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USA, Finland
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jeffrey Blitz


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Margo Martindale as Freda Eckberg
Brad Oberhofer as Wedding Singer
Carlos Aviles as Jalapeño
Wyatt Russell as Teddy
Charles Green as Mr. Manny
Rya Meyers as Francie Millner
Anthony Quinonez as Renzo Eckberg
Stephen Merchant as Walter Thimble
June Squibb as Jo Flanagan
Jay Klaitz as Photographer
Anna Kendrick as Eloise McGarry
Amanda Crew as Nikki
Lisa Kudrow as Bina Kepp
Craig Robinson as Jerry Kepp
Table 19 Storyline: Ex-maid of honor Eloise (Anna Kendrick) - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head up high and attend her oldest friend's wedding anyway. She finds herself seated at the 'random' table in the back of the ballroom with a disparate group of strangers, most of whom should have known to just send regrets (but not before sending something nice off the registry). As everyone's secrets are revealed, Eloise learns a thing or two from the denizens of Table 19. Friendships - and even a little romance - can happen under the most unlikely circumstances.
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A retelling of the Breakfast club with a slice of Rom-Com
Does not take place in Shermer, Illinois, but it's close enough. a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Correct? again close enough.

A cute and entertaining movie, loosely playing homage to the Breakfast Club, with a nice Romantic Comedy feel. Anna Kendrick delivers as usual as the quirky every girl next door. If you follow her Twitter, you realize she is just as confused at this whole being a grown up thing as her characters, maybe that's why her screen personas, feel so real.

An ensemble cast, taking place at a wedding, exes, old friends, enemies and in-laws abound. I won't give anything away, but the movie wraps up nicely, you will feel it was time well spent at this Wedding reception.
not even an airplane movie
Table 19 is a dreadful movie.

The script is surely the worst thing about it. Some people are stuck at Table 19 (the loser table) at a wedding. We get each of their stories, if you can call an incoherent jumble of clichés a story. One boy of about 13 is trying to laid, with his mother calling him every 10 minutes to give him advice. One couple may or may not be in love, depending on when you went out for popcorn. One woman plays the ridiculous old person, a staple in every bad Hollywood movie. One man is even more ridiculous.

Joining the table is Anna Kendrick, who seems to have two love interests, one of whom just vanishes when his presence becomes inconvenient for the plot. She has recently broken up with the best man, though the explanation for how this happened makes little sense.

Everyone at the table has problems. They all go off and smoke dope, and then suddenly the problems are magically solved. This is basically the plot, minus a bunch of slapstick scenes with the wedding cake.

Aside from Anna Kendrick, none of the characters are the slightest bit interesting, and none of them, including Anna Kendrick, undergoes any sort of personal transformation that leads to the resolution of their problems. The movie is just one sorry gimmick after another.
Occasionally funny, but predictable
Director Jeffrey Blitz (Rocket Science 2007) all but left out the kitchen sink in this occasionally funny comedy filled with qualified actors, but predictable characters. Written by experienced actors/writers Jay and Mark Duplass, both should know better than to present so many story lines and then attempt to give them all clean wrap-ups. Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) is Eloise, relinquished to the "random table" at her former boyfriend Teddy (Wyatt Russell - 22 Jump Street) sisters (Ray Meyer's) wedding. Fellow table rejects including the bickering Kepp's (miss-cast with Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson "The Office"), young and horny Rezone (Tony Revolori - "The Grand Budapest Hotel"), jailbird cousin Walter (Stephen Merchant - "Hello Ladies"), and former Nanny (June Squibb), all trying there best with weak material. While each personality is roughly attached to the brides family and her drunken mother (Becky Ann Baker - "GIRLS"), the stories don't matter. And when they are recognized, it's done in one big "I know you" interaction that is pointless by the time it arrives. "Table 19" feels like a film that was written for a few friends, and then put together quickly. I'd wait to watch this one at home, so you can at least be eating a good home cooked meal while sitting at your own table.
Take the time
OK, I don't write reviews. I will this time because I watched this in spite of some awful reviews because I love Anna Kendrick. "Indy" films are always a gamble and I love the fact that ms Kendrick seems willing to try anything. I am pleased to report that this film is really well written.

Yes you will know these folks, no surprises here, they are your neighbors and relatives; but the actors involved play them like old friends and they play them well; not a missed note in the bunch, not even from Lisa Kudrow who can over act with the best.

Definitely worth your time.
huge disappointment from the Duplass brothers--and it's not funny
"Table 19" brings the (mis)adventures of Eloise. As the movie opens, Eloise is hesitating whether to "accept with pleasure" or to "decline with regret" a wedding invitation she just received. In the end she decides to go. She hesitated because she was just dumped, via text no less we later learn, by her boyfriend Teddy, whose sister is getting hitched. Along the way, Eloise is also relegated from sitting at Table 1 (with the bride and groom) to Table 19, a table in the back corner. At Table 19, there are 5 other people, including the bride's nanny, a bickering wedded couple, and a guy who is in a halfway house for stealing. At this point we are 10 min. into the movie, but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this movie was originally scheduled to be directed by Mark and Jay Duplass, who co-wrote the script. It ended up being directed by Jeffrey Blitz (best known for directing "The Office" TV series. The Duplass involvement gave me confidence to hope that this would be a worthwhile, if not quite straight up (that's how the Duplass brothers operate), comedy with a romantic undertone. Boy, was I wrong. The movie centers on the ensemble cast that make up Table 19, but unfortunately, at no point did I felt emotionally connected or invested in these characters. Worse yet, the movie is simply not funny. I didn't laugh a single time the entire movie, so for a movie that is billed as a comedy, that is a problem. In fact, about half-way through the movie, when the action finally steers away from the wedding dinner/reception, we get to understand some of the background of the ensemble cast, and the movie takes a turn toward sadness. Check out the bickering wedded couple, played by Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson: you just feel sorry for them. Anna Kendrick, who plays Eloise, can do no wrong in my book, but even she cannot save the movie, After yet another mishap, she retreats to the bathroom to freshen up, and as she looks at herself in the mirror, she tries to pep herself up and says "this day will not suck!", but you know that it will... Same thing at that point as far as the movie goes, as you want to yell at the screen "this movie will not suck!", but by then you deep down already know this is a lost cause. Thankfully the movie clears away some of the sad undercurrents, so that in the end we end up with something that is bittersweet, but I'll leave it to you to decide whether it's more bitter or more sweet. In the end, I felt hugely disappointed with this film, considering the involvement of the Duplass brothers and Anna Kendrick.

"Table 19" opened this weekend on a handful of screens for all of Greater Cincinnati. The Sunday early evening screening where I saw this at was attended poorly. Six people in the theater, including myself. Given the dismal reviews this movie is getting, I can't see this playing very long in the theaters. If you are a fan of Anna Kendrick or even Lisa Kudrow, you want want to check this out on VOD or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, but keep your expectations low...
Charming to a Fault
I've been reviewing films off and on for about five years. And if there is one thing I've learned about criticism is that the vast, unchallenged mean between absolutely great movies and downright terrible ones hides a lot of non-committal fence sitting. I'm guilty of it myself; in today's age of instant self-gratification, it's easy to cobble together a knee-jerk opinion based on someone else's ideas. Problem is those ideas, whether valid or not, sometimes creates a subterfuge of undeserved hype or undeserved vitriol depending on the circumstance. They feed a cycle of wafer-thin subjectivity masquerading as authoritative proof of something's worth. This is why, for example a movie like Equilibrium (2002) can be seen as something more than a splashy Matrix (1999) rip-off while movies like Mystery Team (2009) are swept under the rug.

So it is with Table 19, a movie no one will likely see because the critical consensus is so bad that it's created its own negative feedback loop. Table 19 takes place over the course of several hours of a wedding reception at a rustic hotel lodge. As the happy couple celebrates their new marriage amid friends and family, a small group of strangers sit at the back table, forcing uncomfortable banter and gracelessly ignoring the reason for their position in the back. Among them are the argumentative Kepps (Kudlow and Robinson), the dotty Ms. Jo (Squibb), gawky teen Renzo (Revolori), distant cousin Walter (Merchant) and Eloise (Kendrick) the disgraced ex-Maid of Honor who was dumped by the Best Man (Russell).

To say Table 19 is "ridiculous and a mess," is a bit of an understatement. As critics rightly point out, the pacing is stop and go, the editing is slapdash and the high-concept simply doesn't have the wherewithal to make it through a feature-length movie. Once the initial awkward niceties are flushed under the force of the first big narrative reveal, the film descends into a checklist of soapy plot-points and lazy character short hands. Much like 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (a similarly imperfect ensemble farce), Table 19 klutzily mixes its farcical elements with broad, sweeping story setups and has them slosh about until the runtime wears out. On top of it all, the tone shifts wildly depending on who you're following at the time.

Thing is, I actually liked 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, and I liked Table 19 too for much the same reason. The characters, as broad as they may be at times never ceased to entertain; Stephen Merchant's portrayal as a familial pariah Franken-walking through the banquet hall is worth the admission price alone. As are Renzo's far too honest conversations with his mother (Martindale in a superb unseen role) which mostly consist of him rolling his eyes while she pushes him to "get laid already." Behind the Kepps' increasingly hostile quibbling and Grandma Jo's insistence that she'll be remembered (just you wait), lays a unified feeling of melancholy.

That feeling of melancholy along with some solid comedic setups and payoffs permeate through the film's cosmetic faults. Every time you're distracted by an awkward cut or taken aback by some of the more hammy moments, the film quickly lulls you back with its quixotic charm.

Helping to dry up this mess and put it back into a nice looking bucket is the relentless Anna Kendrick who by now has turned the neurotic jilted girl archetype into a symbol of quasi-empowerment. While she wins no brownie points for that here, there's something near noble about the way she throws herself into the fray. She easily elevates an already stellar cast and sells the hell out of the movies main conceit.

Much like the twangy banjo version of Pachabel's Canon in D that plays over the film's title sequence, Table 19 is a unique version of a very old cultural tradition. It's certainly not the best version of what it could be but with more than a handful of charming performances, this delightful little farce deserves a little better than the wedding inspired japes it's been getting from critics. Perhaps it's a case of ugly duckling syndrome on my part, but I'm going to go ahead and say "I Do" to this one.
Team Rejects
Greetings again from the darkness. Writer/director Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound) takes the approach that many wedding guests would prefer – he skips the wedding and heads straight to the reception. Another wise move by the filmmaker is assembling a very talented ensemble of funny folks. This cast proves they can wring a laugh from dialogue and moments that would probably otherwise not elicit much of an audience reaction. Instead, the full house on this evening had quite boisterous responses on numerous occasions.

The initial set-up drags a bit as we are introduced to the characters that will soon enough populate Table 19 at the reception. Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel bellhop) is Renzo, the longing for love (or anything similar) high schooler who might be a bit too close to his mother (voiced by the great Margo Martindale). Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson are the Kepp's, a mostly unhappily married couple who own and run a diner together. June Squibb is Jo, the bride's long-forgotten nanny who sees and knows more than most. Stephen Merchant plays the outcast nephew/cousin who has been recently released from his prison sentence for white collar crime. Lastly we have Anna Kendrick as Eloise, the fired maid of honor and former girlfriend of the bride's brother (Wyatt Russell), who also happens to be the best man and now dating the new maid of honor.

This is the island of misfit wedding guests known as Table 19, and purposefully placed in the back corner as far as possible from the family and favored guests. Of course we know immediately that this Team Reject will unite for some uplifting purpose at some point, and the movie improves immediately once that goal has been revealed. Comedic timing in a group setting can often come across on screen as forced, and it's a tribute to the cast that these characters come across as human and real.

Make no mistake though, this is Anna Kendrick's movie. She plays Eloise as we would imagine Anna Kendrick in this real life situation. Sure, a wedding reception is low-hanging fruit for comedy, but it's the third act where Ms. Kendrick's talent really shines. Comedy drawn from emotional pain is the most fulfilling because we've all been there. The melodrama that creeps in is pretty predictable, but that doesn't mean it's not a good time. The scenes with Ms. Kendrick and Wyatt Russell (Everybody Wants Some!, and Kurt and Goldie's son) are the best, and it leaves us wishing for more attention to both.

Don't worry, the film features the required wedding cake mishap, a flirtatious wedding crasher (Thomas Cocquerel) and a drunken mother of the bride singing karaoke to Etta James' "At Last". It's designed to be a crowd-pleaser, and mostly succeeds with a nice blend of silly, cute, and emotional tugs.
I enjoyed it to a certain extent.
'TABLE 19': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A comedy film about a group of wedding attendees that all bond with each other, after being seated together at a table for undesirables. It was directed by Jeffrey Blitz (who's also helmed such critically acclaimed indie flicks as the 2002 documentary 'SPELLBOUND', and the 2007 quirky comedy 'ROCKET SCIENCE'). It was co-written by Blitz and Jay and Mark Duplass. The movie stars Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow, June Squibb, Stephen Merchant, Tony Revolori and Wyatt Russell. It's received a limited theatrical release at the Box Office, and it's also gotten mostly negative reviews from critics. I enjoyed it to a certain extent.

Eloise McGarry (Kendrick) was recently dumped by her boyfriend, Teddy (Russell), through a text. Teddy is a groomsman at his sister's wedding, that Eloise was also supposed to be a bridesmaid in. Eloise attends the wedding anyway, and she's seated with a group of other people that the wedding party was also hoping wouldn't attend. The group of misfits bond during the course of the ceremony.

The film is quirky and funny at times, but it's definitely far from hilarious. The characters are pretty well developed though, and the roles are all well cast. The movie is actually more impressive when it's trying to be serious, and emotional, than when it's supposed to be funny. Overall the film is definitely a bit of a mixed bag, but I'd say it's still worth seeing (but maybe only on video, or cable TV).

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could have been fun
the film with that cast - Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Toni Revolori being some of my favorites - could really have been fun and truly enjoyable. But a good cast doesn't make a good script. I wonder how tailored each role is for the cast, I'm guessing apart from Anna's role not so much? Not sold on the bulk of the film / the main pairing much so that was particularly not enjoyable for me. However, June Squibb was lovely and Stephen Merchant was a welcome oddball (though the humor overall of the film doesn't really land). Conclusions for other story lines were not really satisfying and there was cheesiness all through out.
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