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Drama, Sport
IMDB rating:
Timothy A. Chey


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Michael Irvin as Terrell
Michael Cognata as Lizare
Tammy Brawner as Tammy Goodwin
Kay Wallia as Melinda Jones
Gary Smith as Craig Jackson
Ryan Gunnarson as Jerome Matthews
Ray Walia as Pastor John Soul
Chris Staples as Michael Diggs
Michael Hardy as Brandon
William Thomas Jones as Warden Ed Williams
Aqueela Zoll as Linda Collins
Charles Hoyes as Mark Jacobs
Jose Canseco as Jose Canseco
Slamma Jamma Storyline: Wrongfully accused and sent to prison, a former basketball star prepares for the national slam dunk competition while finding redemption in himself and in those he loves.
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Not very good
I had high hopes for the movie after watching "Greater", which I LOVED! This movie had many things wrong with it...from a really bad wig for the younger representation of the main character, to a lot of over- acting and really strange and unnecessary scenes. There were awkward attempts at humor and my husband and I were pretty disappointed that we spent the money to see it. I do like the idea of one changing their life and outlook and that the movie has moments where faith in God is a focus...that's why I gave it a 4. I really wouldn't recommend the movie though.
You are Michael Diggs
First I'd like to say that I was relentless to watch this movie, I usually don't like sport related films but the fact that it's based on a true story made me change my mind, maybe is because I live in ciudad Juarez, the Mexico-USA Border and you learn a little history of Venice Beach or at least of the Los Angeles basketball crowd scene, the acting was amazing, it was a little fast paced but it was alright.....

the acting was excellent.. the casting was perfect and the directing was superb!

I couldn't get over how well put together this movie is. It simply flowed as though it had a life of its own

I suppose these days no Hollywood Studio will green-light a sports film unless its about the struggle of black minorities to overcome prejudice in the past and make a breakthrough in not getting attacked by the movie critics almost to the point where their racism is evident I know I said the characters are polarized in terms of alignment and that there are cheesy gems interwoven in the dialogue, but the truth is that the rest of the script is actually quite catchy. For one, it is simply much funnier than I could ever have hoped for with comic situations and good one-liners en masse. The characters may not be the most original ever but they are superbly supported by the cast's performances.

I was also hoping for some ironic awareness that as well as seeing this story as a great civil rights victory of some kind that a black man wrongfully put in jail that this might have been the moment in time when somehow the message all started to go wrong: is this when the wheel turned so that education became a farce --and the only classes we see them in do seem to be dumbed down jock courses-- and all that mattered would be the human and other bling and signing to the NBA from high school? The sop is the brief glimpses we get of the real participants on Twitter and Facebook, and see pictures of the real players with brief descriptions of their career and family paths, many as teachers, including working as coaches from high school to professional leagues. How did it get from them to kids graduating with no non-basketball skills and no moral compass?

This is a very high quality movie. It is a great movie for anyone 12 and over. The acting is superb! You didn't feel like you were watching a movie, you felt like you were watching the real story as it really happened.

I think the dunking is something no Hollywood movie has ever achieved. Why? It's so amazing to see!

"If you will quit today, you will be quitting, each and every day for the rest of your life."

Verdict: A nice one..
A Winner
As arctypal as 'inspiration' movies come, 'Slamma Jamma' still manages to please. Not the least of its charms are the seriousness with which it takes the faith issue and its rating- i.e., this is a movie a whole family could watch together before having a conversation about faith and personal responsibility for treating others with respect. I'm not the type of person which enjoys sport in general. And most movies of this type bore me endlessly.

Not so this one. Its really entertaining. The different aspects of sport occur all in it, and the typical problems of people doing sport, but they are not at all everything the movie has to offer. Instead we also get many political aspects and personal conflicts. The people here are not stereotypes, nobody is just purely good or just purely evil, and not all questions about them are answered by the movie, just like in real life.

This movie has a message, it has a story, and it has very good acting. I don't know a reason why I shouldn't recommend it.

Sure many filmmakers have attempted to create highly charged films about acceptance between a white and a black man and expect the audience to be clapping by the end of it, but rarely do the movies successfully depict a story about understanding and love between two races into a unity, and rarely does a film allow the user to be buried deep into thought about the very soul of a humans' consciousness for respect, respect for oneself, respect God, respect for one another, and cherish every moment of it. 'Slamma Jamma' does just that.

I think this movie was wonderfully done with a genuine mixture of emotional highs and lows, as well as a certain level of predictability as in most sports films. Overall, The acting was excellent, and the chemistry between the actors was believable!

I hesitated to see "Slamma" because I didn't want to see another jock film, but it is more than just another sportsl film. I was glad I saw this film since it is rich in character and plot.

"Slamma"" is a special film that has special performances and is well worth every dollar you spend to see this film.

This is the first movie I've ever seen that made me cry! Go see it! My comments doesn't matter for this one. Just spoil yourself and go see this masterpiece you will NOT be disappointed! This is definitely worth your while. (10 out of 10)
Slamma jamma was the best show i have seen in awhile.
I really enjoyed the movie and was actually inspired by the end of the film. The film was a little corny and syrupy from time to time but it was an overall very good, positive film. I read that little movie critic's review on the AV and it was a malicious portrayal of a wonderful film - shame on him. It was almost like the critic was out to get the actors and producers for no reason. The critic seemed to relish being cruel and his attacks were not only unwarranted, but also untrue. He said there were camera equipment all over the movie to make the movie look cheap. The only camera equipment I saw was purposeful for the championship coverages. I hope the producers sue this guy for launching this smear campaign. I really do.

We should all be so fortunate to have the opportunity to see a movie that features a person that actually tries to deal with these issues without making judgment calls and instead offer resolutions to problems. This was good because they were able to see the consequences of their actions. When they made the right decision, they were able to see the positive consequences. When they made the wrong decision the players were faced with negative consequences and had no one to blame but themselves.The positive message the movie conveyed was that lives can be changed for the better through self discipline, hard work and the building of character.
Predictable But Very Enjoyable
This movie was very good..It is now my favorite movie..the characters played the parts very well... It was really funny and at the end very sad which it probably made a lot of people cry, i know i did. Well it is the best uplifting movie i have ever seen..even though a tad predictable
Support this Film on March 24!
We were so blessed to watch an early screening of the film yesterday. Undoubtedly the most powerful faith-based film this year. Please run, don't walk, to see this film when it opens March 24 - it will be in a theater near you

I was extremely impressed by this movie and I already expected it to be good based on the trailers. This story was told so beautifully and with so much heart. The actors were great, especially Michael Irvin who plays the hard-bitten sports agent - never knew he could act! I was impressed with the acting overall. Amazing since they're all slam-dunking champions!

'Slama Jama' provides an honest and realistic look at life and how putting God first can make a difference. If you are struggling with life this is a good movie to receive positive direction and hope that there is more than we can see that influences us each day. So many things in this movie are true to life...real situations for real people.

The plot is fantastic and the message is one of great importance, especially today. This is a film with a single purpose in mind: Redemption. I agree with the other posters in that this is the best sports, faith-based movie ever.
My favourite film ever!!!!
This film is without a doubt my favourite faith film of all time. My friend invited me to a faith and friends premiere screening and I was blown away.

Its funny, sad, emotional, moving and inspiring and I would recommend it to everyone! :) The dunking is out of this world. Who are these guys?

With great actors and an amazing script this film is great to watch as a family or with friends.

As a teenager I found it helpful

If you haven't seen War Room I would highly recommend them as well.

If you enjoyed Porter Maberry. He's only 5'5 and showed the world he can dunk

As I said before I would recommend this to everyone and I think every teenager and father should watch it.

I'm giving it an 8 out of 10 only because I'm being honest. I've never given anything a '10'
SLAM Dunk!
This is quite a film, in fact, I think this is the best basketballl movie that I have ever seen! I really really enjoyed this film, and as I left it led me to believe in the message that this film was sending to it's audience. I realize the critics hated the faith message and they hate people of faith. So what? Jesus said if they hate me, they'll hate you.

How great was this movie? I fell in love with it from being made to watch it at my school. I love films about adversity within races, and this movie was a classic. I love the message that people will mesh anyway despite outside complications. Michael Digg relationship was really profound and special. It crossed a lot of lines. The lead actor, also a dunk champion, was remarkable as Michael Digg. He took no crap, yet was scared to lose his mom. There was tension everywhere and it worked for the film. The players were really memorable to me. All of them were adorable and hilarious. A great ensemble cast effort. I watch this movie over and over and can practically say every line by heart. Great, great film. Slamma Jamma really were greater than the gods of Greek myth, and these guys were greater than any stereotype.

I was hoping for more dunking scenes, but this actually turned out to be a character drama. Based on a true story, this movie leaves you feeling good and somewhat proud. The most unrealistic thing about this movie to me was the absence of swearing that is usually associated with sports and teenagers. This film comes from the faith stables and earns all accolades on its own merits.

This is a fine inspirational film showing that people of good will can put hate aside if the better parts of their person is appealed to.

It was really funny and at the end very sad which it probably made a lot of people cry, i know i did

I could go on, but others have said so much already. It's a good action movie with nice human characters. This film renewed my faith in God. Thank you so much for making this movie
10+ Great basketball movie

So happy my hubby and I saw this before the rest of the nation!


The basketball choreography was very gripping and the slam dunks were amazing.

A fantastic movie and one that has a message to look up to! Very well written and directed. I found it was well done in the fact that it was professional but more importantly it meets people where they are at and brings forth challenges to be more like God in our lives! The acting was great, the plot generally unpredictable. It catches you by surprise (which holds your attention well).

God bless all the producers for bringing forth such a movie that has high standards and is a good contrast against the low moral standards of movies today. IT REALLY IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!
Black Men Have To Jump?
Sports movies are hard to make, if just because the filmmaker has to stay within the traditional structures of a picture while incorporating exciting sports sequences that do not appear contrived or rehearsed

Those looking for a combination of fast breaking basketball sequences and slam dunk music video highlights will not find what they want in this film. While the movie does include a few basketball scenes, it focuses more on the human story of choice, responsibility, societal pressures, and heroism.

Basketball, a sport traditionally dominated by Afro-Americans, offers the ideal symbol for the filmmaker's thought provoking critique of the flawed Afro-American Dream.

The script is well-written and the direction strong.
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