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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Vincent J. Guastini, Michael McQuown


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Jo Galloway as Susan
Denise Faro as The Italian
Sherry Dargahi as Party Goer
Trey Everett as Party Jerk
Danielle Baez as Party Goer
Heather Compton as Party Goer
Katelyn Bailey as Party Goer
Layne Castro as Party Goer
Sara Castro as Marie
Emilia Zoryan as Caitlin
Michael Cotter as Andrew
The Dark Tapes Storyline: A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent anthology. Ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more from the paranormal world collide with rational curiosity.
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Boring and old
Paranormal Activity all over again with some bits shamelessly copied from other similar movies, but with a budget that makes the special effects look bad. Not that it matters, even if the special effects were good, it would still be pretty terrible. I've seen better acting in x-rated movies.

The point of having a small budget is to improvise and try to generate something new, not copy stuff other people have made and do it badly. Almost seems like it was done badly on purpose, as in to cater to the hipster judges at the awards.

Don't get fooled by the awards and nominations. This movie either had no competition in the awards or they were the kind of awards where "everyone is a winner".
Fresh take on found footage
The Dark Tapes is a four story horror anthology. I'm a big fan of horror anthologies and the stories in this one are all original and had surprise endings that I didn't see coming. There are a lot of found footage films out there, but The Dark Tapes felt fresh and was the most unique found footage film I've seen in a long time. The stories are well written and entertaining and I think this film proves that you don't have to have a big budget to make a good movie. There are some genuinely creepy moments and not a whole lot of blood and gore,so I would think this film would appeal to a wider audience than some of your "typical" horror films. This movie is anything but typical. If you like horror and want to see found footage presented in a new way, definitely check out this anthology. It's a lot of fun.
I LOVED this film!
Easily on par with V/H/S and other recent horror anthologies. This one kept my interest throughout, and I look forward to any additions to this series. I love found footage films- well, many of them-- but this one was special. I sincerely hope this does well and bodes well for the future of these filmmakers.
I bought it on Amazon Video for $9.99, and I don't regret it.
'THE DARK TAPES': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

An indie anthology horror flick, which interlocks four different tales of creatures, demons, ghosts and other things in the paranormal world. The film runs 98 minutes long, and it was made on a budget of just $65,000. It also features an ensemble cast (of mostly unknown actors) lead by Cortney Palm. First time feature filmmakers Michael McQuown and Vincent J. Guastini directed and co-produced the flick. McQuown also wrote the script (he previously co-wrote 2005's 'THE PERFECT MAN') and he also served as the film's editor and cinematographer as well. I found it to be a mostly well made, and impressive little indie horror flick; highlighted by Cortney Palm's performance.

The movie contains four different chapters, each telling a different supernatural tale. One revolves around a couple experiencing paranormal activities in the house they recently moved in to. Another story tells the tale of two lesbian lovers, that make a living performing sexual activities online (for paying customers), and one begins blacking out and not remembering certain strange experiences. Another story involves a woman who's raped at a party, and she then becomes obsessed with stopping persistent unwanted paranormal intruders. A fourth story is intercut between the others, and it revolves around three paranormal investigators, that take their investigations into uncharted new dangerous territory.

The movie is a little too slow-paced, drawn-out, and a tad too over complicated in places. For a film made on just a $65,000 budget though, I think it's mostly impressive. I love indie horror flicks like this, especially well made anthologies. This one delivers some nice effects, some cool dark imagery, and some pretty clever twists; it just sometimes takes a little too long to get to them. The acting, with the exception of Palm, is pretty amateurish though. The film probably won't become a cult classic of any kind, but I think it's still definitely worth the rental price. I bought it on Amazon Video for $9.99, and I don't regret it.

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It's not a movie
This is not a movie. It's a collection of short clips with no correlation to each other.

It employees infamous actors and perhaps low budget director as well. There are no connection between one story to another. It just shows a bunch of jump-scares effect, but without any terrifying stuff. In one of the scene, you can clearly see an actor with a part-ghost part-monster costume. Surely, it's a low budget movie with very low quality story line.

I wonder this could ever be on theaters? And who would even want to pay to watch it?
A lot of hype from the makers of this but movie is terrible!
Id like to start by saying that i am a fan of the V/H/S movies but the Dark tapes doesn't even come close ... Poor quality movie .. Poor acting ... Very slow ... Dogshit story. The amount of hype that has been generated on facebook by the makers of this trying to promote it is ridiculous and they are trying to get people to vote for it for the Rondo Hatton award before they have even seen it and also pushing pre order for the movie probably to get some of the small budget back.

This is up there as probably the worst movie i have ever seen Don't waste your time with it. it is everything i expected from all the fake hype. If you do want to waste your time with it then for gods sake don't waste money on it! Terrible Terrible movie. i gave it 1 out of 10 as i couldn't give it a zero!
A waste of time and/or money
When I read the synopsis and a few reviews, I thought to myself, "Well this could be alright."

How I was wrong. So VERY wrong. Predicted most of the character actions before they did them, kinda scaring myself how accurate my smart-ass predictions actually were played out almost to a tee.

I feel this movie wanted to be like the VHS series, albeit with a dash of paranormal activity mixed in. However, even though I found the VHS series to be kinda an above-average "meh, it's OK", I couldn't find any reason to enjoy this flick. Sure, maybe if your young or just haven't seen ANY "horror" movies, you'd find this movie to be OK.


-Acting was slightly below average, but not that bad like "The Room".

-Effects are pretty standard(and low): The overly-glitchy 'disturbances' when 'ghosts' are around. Sorry, digi-cams DO NOT glitch like that. A pixel is not 1/20th the screen. You can even see the "demon's" skin/costume moving when they are walking around, laughable.

When they use analogue video recorders, they have the good-'ol stock 'old film' analogue effects- ie small dark film spotting and high graininess. Also a wax recorder is used, but picks up audio PERFECTLY...

-Plot is EASILY predictable. Pretty basic as well. A twist is tried, but then never goes back to those involved in it. Also all the time dilation paired with alternate realities is just so.... wrong.


I've watched some really low-budget indie films, and while this one might not be the worst I've come across, it's still on my top 100 bad movies list. I don't know how any reviewer who's seen soo many movies can or could give this such a high rating, I really don't. Mind baffling.

I feel bad for whomever helped fund this movie(despite it's low amount), but most of all, I feel even worse for the "reviewers" who paid 10$ to 'rent' this movie. Or even 4$. I'm sure that my review, like the few others telling the truth of the quality of this movie, will be down-voted/liked/etc.

I regret watching this movie, waste of my time. I only give this an extra 2 stars because hey, they kinda tried.

Do yourself, and anyone who you were gonna watch this with, a favor- JUST DON'T.
Great for what it is...
As far as found footage horror goes I found this to be an alright movie. Then when I looked it up and found out it was a from scratch no budget movie I gave it much more credit. People have made a lot worse movies with a lot more money then these people. They didn't have much to work with, yet the movie still turned out good and you could tell everyone or almost everyone put their heart into trying to make it good and interesting. I wish they advertised they didn't have any budget because people would appreciate this a lot more. With some money behind a future movie I do believe they can turn out something awesome to rival or surpass ABC's of Death or VHS.
was very surprised at this one
didn't know what to expect going into this, though i had decently high hopes since any found footage that gets higher than a 4 on IMDb tends to be pretty damn good (for some reason its trendy to hate movies, especially found footage). this one reminds me of VHS since its several stories that range from demons to aliens to just evil people. each story wasn't overly complicated and each one gave you just enough information so your not sitting confused wondering about the little things. this is one you should give a chance, its worth it. plus its only an hour and a half so its not a real long one. i definitely recommend it.
Overrated Amateurish Rubbish
The "found footage" genre usually produces garbage instead of films. "The Dark Tape" is not an exception, but below average. It seems to be a bad cinema project, with terrible story, screenplay, direction, acting, cinematography, no soundtrack; therefore nothing is worthwhile watching and spend time. Maybe school mates, family and friends have voted in IMDb to achieve such high rating. In the end, "The Dark Tapes is an overrated amateurish rubbish. My vote is one.

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