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Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese


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Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle
Jodie Foster as Iris
Harvey Keitel as Sport
Leonard Harris as Charles Palantine
Peter Boyle as Wizard
Diahnne Abbott as Concession Girl
Frank Adu as Angry Black Man
Gino Ardito as Policeman at Rally
Victor Argo as Melio (as Vic Argo)
Garth Avery as Iris' Friend
Harry Cohn as Cabbie in Bellmore
Copper Cunningham as Hooker in Cab
Brenda Dickson as Soap Opera Woman
Harry Fischler as Dispatcher
Taxi Driver Storyline: Travis Bickle is an ex-Marine and Vietnam War veteran living in New York City. As he suffers from insomnia, he spends his time working as a taxi driver at night, watching porn movies at seedy cinemas during the day, or thinking about how the world, New York in particular, has deteriorated into a cesspool. He's a loner who has strong opinions about what is right and wrong with mankind. For him, the one bright spot in New York humanity is Betsy, a worker on the presidential nomination campaign of Senator Charles Palatine. He becomes obsessed with her. After an incident with her, he believes he has to do whatever he needs to to make the world a better place in his opinion. One of his priorities is to be the savior for Iris, a twelve-year-old runaway and prostitute who he believes wants out of the profession and under the thumb of her pimp and lover Matthew.
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Utterly Amazing film and is unquestionably one of the greatest films ever made in my opinion WARNING!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!
Utterly Amazing film and is unquestionably one of the greatest films ever made in my opinion Robert Deniro is one of the best actors of all time and his performance here is spellbinding (but more on that later). This film has incredible direction by Martin Scorsee and amazing performances all around. beware the finale is not for the faint of heart for casual viewers as it was incredibly graphic for it's time kinda tame now still very graphic indeed we get a very graphic gunshot to the head with blood and brains splattering on the wall a knife in the hand and arm blood everywhere in the finale and a few more graphic bloody gunshot wounds. For some reason i felt a little uneasy while watching this film but in a good way i was deeply disturbed by some of the scenes SPOILERS!! watching DeNiro fiddle around with those guns made me feel uneasy. The Acting is no doubt Oscar Worthy Robert Deniro is quite simply one of the best actors there ever was and ever will be (sorry to get off subject here when i say Arnold Schwarzenegger is my favorite actor i mean he's the most fun to watch not the best as far as acting goes in fact he's not really that great of an actor he is just a fun guy to watch. just wanted to let people know that Now Deniro is no doubt my favorite as far as acting is concerned and his performance here is simply amazing astounding words can't describe it he had me squirming in my seat with a sense uneasiness always he deserved to win That Oscar by far YOU RULE BOBBY!!!!!. Cybill Sheppard is beautiful and does great here wish she had more screen time though. Peter Boyle is also good here in his very limited screen time. Jodie Foster is an amazing actress and she took on a tough role here and did a wonderful job!. Harvey Keitel is the man and he cracked me up and looked funny with long hair (or was that a wig). Overall this is unquestionably one of the greatest movies ever made SEE THIS THIS INSTANT!!! ***** out of 5
Taxi Driver: Scorsese´s final seduction ...
"Taxi Driver" is in a way one of the most timeless movies ever, inspired by "The Searchers" directed by John Ford. The acting, the music, the direction, the script and the editing are all close to perfect. If you want to see a film by Martin Scorsese, see "Taxi Driver" first - it will always will be his most interesting feature.

Even if just a couple of movies have the right to be called Classics, "Taxi Driver" must be one of them.

Robert De Niro is a fine actor and this is his best performance up to date. It is perhaps only "Taxi Driver" that has convinced me that Martin Scorsese is a great director and that Robert De Niro has a huge capacity as an actor. I think that the other things that I have seen by this couple is not even close to "Taxi Driver".

Martin Scorsese´s masterpiece has turned to be one of the most referenced modern movies ever. "Taxi Driver" is not pathetic, but still it gives the viewer such strong emotions from start to end, simply because of the strong job by Scorsese (and his team) that he surely won't surpass.

Rating: 10 of 10.
De Niro was outstanding!
I actually saw this for the first time this morning. I couldn't sleep and it was on at 4am. It was every bit as good as I was led to believe.

Comparing the two, I cannot see how this lost to Rocky at the Academy Awards. Scorsese fans will also agree that he deserved a directing award for this film. While De Niro and Foster were fantastic, I feel that Cybill Shepherd was equally good, and should have been recognized for her performance. This film won 18 awards out of 27 nominations. Basically only the Academy didn't get on the bandwagon. But, in all those nominations, none for Sheperd. I really think that was wrong.

Great film, and I will watch it again and again.
Notes from Above Ground.
Somewhere in the shadows of the night, hidden within the restraints of his taxicab, a lonely man watches with disgust. His eyes survey the streets with all the malice and passion of a burning fire, his large pupils an open doorway leading into his soul. The demons haunt him; voices in his head convince him that the world is closing in and the only way out is through some form of moral redemption; a physical and emotional catharsis.

The stranger's name is Travis Bickle and he is God's Lonely Man: a discharged Vietnam veteran who wanders the streets at night in a permanent state of confusion and self-loathing.

Travis takes a job as a cab driver to keep out of the porn theaters that have been occupying his time – deciding he might as well get paid for roaming since he does it anyway.

But Travis' filtered input and odd output seems to suggest something is dreadfully wrong. The mild insanity of our protagonist begins to escalate. He approaches an attractive political campaign adviser, Betsy (Cybill Shepherd), and asks her out to dinner. She agrees, but the date is cut short when Travis takes her to an X-rated film.

Travis soon meets a young underage prostitute named Iris (a fourteen-year-old Jodie Foster), whom he feels a desire – nay, a need -- to rescue from slavery. Iris' pimp, Sport (Harvey Keitel), becomes another of Travis' demons.

Taxi Driver was released in 1976 to split praise. Some critics hailed it as a masterpiece, whilst others were a great deal more reserved in their accolade. In Newsweek, Jack Kroll wrote "(…) in their eagerness to establish rich and moral ambiguities, the Catholic Scorsese and the Calvinist Schrader have flubbed their ending. It's meant to slay you with irony, but it's simply incredible." Some critics just hated the film in general and felt the entire runtime was a mess of pretentious storytelling and depressing, gritty themes.

Depressing? Yes. Gritty? Yes. Brilliant? Most definitely. Scorsese does not merely address Travis as a character; he puts us inside his head. And even so, there are instances of abnormality in Scorsese's camera work that suggest paranoia and schizophrenia; moments of displaced subjectivity in which we are neither looking quite through the eyes of Travis nor through those around him, but more at length to his side…yet it seems that his body (primarily his hands) are below us, at the side of the frame, indicating an altered version of the traditional P.O.V.

Scorsese's movie is structured using diverse narrative elements – one of the most prominent being dramatic irony rooted in Greek tragedy (in this case, many set-up and pay-off moments). When Travis exits the brothel for the first time, a Mafioso figure says, "Come back any time." Travis responds, "I will." We know he will, too, and when he does, that's the pay-off.

Above all else the film is rooted in the basic existentialism philosophies of Berdyaev, Heidegger and Nietzsche. Scorsese later admitted this his toying of genres and philosophy was entirely incidental ("It just felt right…") but one can't help but imagine Schrader may have been influenced by Fyodor Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground, in which our narrator begins, "I am a sick man…I am a spiteful man." This brings to mind the scene in which Bickle dictates his journal entries to us and delivers an ultimatum to the "filth" on the streets, preceded by senseless introspective rambling.

Moving on, the ultimate puzzle of the film: Does our hero live or die? After Travis is shot in the climactic battle, he lies on a sofa, presumably dying, and makes a gesture with his fingers, pretending to shoot himself in the head. The camera pulls up, overhead, and exits the brothel. It then pulls back across the street and up into the heavens, surveying the crowd below.

In the next scene, Travis is alive and well, presented to the world as a hero through the media. Yet as Travis pulls away from the curb at the end of the film, Herrman's familiar four notes (the same ones as used for the final shot of Psycho, implemented when Norman Bates' lack of absolute sanity is finally revealed) come into play. A bell rings. Travis looks in his rearview mirror, as if maybe something caught his eye… And then, suddenly, the movie ends.

Taxi Driver's ending cannot be resolved further more than conjecture and opinion. Scorsese himself says on the DVD making-of documentary that he believes the ending is open for analysis. Did Travis live? Did he die? Are the demons on the street still haunting him? Are we meant to sympathize with him and believe he is a hero, or are we meant to refuse him as one? (Or is this our natural reaction against Scorsese's own wishes -- which would explain the negative reviews in '76?)

But it is ultimately the haunting image of Bickle drifting through the endless hordes of nameless people on the streets of Manhattan that lingers with us after the film has ended, and remains the most prescient today. How effortlessly this man can disappear into the multitudes – God's Lonely Man once again alone, alienated and betrayed by the world he has come to loathe. That, above all else, is the most poignant aspect of Taxi Driver.
in complete a-chord
Revisited Taxi Driver last night after perhaps a decade away. It is still brilliant and fresh for those of us who recall the NYC it portrays. Read a lot of the reviews on the site and most people get it so there's no point repeating what has already been said. However, as it concerns the scoring of the picture, if you listen closely Bernard Herrmann has concluded the film with exact same chords as he did Psycho when he worked for Hitchcock (revealing perhaps his or the director's link to Norman Bates). Check it out! You don't have Psycho? Shame on you, go and get it then along with Taxi Driver you will have seen two of the most important American films of the last fifty years. p.s. If you like Taxi Driver you will almost assuredly like Paul Schraeder's MISHIMA...easily the greatest film no one has ever seen.
Ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Robert De Niro!
Taxi Driver, the classic that made Robert DeNiro Robert DeNiro. It's amazing to see how far this man has come in cinema, some of my friends ask me questions about films and advice, one of my friends had asked if they wanted to see where Bobby got the big notice I usually recommend Taxi Driver, granted he was in The Godfather Part 2 and was incredible, but Taxi Driver made him stand out as a strong lead actor. Taxi Driver is just all together a great film that is absolutely perfection. Martin Scorcesse who also was just really starting out made this movie that brought us back to the film noir genre. He made this great classic and I don't even think he realized how much it would stand against the test of time, to this day we still know this film and even if you don't know it, you know the infamous speech "You talking' to me?". This is a film about isolation, loneliness, and self destruction at it's worst.

Travis Bickle who claims to be an honorably discharged Marine it is implied that he is a Vietnam veteran is a lonely and depressed young man of 26. He settles in Manhattan, where he becomes a night time taxi driver due to chronic insomnia. Bickle spends his restless days in seedy porn theaters and works 12 or 14 hour shifts during the evening and night time hours carrying passengers among all five boroughs of New York City. Bickle becomes interested in Betsy, a campaign volunteer for New York Senator Charles Palantine. She is initially intrigued by Bickle and agrees to a date with him after he flirts with her over coffee and sympathizes with her own apparent loneliness. On their date, however, Bickle is clueless about how to treat a woman and thinks it would be a good idea to take her to a sex film. Offended, she leaves him and takes a taxi home alone. The next day he tries to reconcile with Betsy, phoning her and sending her flowers, but all of his attempts are in vain. Rejected and depressed, Bickle's thoughts begin to turn violent. Disgusted by the petty street crime that he witnesses while driving through the city, he now finds a focus for his frustration and begins a program of intense physical training. He buys a number of pistols from an illegal dealer and practices a menacing speech in the mirror, while pulling out a pistol that he attached to a home-made sliding action holster on his right arm "You talking' to me?". Bickle is revolted by what he considers the moral decay around him. One night while on shift, Iris, a 12-year-old child prostitute, gets in his cab, attempting to escape her pimp. Shocked by the occurrence, Bickle fails to drive off and the pimp, Sport, reaches the cab. Later seeing Iris on the street he pays for her time, although he does not have sex with her and instead tries to convince her to leave this way of life behind. But after her rejection as well, Travis decides to take things into his own hands, "Pow!".

This is one of the most memorable movies of all time and has really stood it's ground. It's personally one of my favorites and made me fall in love with Robert DeNiro all over again. The script to Taxi Driver is just so incredibly powerful and the performances were just perfect. Jodie Foster, this little girl at the time was such a presence on screen, she pulls in what was a very tricky performance and was hauntingly beautiful. Cybill Sheppard was also very beautiful and I was absolutely in love with her character and felt so bad for her. Everything about Taxi Driver is just great, I don't know how much I could go on about the love I have for this film. It's a film that you will never forget and trust me, if you haven't seen it, go out and rent it immediately, you won't regret it. It's bloody, it's twisted, it's crazy, but it's one of the best films of all time.

Look past the Acting
To those who can't figure out the base of this movie; You need to pay attention to the "deep story line" as I call it.

Travis has a whole bunch of issues, and it seems like little time to solve them.

In my opinion his time in Vietnam is the culprit. Focus on that. He does his time,and with no time to collect his thoughts he's back in the U.S. and dumped at the 7-11. 99 per cent of the time this was the outcome for Vietnam Vets. One day war ,the next day 7-11. No de-briefing.

I believe this was Travis' problem.HE WAS STILL IN Vietnam. Think about it. It took the finally to correct him.
Travis Bickle is the definitive Gotham City avenger...
If only bad-ass cartoon characters like Batman and Spawn could muster one-tenth of the psychotic rage Travis Bickle possesses. Bickle's cape is the Vietnam Marine jacket that he wears throughout the film. The way "Bickle" is stenciled on the back it might as well be a giant "S" or the insipid Bat logo that various actors have exhibited though a series of pointless films. The whole film unspools like a dream that a Vietnam grunt could be envisioning while dying in a rice paddy on the other side of the world. (Oh, wait, that was Jacob's Ladder...) Travis is a gratingly rascist and moralistic character and the black pimps and drag queens he regards with such contempt through his cab window could be stand-ins for the Vietcongs he couldn't quite vanquish when he had the chance. His plan to assassinate the Presidential candidate is undertaken with the same ritualistic precision of a military mission. For Bickle the war has not ended and he has simply transposed the conflict onto the streets of New York. His bipolar view of the world--people are either angels like Betsy or "scum sucking scum" like Sport--is eerily prophetic of America's current perception of world events. (You're either with us or you're with the terrorists) When Travis wishes for "a real rain that'll wash the scum off the streets" he sounds chillingly like John Ashcroft or, Dubya, or even Guiliani (who almost accomplished what Travis couldn't) It's sobering to think that an outlook as disturbed and childishly naive as Travis' could morph into the mainstream point of view.

(POSSIBLE SPOILER) Current politics aside, the little coda at the end of the film, when Travis is back at his job, a reluctant hero among his fellow cabbies--albiet with a lingering soreness in his neck --has always mystified me. Could it be that that last ride with Betsy, whom Travis merely glimpses at through the mirror, is in fact his out of body release into death as he sits amidst the bloodbath back in the hotel room? I think Scorsese strongly implies this when De Niro takes one last look at himself in the overhead mirror and suddenly his face disappears from view. Notice the musical sting right when that happens. It's utterly chilling; a depiction of death more unnerving than anything I've ever seen in another film. (Or at least on par with the flash of white leader when a man shoots himself in Mean Streets.) The film is timeless and it reflects meaningfully, like a looking glass, on each era we pass through.

Suck On This!
If you ask me - I think that Taxi Driver is one of those truly puzzling films that has been seriously over-rated (way-way-way out of proportion). It really has.

With me giving Taxi Driver 5 stars, I think that I am actually being quite generous with that rating - 'Cause, at best, this film was an average production that seemed to contain an almost endless stream of filler-scenes where absolutely nothing of any interest ever happens.

Now 40 years old, Taxi Driver (which contained some of the most inane dialogue and preposterous situations imaginable) certainly doesn't hold up very well today.

And fresh-faced actor, Robert De Niro, as the psychotic vigilante, Travis Bickle (and his double-talking, dime-store philosophy) was pretty dull stuff, for the most part.

And, speaking about Taxi Driver's climatic final showdown - I actually burst out laughing as I watched how badly this sequence was staged. And the over-dramatization of the violence, after the fact, was one of the worst examples of bad directing that I've seen in a mighty long time.

All-in-all - This highly-praised picture barely managed to rise above mediocrity on only a few occasions.

P.S. - If you want to see a real stand-out performance worthy of a "Razzie", check out Cybill Shepherd, as Betsy, the airhead political organizer.
one of these days i'm gonna get organiz-ized
i can't believe i waited this long to finally watch this classic.this is one brilliant film.De Niro is excellent as the title character AKA Travis Bickel.Martin Scorsese directed this masterpiece.i don't wanna to oversell this film,but it's something else.i'm not gonna give any of the plot away,because i think any way who goes into this should view it without any preconceived notions.DE Niro is brilliant here,that much i'll say.i also loved the look of the film,the style,the's currently #39 on the top 250 here on this site,but i'd probably even rate it higher than that.if you haven't seen it,i would highly recommend it.for me,Taxi Driver is a 10/10
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