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Sweden, Denmark
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Thomas Vinterberg


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The Hunt Storyline: Lucas is a Kindergarten teacher who takes great care of his students. Unfortunately for him, young Klara has a run-away imagination and concocts a lie about her teacher. Before Lucas is even able to understand the consequences, he has become the outcast of the town. The hunt is on to prove his innocence before it's taken from him for good.
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One of the few films that actually frustrated me
I certainly don't find myself in the category of movie watchers who think that something is gonna change in the plot if they talk to the characters. I actually find it really annoying when other people keep commenting during the film.

However this time I totally felt like I was in the movie, like I needed to change what's gonna happen, like make the girl "tell the truth" or make the main character "insist about being innocent".

In fact the movie was so powerful it made you wonder what you could possibly do in a similar situation being the main character, his son or one of the family friends.

It indicated in the best way how our society still remains medieval, how from one moment to another civilized people can become animals hunting for blood , seeking revenge, actually wanting to "burn the witches". Definitely one of the best films I've watched.
Beautifully Constructed
I think the tension between Lucas and the whole village is one of the most beautiful and well made tension construction I've seen in a while. The whole lots of possibilities and interpretations show us how rich this story is.

At the end of the movie, we can see the damage on Lucas' life. And this is scary. As most of horror/terror movie fans would say - the best monster/ghost/enemy/antagonist is the one you cannot see the face, but the one who gets you to imagine what could happen if it catches you - with that in mind, we can see that the script is a masterpiece in that aspect.

The direction help all this fear, doubt and anger come inside us and that is horrifying and creepy.

This is a must-see for anyone who enjoys quiet thrillers.
excellent drama that is tough to watch
The thing about Thomas Vinterberg's The Hunt that you should know is that there's no "twist" or big revelation. There's no real ambiguity about whether or not Lucas touched or 'showed' himself to little Klara, the daughter of Lucas' best friend. If there were, this might be a very different movie - perhaps even one that leaned on being dishonest with the audience about the 'did he or didn't he' intentions. It's clear enough early on that Klara isn't telling the whole truth when she mentions to one of the other Kindergarten workers about the "rod" that stands up (meaning the penis), but it doesn't mean she's exactly lying either, just confused in that way that little kids who don't know anything about sex might be if, say, shown a very brief image of a "rod". So there's that. But what The Hunt is really about is perception and how quickly people can turn on someone with a target on them - guilt or no guilt, but especially in the case of not guilty - like with Lucas.

Vinterberg expertly sets up this problem by first showing life as (relatively) normal - Lucas is a father in the process of a divorce, has a great group of guy friends (the kind of Denmark/Sweden/etc who come together, sometimes swim naked in the cold, and drink a lot and sing), and is a teacher at a Kindergarten school. Nothing is shown with any heightened drama, all the cuts to someone in a moment are to show the progression of a moment or a scene - closer to documentary than anything, at least at first - and this helps make the mood past any melodrama for what's to come. Or, if there may be melodrama ahead, it won't be circumspect for the audience: real families in a small town, really close-knit, Church-going, loving, pleasant... and underneath is a whole lot of fear, which can switch to anger, resentment, and horror.

Mikkelson is great in the role, and he may be surprising for those who haven't seen him as a villain in other films (he was a Bond villain once, or if he wasn't he will be someday), as well as the title role of Hannibal Lector on the recent TV series. I haven't seen that show yet, but even if I had it wouldn't change how he works in this film. Could there be any hint in his performance of any evil or misdeeds capable of him? Not far as we can see, though there is that scene where Lucas is first brought in to his superior's office and told of the accusation made. Watch his body language, how his face looks and reacts to this. It could look either way - for the person looking for it, he smacks his lips, he quivers just slightly, he doesn't come out and say 'I didn't do it', but we should know that he didn't. But does the other character know? With something like child molestation?

The topic is so hot-button, whether it's more in the United States or over in Denmark I can't tell, but the safety (and reliability) of a child is such a crucial thing in daily life that it makes for such powerful, potent stuff for The Hunt, as the accusation spirals out - are there other kids(!) just by nightmares and headaches who can tell - and ruins his life, whether he's found guilty or (especially) not. The last act especially is tough to watch as morality is questioned and the mob mentality of a town takes over (not to extreme heights, this isn't Fritz Lang or something, but close enough, realistically enough, just with all those faces).

Quiet scenes punctuate a lot of this film, as much as the brutal ones where rage and bewilderment overflow, like shots of someone having to do something tragic in the rain, and it all builds up to something that is hard to watch. I mean that as a compliment, though it should be said that this is the kind of film I'm not sure I can watch very soon again: it strikes such resonant chords and presents its characters so honestly, the ones looking for grace and those who just cannot, that it's hard not to feel shaken up after it.
Great movie
This is one great movie. Come to think of it, I've just realised how well made Danish movies are, and Mads Mickelsen has become one of my favourites. This movie deserves all the nominations and awards from any of the decent award giving bodies there are. It's very telling and whoever is in the profession of child care or even a step dad, a grandpa will start getting cautious of the consequences such situations may lead to. A story of bad fate that has befallen a decent and innocent citizen. Although, a victim of prejudice, the movie has been well acted and made like it can happen in real life, that you will not be vindictive of a scornful society because you may very well be involved in the movie and see it in an objective way giving the full right to the benefit of the doubt for those who never really witnessed anything other than premature judgement and baseless accusations. After watching this movie, one can't help but contemplate about one's surrounding concerns and personal circumstances.
This is a Film with a capital "F"
I've been an IMDb user for several years. Still, this is my first review.

After watching this Film, I just felt the urge to praise it. So here it is: thanks to the writer, director, actors and all those who created this masterpiece. It really has the power to convey real feelings to the watcher. Even though I kept telling to myself it was just a movie, it still made me care for the characters.

It's a shame that such Films are not promoted as they should be. I am so sorry I had no idea about Danish cinematography until now. This movie will make stay alert for any new Danish production and look for older ones in a desperate try to recover what you could've experienced instead of all the commercial movie offer of Hollywood.
you learn something important
The Hunt is a movie that definitely hunts you almost from the beginning till the last scene.

The movie is well organized, directing is excellent and the story is magnificent. The story will give you ultimate sense of anxiety and sadness with a little hope for the truth. you will live in a story of being under the heavy pressure of slandering and fear while you are facing it empty handed. You can see how a little lie can horribly grow up to ruin someone's life and how the people can escalate it deliberately or not. you will perfectly observe the process of happening of that ugly and scary event and to be honest, it may bother you a lot.

However, It is extremely informative and useful to watch it. It teaches very important lessons to parents and the society of how to take care of children, to pay attention to their needs, keep them away from dangerous situations and to understand their reactions. This movie shows the value of prevention especially in case of child abuse. Children are vulnerable and can be very easily the victims of sexual harassment. However they can be pretty good little liars and a little lie can cost irretrievable damages to someone's life. So, maybe the best way is to prevent both the possibilities of hiding a lie and the happening of a tragedy. The best is to keep children close, never to be alone in any place with others anywhere without proper monitoring systems even in places like schools.

I have to say congrats to the cast and the crew of this movie for bringing us this anxious, scary but useful and informative experience.
A twenty-first century masterpiece
Jagten - The Hunt is a film that stays with you, forces you to rethink your philosophy on life. The autumn wind guides a hunter's bullet into a grazing doe and we walk into a town where every Jack knows every Joe. Lucas is a divorced forty-something easing into his recent appointment as a kindergarten teacher. A strained relationship with his ex-wife deprives him of his son's company for most of the year and he broods over his loneliness in his big house. His best friend's daughter happens to be in his class. Her parents quarrel often and her teenage brother exposes her to pornography early. Lucas' warmth and friendliness wins her over and he becomes her first crush. She writes him a letter and leaves it in his coat with a toy heart. When she kisses a downed Lucas suddenly on the lips, he rebuffs her inappropriate behaviour - something that sets the stage for the major part of the film. Not taking the supposed rejection too well, she tells the school instructor(principal??) that she hates Lucas. When the (incredibly incompetent) woman wants to know more she tells her that Lucas has a stiff... (just watch the film) ... the old hag immediately jumps to the conclusion that Lucas has sexually abused her and more or less coerces the girl into telling everyone else so (even though she denies it at first). The child repeats it in the playground and in a case of mass hysteria, the other children begin claiming to have been abused as well. Lucas is fired from his job, ostracized from society, physically assaulted and has worse done on him. He variously loses (or rather, drives away) his girlfriend, his faithful companion and most of his friends. The only person who stands by him is his friend Bruun, also his son's godfather. But through it all, he holds on to his sense of self, finding comfort in the awareness of his own innocence. Eventually, contradictory testimonies exonerate him but it can not undo any of the damage inflicted on him. The emotions evoked in this act of The Hunt are probably the most realistic, most human ones ever put to film. It's just THAT damn good. He even has a Heisenberg moment in the local mall. The film closes one year later with almost the same scene it begins with. Lucas has been rehabilitated into society...or so it seems. He is last seen scoping out a doe like in the film's prologue...until a stray shot from the blue grazes his ear - a realization that things will never be the same again. Based on the true story of a child psychiatrist similarly accused in the late 90's. All in all, one of the greatest art films ever and a MUST- WATCH. The sharp contrast between European social mores and others is evident in this film.
Great story, characters and picture. An excellent European movie.
I've heard of "The Hunt" ("Jagten") for some time now, and after a few attempts of watching it, I finally did it. After I have seen the movie, I have a big regret: that I've waited so long to do it.

"The Hunt" has a wonderful story, which feels very real and plausible. The events are happening in a small town near the mountains, where the community is very close to each other. The pictures are beautiful: mountains, rivers, lakes, wild animals and great buildings. Even the food looks very good.

But what I liked the best were the people, and the relationship between them. I mean I felt like I was their friend: I laughed with them, I cried with them and felt numerous types of feelings while watching the film. It transmits powerful feelings through the screen. You never have enough information to form a complete idea or opinion, and that makes the movie even more interesting and teasing. You have many types of relationships: between friends, father and child, ex-husband and ex- wife, new lovers, and others. During the scenes, I have felt different types of feelings and emotions: joy, trust, anticipation, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise.

I have learned a few things from this film, about people and the way they interact. First of all, people can be easily influenced and manipulated, when you have all the factors needed to create a necessary scenario. Second, a real friendship can't be broken, even if certain events tell you so: "I think this is the ending of a beautiful friendship" (opposite of the famous quote from Casablanca).

Finally, I recommend "The Hunt" to all of you who love people and the connections that are made between them. I will wait for your comments in the Message Board, because at the end of the movie you will surely have many questions.

P.S. This is my first review, so don't be to harsh on me.
'Look me in the eyes. What do you see?'
Society. Relationships. Disappointment. While watching a movie, you can often think about yourself and your life, if you look without a sexual subtext and do not look for it, because there not. The only piece of life. Not surprisingly and everything clear, as a hasty society makes conclusions based on only on their fears, and the most important thing that they, as in real, assume something and in the way, they would like to believe. During the "investigation" someone obviously did not have enough of adrenaline, as they were provoking her a lie, and she did not say anything, only make some head noodle when you someone pushes. And only that single case when she was angry at Lucas, and only because the girl was disappointed and angry because in kindergarten life parents forgetting about her in some way and arguing on each other, so girl feels some love and idealization of this one person who cares. And her fantasies fall down as in real world. All of this gives us an idea of ​​how the formation of relationships is shaping up in all of us, fantasies, many thoughts and the exploration of the world - everything that children can and see and sometimes understand not well. I want to say that often adults take these child principles into adulthood, fantasies and after it a disappointment. And of course, children can lie and manipulate to parents and others, so they get attention, and this is natural. Lucas was good, kind, but it was bad, he became a victim, and played a victim. It's hard, but showing strength and being more courageous in defending the truth could all be easier to turn up. But, after all really hard events, he became such that he was angry, and that's good, very, it changes, and he changed and he became more courageous and not to lose a friendship, but the past has in mind, and hard to live after that like a couple that lost the kid in "Manchester by the Sea" movie, if you saw, and he can hardly live like previous, he is worried, and people as nothing happened to continue to live their normal lives and it's normal and some way interesting, why it hard to him, thoughts and worries. Everything that was happening at that time was fear. Fear controls and with feel aggression and there are people who still remain and still manages with fear after a year of events. Powerful film and so many psychological aspects of which you can write more details (but I have bad English and lazy to put more) and take a look at your life and defend it and do not break in front of a society that thinks individually about yourself, above all. I want to say that it was good to feel this man support and friendship in the movie, it is the strongest vessel there too.
Profoundly disturbing psychological drama - with a devastating conclusion!!!!
The Hunt (Danish: Jagten) is a 2012 Danish drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Mads Mikkelsen. The story is set in a small Danish village around Christmas.

Mads Mikkelsen won the Best Actor Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival for his penetrating portrayal of Lucas, a former school teacher who has been forced to start over having overcome a tough divorce and the loss of his job. Just as things are starting to go his way, his life is shattered when an untruthful remark throws his small community into a collective state of hysteria. As the lie spreads, Lucas is forced to fight a lonely fight for his life and dignity.
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