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Sleepwalker Storyline: Troubled by bouts of sleepwalking and disturbing nightmares, graduate student Sarah Foster goes to her university sleep research center for help. But when she wakes up after her first night of being monitored, the world she lives in seems to have changed in subtle, Twilight-Zone-esque ways.
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Very Strange!
A very strange movie about the perception of reality - am I dreaming or is what I perceive to be a dream actually reality? This is the question posed by Sleepwalker and, as far as I am concerned anyway, remains unanswered to the very end.

Acting is excellent, pace is good, intrigue builds, but, in the end, I was left thinking... what the heck just happened! I am certainly not dumb, but maybe someone far more insightful than I could explain what this movie is all about, because, frankly, I have no idea.

Sleepwalker left me with mixed feelings; while I quite enjoyed the viewing experience, waiting patiently for the shocking revelation to arrive, when the movie ended and I was left none the wiser, my final thought was... what a massive waste of time!

One for the hyper-imaginative perhaps? Definitely not for those who prefer their story lines all neatly wrapped up in a bow.
The makings of a cult classic, but a failed ending
The acting was OK and the directing was good. The mood of the film was exactly what I think it should have been and the tension keeps increasing as the movie goes, so it was captivating. All in waiting for the end that will explain it all. Alas, it kind of went the way of Phantasm, where you don't know where reality begins and fantasy ends, thus invalidating most of the qualities of the production.

I liked the main character. A gorgeous redhead who doesn't act all passionate and crazy, but coolly tries to figure out a situation that would have made most people crack. The other characters were kind of secondary, but they did their job in a story that is about what's going on in the lead's head. Perhaps I wasn't in the mood for mind bending movies, but I also generally hate films that end with "oh, it was all in their head" or "they were all dead" (yes, not a fan of Jacob's Ladder), so I didn't enjoy the ending at all.

Bottom line: with so many good things in this film - including Izabella Scorupco who is still hot as hell and Ahna O'Reilly moving around in white underwear - I really wanted to like and understand the film and I just couldn't. Too bad.
Decent mind bender
Sleepwalker certainly makes an attempt to be a mind bending thriller, and does so with mixed results. The viewer might have to watch the film twice to get the gist of its meaning. I did!

A woman is found sleepwalking in the middle of the night and has no idea where she is. The police find her and return her to her dorm. She has a history of sleep walking and is concerned it is starting again. After another nights restlessness, she decides to go to the College sleep study program to be monitored.

After the first time she does this things start to become strange. Things around her start to change subtly. The Dr. In charge takes a personal interest in her case and attempts to help her as things progressively get stranger and stranger as the studies continue.

The rest of the film is an exercise in uncertainty, nightmares, and amnesia. The film, I thought, was somewhat thought provoking but misses the mark as a real mind bending thriller. It is more a film about a woman with a sleep disorder which turns into a mix of confusion, hallucinations And scattered reality.

I would say it worth a viewing but don't expect much in way of a strong thriller....
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