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USA, Canada
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Oren Uziel


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Rob Corddry as Kurt Biltmore
Matt Landry as Meth Billy
Stephanie Sigman as Steph Burton
Benjamin Walker as Zeke Sikes
Wyatt Russell as Ed Burton
Adam Pally as Reed Ethington
Karl Campbell as Armored Car Man
Adam Saunders as State Trooper
Julie Khaner as Mrs. Dawkins
Angela Vint as Martha Sikes
Ron Livingston as Kyle Walker
John Michael Higgins as Brad Dawkins
Rainn Wilson as Andy Sikes
Mark Rendall as Chris Morrow
Shimmer Lake Storyline: An inventive crime thriller told backwards -- reversing day by day through a week -- following a local sheriff's quest to unlock the mystery of three small town criminals and a bank heist gone wrong.
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interesting dark comedy
"Shimmer Lake" is a very enjoyable dark comedy from Netflix.

The story of a bank robbery is told backwards. When I started watching it, I thought it looked cheap. I don't think it cost a fortune. It concerns the local sheriff and his attempts to bring three bank robbers to justice - one of whom is his brother. The story goes in reverse day by day as we meet the different participants.

I thought the dialogue was funny, the actors were fine, and while it will remind some people of Fargo, it's no Fargo though it is good. And I loved the way it was wrapped up at the end.

Clever, funny, Netflix has redeemed itself after that awful thing Handsome.
The sheriff is weary of being the only clean person in his dirty little town.
No spoilers here.

Like Memento, it's written to be watched twice. The writing is tight and smart, nothing is wasted, though that might not register until the second time through.

Both bleak and comic, it is a genuine mystery, in that clues and red herrings are carefully planted throughout, with a big reveal at the end that is genuinely surprising. The storytelling architecture is very satisfying.

You are not emotionally invested in any of the characters. This is by design, the structure pretty much guarantees it, and it's a good thing.

Though it works backwards, it goes day-by-day, not sequence by sequence, so while you are kept engaged in figuring out what's going on and who's who, it's easy enough keep track, you're never at sea. There's plenty to enjoy the first time through, but much of the early content, and many of the "jokes" -- it's very dark, but they are a kind of jokes-- only hit on second viewing.

It's a new kind of thing, straight to streaming, the cinematic equivalent of a straight-to-paperback noir. Made cheaply enough that neither the cinematography nor the acting seek to wow you (though they do get the job done) so it's not like a movie. But it's not like TV either, it's not looking for ratings, it doesn't have to go big-hit-or-die, it doesn't need a sponsor, it can be its own thing, the story they wanted to tell, everything's in there they wanted, nothing is in there they didn't want.

I liked it a lot. I probably wouldn't have watched it again, but there were special circumstances, and I'm really glad I did.
I was pleasantly surprised
At first, I thought this was going to be just a run-of-the-mill bank robbery movie. Boy, was I wrong. This movie had suspense, a well-written plot, and twists at every turn. And viewing the movie in reverse made the movie even that much better. Even towards the end, I didn't expect the clean-cut sheriff to be the bank robber. However, the stolen money was just a secondary compensation. Justice and vindication were the true motives.

Very enjoyable movie. I highly recommend it to anybody that's into the cops and robbers genre.
Not bad
This film is really not bad. It was entertaining and interesting from the beginning til the end. The fact that it goes from the end to the beginning of the story makes it even more interesting in a way that you have to remember all the details with hope not to miss anything important and solve the story - like the tattoo arm that killed the guy.

I have to admit that I was surprised by the truth and that adds to the + of this film.

Low budget but the actors were all pretty good. Nice thriller with elements of comedy which I must say I did not find funny at all, but that does not make this film less interesting.

Maybe the back story which triggered all of this - the accident in which a child is killed could have been explored more - though on the 2nd thought - it may not have added anything to the story. But as it is the one thing that started all...

All in all, good way to spend your 90 minutes. 7 from me. Though it is close to 8.
extremely boring and useless
This was one of the very few movies (2 or 3 )that I stop watching halfway because there is nothing much to watch. the movie goes backward and is senseless.starts with a robbery and then a trail of murder and nothing is making sense and there are cops who also don't know whats even going on blah blah. I seriously got sleepy after 15 min and didn't bother to watch anymore after 30 minutes.
Not even a good alibi
When your profile is so low you seem to prefer to pass unnoticed, it's hard to find the motivation to write something about you.

Nonetheless we found this motivation in the mixed and minimalist features of the production: photography and editing are fine in a non- memorable way. Writing is fine in a non-entertaining way (which should be nearly a compliment to the writer of the sequels of Mortal Kombat and 21st Jump Street...). Acting is fine in a "I don't believe in any of this" way. The "mistery" twist is fine but simplistic. The comedy is fine but... a 3 minutes average crazy kitties video on youtube is way funnier.

I will not list how many other movies used this "reverse" chronological structure to earn their points, but to consider it innovative I guess some people must really be oblivious.

A Fargo clone 20 years later... yawn... If you want to completely forget a movie in a couple of days, try this.

PS: Italian dubbing is - as usual - poor and pointless. Don't Netflix' executives know that the 95% of their target user base speaks English or isn't bothered by subtitles? Can't they make some market research about this before throwing money down the window for stuff no one needs?
campy, uneventful, and bland, with the odd laugh or two.
This comedic crime picture chronicles the aftermath of a foiled bank robbery, but in reverse, one day at a time.

The recipe which involves the humorous blunders of very dumb criminals and the cops who are after them has all the pulp, but none of the juice or the sugar to make it much good. The reverse time gimmick doesn't make the story anymore interesting, because it never feels like a story worth telling. The payoff for each chapter is merely to tell us who got killed and how. If only we could care. Shimmer Lake has virtually no respect for its characters so neither will most of the audience. Their one function is to be laughed at. Shimmer Lakes one achievement is that are a few moments that prompt giggles. Worst of everything is Shimmer Lake is the acting, which delivery and reactions that at times seem intuitionally phony. The way Rainn Wilson's character holds a gun in one scene is so ridiculous that it can serve no other meaning than to tell us that he's never held a gun in his life.

The catalyst for the whole fiasco involves the death of a child that is never even explained let alone shown to us. All we get is a wide shot of a burning cabin. Shimmer Lake does itself no favours by cutting this backstory out of the movie.

The finished product plays like a student production made by students who spend more in the movie world than the real one. It's hard to imagine ho this movie got sold.
Gripping Movie
This movie shows us the events which unfold after a bank robbery, in reverse. It is a very gripping film that has you wondering right until the last scene. Great characters and dialogue, with a good mix of suspense and action. If you enjoy the movie, no doubt you will want to watch it again, since the movie is played in reverse chronological order. I think the decision to show the movie in this order was risky, but well executed. Great length, no filler... awesome movie!
Had Potential
Bad casting and bad acting. Plot okay and could have been improved slightly. But it really comes down to a few bad cast members and their inability to act or being typecast as a certain character. Re-shoot the series with the Fargo cast and you'll have a winner. I know it's a short review, but I couldn't make it past the first episode.
A dime a dozen film that explores nothing.
With very few dark comedy thrillers out there, or thrillers at all for that matter, I had decided to check this little film out. The gimmick is telling the story backwards, which has been done a 1000 times and rarely works. Instead when gimmicks are used, it takes the focus away from the story which is usually ill conceived and predictable, as with this film. When gimmicks are used as a storytelling device, it must be used to enhance the story (Irreversible, Memento are two brilliant ones) not just as a way to tell a story. Putting cohesive stories together within the framework of a gimmick takes precision and this film clearly lacked it.

For anyone that did not get the story from the Thursday (second day) reveal, and I am talking the entire story, you simply were not paying attention. Telling a story backwards has to be more than just a simple delivery method, it must be apart of the story. This film is not that funny, despite the other reviewers, and the moments that are suppose to be funny are forced, because of the abundance exposition. Literally, every character tells you what they are thinking and what they are doing. No one is thinking in this film. It simply is poorly written. The direction is less than as Ron Livingston who is great is just a cog in the oil-less machine. All the comedy is forced down our throat because it is not naturally written or performed and that falls on the director. I found myself bored and playing on my phone. Not to mention, it is a simple revenge story that has no imagination to it. UNLIKE FARGO that someone mentioned in a review, this film has no heart, no sense of what it is and what it wants to say about the subject matter. Very flat.
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