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USA, Denmark
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris McKay


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Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth (voice)
Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn (voice)
Jason Mantzoukas as Scarecrow (voice)
Doug Benson as Bane (voice)
Mariah Carey as Mayor Marion Grange (voice)
Kate Micucci as Clayface (voice)
Conan O'Brien as The Riddler (voice)
Eddie Izzard as Voldemort (voice)
Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman (voice)
Michael Cera as Robin / Dick Grayson (voice)
Will Arnett as Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Riki Lindhome as Poison Ivy (voice)
Zach Galifianakis as The Joker (voice)
Rosario Dawson as Batgirl / Barbara Gordon (voice)
Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face (voice)
Siri as 'Puter (voice)
The LEGO Batman Movie Storyline: There are big changes brewing in Gotham City, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker's hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.
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It hasn't felt this good to be Batman in quite some time.
"The Lego Batman Movie" sees the return of Will Arnet's Dark Knight from 2014's surprise hit "The Lego Movie", in of course his very own solo film. (because he's the freaking Batman!) This time we see the Caped Crusader once again battling his "arch enemy" The Joker, voiced by Zach Galifianakis, I use air quotes because that's not how Batman sees him, he sees him as just one of the many bad guys investing the very city he has sworn to protect, this is news to The Joker and well, let's just say he doesn't take it to well as The Joker comes up with his most diabolical scheme yet, trick Batman into sending him to the Phantom Zone so he can free some of the universe's greatest villains, (the ones that Warner Bros. owns, that is) with the odds not in Batman's favor, he must face his greatest fear, his fear...of family. "The Lego Batman Movie" does something not many of Batman's live action outings have done, and that's give us an emotionally vulnerable Batman, Christopher Nolan accomplished this with Bruce Wayne in his "Dark Knight" trilogy but it took the Lego crew to attempt this with Batman, and they succeeded. "The Lego Batman Movie" is fun, exciting, and surprisingly touching, a nice reminder that there is some light in all of DC's big screen darkness.
Yeah, so I get that all these Lego movies are made for kids and aren't really intended to be intelligent, funny, or creative, but wow. This movie really had no decent humor, it was all cheesy and very juvenile. Not really sure why people liked this movie so much, there wasn't really anything special about it.
Overtly Sentimental
I should start off by saying that I do feel sorry for the poor guy sitting next to me in the cinema because it seemed, like me, that he came to see this movie basically because it was Batman and it was done using Lego, however it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that his daughter had no interest whatsoever in seeing a Batman movie. I guess it is one of those drawbacks in having a daughter in that they tend not to appreciate things that boys tend to appreciate, namely Batman. Anyway, moving on I am going to say that I really wanted to like this film, it was just, well, overtly sentimental. Look, there were some really cool things about this film, such as having Sauron and other classic bad guys teaming up with the Joker, but in the end the film, to me, really didn't execute all that well – I guess it might have something to do with me expecting much, much more that it eventually delivered.

So, as you can guess, the film is about Batman, and it is done (sort of) using Lego. Actually, I should probably suggest that it is an animated film using a Lego style because I suspect that it actually isn't filmed simply using Lego. However, what it does do is that it pays tribute to pretty much all of the batman films going back to the beginning of the franchise, and even has a few references to the current Justice League franchise, which even includes the tension between both Batman and Superman (though I suspect that that may have come from the comics, it is just that I don't particularly read that many comics).

The thing with this film is that it plays up Batman's loner characteristic quite a lot, which is something that is heavily played out in the later movies. It seems that this whole Batman and Robin aspect is actually a thing of the past because it seems that many of us who have only grown up with the Christopher Nolan (and current) franchises don't see Batman as being a team player – it appears that Batman and Robin are actually a thing of the past. However, what this film seems to be doing is trying to recreate the Batman that was a team player, and actually had friends. However, it felt as if the moralising of the film – that is that it is better to play together than to play alone – sort of came across a little too heavy handed.

What was cute about the film was that it brought out all of the franchise's villains, and even had Harley Quinn, a character that I had no idea existed until Suicide Squad. Sure, like many of the Batman movies, the Joker plays the role of the lead villain, and what is interesting is that all of the other villains are pushed to the back, namely because the Joker is sent to the Phantom Zone where he frees all off the really, really bad villains that end up there (though interestingly Zod isn't among them, despite the fact that Superman made mention of sending Zod there are the beginning of the film, but that doesn't matter because they have some other pretty good baddies). The interesting thing is that what the Joker wants from Batman is a little respect – it seems as if Batman's loneliness goes over to showing a complete lack of respect for his enemies as well (though showing respect for one's enemies is an interesting concept because respect and enemies isn't something that generally goes well together).

What makes a good children's film is that it obviously appeals to the children, but also has the chance of appealing to the adults as well. This film actually had quite a lot of potential in that regards, however it didn't quite reach the mark. The concept was really, really good, and in part the film was very entertaining, however what ended up causing it to flop, at least in my opinion, was the rather heavy handed moralising. What would be interesting though is seeing where they take the Lego franchise from here.
Like Playing Batman With Your Un-Cool Mom
If the first Lego movie was about a son messing around with his father's Lego and the two eventually finding common ground, then Lego Batman is what it's like to play Batman with your annoying nagging mother in the form of Bat Girl.

The film opens with a similar energy as The Lego Movie, but it falls apart very quickly and the story becomes mired in the very clichés it's attempting to poke fun at.

Batman isn't good at working with others. It's a theme that has been explored countless times. Yet despite the self-awareness of Lego Batman it still manages to drag on and get annoying as hell. It's the same theme that made Batman & Robin so obnoxious.

Pretty much every time Bat Girl opens her mouth it's like listening to a lecture from your mother about playing well with others and obeying the rules. Here you are just trying to role-play as The Dark Knight and you have to listen to someone talk about the virtues of teamwork. Many if not most animated kids films tend to incorporate some kind of moral or message (which I don't have a problem with), but this is way too in your face and heavy handed it sucks the fun right out of the film.

Another problem is that Lego Batman doesn't give you much reason to care. The Lego Movie succeeds in this by having an average Joe character as well as the sub-plot of the son and his father, and you can clearly distinguish the dramatic and comedic moments. In Lego Batman the tone is incredibly muddled, shifting from manic to dramatic in an instant while it tries to shoehorn in character development.

For Lego Batman they took what was basically a good gag in the Lego Movie and tried to stretch it out for an hour and forty minutes. It doesn't work unless you think Big Bang Theory is funny and that references to nerdy things are jokes in and of themselves. Granted there are some pretty funny moments scattered throughout the film, mainly in the first two thirds. By the last third of the film they've exhausted pretty much all the jokes.

On the technical side it looks just as good as the first film and the realism of the Lego textures is something to admire. However, I did notice a lot more cheating this time around. In The Lego Movie everything was made out of Lego, even smoke and water. Here, smoke is just obvious CGI and so is the water. The characters also stretch and extend in ways that Lego pieces can't, which was done in Lego Movie but concealed much better.

After being blown away by the brilliance of Lego Movie I was very disappointed by Lego Batman which couldn't live up to the very high bar its predecessor set. Lego Movie was full of heart whereas Lego Batman felt like an attempt by DC to damage control a lot of the negative attention they've received for their handling of Justice League. Lego Batman relies entirely on references and fails to create a unique or compelling story, as such I can only give it 5/10.
A commercial done absolutely right
I should begin my review of this film by stating that I have vague memories of watching The LEGO Movie back at a summer camp I went to around 2 years ago. I remember it being a particularly creative movie with good concepts. Now that I have seen this, I would even say that this is an improvement over The LEGO Movie. It doesn't necessarily have the innovation of its predecessor, but it makes up for it with the advancements made to the "special effects" as well as the humor. The latter was especially nailed, as there were many times where I cracked a smile and a few times I chuckled out loud. It does sometimes not take itself as seriously as what we'd want from action movies, but unlike other films of its type it gets a pass for this since LEGOs are designed to be objects of creativity, as explained in the "first" movie with the child character. The morals in the story were pretty nice as well, with promoting social attitudes and also exposing Batman for being more of an anti-hero. Whether it's shrugging off what the other characters attempt to persuade him to do or even rejecting them, it places Batman in a new light where instead of being b*d*ss, he needs to be seen as the hero of Gotham City and have the characteristics of one. The "animation" is what we'd expect from a LEGO movie, having the large scale, the pixelated streams to represent what would be special effects, and various heads of LEGO figures placed on the characters to represent mouth movements. As I said, it's not creative like before, but I found that it has a more interesting premise to it. If you are a fan of DC materials, LEGOs, Batman, or animation, then I give nothing short of a green light to view it. As for everyone else, just note that I consider it the funniest film of the year so far.
This movie easily beats all competitors currently in theater. It has all ingredients for a true blockbuster- excellent picture, smart dialogue,real humor and some important message for kids a adults alike. You would thank that in "seen it all" era of current animation and being a second movie in LEGO franchise it will be predictable and dull, however it surpassed my expectations and even bit the first movie. I and my son both had a good time and laughed a lot. Go and see it asap.
loved it!
Wanna see a film that will just keep you laughing all the way through it? Well last night we certainly found one, "The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)". Lego Batman was a film that we had been waiting to see and last night we headed out to the theaters to enjoy some laughter.

From the start of the movie it was on! This movie was Lego at it's finest, Batman took Lego films to a whole new level of laughter. Every few minutes we couldn't stop giggling. The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) was filled with Batman singing his made up songs, The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) is a movie that made us finally feel like a kid again; awesome from start to finish!
Was your theatre as silent as mine?
When during the opening titles you have the lead character of your movie annoyingly talk to ruin any subtlety, you are setting up the rest of the way for a disaster. Lego Movie I liked, Lego Batman movie has a few moments, but only 2 giggles, no laughs. The character's weren't likable, they singled Batman out and made him look selfish and the sappy sentiment along the way was painstaking. It's just a lesser, messier, not as funny and far less memorable version of the lego movie. I was surprised because I wanted to like this. It's just some lazy over-the-top Saturday morning cartoon turned into big-budget movie where a lot of the humour is cringe-worthy and it's overly loud and obnoxious. Making Batman be apart of a sort of team in the end didn't really do it for me. They didn't materialize the mythos very well, instead they exploited much of it. Not that we're supposed to take the adaptation of this movie seriously. It's as if the writers abused their own main character by turning him into something he is not. The bad animated movies, like this one are so because they play to not a super-young audience, but a super-dumb audience. Good writing leaves characters as they are. An unfortunate weak entry.
A Whole lot of fun!
This movie is an abs-olute (you'll get that joke after you see the movie)! It does everything a movie should do: let you escape from reality and just enjoy yourself

The movie has jokes, action sequences, jabs at the live-action Batman movies and shows phenomenal voice-acting, beautiful animation (like its predecessor 'The Lego Movie' (qv), epic cameos, and most importantly a heartfelt message!

This movie is certainly fun for the entire family-containing jokes and entertainment that will apply to all ages at once!

What are you waiting for? See this movie!!!!!!
worth watching but not what i expected
I really like batman as a character and this version of him is quite amazing. However,the whole theme of "working together" and family is pretty exhausting as it is overused through the film. Don't get me wrong I liked the movie but it could be much better.

P.S. The Joker rocks.
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