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Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Baran bo Odar


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Sala Baker as Benik
Tess Malis Kincaid as Demanding New Yorker
Chelsea Hayes as Shari
Brooke Boxberger as Receptionist
Matt Mercurio as Busboy #1
Elijah Everett as Bathroom Attendant (as Eli Jah Everett)
Tim Connolly as McFerrin
Tim Rigby as Larry
Jamie Foxx as Vincent
David Harbour as Dennison
Dermot Mulroney as Rubino
Steve Coulter as Frazzled Concierge
T.I. as Sean (as Tip 'T.I.' Harris)
Scoot McNairy as Novak
Sleepless Storyline: Vincent Downs is a cop in Las Vegas, who's partnered with a crooked cop. His partner asks him to steal some drugs, which they do. But what they don't know is that the drugs belong to a crime family, the Novaks who goes after anyone who crosses them. And Rob Novak the man who was handling the drug sale sets his sights on the man who sold him the drugs, casino boss Rubino. Rubino discovers Downs was the one who stole the drugs so he has Downs' son abducted and tells Downs to bring the drugs to his casino. Jennifer Bryant, an idealistic cop who wants to take down every criminal including the Novaks. Recently one her busts went bust and she did everything by the book. She thinks all the men are patronizing her. When she meets Downs she gets a vibe off of him and follows him. Downs brings the drugs to the casino and hides the drugs. Downs meets with Rubino and asks for his drugs. Downs wants his son first before he gives him the drugs. Rubino shows him his son and goes to get the drugs but...
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Not Just Second-Rate but Last Rate
Watching Sleepless is much like eating the last chalupa of the night at a run-down Taco Bell. All the ingredients are there to give you a low-rent, but still pretty satisfying experience. Yet once you actually sit down and take your first big bite, you realize everything has coagulated into an undecipherable mess. And, as if you taunt you, they managed to sneak in some fresh lettuce.

The story begins with a ballsy, dark alley drug heist perpetrated by two dirty cops, Vincent Dowds (Foxx) and Sean Cass (T.I.). After a lengthy gunfight and escape, the two are assigned the next morning to their own crime scene, all but guaranteeing they're in the clear as far as the law is concerned. This doesn't sit well with Internal Affairs Agent Jennifer Bryant (Monaghan) whose recent brush with corruption has left her hyper-aware of citizens above suspicion. Dowds and Cass think they're in the clear. They think they can simply resell their score. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is a smaller town than they realize and the powers that be decide Dowd's son (Johnson) would be the perfect bargaining chip.

The fresh lettuce in this case (if we decide to continue the belabored taco metaphor), is best represented by the script. Sleepless is based on the French film Nuit Blanche (2011), a movie marketed as a cross between Die Hard (1988) meets 24 (2001-2010) by way of Taken (2008). With that kind of framing, it's easy to see the influences. The mechanics of the script gifts its audience with escalating stakes, a clear time-clock, a largely singular location and an array of conflicting motivations and double-crosses.

Yet in the hands of relatively green German director Baran bo Odar and the positively sleepwalking Jamie Foxx, Sleepless can't help but buckle under the weight of the script's machinations. Instead of emphasizing human emotions to gain tension and momentum, the film clumsily succumbs to the lazy rhythms of American action clichés. This requires, among other things, an obligatory car chase, the main villain mindlessly intimating his underlings, and Jamie Foxx brawling and dodge bullets with superhuman aplomb while nursing a stab wound to the abdomen. The fact that no bad guys were dispatched from the rooftop of the Luxur Hotel and Casino is a minor miracle.

The results are not just second-rate, they're last-rate. Every angle of this film was shot not with maximum aesthetic appeal in mind, but to hide how embarrassingly cheap this film is. The lions share of the fight scenes take place not in the casino but in the back service corridors. The car chase I mentioned, takes place in a near empty parking garage and the climactic showstopper at the end of the movie might as well be lifted from a Troma movie.

This movie either needed to be much better or much worse than it ended up being. Perhaps if they dumbed down the script further, the cheapness of the end product would have been endearing. Perhaps they could have made an unintentionally hilarious Steven Seagal vehicle. Yet with a script this patently in-love with itself, Sleepless needed to rise to the challenge and unfortunately it folded like a bad hand of poker. The European version may have been a smart, effective and thrilling mix of genre influences, but this American remake feels like Triple 9 (2016) meets Urban Justice (2007) by way of a pile of s**t.
surprisingly good movie
Sleepless is a remake of diverting French thriller called Sleepless Night and it follows the same breathless and potentially nihilistic narrative. Bluffs, debts, and desperate high-stakes gambles of the plot would find some resonance in the setting—a casino and the movie gives no sense of the layout of its main location. There are some deficiencies (many of which come straight from the source material) but everything is kept going, one harebrained ruse after another, hustling breathlessly from the main floor of the fictional Luxus Casino and the penthouse office of its in-over-his-head owner, Stan Rubino (Dermot Mulroney), to its service corridors, kitchens, and parking garage.
Not the best but not the worst.
I was a little antsy about watching this at first and even though I'm giving it a 5/10, I wouldn't call all of it a bad movie exactly.

The reason I gave it 5/10 was down to the lack of "Empathy." I mean seriously, things happen over the course of the Movie that would cause you immeasurably grief and the amount of physical pain shown is like "Whoops, I just dropped my empty cup of coffee and the cardboard cup is now dented, Oh woe is me." yes, that bland.

As far as the overall story of the movie goes, honestly, as a writer myself, the story is quite good and evolves quite nicely all in all.

The casting didn't actually seem that bad but something just wasn't right and it showed in the lack of empathy in the finished product.

Just one to many bloopers in this. I'd give it a 2/10 only I liked the writing and the overall concept they wanted to achieve and could have if there was a more suited director who could convey everything adequately and come down hard on the actors for lacking "true emotion."
"Sleepless" Never Blinks!!!
Sometimes, good movies don't have a chance to amount to anything during their theatrical release. The Jamie Foxx & Michelle Monaghan thriller "Sleepless" spent eight weeks in theaters before Universal Pictures pulled it from exhibition. Ultimately, this movie coined less than its cost, falling shy of its $30-million budget. Nevertheless, despite its poor box office take, this suspenseful saga set in Las Vegas exemplified exciting melodrama at its best where the good guys and the bad guys find themselves caught in a crack. Jamie Fox plays veteran detective Vincent Downs on the trail of the villains, while Michelle Monaghan is cast as Internal Affairs police officer Bryant who wants Down's scalp for his alleged illegal activities. "Straight Outta Compton" scenarist Andrea Berloff does a slam-bang job of keeping the characters at one another's throats. Scoot McNairy is a short-fused, murderous, adversary who has no qualms about killing anybody, not even when his enemies turn out be some of his own relatives who have passing information to the DEA. Character actor David Harbour of "Quantum of Solace" and "The Equalizer" may be the only weak link in this pulsating crime saga because he suffers from continually being cast as amoral dastard. Meantime, the action is fast. gritty, and nail-biting. Several characters wind up in body bags, primarily the villains, but even our hero and heroine have reasons to fuss about his or her fate. Swiss director Baran bo Odar bottles the violence up effectively in one Las Vegas single casino on a night where the narcotics exchange is scheduled to transpire. Nobody had planned for everything to go sideways, but they struggle to take advantage of their predicaments. Clocking in at 95 minutes, "Sleepless" qualifies as the kind of thriller that never wears out its welcome. Andrea Berloff's no-nonsense screenplay bristles with several surprises, particularly an evil-doesn't-perish ending that suggests the villains are regrouping for the future.
Bad story actually irrational
The story makes no sense literally I wish I knew before how bad this is. It the stereotype divorced under-covered cop dedicated to his job story, but this one is taken to the absurd. I watched it expecting a good movie given the cast but every action in this movie is irrational. I felt ashamed for the actors at moments, trying to understand how did the cope with their role and the questions they had for the director while filming. I hope Jamie doesn't go Wesley Snipes path... Do yourself a favor and stay away from this movie!
It's doubtful that Las Vegas can ever recover . . .
. . . from the bad light in which it's put by SLEEPLESS, coming on the heels of all the atrocities documented by OCEAN'S 11 through 39, CSI, 21, and REINDEER GAMES. You don't want to trek to Vegas and be hospitalized by a Zika Mosquito, because SLEEPLESS documents that the nurse monitoring your IV drip machine is liable to run off and attend to Personal Family Matters at any moment--plus dirty cops will steal any flowers that your friends and relatives send to cheer you up. Since the casinos like to leave the keys in the ignitions of their sweepstakes prize cars, it's likely that a rogue member of the LVPD will hurtle one off its pedestal with no warning at all, sparking a deadly stampede of thousands of "gamers," as happens in SLEEPLESS. The more squeamish ladies among us need to remember that, in Vegas, male cops always have the run of the Women's Spa dressing areas on one pretext or another (as documented in SLEEPLESS), and the barfly next to you is bound to ruin your outfit with their arterial spray after a loose cannon from law enforcement rams a broken bottle into their neck. Vegas area RESIDENTS only going to the Strip to work their minimum wage jobs should NEVER allow their children to be on the same sports teams with the local cops' kids, seeing as how the latter are so prone to be kidnapped for leverage against their folks and have their bones broken with metal fire extinguishers on all the most important Game Nights of the Entire Season, SLEEPLESS teaches viewers.
I'm absolutely amazed that this film has an average rating of 5.5. Who ever gave it 5 or more stars must have watched a different film than me. Even the great Jamie Fox was terrible in this. Either he wasn't trying because he knew it was guff or it's true what they say about the actor being only as good as the story.
Don't give it too much thought and you'll have a great time
Here's the thing - if movies never suspended belief, they would be both pointless and incredibly dull. The reasons that the things we see in movies rarely happen in real life is because logic generally takes over and prevents these things from actually happening. Thus it would be incredibly difficult to make an entertaining movie without having quite a few illogical things happen. It just stands to reason. So when people come out of a movie and say they hated it because "x" would never happen or "y" didn't make sense or when a certain character did something they should have done something else, I don't really buy that as a reason to ever hate a movie. I have a feeling that is a lot of what is going on with 'Sleepless' and people's opinions of it. Admittedly throughout the film I kept thinking to myself those kinds of things, like this guy got stabbed a long time ago and has had about 10 fights since and still seems to have superhuman strength. You can notice these things, but I think you are being very tough if you are judging your entire opinion on them.

There's rarely a dull moment in 'Sleepless'. The action begins almost immediately and basically never lets up. I loved the fact that almost the entire movie takes place in one setting. It was like a fun house by the end with all the nooks and crannies being explored and visited by different characters. I also enjoyed the fact that you could never be entirely sure about whether or not a character was loyal or not. The characters were actually very well written almost entirely across the board.

As just a straight up entertainment package I really enjoyed 'Sleepless'. It never lost my interest once and it knew its limitations. If you ever find yourself bored watching this movie then I would suggest action movies are certainly not for you. If you can suspend your belief and just sit back and enjoy the ride, I think you will find you'll very much enjoy this film.
Everyone is angry
6 Apr 2017 in an small room with even smaller number of people I start watching this movie that I "vouched" for my girlfriend because I quote " Jamie Foxx plays in good movies." Half-way through the movie I already asked her more than 3 times if she want's to go home and watch Star Wars ep-2 (we started watching it because she never saw it). Few people already left the cinema and we only stayed because we payed.

Every main or supporting actor is angry for no good reason. The soundtrack is angry. Most scenes are predictable and all intentions are extremely easy to reveal.

I thing is for sure. Jamie Foxx can also play in bad movies.
It wasn't an easy grab: they had T
Jamie Foxx has a lot of enemy's, as established masterfully in the opening scene and the trailer, which means it makes sense when Jamie Foxx clarifies to his friend that "It ain't no easy grab, they got T". An original movie that has lots of super 0r1g1n4l set pieces like a casino fight scene and I'm really annoyed that john wick copied that scene before sleepless even came out. 10/10
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