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Crime, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Romance
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Clint Eastwood


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Brenda Venus as George
Jean-Pierre Bernard as Jean-Paul Montaigne
Heidi Brühl as Mrs. Anna Montaigne
Michael Grimm as Anderl Meyer
Jack Cassidy as Miles Mellough
Candice Rialson as Art Student
Dan Howard as Dewayne
Elaine Shore as Miss Cerberus
George Kennedy as Ben Bowman
Reiner Schöne as Karl Freytag (as Reiner Schoene)
Thayer David as Dragon
Vonetta McGee as Jemima Brown
Jack Kosslyn as Reporter
Michael Grimm as Meyer
The Eiger Sanction Storyline: Jonathan Hemlock is an art history professor and collector who finances his hobby by performing the odd sanction (assassination) for an obscure government bureau. He is forced to take a case where he must find out which of the members of a mountain climbing team is the Russian killer he has been given as a target by joining an expedition to climb the treacherous Eiger.
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The Eiger Sanction
This was the third film Clint Eastwood directed and starred in, I had no idea what it would involve, and apparently it was rejected by Paul Newman, despite low ratings I was going to give it a try. Basically art history professor and collector Jonathan Hemlock (Clint Eastwood) is a retired government assassin, formerly of a secret government agency called "C2", since his retirement he has a collection of twenty-one rare masterpiece paintings, paid for by the previous assassinations he carried out. But he is forced into one last assignment by his former employee Dragon (Thayer David), an albino ex-Nazi confined to semi-darkness and kept alive by blood transfusions, he wants Hemlock to carry out to work on two more "sanctions", a euphemism for officially approved killings. The sanction is to avenge the death of another government agent, code name Wormwood (Frank Redmond), to kill the two men responsible, Hemlock refuses and insists he is retired, but Dragon threatens to expose his art collection to the IRS. Hemlock agrees to carry out the first assassination for $20,000, double his usual fee, but he refuses to do the second, and the money is stolen by C2 courier Jemima Brown (Vonetta McGee), who seduced him. Hemlock knows that Dragon sent Jemima, Dragon agrees to pay him back, $100,00 plus expenses, if he will complete the sanction, his target is a member of an international mountain climbing team that will attempt to climb the north face of the Eiger mountain in Switzerland. Hemlock tried to ascend the Eiger twice himself, but failed, Draggon cannot confirm the target's identity, but knows that he has a limp, to help Hemlock prepare, he travels to Arizona to train at climbing school, run by his old friend Ben Bowman (George Kennedy), there he gets back into shape, and also gets help from an attractive Native American woman named George (Brenda Venus), later revealed to be Bowman's daughter. There Hemlock also encounters his old enemy Miles Mellough (Jack Cassidy), a former ally from the military who betrayed him, Mellough tries and fails to have Hemlock drugged, Hemlock later lures Mellough and his bodyguard, the bodyguard is shot while Mellough is left in the sun to die. Hemlock is ready to ascend the Eiger, he joins a climbing party at the Hotel Bellevue des Alpes at Kleine Scheidegg, headstrong and condescending German member Karl Freytag (Reiner Schöne) has planned a route up the mountain. The men begin to ascend the mountain, but weather conditions become poor, a French climber is struck by rocks and dies, and later Freytag and the Austrian climber Anderl Meyer (Michael Grimm) fall to their deaths, Hemlock is saved while dangling alone. Bowman and a rescue crew make their way to help, Hemlock notices Bowman limping as he approaches, he recognises he is the target, despite his reluctance to trust him, Hemlock allows Bowman to pull him to safety. On the train returning to Kleine Scheidegg, Bowman to being involved with "the other side" years ago, and his involvement with Mellough, Bowman tries to mend the relationship between him and Hemlock, in the end Hemlock decides to lie to Dragon and tell him that all targets were assassinated, Jemima questions this, while Bowman leaves. Also starring Heidi Brühl as Mrs. Montaigne and Jean-Pierre Bernard as Montaigne. Eastwood does his usual grouchy act fine, Kennedy is alright, and David only seen in red coloured rooms is interesting, but I agree with critics, this is one of the weakest of Eastwood's self-directed films, the first half was sort of interesting, then it tries to be like a James Bond style adventure, some of the mountain climbing drama got my attention, but overall I found the film fairly boring and predictable, a dull and disappointing spy thriller. Adequate!
This is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies (but I'm also a Bronco Billy fan). When first out, it must have seemed "cutting edge". Because of this, some of the film now appears very dated and very hokey (I always try to look with an eye for when things are done.). Examples being, the "odd" leader of the spy organization and the "shocking" inter-racial coupling of Eastwood with a black woman named "Jemima" (They did try to poke fun at the mores of the day.).

The "dated" things are more than compensated by the "ageless" aspects of the film. The scenery is gorgeous, as is the cimematography. The mountain climbing (and training) is rivot-ing. The fearless, toughness is ALL Eastwood and he makes a very sympathetic, reluctant assassin coaxed out of retirement. The mission is a good one. And, of course, there is a mystery to be solved and scores to be settled.

This is one of those movies I watch whenever it is on, and I am not quite sure why I do. At times, it can be plodding and predictable. At times, it IS reminiscent of a TV movie. At times, it is just (?) scenery. But I am always entertained and it keeps my attention....
Sanctioned to climb
This movie has one thing in its favor, really only one, but it is good: The mountain climbing scenes. They are positively first rate. The fact that Eastwood did his own stunts, and this was done before all modern digital effects, makes this a masterpiece in mountain climbing film making.

The script, however, is downright terrible. The whole setup makes no sense at all. Also, the action as well as interaction considering the hero's old enemy Miles (Jack Cassidy) isn't particularly interesting, and neither is the early buildup of the movie. The heroes conflict with the organization feels slapped-on. Oh, and the scene where George (Brenda Venus) flashes her assets on the mountain is downright silly.

But the mountain climbing, including the early ones with Eastwood and Kennedy, are wonderful. So I give the stunts and climbing scenes a 10 and the script... well, a 3 maybe.

Thereby this movie lines up with Jackie Chan's "Operation Condor" as a movie that you don't watch for the plot, but for the great visuals.
Great climbing sequences make this hidden gem worth watching!
Clint Eastwood stars as a former government assassin turned art teacher who is blackmailed into coming out of his retirement to pull off a difficult last job. A former colleague has been murdered. Eastwood will climb the Eiger face and kill the assassin along the way. The only problem is he isn't sure which of the three other climbers is his target.

'The Eiger Sanction' is very much a product of the 1970's, and comes from a difficult grey area of Eastwood's career. He was transitioning between Westerns and Dirty Harry and films like 'The Eiger Sanction' got lost in the mix. On the surface the film is a spy thriller, or a gorgeously shot mountain climbing/survival film. I think it doesn't get enough credit for being very tongue in cheek. It gently pokes fun at both Eastwood and 70's action movies -- Clint giving a female student a playful pat on the rump, the foxy brown flight attendant/girlfriend, and of course "damn that Brando" when Clint's Native American trainer pushes him too hard. Throw in the promiscuity and the way homosexuality is dealt with (rival gay hit-man with the little dog) and the film runs pretty nicely as a satire.

'The Eiger Sanction' is really about the third act though where the climbing takes place. Brilliantly photographed, I didn't find much not to enjoy about this film. Quite possibly the best climbing film that I've ever seen and it is certainly superior to things like 'Cliff Hanger' or 'Vertical Limit' -- which owe a great deal to 'The Eiger Sanction.' Clint Eastwood has acted in better movies and he's directed better movies. That said, this one is an unpolished gem and worth taking a look at if the opportunity arises.
My name is Eastwood , Clint Eastwood
"The Eiger sanction" reminds me a little of a Bond movie. Eastwood plays here a spy who looks for a murderer of his friend . Every woman in this movie is attracted to him . He's making smart-ass comments . He likes good art. He's quite independent . The difference between him and Bond is that he's much deeper character . He's aware of the two-faced nature of his job . His bitter towards his bosses . And he actually makes mistakes (unlike Bond) which makes it easy to relate to him.

The main reasons to watch this movie are Eastwood , very enjoyable dialogues , naturally looking fights scenes , humor and interesting characters. "TES" isn't too heavy on plot and the action scenes aren't really spectacular. It's quite long (2 hours) and I think that as a book this story is much better.

The music by John Williams is cool . The ladies are sexy . The actors and actresses give solid support to Eastwood : Vonetta McGee (secret agent Jemima) , George Kennedy (friend Ben) , Jack Cassidy (homosexual Miles) , Thayer David (boss Dragon). There are some nice twists near the end.

Overall , it's a fun and kinda forgotten movie in Eastwood career . I give it 5/10.
Film shots - real?
Fist of all, I really enjoy this film both as a Eastwood fan and spy book reader.

I was watching the film last night on Sky and I was amazed at the climbing sequences, in particular the camera shots surrounding the climb with George Kennady up the rock pillar.

I was wondering if it was actually Eastwood doing the climbing or was it just careful camera shots. To me it seemed to real for Eastwood not to be sat on top the rock.

The other scene which clearly shows Eastwood in climbing mode is when he's on the mountain at the beginning of the first day. It seems to me that the producers would not allow the star to be put at risk but equally the camera shots are just fantastic.

Does anybody know?
Quirky, fun flick
First off, let me say that Clint Eastwood is a bad dude. A 44 year old man who did all his own stunts dangling off thousand-foot drops is amazing. The film has weird characters - the villain played by Cassidy is so over the top, the sexy trainer and musclebound bodyguard who never say a word, the comic asides throughout, and the ambiguous plot that keeps you second- guessing makes for a memorable movie. The pace is quick and you have to be on your toes. The first half of the film is in Arizona, where Eastwood trains for his mountaineering assignment. We are at a spa, where lots of gorgeous women hang out. Why Eastwood didn't have his character get laid a few times is an opportunity lost. Then, we suddenly find ourselves in the opposite extreme - we go from arid desert to the snowcapped peaks of northern Europe. Eastwood misses another opportunity to get some when he rebuffs the horny wife of a fellow climber. Sean Connery or Roger Moore would have gotten laid at least seven times to Eastwood's two lays in this movie. That's what kept it from being a great film - Clint needs to loosen up with the ladies a bit.
So stupid it would have worked as a parody of spy films.
Something tells me Clint isn't too picky about the scripts he agrees to do. I can only imagine how bad the novel this crap is based on must be. Plenty of nonsense had been crammed into this two-hour filmic banality.

Clint rejects an illicit offer from one of his students – fine; we'll ignore that. It made for a vaguely amusing semi-anecdote which served to prove to us the stereotypically absurd wholesomeness of the hero's impeccable character. We then find out he collects art "masterpieces" for just a fraction of their real value; how he achieves this isn't explained at all, but we'll ignore this bit of hooey too, coz I really couldn't give a rat's ass about over-rated, over-priced canvas blotches.

But then the real nonsense kicks in. Clint's former boss is a fat albino who is forced to live in near-complete darkness at all times; no, I can't ignore this at all. How the hell does a man with such a debilitating condition climb up the government ranks all the way to the top of the CIA? Do government suits scout dark hospital rooms and peruse through medical files for potential albino talent? Have YOU ever seen or heard of a top government official who was born a paraplegic, an albino, or with some other extreme, crippling affliction? Even the James Bond franchise hasn't yet dabbled with albino villains or albino Ms or Qs.

How could Clint's character possibly be so STUPID not to suspect that the black girl is a plant? (I don't mean a tree or a flower; the only vegetable in this context is guy who concocted the novel.) Perhaps the book goes into greater details, explaining how huge his Ego must be, not allowing him to just consider the possibility than not all stewardesses would offer him sex within seconds of seeing him for the first time, hence that they might have ulterior motives. But fine, not all action-movie heroes have to be the brightest cookies.

The worst aspect of TES, however, is its essential premise: the micro-film with a biological warfare formula. Can you possibly guess the "great plot-twist"? It turns out to be a fake formula, its sole purpose being to make the Russkies hunt it down. WHY though? As soon as the Soviets get the formula, they will test it – and then realize that it's fake! So what could the U.S. government POSSIBLY gain with this silly, expensive, overly complex ploy? Nothing at all. In fact, they lose a few men, and have to dish out $120,000 to Clint - and even listen to his self-righteous political speeches.

Then again, perhaps I am too stupid to understand how watching the Soviets waste a few weeks on a formula that doesn't work might be a very clever idea, or of what military or strategic use this might be. As soon as the Russians realize it's fake they'll renew their search for the real one. Or did Clint the Eastwood seriously expect us to think that Russians would lock up the formula in some safe, never to be looked at again, once they got hold of it? Then again, I doubt Clint expects his viewers to think at all; nothing new, considering how many dumb movies he'd directed. Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh… and duh.

The fact that Clint is forced to CLIMB A MOUNTAIN UNDER DANGEROUS CONDITIONS in order to carry out the "sanction" – without even knowing who that target is – only adds to the unintentional comedy. Couldn't he just have WAITED for their expedition to come back down? Or terminated his target before the climb? Since when is it only possible to assassinate a mountain-climber DURING a mountain climb? Perhaps the only way to kill an astronaut would be to wait for him to fly to the Moon… For some reason, the only way to find out the identity of his target was to join the mountaineering expedition. Did that work? No, but all the members of the expedition got killed in accidents anyway! I'd expect to find this kind of nonsense in a parody of a thriller, not a thriller itself.

Perhaps the movie was simply cursed by having a notable "Plan 9 From Outer Space" alumni on board. Gregory Walcott; the comic-relief(?) that Clint gets to beat up every once in a while, lending further credence to theories that this movie was in fact a parody.

One of many silly plot-twists – and one even a vodka-gorged chimp could see an hour in advance – is that George Kennedy is the man Clint had been looking for all along. Kennedy was far too friendly with Clint, and this made him instantly suspicious. (Which goes to show how clichéd the script is.) Kennedy suddenly develops a limp, the one clue Clint had to go on, just because it got cold. So the limp leg was in no danger of limping during those earlier practice climbs back in the States? Duh, duh, duh. Very predictably, Clint doesn't kill him. Instead, he kills thousands of the viewer's brain-cells.

Worse yet, this goofy little thriller has a political message to convey, as well. You must have met people who considered both sides of The Cold War to have been equally vicious and evil; everyone knows at least one idiot of that sort. Well, that is precisely the idiotic message: both sides are ideologically corrupt, and it doesn't matter whose side you're on. Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh… So the U.S. had millions of labour camps i.e. gulags too? Long lines for toilet paper? Millions of people trying to get OUT (of the USSR) as opposed to trying to get IN (the U.S.)? This is typical malcontent, left-wing drivel written by a closet Marxist. Clint, a paid assassin, moralizes through his clenched teeth, giving pacifist speeches about double-standards in super-power politics. It doesn't get dumber than that.
Slow haul up a forgettable mountain
The complete lack of political correctness seems to have endeared this film to some and made them overlook its obvious flaws. The characterisation is weak, the plot rambling and the action sequences largely confined to the last and most interesting portion of the film, the only part which actually takes place on the Eiger. It is a pity that the film takes so long to get here and with so many unnecessary digressions (and much silliness), for the mountain sequences (although not as compelling as they could have been) are easily the most convincing part of this so-so thriller.

Clint Eastwood plays Hemlock a lecturer with a secret sideline in adventure. In this respect he is like a prototype for Indiana Jones only he's much darker. While Jones merely tries to redeem lost artifacts for the benefits of mankind (and therefore is an unreservedly good character), Hemlock murders people in cold blood to enlarge his own private hoard of expensive artworks. It is therefore difficult to really care whether he succeeds or fails.

It actually becomes more difficult to relate to him as the movie progresses. After he leaves his former friend (a camp homosexual wonderfully played by the much missed Jack Cassidy) to die an agonising death in the desert, any sympathy I had for him disappeared. And of course there is the question left 'hanging' (sorry for the pun) at the end as to whether Hemlock has intentionally 'sanctioned' (ie murdered) several innocent people on the Eiger.

Apart from such nastiness there is also a great deal of silliness of a formulaic kind. 'Dragon' is Hemlock's boss- he's an albino with an aversion to light who for some inexplicable reason is the head of the American spy network (how did that happen exactly?) He seems to belong to the world of Austin Powers. His sidekick is Pope another crudely drawn caricature. As indeed is Jemima Brown the sort of over-sexed black chick who were frequent in the early 70s blaxplotation cinema. The scenes where she beds Hemlock only to steal his money is one of the many unnecessary detours.
Strangely compelling: joyous fun
This is surely the most unusual title in Clint's extensive catalog. Like so much of his output that seems uneven, politically incorrect and blisteringly mediocre strangely this will probably be highly compelling to fans, though the casual viewer may find THE EIGER SANCTION utterly boring, prolonged and inconsequential.

Clint plays an assassin who otherwise spends his time as a curly, unhelpful art professor. During the title credits, a colleague is killed and Clint must avenge the death by climbing the face of the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland. A typical espionage-movie double cross occurs at the end. That's pretty much it, though we meet with many interesting characters like Clint's Blofeld-type 'M', David, a reclusive albino. There's also liberal sexual repartee and double entendre with the obligatory nudity and sex scenes.

The supporting cast are very lively and fun. The photography of the ascent is well-paced and composed with very little or no rear projection: the cast it seemed actually climbed part of the mountain. Indeed, one man died during the Eiger filming - an accomplished and professional mountaineer - and the director of photography was seriously injured.

Like so many of Clint's films, you wonder what the movie would have been like without him. We don't know why we love Clint, we just do. THE EIGER SANCTION certainly doesn't feature the man's best acting. More often than not, however, his very presence is enough.
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