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Action, Adventure, Western, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Nikolaj Arcel


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Dennis Haysbert as Steven
Claudia Kim as Arra
Ben Gavin as Soldier
Inge Beckmann as Teacher
Nicholas Hamilton as Lucas Hanson
Abbey Lee as Tirana
Fran Kranz as Pimli
José Zúñiga as Dr. Hotchkiss
Idris Elba as Roland
The Dark Tower Storyline: The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black.
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Enjoyed a lot
Having never read the books and seeing the bad reviews I wasn't expecting much. How wrong could I have been? I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, definitely on par with any good vs evil fantasy I've seen. Idris Elba and Jake were believable enough to carry the story. I will probably never read the books and if this is my only ever reference to the Gunslinger story I will have to give this movie 2 thumbs up.
Deserves way better than 6 of 10
Comparing the books to a movie... It's like trying to compare a Lamborghini to the Queen Mary. :) I loved the story, so having the an entire ark of many books roar past in 1 movie was great. But the ship won't fit on a road so... if you go looking for the entire liner, it just won't be there. The 6.0 out of 10 on IMDb I think reflects that, rather than how good the movie itself is.

The movie is good. Elba and McConaughey do excellent work.
Well I Enjoyed It
No matter what some people say, I enjoyed this movie, lots of action, lots of drama, good special effects plus a moving relationship between Jake and The Gunslinger, a great performance by rising Star Tom Taylor (Jake) I really enjoyed this movie, it is definitely worth a watch I love things by Stephen King and I cant wait for the remake of It.
Give it a chance
I've been reading these books for over two decades now. I was really pumped about the movie. I saw the very first showing, and I can say that the negative reviews coming out about this film are unwarranted.

First, you have to keep in mind what they were hoping to achieve with this movie given the budget. It's a similar play to that of the first Hunger Games movie. If they get some traction with this one, then the subsequent movies/TV series get twice the money to work with. I personally think that they did a fantastic job with this first effort.

The acting was solid. The story was actually pretty good. It had some great actions sequences, and the CGI was surprisingly good (most of the time). It was also a very efficient use of time. Every scene helped explain the Dark Tower lore to new audiences.

It was a fun action flick that doesn't try to repeat the experience of reading the books. I'll always have the novels. I wasn't expecting this movie to recreate that experience for me.

Plus, as a die hard fan from way back, it was just great to see Roland and Jake on screen for the first time. It just felt right.

Give it a try with an open mind.
An average movie with a great idea
In an universe where multiple worlds existed, held together and protected from darkness by a dark tower which has been standing from the beginning of time, the last Gunslinger tries to protect it with his last forces from the Man in Black who's determined to take it down. Together with a child with psychic powers, the gunslinger must have one last attempt to eliminate the dark ruler while the tower is still standing.

It's a movie which presents an interesting universe, filled with weird creatures and people where the equilibrium between light and dark is held by a dark tower. While very well played by the actors, the main characters are not very complex, or at least not very well described, although their vast experience would have demanded such. Thus, we are faced with a revengeful master of guns, who seeks to kill the one who killed all his beloved, while eluding his duties as a Gunslinger. Unwillingly helped by a kid who dreamt him quite a lot, who possesses a couple of psychic powers, he will ultimately engage in a life and death battle which will decide the fate of the world. Opposed to the good guys, the Man in Black is much better presented, making his character (thanks to a great actor) much more credible and even fearful.

The plot, although it promised a lot from the trailer, is pretty linear, without anything spectacular or at least a twist which might make it worthy of the unique places in which it enrolls. The beginning of the movie raises the interest with the presentations, but it suddenly drops into mediocrity, being a bit too predictable for my taste. I have to say, and I believe it's the first time I say this about a movie, that it is way too short. It had so much more to present both in terms of characters but also in terms of action. The shooting scenes are a true delight but are too seldom, making you lust for much more which unfortunately doesn't come. The finale is good in terms of implementation and idea, but it's also very predictable and much too sudden, leaving also a lot to ask for.

Overall, it leaves an unpleasant sensation of superficiality, like the producers ran out of money or ideas and decided to end it way too soon. It has some good actors, great locations and intense action/shooting sequences which could have been a lot more exploited. I honestly wanted more from this movie, I wanted it to offer more but it ended up being too short to provide a strong plot and truly complex characters which would have made it a great movie. As it is, it's unfortunately another average movie which failed to deliver a great implementation from a great idea.
Critics can't figure out what to make of this one
This film spent a decade in production hell and anyone who has read the series knows that to call it unfilmable is an understatement. It is a genre bending sci-fi western fantasy supernatural horror time travel tale that takes place in an interdimensional multi-verse that includes our own Keystone Earth with visits all over those other worlds. Even knowing where to start filming this could take 6 months to debate. This isn't a perfect movie and it is going to mystify a lot of people that need everything explained to them or a box to put it in. A lot of people will dismiss that as bad filmmaking. I thought they captured the essence of the story and laid down some good groundwork. It is a brisk 95 minutes but it felt over 2 hours, and it is a rare film where that is a compliment. I had LOW expectations. I've followed the making of this thing since the start and there have been some decisions that were... questionable. I walked away mildly impressed. And in this case that is probably high praise. I won't be recommending it to anyone that isn't familiar with the books. In short: I liked it, but I was willing to give it a chance. I hope it gets a sequel and they can start filling in the worlds without all the exposition that was necessary to get this one moving.
Ho Hum Tower
I had read that most Steven King fans hated the film, but was expecting some good work by Elba. Nothing special here. First half hour of the film is really a ho-hummer. Nothing special about the special effects. I would say this is a movie geared to the pre- and mid-teenagers. The language is clean enough for children and others who don't appreciate rotten language. Ugly monsters are often in the dark,so no bad looks in that department. Along the line of what others have said, this movie is most likely more sit-throughable if one knows nothing about the novels.
Only question is Why ???
To be honest in recent years I was so amazed with some movies/ shows inspired by great books ( such as lotr , got ...etc) . But this movie is a hollow action movie. Firstly , why the hell you made the Roland black , do you have any logical reason ( please stop this equality bullshit , lets change the black panther with a white cast and see the outburst .....) , secondly did the script writers ever read the books? there is a huge lore and character development in the books , but the script writers made it another guns blazing movie . Also such a great actor wasted with shallow script and cliché dialogues ( Mathew ... ) . Anyway , If you like mindless action , you don't care about the story, no character development...etc still don't watch it go and watch expendables again.... Such a shame...
Do not listen to the book readers they are wrong
I am disappointed in the fans on how they 4 star this movie, Don't they know if the fans do not support a Stephen king film now no more films will be attempted in the future. It is so foolish they back stab their own famous writer, instead of giving low stars why don't you ask for improvements? nope your sick and hard headed, I think Stephen king attracts psychopaths that want perfection. GO WATCH THE MOVIE ESPECIALLY IN DOLBY OR IN IMAX 3D. It is so worth it. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the movie, they are breath taking.
Only shows how the big screen can't do justice to The Dark Tower series.
As expected, this movie does not do The Dark Tower series justice at all.

I've always held that The Dark Tower book series would be best served when translated to the TV medium rather than the big screen, in the same big budget way as Game of Thrones has been translated. This movie only serves to prove my position.

Idris Elba as the gunslinger is not the problem, and neither is Matthew Mcconaughey as the man in black. Even the visuals are not the problem; in fact, I think they did a pretty good job visualizing mid-world.

The problem is that, there being so much source material that they couldn't have even crammed it into a trilogy of big screen adaptations if they wanted to, they still tried to do just that with this movie, and unsurprisingly failed spectacularly, which is a real shame. Even though this film is a 'based on' version and therefore doesn't follow the series to the letter nor has to do so, it still reintegrates way too many story elements of the book series in such a short time. In other words: Although the story deviates completely from the books, it still picks and loosely assimilates several big story arcs from the book series without being able to explore them at all due to time constraints.

Like a bullet, the storyline swiftly ricochets across several highly fleshed out story arcs of the book series, never going beyond the surface, thereby remaining unsatisfactorily shallow.

As a result, the movie can neither satisfy the viewer unfamiliar with the material, nor the source material's fanbase.

On the one hand, if one hasn't read the book series, there will be so many "wait, what?" moments for the casual viewer unfamiliar with the source material, and on the other, for the viewer who is familiar with the source material, it is highly frustrating to see such a vast body of work being treated with such a fleeting touch.

The positive part is that the source material allows for this Dark Tower adaptation to be in a different universe, so one can start all over again and do it right. The negative part is that since this one bombed at the box office, it may not happen.

Hopefully, one of the big players in TV land will one day pick this up and give it the treatment it deserves.
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