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Alain Desrochers


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Ben Kingsley as Charlie
Velimir Velev as Feral
Ivailo Dimitrov as Patrol car cop
Mark Basnight as U.S. Marshall- Shotgun #1
Jiro Wang as Johnny
Mark Rhino Smith as Hood Shooter#1
Liam McIntyre as Vance
Yana Marinova as Female backseat agent 2
Cung Le as Dead Eyes
Chad Lindberg as Mason
Antonio Banderas as Eduardo 'Eddie' Deacon
Shari Watson as Administrator
Security Storyline: An ex-special services veteran (Antonio Banderas), down on his luck and desperate for work, takes a job as a security guard at a run-down mall in a rough area of town. On his first night on the job, he opens the doors up to a distraught and desperate young girl who has escaped and fled from a hijacking of the Police motorcade that was transporting her to testify as a trial witness in a briefcase. Hot on her heels is psychopathic hijacker (Ben Kingsley), alongside his resourceful henchmen, who will stop at nothing to extract and eliminate their witness.
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Very Cheesy at the end.
I gave it a charitable 5 only because it entertained me, somewhat. Extremely cheesy Antonio at the end, and a nonsensical plot, but I'd blame the director.

Katherine de la Rocha, the kid, had a small part in this movie, but I think she's got some skills, and I predict she's got a bright future in acting.

The plot has similarities to Jason Statham's "Safe" (2012), which does it right and I strongly recommend watching. Underrated at 6.5 at IMDb - I'd rate Safe at 8.
Underrated Movie
I would like to start off with the actors who executed amazing scenes in the movies! Scenes were action packed and there were no deep loving connections to antagonist! I wouldn't bother writing a review if it wasn't good but since the ratings at pretty low, I think this deserves my review!

In summary, if you were looking for a movie where a war veteran is playing defend the castle with amateurs to defend it. The outcome is pretty interesting! The plot was straight forward, many of the scenes reminded me of John Wick but not as badass but still at his level, and also how everything came together in the end. Very entertaining movie! Very underrated!

Here's the cons of the movie, in every movie there are those moments where why didn't the main character do this or notice that. Well there of course are those in here and no movie will hide this so that's of course one star gone. Another con is, really some, not many of the action scenes were not on par of John Wick!

I highly recommend this if you are into action like John Wick!
Solid action movie. Enjoy!!
Don't expect A brainy thriller, but do expect an enjoyable action movie. Antonio Banderas is solid in his portrayal of an ex army captain,recovering from PTSD. He takes a job as a mall security where he leads 4 other security officers in fighting the bad guys. Trust me, you will enjoy this action movie. It has heart.
This movie might be considered a B-movie because of the budget and released straight to DVD, but honestly, it's a really good movie. Antonio Banderas is underrated, and should really be given the chance to go back to mainstream, especially action films.

The movie isn't perfect, and characters could've been fleshed out more but other than that, this is a nice movie to watch on a lazy afternoon on your day off.

The action sequences are great. Ben Kingsley, another underrated actor, was also great.

It's a well-done action movie with a simple story. If you want to be entertained for an hour and 45mins, this is not a bad choice.
good movie, but 3 notices ....
i like this movie, specially Mr. Antonio the super star over all times, but only i have three small notices (maybe i am wrong, if it, correct for me) 1- at the sense when mall guard (Mr. Anotio and his college with the gang where to the back door of mall, the Police car come and check it ,, is it too funny to check only the back door and ignore the front one??? !!!!! 2- they mention that the mall located between two town of too many crime in last year, is that logical to not make too many security facilities all around ???? !!!!! 3- an operation like that prepared before and they knew they will pass via these two high level criminal activities and not follow all details every second ????? !!!!!

Like an action movie from the 80's
I dug it. It's like assault on precinct 13 but set in a shopping center. I've always liked antoni but i love Ben kingsley. The supporting cast i pretty standard fair.the one henchman is okay... but he gets no lines. I m mean it all looks familiar. But it's not Die Hard.

Fire up the popcorn kick back and waste some time.
A good movie
I don't know what some people were watching but this was a good movie. Banderas in the lead role for a start would have to be worth something. He did a good job actually. He is still nice looking and his acting skills are professional. Ben Kingsley is another high profile actor who played the bad guy and provided plenty of atmosphere and drama. Setting was interesting in that it was a shopping centre with all its little nuances and, of course, places to hide. Enter one little girl needing protection against a very large group of criminals who have managed to take down something far more challenging than a group of overnight store security people. The genre is action thriller and it entertained me. Bravery comes in all guises and often surprises those who step up to the mark. I recommend this movie as a solid 8 in my opinion. Just sit back and enjoy!
Don't even bother
Worst film of 2017 I have seen so far. Had hoped Antonio Banderas would be enough to give this film so decency but I was wrong... His lines are terrible - it seems like he didn't even want to make this film as his acting is so bad.

The story is very poor - doesn't build up through the movie, just stays flat.

It's just really sad to see an actor like Antonio Banderas in such a movie (the others are not even worth mentioning). It is a waste of time guys, don't even bother watching this one.
Special forces mall cop movie..
I was entertained throughout the movie. The action sequences were pretty good. I thought the ninja who scaled a 50 foot smooth concrete wall only to get immediately taken out in a tiny stairwell was a bit over the top and pointless. I thought the other security guards were kinda stiff or just not the right roles for those actors. My biggest question is... what happened to Banderas's character as a Capt in the military for him to fall on hard times.... Looked a little rough to only be out for a year....and hadn't seen his wife n kids in how long??? Was a watchable movie...
Cheap and cheerful, with a quirky edge
SECURITY is another film which feels like HOME ALONE for adult viewers. It's not as good as the likes of THE AGGRESSION SCALE or any of the movies which influenced it, and for much of the running time I was put off by the obvious inexperience of the director, who has no idea how to shoot good action sequences. So it's something of a surprise that I still enjoyed this film regardless, more for its quirkiness than anything else.

The excellent Antonio Banderas plays a former soldier now working as a security guard at a vast shopping mall in the middle of nowhere (go figure). In a plot lifted from STRAW DOGS, he and his co-workers take in a young girl who is being pursued by a criminal gang headed by Ben Kingsley, whose laughable northern accent is all over the place. The scenes involving various traps being used to take out the bad guys are very enjoyable, although the hand-to-hand combat and shoot-outs less so. Still, Banderas and Kingsley are good value, as is movie brawler Cung Le, and the humour works pretty well. Watch out for Aussie star Liam McIntyre, unrecognisable from his SPARTACUS days.
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