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USA, United Arab Emirates
Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Ponsoldt


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Tom Hanks as Bailey
Michael Shuman as Beck Bandmate
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. as Beck Bandmate
Joey Waronker as Beck Bandmate
Nick Valensi as Beck Bandmate (as Nicholas Valensi)
Karen Gillan as Annie
Beck as Beck
Ellar Salmon as Mercer
Glenne Headly as Bonnie
Bill Paxton as Vinnie
The Circle Storyline: When Mae is hired to work for the world's largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company's founder, Eamon Bailey, to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes, begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.
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Good till the climax
The climax was not clear. The ending should have had more depth. Something like Eamon and Tom running away and Mae using Soulsearch to find them as escaped convicts and helping the cops to arrest them. That would have been a better ending for me. Or Mae could have asked Ty to sabotage the physical servers. The climax was simply unsatisfactory.
Loved it, Amazing storyline
Really like the idea of the movie,and two things made it amazing. first when Mae's friend died she didn't quit her job, and his death actually motivated her to work into making the circle better! I loved that she didn't let emotions control her. second thing is that almost all movies that tackle new technologies end with the leading actor discovering a conspiracy and trying somehow to stop the technology but this movie acknowledged the benefits and problems and ended with Mae hoping to fix the problems and improve the technology, which i loved The acting was also very good Great movie, highly recommended
Bad, bad, bad
This movie is cheesy in all the wrong ways. The dialogue is just cliché and awful. The acting (aside from Bill Paxton who is only on screen for like 3 mins) is horrendous. I mean some of these people can actually act, but they are either just phoning it in or something else was going on. Either way, this is just complete crap. The story was so ham-fisted and obvious that it just makes you cringe the whole way through. Avoid at all costs.
Such incredible potential lost in a mess of editing or lack thereof
Ironically I work for a tech company that if you really bent and twisted could look a little like The Circle only way less evil...I swear... The Circle seems incredibly timely and you know 30 years from now, even as campy as it ended up being, it could be considering a classic ahead of it's time simply because it has such a pertinent message to our world right now. It could be this generations social commentary. Unfortunately for this movie it is completely lost in very poor character development, some really horrid acting and line delivery, a weak and unedited script, a horrible use of star Tom Hanks and forcing Emma Watson to try and hide her British accent meaning she has not enough lines to give her character depth. Even still, for some reason I didn't hate the film. I still found enough about it that I liked. The idea and concept behind The Circle is very believable and the tech they use while it seems a little outlandish is incredibly real. If you stop and think about Facebook/Twitter/Amazon/The Cloud things that connect the entire world, this film is not even remotely far-fetched.

I do believe Emma Watson has it in her to be a star. Fortunately for her Beauty and The Beast and it's 1B+ take will solidify her in Hollywood because it seems everything else she has tried falls flat. I don't think film makers are casting her correctly. She looks through this entire film like she is struggling with hiding her British accent. The dialog is really bad so it hurts her performance even worse. Still I like what they did with it, even if there wasn't enough time to really dig into her. Tom Hanks is the driving star power and is sorrowfully underused. Even still he comes onto screen and makes every scene he's in worthwhile. He's perfect as a low level villain of sorts who is more than close to real life. Ellar Coltrane might be one of the worst performances I've ever seen. Is this guy even an actor? As Watson's childhood best friend and sort of a focal point for Watson's development, he delivers his lines like a terrible Grade School actor. He is absolutely terrible and that is in addition to how bad the dialog is. His chemistry with Watson is literally non-existent. Glenne Headly, the late (amazing) Bill Paxton and Karen Gillan give the three best performances in the film. Paxton who plays Watson's father riddled with MS is fantastic! Similar to Hanks, Patton Oswalt is very underused as Hanks' partner in The Circle. He seems almost to have had his lines removed. And then you have John Boyega (you know the latest star of Star Wars) in an utterly pointless bizarre role where he stands in the back of rooms and looks broody. You would literally think they edited out huge portions of his character making it seem weird and disjointed.

I'm not sure who is responsible for ruining a film with such amazing potential. I know that director and co-writer James Ponsoldt does not have enough experience to handle something of this potential calibre. I would presume that Dave Eggers original novel is much better and I feel like it's probably a lot of editing and cooks in the kitchen that killed this adaptation. I still liked a few performances, I loved the message and working in the tech world for me it really was a little on the scary side. It's worth seeing but probably forgettable but the message behind it will likely cause it to stand the test of time. 6.5/10
Excellent film
Not sure why my first review was removed, but this shockingly is a great film for Emma Watson that shows how many of these tech companies are nothing more than cults. If you've been familiar with much of the drama going on with reddit, Google, Youtube and other sites, you'll understand many of the messages this movie is trying to send about the dangers of many of these tech companies and the mentality of the people running them.
Genuinely creepy
Perhaps the most compelling thing about seeing The Circle, is the glow of people checking their phones as soon as the credits rolled. This is going to be a film people claim they understand when they don't even understand the controlled lives they are living.

In all a genuinely creepy film carried by Emma Watson, not something for your average Marvel fan though.
It's the Circle of Politically Dull!
Robbie K back, after being off the grid for a week. Tonight's review is on the latest "dystopian" feature film called The Circle. Former Hermione Granger, and more recently Belle, Emma Watson leads the film as she attempts to take us into the workings of a technological conglomerate who has knowledge as its key principle. Yet the trailers paint a much darker secret hidden in its stony walls, one that promises to be a real nail biter. Will this movie deliver those thrills, or are we stuck with another wash out? I'll do my best to answer that question, so sit back, and please read my latest thoughts.


• Nice tool development • Emma Watson • Culturally Relevant Film • Solid Moral Lesson

Summary: We all know technology is becoming the heart of the world, if not already the heart of this country. And certainly, we all know that these technological marvels often require laborious development and maintenance to get the bugs out. The Circle portrays this very well, helping to develop the very tool that we all love. Throughout the journey, you'll get to see the development of the two-faced beast that is technology, and how it requires tweaking to get just "right". Not the highest selling point for a movie, but pretty cool.

Of course, we all know many are going to go for the lovely Ms. Watson, to support the super actress they adore. Good news, Watson does a solid job holding up most of the movie, as she is primary the only main character of the film. Watson brings her charm to the screen once more, portraying intelligence, fortitude and inspiration in a manner that many will latch on to. Her accent is pretty sound (though it fluctuates at times), but she manages to deliver her lines with a decent balance of emotion, to sell her points… most of the time.

Yet the biggest strength of these movies is how culturally relevant it is to the audience. If you didn't gleam it from the trailers, The Circle is essentially a modernized version of the novel 1984 that once more addresses the issues of control, life sharing, and privacy. The film is certainly very political, but has a number of powerful lessons to teach about the place of technology and how easily it can be twisted. I myself liked the comments from Emma's followers, a fantastic representation of the shallow, superficial, and often selfish focus that the internet provides. The scenes are well developed to deliver the full emotional punch, which while not the most unique, can really shock you to the core at how true it can be.

DISLIKES: • Cheesy acting at times • Other actors diluted • Missed character development • Ignorant/Idiotic moments • Lack of Suspense

Summary: Despite Watson's strong performance, she is involved in some overly cheesy moments. On many of the emotionally heated moments, she loses her balance and stretches into the overdramatic region, losing her accent and dialogue forte in the process. But even her worst acting doesn't hold a candle to some of the supporting characters who give either emotionally dull deliveries or lackluster performances. These moments are noticeable enough to offset the momentum of the movie, and derailing it from the quality the trailers promised.

An even worse quality for me was how the other actors of the star-studded cast were reduced to simplistic roles. Legends like Tom Hanks, Patton Oswalt and even the late Bill Paxton are reduced to very linear roles, with little character development or expansion beyond what you've seen in the trailer. With such a strong cast, I can't help but feel disappointed at the missed potential of this movie and how much this all-star cast could have done to amp up the quality of this movie.

Even worse, some of the characters, primarily Emma Watson's character, become so blindly ignorant that the intelligence they worked so hard building is diluted to an idiotic level. As a result, I found myself starting to loathe the character and how 180 they took the character. Yes, I understand the premise behind the movie, but it didn't work for me. Other characters also fell into this mix as well, each built to have this incredible skill that was either not used or rapidly reversed to make the characters seem weak.

Yet the most disappointing aspect of this movie…is the lack of suspense. The trailer made this film out to be a mystery meeting dystopian policing. Not the case at all. The Circle has no mystery, laying all the facts on the table and leaving little to be uncovered. You would think there would be intense moments of espionage, or policing by superiors to build up excitement, right? Sorry, this film doesn't have that either, with the "exciting climax" not showing up until the last twenty minutes of the movie. As such, the movie is pretty dull and lacks the entertainment quality you might have been seeking.


The Circle is indeed a "scary" film, but it's mainly due to the reality check provides concerning the dangers technology can provide. This strong message is certainly the strongest aspect of the movie and Emma Watson was a fantastic choice to deliver it. Unfortunately, the weak characters, diluted roles, and lack of suspense took away from the entertainment quality of the movie. Such a dull delivery, leaves me recommending this one for renting at home, or at least recommending you read the book (or books) it is based on.

My scores are:

Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller: 6.0 Movie Overall: 5.0
Suffers from terrible writing and acting
I wanted to love this movie. It had a great concept that is right up my alley. I love sci-fi and I am very concerned about the ways in which technology is being perverted to control, manipulate and exploit people. The social dynamics that feed into that phenomenon are also of great interest to me.

This film had a real opportunity to shine a light on the issues and in some ways it did, but sadly it all happened in the context of a laughably bad story that was full of plot holes and some of the worst acting I've seen in a long time.

Normally I could overlook weak acting and a few badly written lines of dialogue, but this film absolutely dripped with wooden, sophomoric cheesiness to the degree that it was difficult to get through because it keeps pulling the viewer out of the story. A real shame.

Worth wading through if you are interested in the issues it covers, but if you're looking for a good film then you might want to look elsewhere.
A Techno Thriller Adapted from Novel
Well, it was a bit of interesting to see this movie. I was thinking that it would be a total thriller from beginning till end. However, it turned out that the movie was more drama than thriller. It was categorized as techno-thriller which I think was a term used to describe a movie where the thriller was more on technology side. Unfortunately, I found that the movie was not having a lot of thrill. There was no mystery that was very intriguing to find out. There was brief moment of suspense before the end, but that was it. The premise of the movie itself was actually very promising. We were put under the impression in the beginning that it would be a very interesting dark mysterious story, but till the very end, it was not that mysterious. I understand that the movie was adapted from a novel titled the same written by Dave Eggers. Based on the very brief synopsis of the novel, I think that the movie would have been better had it been honoring the storyline from the novel as it seemed to be more interesting (the novel itself was having better review than the movie). In term of the characters, I felt that Tom Hanks portrayal of a boss to this very large corporation was very good in the beginning, but not really good at the end. While Emma Watson fresh from her last blockbuster hit Beauty and the Beast was surprisingly good in hiding her British accent. This was also the last movie that Bill Paxton played in. His portrayal of a person having the illness was spot on and made us feel sorry for him. Another one that I think quite stood out was the characters of Annie and Mercer, while the rest did not really gave impressions. Anyway, I think the idea of the story was quite good and up to date and supposed to make us re-think about the privacy issue in social media. So it was rather sad to see the movie did not provide a real spark, apart from the brief part towards the end of it. I cannot say that I totally enjoyed the movie, but neither can I say it was a really bad movie. It was just average for me. If you are looking for some smart techno thriller movie with lots of suspense and thrills plus mysteries, then I think this movie did not really up to that level yet. But if you want to see something different, or maybe want to see Tom Hanks & Emma Watson in the same screen together, I guess you could try and see this one. The choice is yours.
A depressing view of our social media lives.
By the end of this movie i found my self quite shocked and upset at what I had watched. Now I like movies like Saw, Hostel your run of the mill slasher movies, but this movie had no gore no sex but what it did have was a terrifying insight on how Social media and tech companies could end up knowing and controlling every aspect of our lives.

What The Circle demonstrates is the dangers of the future where you will have no privacy and no where to escape, and that's the thing that i found most disturbing. Just imagine you are on your annual holiday/vacation only to be tracked down by your friends, foes, or workplace there will be no place you can wind down.

The movie runs out of steam at the end with bit part players not properly fleshed out, though by the end credits, these are done in a style to make you think you are still watching.

Finally and strangely my name appeared in the end credits, co- incidence ?
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