, except put a sandstorm down a London street. Man, there were so many possibilities and we were given only a tiny sample of what could/should have been. Why is Tom Cruise in this movie again? Why does his head look disproportionate to his body in this film? Is it an artifact of the IMAX/3D format or did they deliberately make his head look bigger? Where is all this liquid mercury coming from? Why is it in liquid form? How did it get there? Is there that much mercury on the entire planet? What is the sidekick doing in the mirror? Isn't that from 'An American Werewolf in London'? These and many other questions went through my head as I was watching the movie, showing that it was not keeping my attention. And really a terrible ending, you should have left Jenny dead and had Nick taken over by the demon, that way at the very least you had the makings of a possible sequel. Just watch one of the older Mummy films from the 40s-60s you will probably enjoy one of those movies more.
what was tom cruise thinking?
i'll keep this short... I usually only come on here to write about movies I really love or really hate... And I really, really didn't like the mummy. I'm a big fan of Tom Cruise, usually funny, charismatic etc, so even if the movie he is in is pretty bad, his charisma usually makes up for bad story lines, script etc, but not for the mummy. So whats so bad about it? 1. stupid story 2. very poor script 3. is the movie action, comedy, horror, romance? =none or all, no one knows.. 4. tom cruise, doesn't fit horror movies, because u know Tom Cruise is never in any real peril. 5. the love interest in this... it goes from the two main characters hardly knowing each other to being madly in love over the period of about 3 days... 6. russell crow as Jekyll and hyde? why? and even if there was a point to his character, his monster character is pretty much they same as his normal character... totally pointless.. 7. this was a B movie, with B movie script, acting and directing... the only thing that got it in theatres was Tom Cruise and the massive budget... So really, what was Tom Cruise thinking? Hopefully this is his last real dud.
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