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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Jon Watts


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Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts
Zendaya as Michelle
Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Hannibal Buress as Coach Wilson
Tyne Daly as Anne Marie Hoag
Donald Glover as Aaron Davis
Bokeem Woodbine as Herman Schultz / Shocker #2
Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture
Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man
Marisa Tomei as May Parker
Spider-Man: Homecoming Storyline: Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May, under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark, Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine - distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man - but when the Vulture emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.
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Not even a good movie let alone good Spiderman
The movie plot was so basic and they still had to explain through dialog what was happening, so you'd know...

Very little character development. Not even for this Parker... You cling to what you know of spiderman of past stories to fill in the gaps, but, then the new character disappoints.

Like all new movies, they can't seem to write things actually happening. They need to look at old movies and remember how to shoot and edit things so that actions happen. planking on top of a building shouldn't eat up 2 minutes of movie time...

Can you imagine what editing and shooting must have been like with real film ?? And they still can't even come close to older flicks in terms of content and story... What is this? Lazy? Cheap? No longer any talent in the industry? Maybe they should stop focusing on politics and learn how to make movies again.


The suit thing is dumb, he becomes a "soft" version of iron man.. with webs.. What happened to spidey sense? Maybe I missed it.

Sorry, but, you need an actress for aunt May, not a body... just sayin.

For all that happens in this movie, he saves like 2 people. He has to be saved by iron man and his best friend. By the end of the movie, who doesn't know he's spiderman?
This is definitely the best movie about Spider-Man. Marvel and Sony have finally got the character perfect both in and out of the suit. His link in the MCU just makes the movie that much better. Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man and Peter Parker and you can't even compare him to the previous 2. This movie is very fun and there are shocking plot twists to look forward to. It's definitely better than the original 2 Sam Raimi movies without a doubt. And be sure to stay to the very very end.
Spiderman... for Kids.
I went to see this movie with no expectations and i'm glad i did. This movie was okey if you are not a classic spiderman fan or you read ultimate spiderman, otherwise is below average.

Things that bothered me: 1_The movie tried very hard to make you laugh, like deadpool movie, it's annoying. Give me some action! 2_I was hoping that trailer scene of the boat, but then Iron Man solved everything. 3_If you want to give spidey a great suit, okey give it to him because we are not in 1970, but WHERE IS HIS SPIDER SENSE? That's the worst thing of the movie, no spider sense at all! 4_ Indian skinny nerd Flash? Fat Asian friend? 5_Nobody except Green Goblin or Doc Ock knew who spiderman really was, and it took several issues. But in this movie almost everybody knows. 6_ They used the same argument from Spiderman 1, Green goblin is his best friend's father... The vulture is his crush's dad. Come on!

There are just too many bad things in this movie, but hey, people just want to see techy suits and laugh a lot so Go and see it! You might like it....
The best one after the original trilogy!
You should definitely watch if you are a true fan of Spider-Man and Marvel. Tom Holland revived Peter Parker as a new. Michael Keaton's portrayal as Vulture was very good.There is no doubt that Tobey Maguire was a better actor. But if we give Holland more time than I hope that he will nail it with his performance. :)
Go watch it, Webheads!
Finally! The movie that Spider-man truly deserves. While other Spider-man movies have plenty of merit (and others don't), Homecoming is by far the greatest rendition of Spider-man movies ever created for the silver screen! It had everything that encompasses Spider-man, but in smaller doses so that they are easier to digest and enjoy.

The inside jokes came at a great pace, and the comedy traveled far and wide for all kinds of humor. Even the darker humor was not too dark, and still suited Spider-man to a T. Tom Holland was great with his reactions to the humor going on around him, while also giving off his own jokes the way a spider can. His friend, Ned was not over done, he was given, once again, in small doses, and never got annoying, which is really hard for a comic relief character. The only thing I think they could have really done without was Flash. While Flash Thompson was good for a few laughs, he just didn't contribute a whole lot to the overall quality of the film itself. That, however, is the tiniest of nitpicks, and does not at all affect its score.

It gets triumphant echoes of joy with the action scenes. They are fast pace, high octane, and show that Spider-man has a lot to learn before he reaches his prime. You truly feel like this is how Spider- man would act were he put into these situations. He gets his butt kicked as much as he kicks tail himself, but that's more from his inexperience, and again, it is not shoved into your face, it is delivered in a moderate quantity for maximum efficiency.

Characters have their roles, and all of them play them off to their utmost and pull their own weight. The character Michelle is a quiet giant in her field of comedy, and is one of the funniest characters in her own rite. Michael Keaton as the Vulture is fantastic! He is not really evil, he has his own motivations, they just happen to be outside of the law. Peter's crush, Liz, plays a far bigger role than expected, but a necessary one in the long run. The moment we are introduced to her, I figured she may be the thorn in the movie's side, but, once again, small doses prevail.

The story is rather small potatoes in the spectrum of the M.C.U., but that is perfect for a beginner super hero movie, which is where Suicide Squad's biggest failure can be observed. Homecoming stays within its bounds, and is as big as it needs to be for when it needs it the most.

Flaws in this movie are hard to find, beyond nitpicking it to death (which some will, it's inevitable). It is more than welcome in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is a must-own for hardcore fans and casual fans of Spider-man (and Marvel) alike. Do not miss this movie, it is well worth the full price of admission, even if it is the 3-D price! Yes! It is that good! Now stop reading this review and go watch it, Web heads!!!
More like a Spider-man SPOOF.
Don't expect a superhero movie. This is more like a long comedic sketch parodying Spider-man.

There are so many wrongs in this movie I 've lost count., but most importantly the vision is wrong. I would prefer Raimi/McGuire's vision by far.

Among other things this reboot is missing the transformation from regular Peter Parker to Spiderman. The most interesting thing to the franchise to watch. And of course his relation with his uncle (who doesn't get a single mention in this film) and how his tragic fate was quintessential to his maturity.

They are still trying to show you the transition from a goofy kiddy Spiderman to something more adult but they are failing miserably, because even in the end the character hasn't mature at all.

And it's that "goofy" version of Spiderman that ruins this movie, as a superhero movie. There aren't any real sentiments at all. Just teenage humor and pranks. And the final revelation and connection between Spiderman and the main villain is too ludicrous to swallow.

For its $175 mil. budget this movie is far from impressive too. Not a big spectacle. All that money went for the CGI Spidey jumping back and forth, but the scenes aren't that impressive and there's a lot to be desired.

Overall: This movie is already a success in Box office multiplying the earnings more than 4 times its budget, so the producers must be happy. BUT it's more like a spoof of Spiderman and not a proper superhero movie. For the true origins of Spiderman, his transformation, his relation with his uncle and the impact of his tragic fate on Peter, you must look elsewhere...
a reboot not a retelling
I went in with no expectations and was delightfully surprised.

I was disappointed that they changed the actor playing him again, but after the opening sequence I was sold.

It had action, character development, cool special effects-that furthered the story (and weren't just there to be pretty), and lots of humor. I'm trying to remember the last time I laughed this much in a movie. (Wonder Woman).

I think this movie would be doing much better if they had stressed that it wasn't a retelling of the origin story.

The only reason I didn't give it a higher score was because the best friend got on my nerves (until the end).

This is a really good super hero movie.
Spidey is back, baby!!
In my opinion, there has not been a good Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2. I love the original two Raimi movies and grew up with them. Unfortunately, the three that would follow those movies were incredibly disappointing and lacked the spirit of the character. As a result, there was a ton of pressure on this film to succeed, and it does with flying colors.

Firstly, I have to give praise to Tom Holland. He absolutely nailed the character of Peter Parker. When he was in the Spidey costume, he also absolutely rocked it. The look of the character (the actual suit itself) is awesome and he throws quips all the time without it feeling gimmicky or forced like it did in the Amazing Spider-Man movies. The supporting characters also were fantastic. Michelle was a very fun side character who had some fun moments (although I really did not like the fact that she ended up being MJ as she acts nothing like that character), as were Liz and Ned. Those characters really added emotional weight to Peter's story and I thought that it was incredibly well-handled.

The action was grade-A Marvel. Although I would not definitively say that the action in this film is quite as good as it was in Raimi's, it is extremely well-choreographed and, when CGI was necessary (which was often), it looked top-notch. The humor, as it usually is in MCU movies, was also fantastic and there were a lot of laughs in the theater that I saw it in. The final post credit scene was also really funny.

The main twist of the movie was obviously the fact that the Vulture was Liz's father. I get the sense that many people will be upset about this since it is a huge coincidence, but there have been coincidences all throughout Spider-Man lore in the movies, cartoons, and comics. Let's not forget that Peter's best friend's dad in the comics, Norman Osborn, ends up being his archnemesis. The Vulture as a character, unfortunately, did leave me slightly underwhelmed. He is definitely a top-tier Marvel villain, as he at least has a personality and clear goals unlike previous characters in the MCU, but I felt like there should have been more to his character. He was two- dimensional, which is better than one-dimensional, but I think that he could have been even better. However, the look of the character is absolutely perfect and Michael Keaton was really good in the film. The scene where Peter finds out that he is Michelle's dad had so much tension and was very well-handled.

I also have a gripe with the references made to the MCU throughout the film. They were all very fun and creative, but I think that there were some that were just unnecessary. I almost feel like that is Sony's doing since they have really wanted to drive home the fact that this film takes place in the MCU. It takes away the standalone nature of the film to a certain extent. However, Tony Stark was in the movie for just the right amount and never changed the focus of the film. Towards the end, I thought it was perfect to have Stark and Peter together in the new Avengers facility. The fact that they were also able to incorporate an arc for Tony's character in this film despite his extremely limited screen time was really impressive and I look forward to seeing his relationship with Spider-Man grow even more.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with Spider-Man homecoming and I think it is probably the second or third best movie in the MCU. Spider-Man fans finally now have another film that will be almost universally loved.

9/10 Grade: A-
Another Spidey?
Another try to show us the same angsty story about power and great responsibility? Wrong! Peter stuck in the middle of the teenage drama? Not quite! Spider-man as an Avenger? Well.... let me stop you there. My first impression when the trailer came out was, well I had a lot of doubts. For instance why there is no Uncle Ben, why Peter's best friend knows his best-guarded secret (that has been reviled in the comics only to help Iron Man's team during Civil War). Aunt May who is even less aware of everything? Iron Man in the background? No 'Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man'? But then I went to see the movie and to say, I was pleasantly surprised. We got the whole need look at Peter Parker's life. First of all, we've never got to see Peter so young, though Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire tried. He looks young and he is young. His life isn't exactly defined by his uncle's death. Sure it is implied but at the same time, it doesn't imply that this is why Peter became Spiderman. What we also got to see is Peter who learns how to be a hero. This kid really got one of the most solid moral core among the heroes. And now we can see how he learns how to do his job. It's no longer than 5 minutes of speeded process of embracing the powers, where in one moment he breaks the tap, can't control his 'sticky' powers and performs superhuman reflex and the next scene he has his suit made and his powers under control. No. And that's why it's good. It's funny, comical even, but true. Peter is true, he eats larb, builds lego Deathstar, studies for Spanish quiz, and saves the day. The other thing that surprised me was how well Tom and his real friend Jacob played the dynamic duo of Peter and his 'guy in the chair' Ned. It gives us a bit of fresh view, innocent even when it all is a game, an awesome adventure. And it also gives us A LOT of good humour. Then next we've got Aunt May, who is building a new life with Peter, starting over. She also has some kind of different innocence than we've seen before. She supports Peter and is just a bit more than an episodical character needed for the plot. Another character that has been rebooted is Flash Thompson, Peter's bully. Of course, he still is a bully, but the writers decided to expose the other side of him. For me, it gives a glimpse at the future where after all Peter and Flash became friends and Spider-man's ex- bully becomes a hero, Venom. Additionally, we had a chance to witness Happy's great return, yay!? And finally RJ, we are here. He did good, what did you expect. But he didn't steal the show, oh no. it was A Spider-man movie from the very end. Another pro of the movie is that there is no romance-centric plot. It's not always about getting a girl people! Moving on, that scene! You know which one! You didn't see that coming? Because I didn't. Simple yet great plot twist. But enough about the plot. Then again, the marvellous Marvel logo that constantly gets better and SPIDER-MAN THEME! That's right! The music was good, even though I was hoping to get another catch and a great soundtrack like we had in GoTG and GoTG vol2. Another thing that got me surprised was the camera. We've been served with a whole lot of scenes from new, and different angles. We got lots of different perspectives. General, big, from point of view and the best of all Peter's vlog from Germany. Last but not least brilliance of the credits. It really makes you want to sit there and wait for the credits to end, not like we wouldn't do this anyway. ;) I heard someone saying that they were disappointed with Peter. He was making a fool of himself. He was constantly saying: "I'm sorry but I gotta go" and couldn't get the job done right from the take one. But isn't it just how his life goes? because from what I know it is. Peter is one of the most relatable and at the same time tragic (ok, maybe not that tragic) comic characters. Because of he always, always does what is right. No matter what. he sacrifices his personal life, his love his happiness to make the world a better place. This is the reboot. This is the beginning. This is young Peter learning to be a hero. Him learning about power and responsibility. Learning to stay closer to the ground. And even though teenage Peter being pulled into high schools drama does sound cliché it paradoxically isn't. It's good. It's funny and it's just simply Peter Parker's life.

PS. Don't miss the extra Cap's message, straight from Middletown High.
The best Spider-Man movie after Tobey
Spider-Man: Homecoming First things first. Sadly no Pop pop of Uncle Ben in this Reboot. I know I'm gonna enjoy this movie, but I never thought it to be this good. This is not a typical superhero flick. This can be viewed as a great superhero movie for MCU or can also be viewed as a silly teen script, either way it is awesome. Avengers were the #1 Movie for me in MCU but this easily is on par with them. RDJ is practically Tom's surrogate dad. He is more than a mentor. I'd really want to see a full length movie of Ironman and Spider- Man. At last, MCU always lagged of a worthy villain (Except Loki and a few ), Toomes is already in the top 5 big bad's of MCU. This is not overstating, he is the best villain since Loki. Vulture took the whole movie to other level. This is the definition of a Fun movie. The definition of how MCU is successful in their Genre. And The Ending is the best we got of all the Spider-Man movies if not of all the MCU. The whole theater burst off for the Last part. Do stay for End Credits. Worth waiting. 9/10, Worth every penny.
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