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Jon Gunn


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Frankie Faison as Joe Dubois
Haley Rosenwasser as Alison Strobel
Renell Gibbs as James Dixon
Judd Lormand as Joe Koblinsky
Kevin Sizemore as Dr. Gary Habermas
Mike Pniewski as Kenny London
Erika Christensen as Leslie Strobel
Brett Rice as Ray Nelson
Rus Blackwell as Dr. William Craig
Tom Nowicki as Dr. Alexander Metherell
Mike Vogel as Lee Strobel
L. Scott Caldwell as Alfie Davis
Robert Forster as Walter Strobel
Faye Dunaway as Dr. Roberta Waters
The Case for Christ Storyline: Based on the true story of an award-winning investigative journalist -- and avowed atheist -- who applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife... with unexpected, life-altering results.
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Without an empty tomb, we're not having this conversation.
Easter was the perfect timing for this movie, particularly because most of the evidence they covered relates to the Resurrection. I'll grant to atheists that evidence supporting Christianity is only a small part of this movie, but behind the highly compelling story of the toll this hunt took on Lee's marriage, there truly is a message and a case being made. Lee Strobel, himself, made no money off this film, so it's more an advertisement for his book, which is why they couldn't spill the entire contents of his book on the big screen. So sure, some experts were left out, while other experts were lucky enough to be included (plus some drama added), but this movie offers one of the most insightful portrayals of a troubled marital relationship that you will see in any movie. If you pay close attention, you will also see that the case for Christ, while perhaps not meticulously covering Lee's research, is still fully made.
Inspiring and Uplifting!!!
I saw it on April 21. Totally inspiring acting and uplifting for all (or no) faiths!!! Faye Dunaway costars as Psychologist. Leading Stars did a great job! Strong supporting cast. A modern fairy tale, the true story lays emotions of the Strobels bare.

Don't trust anyone who gives less than an "8" rating.
Yes, it's yet-another tilt that that ol' windmill
Nice production work, and occasional flashes of sincerity, but still falls short of its goal.

Its another one of those fundie Christian proselytizing exertions, but you don't need me to tell you that. One gets the impression that each time the movie production suits manage to put together a kitty to forge yet-another of these, it's with the perennial hope, "This one will be different. This one will deliver."

It's 1) better than the usual run, but 2) that's not saying much.

No, it doesn't really deliver. Flicks like this are attempts to use a kind of moral grooming to create pristine little scenarios in which American evangelical Christianity plays out like an honest proposition. But sensitive folks can quickly sniff out that grooming and ultimately resent being treated like jacka55es whose radars were presumed not subtle enough to detect it.

Here's a woefully incomplete list of facile treatments:

* The wife is a bit too quick to draw a causal line between her daughter's rescue and the rescuer's Christianity; it makes sense neither logically nor narratively. Sure, she feels powerful emotions at her daughter's rescue. That doesn't mean she's duty-bound to jettison clear-headed thinking. She can be grateful and sensible at the very same time: One doesn't have to crowd the other out.

* Though managed more artfully than I've seen elsewhere, Strobel is still a bit of a straw dog. He's painted as a somewhat acrid species of atheist. Most atheists are quite different from the Strobel depicted here.

* The flick winds up fixing on the resurrection as key to the Christian "faith". There's a very strong argument for the view that thinking you're a Christian because you profess to "believe" articles of faith (the virgin birth, resurrection, ascension, etc.), may be straining the gnat and swallowing the camel.

* More generally, the flick falls into the trap of promoting a creed basis for Christianity--that accepting a creed is the basis for your self-identification as an adherent of the religion. I've come to the place in my life when I find it hard to imagine a sadder waste of human spiritual searching. This flick backs a horse that loses, right out of the gate.

* The textual criticism argument fails on two points. One, there's plenty of evidence for the view that the New Testament texts had been modified, specifically in ways that wound up having downstream effects on popular notions of "correct" creed. Two, the flick doesn't even mention the fact that the Gospel stories went through 4 or 5 inter- generational oral transmissions *before* someone wrote them down; and this probably explains more about those texts than my first point.

* Why doesn't the flick show Strobel shutting himself into a room for a week or so and carefully reading/combing through the New Testament? I suspect it was left out because most of this flick's demographic would leave it out themselves; that is, they hold the Bible to be true while not reading it either.

* Strobel's mentor plunks a copy of Bertrand Russell's "Why I Am Not a Christian" on the desk in front of Strobel. Why? Russell's prime argument in that text was not ancient-historic, it was philosophic. In the following scene, Strobel's editor then says that canned thing about Christianity resting on the historicity of the resurrection. This juxtaposition is confused, but does shed light on the demographic for the movie; it's aimed at folks who haven't read or reflected on philosophical views of the matter, so 1) the Russell book is reduced to a boogie talisman, and 2) the movie can then wend into the tar pit of historicity--which in the end winds up being a matter of bald belief (not faith). That's insulting to thinking people.

* Strobel tells his wife, "I don't like what you're becoming." Which raises a question that might elude the casual viewer. That question is, "What *is* she becoming?" That's an important question! Now, there are some scripted and produced moments that show her sitting with her Bible and being truly moved by genuinely sweet passages. That's good! Remember: It's often *not* good. Weak people can be taken in by religious frauds who sink their fangs into them and turn them into monsters. Heck, Jesus talked about that!

* The doctor is able to argue convincingly for Jesus's death. He might also argue vociferously for his resurrection, but not from a medical standpoint, as a medical researcher. A white lab coat only caries so much gravitas.

* There's a scene that actually--and I suspect unwittingly, on the screenwriter's part--gives away the shop on the communication issue in relationship. Strobel's wife talks about "her (new, religious) feelings" in a general, wizzy-wozzy way, but bizarrely fails to couch those feelings in honest, convincing language. Remember: Even poetic language would and should be welcome in these situations... but she can't even muster that. How far did she honestly *think* she'd get in her so-called "communication" with her husband? When I watched that scene, here was my takeaway: You were *not* seeing a collision of worldviews/belief systems. You were seeing two blind people bumping into trees in disparate forests. I've seen that before, and I fear I know the next step: She's going to start blaming the pain she feels as a result of all that tree-bumping on the people around her whom she would otherwise simply love; she'll start dismissing them from her heart, as "tools of Satan".

* ...and there's more.

While nicely produced and occasionally trenchant, the whole thing is yet another mess, in which a writer sets himself the task of bending screen writing to the defense of an untenable proposition--that belief (not faith) is a source of redemption/salvation. The producers may weigh in production finery--which includes truly marvelous exertions on the parts of the actors--but people who expect top-to-bottom solidity in their narrative products won't be taken in.
Honest and Sincere
This move takes a very honest and sincere look at a young man's struggle with what he believes after his wife was saved. It doesn't beat you over the head, nor does it try to paint anyone in a bad light. The quality of the film and the acting were excellent. This was NOT your traditional Christine movie. The movie flowed well and it did not feel like a melodrama. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone.
Powerful, a deeply personal story
When an entire theater breaks into spontaneous applause at the closing credits, it's probably a film I'll want to recommend. And see again.

The title (if you somehow haven't heard that 'The Case for Christ' is the title of a best-selling book) might make a viewer think the film is some kind of documentary.

This is no documentary, but rather an intense, gut-wrenching drama. Based on a true story, an award-winning investigative journalist and self-proclaimed atheist sets out to disprove the existence of God after his wife becomes a Christian.

Lee Strobel's passion and drive will resonate with anyone who has ever felt determined to be vindicated. I genuinely sympathized with this man as he worked hard to gather evidence and disprove Christ's resurrection. Strobel is logical to a fault, and to this viewer, logic is his — and the film's — strength, ironically. I applaud the filmmakers for letting us follow Strobel at every turn and allowing us to see what he discovers at every angle and crossroads of his investigation, through the eyes and mind of a man driven (and earning a living) to believe nothing but instead "check it out."

The writing and acting are superb—professional on par with Hollywood. L. Scott Caldwell (Alfie) was genuinely convincing as the "happenstance" heroine who suddenly plays a pivotal role in the Strobels' life and future. Christensen (Leslie) and Vogel (Lee) quite naturally give dimension and heart to a couple that could be real— and just so happen to be. We (I speak for the entire theater, I think) loved them instantly.

The acting and writing also offer a refreshing break from 'Us Against Them' faith-based storytelling. There is no atheist/Christian stereotyping here—just a family who loves each other struggling with a sudden cross-purposed core dimension added to their life. Conflict intensifies as the couple's opposing beliefs become unavoidable. Powerfully genuine. Powerfully emotional.

And powerfully true.

It's a deeply personal story, one that can't help but touch every viewer on some level. If you're not a Christian, be prepared to process some mind- blowing, indisputable facts. If you're a believer, be prepared to hear evidence of Christ's resurrection you may not have known.

This is not a faith film that preaches (to the choir or anyone else), uses unnatural dialogue, or tiptoes around the rawness of reality— the weakness, self-indulgence, and resentment humans are so capable of, believer or not. There is without question a need for clean, wholesome, family-safe, faith- friendly storytelling, and I don't mean to say that this film is not clean or appropriate for family viewing. But it is also not a story created for the sake of offering a well-meant but sometimes inferior alternative to Christian viewers. This is a gutsy detective story that takes an unrestrained pickax to Christianity's core root in an attempt to uncover truth and and comes away with not only a love of truth intact, but something far, far more precious. It will move, entertain, and leave viewers breathless. And applauding.

10 stars, Highly recommended.
it made me realize how incredibly weak the arguments in favor of Christ's life, death, and resurrection are
If Lee Strobel was ever an atheist, it certainly doesn't show in this book. As other critical reviewers have suggested, he constructs here what amounts to an easily-vanquished stalking horse of straw -- not a substantive argument of real skepticism. After cherry picking easy fly balls and grounders from what could have been much more challenging intellectual terrain, the author uncritically consults ONLY professional advocates and apologists for Christianity, and then repeats their arguments. He -- and they -- accept the words of the synoptic gospels "verbatum" as accurately reflecting the preaching, message, and claims of Jesus of Nazareth.

A liar.
Everyone should see this movie
This is a movie that every person should see. If we put ourselves in Lee Strobel's shoes, it's incredible to think of the extent that he went to, to try to disprove faith.

We all believe in something, and if we don't know what we believe, or believe in something that has no documentation to prove how this world was created and how we got here, then it's important to investigate how we got here, because when we leave, if there is a heaven and a hell, would one want to spend eternity in hell? I really don't think so. Our lifetime on earth would be a blink of an eye compared to eternity. John 3:16 in the Bible documents that there is heaven and hell and that the only way to heaven is through belief in Jesus Christ.

Some people can only believe in what they see, or that man came from an ape, but if man came from an ape, how did the ape get here and where is it documented back to the beginning of time that man came from ape?

The decision to believe in Christ, or not to believe in Christ is an individual decision. No one can decide for a person, they make a decision to believe in their hearts, what they want to believe.

Everyone knows that when you take a book into movie form, that you cannot take every sentence from the book into the movie, otherwise the movie would be 10 hours long (or more). This movie is amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering seeing the movie...whether you believe or not.

I'm not a fanatic. I'm a normal person, a retired corporate executive and a person that hopes that people will understand that there really is a heaven and hell before their life on this planet ends so that they can spend eternity in heaven through belief in Jesus Christ. Christ loved everyone he came in contact with...even when they did not love him.

See this won't regret it. Then, spread the word for others to go to, it's worth every minute of viewing.
A Genuine Improvement Over 'God's Not Dead'
When I saw 'God's Not Dead' a couple of years ago, I could see why people hold the stereotypes they have about evangelical Christian films.

The success of 'God's Not Dead' made me worried that Pure Flix was only going to keep pumping out movies with similar shortcomings in plot, acting, dialogue, and so on.

With 'The Case for Christ', my worries have been checked for the time being. The film featured decent acting, three-dimensional characters, and well-delivered/written dialogue.

The plot is based on the life of Lee Strobel, the best-selling author and former journalist with the Chicago Tribune who sought to disprove the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Driven by his wife's conversion to Christianity, Strobel seeks out experts and apologists to try and disprove the Resurrection, only to find plenty of evidence to vindicate it.

Unlike 'God's Not Dead', the main atheist character is sympathetic, as are other non-believing characters in the story.

The dialogue is better also. It felt less awkward and at times quite witty, with basic yet profound points often being conveyed in short remarks.

Skeptics who watch the film will probably still take issue with the movie's ultimate conclusions and the occasional faith-based melodrama here and there.

But they can at least leave the theater knowing that they got a more realistic portrayal based off of a true story. Needless to say, I sure agreed with the ending.

Hopefully, 'The Case for Christ' is an indicator that the minds at Pure Flix are working to improve their on-screen efforts. If so, then this is the type of programming we all need to support.
Monotonous atheists with their knickers in a knot again...
The problem for most atheists with this film is not the film quality itself, but that they are judging it 99% through their rigid ideological mindset and belief system.

They believe that they shoot down theist viewpoints or beliefs with their every overuse of terms "fallacy" etc. They struggle to comprehend that someone can come to belief in God & spirituality without delusion. So they seek to condemn the film on this basis.

What they do not realize is they are using the same dogmatic, fundamentalist religious and predictable approach to criticizing this film, as they accuse the filmmakers for using in making it.

It galls them no end that someone could make a film about an Atheist becoming a Christian. Face it guys, it is not the delusion of humanity that the majority of human beings believe in a higher entity, and that films can be made about that. History has proved that the delusion is typically on the side of the small minority who ardently believe the vast majority is deluded.
Intellectual and realistic
Good movie and well produced. Shows the real-life struggle of an atheist determined to disprove Christianity. Many of the questions posed were ones that I once asked myself or have been asked by non- Christians. I felt that the story is true to Lee's own personal journey and I enjoyed it. Pureflix is creating great movies that aren't cheesy.
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