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USA, United Arab Emirates
Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Ponsoldt


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Tom Hanks as Bailey
Michael Shuman as Beck Bandmate
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. as Beck Bandmate
Joey Waronker as Beck Bandmate
Nick Valensi as Beck Bandmate (as Nicholas Valensi)
Karen Gillan as Annie
Beck as Beck
Ellar Salmon as Mercer
Glenne Headly as Bonnie
Bill Paxton as Vinnie
The Circle Storyline: When Mae is hired to work for the world's largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company's founder, Eamon Bailey, to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes, begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.
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Teen cringe fest movie
*cries aloud* Just watched the movie after reading the book and am really disappointed. It had maybe not exactly the "Inception" potential but something really close to that and what we got was a 2hr cringe fest. The cringe is exceptionally big and sad when you have to cringe at Emma Watson. The ideas in the book were bigger than they show in the movie and I felt something big was missing. Missed lots of the small details that made the story work, without them this is just one of the "what if the technology takes over?" movie for teens.
Should Have Been a Short Fim
The book and this film both suffer from the same ailment: length.

I would have really enjoyed this had it been reduced to a short story or at the most a novella but at 493 pages I found myself skipping over entire sections. One of my biggest complaints about books, films, and TV is that those creating content don't understand how long they need to tell their story. This would have worked for me as a short story. Instead it's a 493 page snorer. The film could have been wrapped up in about 40 minutes. Why does Netflix insist on stretching out shorts into features? It was rated 3.4 on Goodreads and 5.3 on IMDb so lots of people didn't think much of both projects. David Eggers had a decent idea and then buried it in pulp writing.

The motivations of the protagonist just didn't make sense. Why would she hound her ex-boyfriend? Answer: because it was the only thing he could think of to propel the plot forward.
Poor mans Black Mirrors
An attempt to mix the motion picture Steve Jobs with Black Mirrors. Utterly annoying, squirm in your seat script mixed with altogether unoriginal and obvious story line. They managed to pull in some big stars but they couldn't even bring in any novelty to this film and Emma Watson looked even a little embarrassed or unable to read through her lines without squinting. 5 is being generous.
They are brave in real life!
I would like to congratulate and thank Emma Watson and Tom Hanks to be so brave on acting on such a movie, that is kind of where the world is heading into. Even though the majority do not want to admit how deep in a quicksand they already are.

Maybe that is one of the main reasons this movie does not get the IMDb ranking it deserves. We need more movies like this, and stop discriminating people who do not want a "social" account.

Those people will build a better future, not the ones want to be managed, be administered; to be controlled and be shepherded.

More could be said about it, but lets start with not hiring people according their "social background", huh?
...well paced story with relevant, important ideas.
The Circle is a contemporary/very near future sci-fi that does a great job of balancing a well paced story with relevant, important ideas.

You can tell from the cast that it's a well produced movie, worth a watch for that reason alone; but where The Circle really excels is in the plausibility of its ominous suggestions/predictions. If you have any interest in the ethics of current day technology, you will really enjoy this movie.

It is currently rated 5.3 and I really can't understand how it has such a low score. If you mixed the movies 'Her' (2013) and 'The Social Network' (2010) you might get a similar movie, and that hybrid would suggest an IMDb score around 8. Maybe The Circle's down-votes were rigged by Cambridge Analytica ;)
Failed by the thing it was most scared of.. "Unfulfilled potential."
This film was an absolute mess and a complete let down of a movie. The acting by Emma Watson was.. confusing to say the least, and the repercussions of the fictional technology seemed unrealistic and just plain ridiculous. Sure Hanks, Boyega, Oswalt, Headly, and Paxton did a decent job acting, but that was all that really helped add any meat to this dead elephant of a film. The attention to detail in some scenes, and set design was something I found pretty enjoyable, but when you pay more attention to the world of the film more than the story of the film you know the writing behind this movie has failed.. and failed hard. In the end I decided to give The Circle a "Bad" on theVade Review Bar or a 3 out of 10. I really wish this would have been a good movie. It had all the potential to be a stellar 'out of the blue' type of film, but it ultimately failed by the thing it was most scared of.. "Unfulfilled potential."

Read more at theVade.
much better than the low rating would suggest
I just don't get why this movie is getting so many low ratings. I thought it was terrific. The writing was great, the story plausible, and the acting excellent. The story depicts a technological future that is nearly upon us. I almost didn't go see it because of the low rating, but I'm glad I did.
Loved it, Amazing storyline
Really like the idea of the movie,and two things made it amazing. first when Mae's friend died she didn't quit her job, and his death actually motivated her to work into making the circle better! I loved that she didn't let emotions control her. second thing is that almost all movies that tackle new technologies end with the leading actor discovering a conspiracy and trying somehow to stop the technology but this movie acknowledged the benefits and problems and ended with Mae hoping to fix the problems and improve the technology, which i loved The acting was also very good Great movie, highly recommended
Better than the rating
I thought this was a pretty good movie and I genuinely don't understand why the rating is so low. It is a very realistic scenario that is very possible. I can tell that it was influenced by Black Mirror (which you should watch-it's on netflix). Overall I think this was worth the money, you should see it.
Not well developed
The premise was very interesting, and I liked actors, acting in most time. First thing where I started to scratch my head was when boss explained how they placed small cameras in diverse places, so in some dictatorship cities, and that can not be discovered. That's total ridiculous - even if there is no radio signal emission, there are detectors which will find such electronic devices easily. Unrealistic point #1 . And there was lot of it later. I will not go here in direction and editing, story telling flaws - you can read a lot about it in other reviews. What made me giving low rate of 5 is that movie deals with very serious social, political issues in very immature fashion. Whole accident with friend was so predictable, and weak in legal aspect. And worst part was the ending, unfortunately. Despite all bad things happened, our heroine was happy with transparent New World. But nothing about main problem in such World: who will control computers which deal with it ? What happened with 2 bosses of Circle, who, as is told couple times clearly broke law seriously ? This is so naive like people thinking that some revolution will automatically give better World. We know how bad it was in most cases.
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